The Good, the Bad and the Gullible

There are three sorts of people in this world. Those who fight to secure a future for themselves and their children, battling their oppressors as best they can, whilst seeking to let innocent people live in peace. Then there are those who seize the world's riches for themselves, whilst treating everyone else as sub-humans to be exploited and farmed like cattle. They do so by stealthily exterminating their strongest rivals and those who get in their way, whilst grooming the remainder to perform as their slaves and servants. And there are those who meekly submit to the psychopaths.

The meek fall for their oppressors' deception, which leads them into thinking that keeping control of their homeland, preventing their population from being replaced and exterminated, or retaining their liberty, are all somehow unimportant. Not only is national survival portrayed as trivial, the fight for it is even depicted as a "vile" ideology!

One ploy used by the psychopaths is to tell their victims that we're all part of the "human race". However, that is like an argument that it doesn't matter if tigers or polar bears become extinct, since they are all just part of the animal kingdom. And as we shall see, hypocrisy is the psychopaths' middle name.

The psychopaths project their own vices onto their opponents, accusing them of the very crimes that the psychopaths are themselves guilty of. And just as these oppressors safeguard their own race by securing the borders of their ill-gotten land, stolen from another people under a false prospectus, they are working to destroy all other nation-states by opening borders, using international institutions to weaken national sovereignty, and warmongering as part of a divide-and-rule strategy to foment terrorism and provoke mass population displacement.

Naturally, the psychopaths go to great pains to present themselves as the 'victims' and the good guys. They will fabricate lies and repeat them as 'fact', continuing over and over so many times that gullible people will come to believe them. Another element of the chicanery is that some of these untruths are deliberately so immense that the normal person, who would tell little white lies from time to time, but would never have "the impudence to distort the truth so infamously", will not be able to conceive of anyone else being so unscrupulous as to tell such colossal lies.

The political world today can be divided essentially into two camps - nationalism and globalism. In the pre-globalist era, the division was along economic lines, but the antiquated left-right model has become dwarfed by the globalist issue that is promoted by the psychopaths. The first group above, who want to secure a future for themselves and their children, are committed nationalists. The third group have been tricked into falling for globalism. The second group - the psychopaths - are nationalists as far as their illegally gotten, illegitimate homeland State is concerned, whilst hypocritically foisting internationalism upon the rest of the world. And at the same time, the psychopaths live amongst and parasitize the rest of us, exploiting us as workers, as an 'engine', to deliver the riches of the world upon them.

How this all came about is quite a long story; see the Appendix for some of the main events. But the fact remains that it is crazy for people to deny and condone their own genocide and the ongoing destruction of their nation.

In 2010, Professor David Coleman of Oxford University warned that Whites would become a minority in Britain by 2066, if immigration remained at its long-term rate of 180,000 a year (net), although the milestone would be passed much earlier in younger age groups. And even if immigration was reduced to 80,000 a year, White Britons would still be outnumbered by 2080. In May 2016, it was announced that net migration for year-ending December 2015 was 333,000, up 20,000 on the previous year, and comprised of 630,000 immigration and 297,000 emigration. By 2014, only 65.3% of births were to mothers who put the ethnicity of their child as White British. Some 73% of babies were born to mothers who were not foreign-born themselves.

In the 80 years between 1851 and 1931, the foreign-born population in Britain increased by only about one million. After WWII it increased slowly, growing by less than two million in the 40 years between 1951 and 1991. The dramatic increase in the population born abroad between 2001 and 2011, from 4.6 million to 7.5 million, was unprecedented, and was no accident. It was a deliberate policy by the Labour government "to rub the Right's nose in diversity" and bring about irreversible change to form a "truly multicultural" country.

In the US, White people are predicted to become a minority at 49.7% by 2044, by which time the Hispanic population will have soared to 25.1% and the Asian population increased to 7.9%. Blacks will see a relatively small increase to 12.7%. Within a few years of 2010, non-Hispanic Whites had already declined to a mere 49.8% minority of all newborns. In 2015, out of 3,978,038 children younger than one-year-old, 1,995,102 were from racial or ethnic minorities, and 1,982,936 were non-Hispanic Whites, according to Census Bureau population estimates.

 photo WhiteNewbornsMinority_zps8kmttltu.png

Source: Pew Research Center

The people of White European descent were never asked if they wanted mass migration and "cultural diversity" foisted upon them. Such a policy can only lead to the destruction of White European civilization and culture. Mass migration into all White nations will inevitably lead to the extermination of the White race through miscegenation, so any Whites voting for it are like turkeys voting for Christmas / Thanksgiving, or chickens voting for foxes / Colonel Sanders. On a personal level, suicide is considered to be a mental health problem or even a crime. Yet national or racial suicide is supposed to be 'normal' and even 'necessary', when it is White suicide.

Jews (funded and orchestrated by the likes of billionaire George Soros) impose the 'benefits' of diversity upon White nations. In a 2010 interview with Israeli IBA News, the vile Jewish supremacist Barbara Lerner Spectre openly admitted that Jews were the driving force "at the center" of the "transformation". And in characteristic fashion for a Jewish supremacist, Spectre blames "anti-Semitism" for the fact that not everyone supports their own ongoing genocide, and not everyone is prepared to meekly accept this preposterous program that the Jews seek to impose upon us.

Spectre said, "I think there's a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time, Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we [Jews] are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It's a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role."

Yet Jews don't want to enjoy those 'benefits' - rape, bombings, stabbings, trucks mowing down crowds, and dilution of their racial stock through miscegenation, etc. - in their own ill-gotten Zionist State of Israel. They operate a closed border policy, even going so far as to build a wall. Israel is officially "not an immigration country".

The fact is that mass migration and multiculturalism has been an unmitigated disaster for everyone except for the Jews. The world's problems derive from people living in the wrong places and meddling where they should not intervene. There is a place in the world for all of the various races of mankind, and those lands are where they should live. The natural order is to have people living amongst their own kind, in their natural homelands - locations where there is a natural correlation between skin darkness and mean solar radiation intensity. By providing each race with its own traditional place in the world, amongst its own sovereign states where it can preserve its unique culture and customs, racial diversity can endure and flourish worldwide. Each race has the opportunity to progress, but some will take longer than others.

The Jews have become powerful through their creation and control of the central banks and their domination of the mass media, which, together, gives them a great deal of control over the governments of the Western nations. They seized 8,000 square miles of real estate in the Middle East under false pretences, by (i) pretending that "six million" of them had been "exterminated" in a so-called "Holocaust" featuring fictitious "gas chambers", and (ii) pretending that most or all of them had ancient ties to Palestine, when the vast majority of Jews are of Caucasian origin and have no more right than the Chinese or the Japanese to any Palestinian land.

Zionism - ostensibly about establishing a homeland for Jews, is in reality a program for world conquest and White genocide. On the other hand, national socialism is falsely accused of being a conspiracy to "exterminate" Jews, but is actually about re-establishing White homelands that are fully under White control. Under Hitler's national socialism, there was no extermination plot or program. Hitler's final solution was a final territorial solution. However, modern national socialism has two options open to it. The moderate option involves implementing Hitler's solution of expelling Jews from White nations, and the militant option would genuinely exterminate Jews.

Anyone involved in negotiations will be well aware that it is the utmost folly to declare in advance that you are desperate for a deal at any price. For example, in Britain the Conservatives state that no Brexit deal is better than a bad Brexit deal, whereas the delusional Labour party are refusing to walk away from the EU without any agreement. They say they will "not accept 'no deal' as a viable option".

Exterminating Jews offers some advantages over mere expulsions, in particular, the fact that it eliminates the risk of Jews returning to parasitize, subvert and afflict us anew, as has happened with all of the other 109 Jewish expulsions throughout history. However, in the negotiations, which would involve the restoration of "Israel" into Palestinian control, the destruction of Israel's nukes, and certain members of the Jewish elite such as Benjamin Netanyahu handing themselves in for trials for crimes against humanity, it would be the utmost folly not to leave extermination as an option on the table. A final settlement could feature Jews moving to Madagascar and / or some region in the Caucasus, for example, with Jewish bankers compensating the natives for their land, and paying to build a wall that would serve to safely contain the Jews. The vast wealth of the (((bankers))) could also be used to compensate HoloHoax survivors, and to build HoloHoax memorial museums across the world, and a multitude of books, movies and websites to remind people of the crimes of the Jews, so that we never, ever forget.

Given that we are now past the time of peak Jew, which occurred ~2001, Jews should be anxious to remain on the good side of Whites. Although they are always whining about "anti-Semitism", they really wouldn't like us if we were angry.


The following is all easily proved from mainstream sources. Start with the references provided here for example.

The global psychopathy came about as a result of a religious cult about a racist 'god'. The original Jews were driven out of Palestine by the Romans in the first century CE or AD. However, some 90% of today's Jews  - including all of "Israel's" prime ministers - are so-called "Jews", descendants of the Khazars, a Turkic tribe, who were ordered to convert to Judaism by their King Bulan around 740 CE or later. They lived in Khazaria in the Caucasus, closer to the Caspian Sea than the Mediterranean. Within 500 years of the conversion, the Khazar Kingdom was overrun, and there were two groups of Jews wandering around Europe. The numerically larger, lighter-skinned, intellectually superior and more dangerous group, those converted Jews, become known as the East European or Ashkenazi Jews, whilst the darker-skinned original Jews of Mediterranean origin were observed to the west, closer to their Middle Eastern origin.

Both groups lost their respective homelands independently of each other, with each event separated by about a millennium. The reason is that, whilst normal people - at least, in the past! - were prepared to sacrifice their lives for the greater good of their tribe in the fight to retain their lands, the Jews were under the illusion that their 'god' would save them and smite their enemies, and therefore they had no need to fight. Religion, not race, is the factor here. The Khazars were originally a warlike tribe.

It is often asked whether the Jews are a religion or a race. They are a religion, and they are essentially two races. Later converts such as Ethiopian Jews are of little consequence, and the darker-skinned, not-so intellectual Semitic Jews are less powerful than the Khazar Ashkenazim, who as noted above have comprised all of "Israel's" prime ministers. The Bolshevik Revolution was financed by Jewish bankers and directed by Jews, who made up some 85% of leading Bolsheviks. That looting of Russian Christians, accompanied by terrible massacres, to be followed over the ensuing decades by the deaths of tens of millions under the totalitarian regime, was racially motivated. The Khazar Jews were settling a centuries-old score with the Rus', who helped to drive them out of Khazaria. On the other hand, since the late 1890s in particular, the Jews have been plotting to realise an ancient Isaianic prophecy about the riches of the non-Jews passing over to the Jews.

 photo OvadiaYosefEffendi_zpsiuvvltep.png

To cut a long story short, centuries of wandering around other people's homelands and being involved in trading, banking/usury and white-collar scams had sharpened Jews' verbal and numerical intelligence, particularly the Ashkenazim, who were already superior when they converted. However, for the Jewish merchant, all that mattered was his bottom line. If he could make more profit from ripping off more Gentiles, or increasing his profit margin per Gentile, he had a better chance of surviving and reproducing. There was no room for a conscience, or for compassion and empathy with the Gentiles, whom Jews referred to by their pejorative term "goyim", meaning "nations".

In contrast, normal people - who were part of a nation, and being of the same ethnic stock, found it best to interact with each other through a combination of competition and cooperation. Being sometimes too kindly for their own good, they would take pity on the wandering Jews and welcome them into their nation. Jews would proceed to infiltrate and subvert the "goyim" society, so that they could parasitize their host "until the pips squeaked". But sooner or later, the host population would eventually get wise to how they were being exploited and manipulated, and their society subverted, debauched and degraded. On 109 occasions, in nearly as many countries, Jews were expelled. But expulsion was only a temporary solution, since the Jews would come back with their begging bowls or their bribery, and the process would repeat all over again. We'll get to the importance of the 109th expulsion in a moment.

Approximately 1889 or 1890, Jews became aware of a Machiavellian program for world conquest that had been set out in an 1864 book by Maurice Joly entitled The Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu. (Alphonse Rothschild is the prime suspect for the instigator of the program.) Jews have a habit of plagiarism, since they lack innovation or creative talent (having had little need of it in their professions). They put into effect part of Joly's program, which included taking over the press. For example, the Jew Adolph Ochs bought The New York Times in 1896, and Jews would go on to dominate the press, along with newer media such as TV and motion pictures (Hollywood). However, Jews already had expertise in banking...

The Jewish banker Paul Warburg was the leading player in drafting plans for the "Federal Reserve System" in 1910. Three years later, the Federal Reserve Act was signed into law by Woodrow Wilson. Fractional reserve banking and control of the central banks allows the Jews to create vast wealth for themselves out of nothing. Four years later, in 1917, Jewish bankers funded the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. (((Jacob Schiff))) provided Trotsky with $20,000,000 in gold, and (((Max Warburg))) - (((Paul's))) brother -  provided Lenin with $6,000,000, with the logistical support of the Jewish Marxist Alexander Parvus aka Israel Gelfand.

Equipped with a practically unlimited money supply, and with a great power to shape public opinion through their monopoly of the press, Jews were well on the way to establishing the phony system of "democracy" as set out in Joly's book. They could use the power of their press to propel candidates into political office, and had unlimited funds for bribery. Using their press to select their candidates as leaders of the major political parties, it did not matter which 'side' won - whether the party was supposedly left-wing or right-wing. In the election campaign, the Zionist candidate would be heavily favored by the (((press))), although typically there would be barely a cigarette paper's width between the policies of the main parties. And after the Jew-puppet became president or prime minister, the puppet would invariably abandon his campaign promises and pursue the Zionist agenda. However, the Jews still needed a sovereign state of their own, which could be used as a sanctuary for swindlers, as a terrorist training camp, and as an eventual center for their planned world government (i.e., despotism). And after their Zionist State become one of the world's nuclear powers, they would have even greater political clout.

Multiple references to "six million" 'dead' or 'dying' Jews are well documented, going back to the 1890s in the early days of the Zionist project. For example:

As of 1869 and 1889, there were reckoned to be six million Jews worldwide, according to the Jews themselves. As of early 2015, the number was around fifteen million, give or take a million. Yet we are supposed to believe that "six million" of the blighters were "exterminated" by the 'evil' "Nazis" in the early 1940s!!!!!!

By 1939 the Jewish population had increased by a few million, up to about ten million. But because of the "six million" hoax conceived to further the Zionist program in the 1890s, the Jews had to inflate the population figure by a further six million, so that they would be able to reduce it accordingly fifty years later, when all the conditions were favorable and they'd finally succeeded in peddling their hoax. From the Ynetnews article referenced in the previous paragraph:

"Before the Holocaust, there were some 16.6 million Jews across the world. After the Nazis' mass extermination, only around 11 million Jews remained in 1945."

And amusingly, the Jew who began inflating their population statistics in the 1890s, and claiming there were "errors" in previous estimates for the "total number of Jews in the world", was an editor of fairy tales and fables called Joseph Jacobs.

 photo JewsWorldwide_zpsfelhxdxj.png

Source: 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia

In 1896, Jacobs increased the total by almost two-and-a-half million. And then in 1906, when writing that Jewish Encyclopedia page, Jacobs inflated the figure again by more than two million, up to 11,273,076.

The Jews needed to create a massive amount of public sympathy for themselves. Although they had been persecuting and parasitizing non-Jews for centuries, they characteristically pretended to be the victim, not the oppressor. They needed to fabricate a hoax about "six million" 'dead' Jews. And they needed to launch the hoax in the wake of a world war that had killed tens of millions, so that a critical mass of folk who were subjected to their media propaganda might be hoodwinked into falling for the hoax. However, as can be seen from their attempts at peddling the lie in the wake of WWI, that period lacked a suitable confluence of factors - such as delousing chambers that could be passed off as homicidal "gas chambers", and a burgeoning Hollywood industry to keep repeating the colossal lie, over and over, until it was imprinted as "fact" in the minds of the public. Thus, a second world war was required.

 photo WWIIFoughtBecause_zpsmfgzwazw.png

 photo HitlerNoGasChambers_zpsb5lyd7cn.png

 photo IraqWarNoWMD_zpscyfl85dr.png

 photo WWIIIFoughtBecauseAssad_zps7kebo2m2.png

Another feature of the Jewish world conquest program was to subvert and pervert White civilization and culture from within, by peddling their poisonous ideology of cultural Marxism, also known as "political correctness". Jews were well aware that Whites were their only serious challenger for global supremacy, and this was a threat that they planned to counter. In days of old, men were bold, women were feminine and families were White. The Jewish "Frankfurt School" of crackpot trendy leftist "sociologist" 'professors' was set up in the 1920s, and was originally responsible for degeneracy and debauchery in Germany before Hitler put a stop to it. By promoting homosexuality, feminism, pornography, and eventually even transgenderism and "gay" marriage / adoption, the natural roles of men and women would be disrupted and perverted. Men were feminized, and women - and homosexuals! - were propelled into roles unsuited to them such as the military and politics. In the longer term, idiotic aberrations such as transgenderism and "gender fluidity" would be encouraged as "normal" lifestyle choices, rather than illnesses of the mind requiring treatment by mental health specialists.

Mass migration was an essential element of political correctness for the Jewish program. Mass immigration into a host society benefited Jews in several ways. Firstly, when there were many 'foreigners' in a country, the Jews could blend in and portray themselves as merely one of a number of religious or racial groups. More importantly, by flooding a White nation with an influx of Black or Brown people and encouraging miscegenation (race-mixing or inter-racial marriage), Jews could achieve their goal of gradually replacing the White population with coffee-colored mongrels. There would be fewer Whites, and the mixed-race people would be smart enough to work but dumb enough not to pose a threat to the Jewish supremacists. Since the birth rate of Whites was lower than that of the immigrants, and Jew-controlled governments would administer open-border policies in which migrants continued to flood into the White nations, Whites would inevitably become a minority ethnicity in their own lands within a matter of decades.

 photo LondonCucksMowedDown_zpsrdtmvyp7.png

Proponents of the mass immigration policy would employ the false argument that it was "good" for the economy. Of course, anything that grows the economy is good for the Jewish bankers who run the country. The ordinary working man does not benefit by having more competition in the labor market, from excessive demand on infrastructure, traffic congestion, and housing shortages. And the change in GDP per capita would be negligible at best. But the main weapon of the anti-White shitlibs and cuckservatives would be to accuse their critics of being "racists". After the Jews had tricked millions of people into falling for their "gas chambers" hoax, the argument would go that Hitler was a "racist", and so anyone who wasn't anti-"racist" (i.e., anti-White) was part of a slippery slope that would lead to 'another' "Holocaust" of the Jews. The argument also totally misses the point that if only there were a "Holocaust" of the Jews - whether the Jews are merely expelled from certain countries as was done by Hitler, or actually exterminated - the non-Jews would benefit immensely.

 photo JewsNudgeSelfHatingWhites_zpshhopyu6m.png

 photo JewsMALM_zpsvctoqmk1.png

Muslims would become the dominant majority in White lands, but Jews had their own plans for domination. Given their success in taking control of White societies, Jews did not expect any difficulty in subjugating and ruling a world of Muslims, Blacks and mixed-race people. Sharia law would be very short-lived, soon to be replaced by Jewish rule.

With women in politics and having voting rights in a Rothschildian "democracy", all the Jews would need to do was have their press go viral with some emotive image of a Black or Brown migrant baby who'd perished on their unnatural journey from their homeland, or a Brown baby who'd allegedly been "gassed" by some regime that the Jews wanted White nations to remove, and then all rational thought would go out the window. The cry would go up, "We must save them, we must let these refugees [more precisely, invaders, or rapefugees] into our nations", and "We must do something about that evil dictator", and the Jews would have the "goyim" nations eating out of their hands and fighting wars for Israel, and would have their desired miscegenation and population replacement in White societies, aka White genocide.

In the wake of WWII, the Jews got their "six million" hoax to fly, and with the aid of a few more measures such as their blowing up of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, which killed more than 90 people in 1946, finally persuaded the world to award those 'poor', 'persecuted', 'exterminated' Jews thousands of square miles from the ancient land of Palestine in 1948, which they named "Israel". After (((they))) had JFK assassinated for opposing Israel's plans to become a nuclear-armed state, there was no stopping them. By 2000 or so, "Israel" even had Dolphin class submarines capable of firing nuclear-tipped cruise missiles with a 900-mile range, in addition to their stockpile of up to 400 nuclear warheads.

A September 10, 2001 Washington Times report noted that the Army School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) had the following to say about "Israel's" Mossad: "Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act". The following day, Jews murdered 3,000 people in cold blood in terror attacks targeting the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and blamed it on the Muslims. The destruction of the WTC had been planned over a ten-year period, after Israeli security officials noted in 1991 that the Israeli-owned Zim American-Israeli Shipping company's underground garage in the WTC was vulnerable to a car or truck bomb. In February 1993 a truck bomb exploded in the Secret Service's section of the underground car park beneath the North Tower (WTC1), after an FBI supervisor had called off a plan to substitute harmless powder for the explosives. The conspirators included a Mossad mole and an FBI informant. This provided a pretext for fireproofing "upgrades" that would allow Jews to topple the Twin Towers, after Benjamin Netanyahu 'predicted' in his 1995 book Fighting Terrorism that terrorists would bring down the WTC.

Netanyahu was a close friend of (((Larry Silverstein))), who secured 12-layer, 22-company insurance to cover the WTC buildings against terrorist attacks aggregating $3,546,809,904 "per occurrence", and including property damage and business interruption, less than six weeks before the buildings were destroyed in two "occurrences" of terrorist attacks. Like Netanyahu, the Flight 11 so-called "passenger" (((Daniel Lewin))) was a Captain in Israel's elite special forces unit Sayeret Matkal, was educated at MIT, and lived in Denver and Jerusalem. Thus, the chances of the two not knowing each other is vanishingly small. For a more complete description of how this terror operation was carried out, see here, and for the "smoking gun" proofs, see here.

The motive was to use the 9/11 event of 2001 as casus belli to have Jews' client states fight a series of wars for Israel, aimed at regime change in the few remaining countries that were not subservient to Jewish bankers, which would help pave the way for Israeli expansion, forming a Greater Israel that would headquarter a future Jewish world tyranny. In 2001, Afghanistan was the priority, since the Taliban had banned opium production the previous summer, hitting (((CIA))) and Mossad trafficking profits.

Fled on motorbike, on the run
I fought the ZOG and the ZOG won
I fought the ZOG and the ZOG won
Cut opium crop down to almost none
I fought the ZOG and the ZOG won
I fought the ZOG and the ZOG won.

 photo MullahOmarFoughtZOG_zpsc0ikmitk.png

Here's the noose, my time's all done
I fought the ZOG and the ZOG won
I fought the ZOG and the ZOG won
I wanted my people to have fun
I fought the ZOG and the ZOG won
I fought the ZOG and the ZOG won.

 photo SaddamHusseinFoughtZOG_zpsddyqvhuy.png

Rebels shot me with a six-gun
I fought the ZOG and the ZOG won
I fought the ZOG and the ZOG won
Blair tricked me in the hot sun
I fought the ZOG and the ZOG won
I fought the ZOG and the ZOG won.

 photo MuammarGaddafiFoughtZOG_zpsvoglbfmc.png

Hated by the hook-nosed Hun
I fought the ZOG and dunno who won
I fought the ZOG and dunno who won
Jews use sarin by the ton
I fought the ZOG and dunno who won
I fought the ZOG and dunno who won.

They say I'm so very bad and mad
Instead of fighting with a gun
Claim I gassed my people, sad!
I fought the ZOG and dunno who won
I fought the ZOG and...

 photo BasharAlAssadFoughtZOG_zpsuyzhpbs2.png

The same cycle would keep repeating over and over. Jewish warmongers would make the case for war against some regime that the Jews didn't like, for refusing to sell out their people to Jewish bankers. Jew-sponsored puppet 'leaders' would be ever so sure that the targeted regime must be removed, based on evidence that was supposedly irrefutable. For example, one of the Jews' poodles would go so far as to declare that the 'intelligence' was "extensive, detailed and authoritative". Naturally, after the regime had been replaced, the region turned into a hotbed of violence and terrorism, the land turned into a cesspit contaminated with radioactive waste such as depleted uranium, the corpses of the sacrificed troops flown home in body bags, and the trillions of dollars had been tacked onto the national debt, the so-called 'intelligence' would turn out to have been such a total pack of lies that the warmongers themselves could not possibly have been stupid enough to think it was anything other than complete bullshit. But this wouldn't stop ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government) nations from making the same 'mistake' again.

 photo GeorgeWBushThoughtIraqWMD_zpspxpwaio0.png

 photo TonyBlairThoughtIraqWMD_zpsfpzdnehg.png

 photo DavidCameronThoughtGaddafi_zpsdqdhtg05.png

 photo BarackObamaAssadGassedThousands_zpssqvmuco7.png

 photo DonaldTrumpThoughtAssadGassedBabies_zpsjnbazolz.png

 photo DonaldTrumpThoughtKimJongUn_zpsaonxlv5a.png

 photo JewGloatingWarsForIsrael_zpsjjmhko7r.png

Other consequences beneficial to Jews were to displace non-White populations that would be directed into White nations as part of the Jews' program of population replacement through mass migration, and to foment Muslim hatred of Whites that would lead to Islamist terrorist attacks against White nations, who had, after all, conducted unprovoked military aggression against Muslim nations - at the behest of the Jewish "neocon" warmongers.

 photo EvolutionOfJewishProblem_zpsdkl2fhqq.png

The Pentagon strike was not part of the original 9/11 plan, and the motive was primarily financial rather than political. But another benefit from this attack for the Jewish perpetrators of the WTC attacks was that they could rope in Bush admin members such as Cheney and Rumsfeld, who would have been keen enough to kill a limited number of people in order to get their hands on a share of the massive proceeds and have a pretext to go to war against Iraq, but might have balked at the idea of murdering 3,000 people to start a series of wars for Israel. With some of its elements implicated in part of the 9/11 crime, the Bush admin was forced to cover for Israel's mass murder at the WTC.

In March 2000, it became public knowledge that the Pentagon's finances were "in disarray" and almost $7 trillion of bookkeeping adjustments had been required in order to balance the accounts, with $2.3 trillion of those corrections lacking receipts. By smashing a plane into the Pentagon's accounts section, killing dozens of accountants, bookkeepers and budget analysts, and destroying documents and outdated standalone accounting computer systems, Jews could swindle tens or hundreds of billions of dollars towards the Zionist cause, destroy the money trail, and then claim it as part of the same "Islamist" attack on the WTC. Rabbi Dov Zakheim, whose company SPC International provided the Flight Termination Systems capable of electronically hijacking in-flight aircraft at a range of hundreds of miles and steering them into targets such as tall buildings or the Pentagon via remote operators who, unlike Hani Hanjour, could have the flying skills of an ace fighter pilot, was given the job of Pentagon Comptroller. This gave him the authority to hire and fire those who did the data backups. Zakheim was also co-signatory of a 2000 PNAC document that called for a "new Pearl Harbor".

Meanwhile, the Jews' "Holocaust" hoax is unravelling at the seams. For example, they had to officially reduce the claimed death toll for Auschwitz from four million down to nearly one million, to make it seem not quite so wildly exaggerated. But given that the actual death toll for Auschwitz-Birkenau is around 50,000 Jews, or 100,000 in total, with almost all being from natural deaths such as typhus and absolutely none from "gassing", it's still wildly exaggerated. Problem is, the Hoaxers can only muster up barely over three million 'dead' Jews out of their claims for the so-called "death camps", and so they need to fabricate another 3 million or so in order to maintain their 120-year-old "six million" headline total, which is sacrosanct.

So they came up with an allegation that the Einsatzgruppen had murdered a million or more Jews. We're supposed to overlook the fact that there were only 2,955 of these Einsatzgruppen, that some of those were clerks rather than trained fighters, and in any case it's rather a stretch to suppose that any fighters were so good that they could each kill hundreds or a thousand without being killed themselves. And then they had to select these one to three million Jews out of an enemy population many times greater, and then they had to eliminate "the evidence" by gathering enough fuel and cremating all the bodies in giant open-air barbecues. It's supposed to explain the total lack of physical evidence. We are also supposed to ignore the fact that none of these giant barbecues was observed by Soviet reconnaissance aircrew. Of course, there are a couple of possible explanations for that. The Hoaxer could postulate the existence of at least 1034 "anti-Semitic", supernatural photons that colluded in a "cover-up". Or he might try suggesting that the Russians sent up blind pilots and crew.

 photo AntiSemiticPhotonsCoverUp_zpsyzorfswi.png

And so, the Jews divide and conquer program is well underway. Any White person who does not meekly go along with White genocide and the betrayal of our ancestors by squandering the homelands that they bestowed upon us is accused of being "racist" and an "anti-Semite", etc..

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