Top Ten Reasons: Jim Fetzer and Friends are Sunstein Shills

Update (March 8, 2014): Wolfgang Halbig trawled the net looking for dead people as references to endorse his company

March 10, 2014: Halbig's site taken offline; screenshot of Google's cache posted below

In an article Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax by Dr. Fetzer et al, the Fetzerians exhibit an uncharacteristic flash of logic with statements about "the totality of the evidence" and the probability of hypotheses. For example, "The hypothesis that confers the highest probability on the evidence is the preferable, which, when the evidence has 'settled down,' is acceptable as true in the tentative and fallible fashion of science".

Here are the "top ten" reasons that support the conclusion that the leading proponents of Sandy Hook hoax / no-plane 'theories' are Sunstein shills.

1) The Sandy Hook hoax theorists (Sandy Hookers) promote outrageous claims such as 28 deaths were faked, 20 children must pretend to be dead for the rest of their lives, some of these children attended the Super Bowl by mistake instead of playing dead, dozens or hundreds of crisis actors were hired to play the part of bereaved family members, the mass killings were merely part of a drill, and there was foreknowledge of the "drill". Their 'evidence' consists of the opinions of some YouTube commentators who think the relatives should be shedding more tears, or shouldn't give a nervous laugh when preparing to face the cameras. Or some internet 'detectives' spot a few glitches with Google's date logs, and cite it as 'proof' that dastardly Sandy Hook conspirators slipped up and made an error that only these latter-day Sherlocks were clever enough to spot.

If the events at Sandy Hook were a result of government chicanery, such as an exploitation of Adam Lanza's "significant mental health issues", then the investigation has been derailed by the Sandy Hookers' mass circulation of outlandish claims about faked deaths, fake family members and a fake killer. Unsurprisingly, the fakery claims have been robustly refuted.

And whilst denying the abundance of evidence supporting the official Sandy Hook narrative as broadly correct, the Sandy Hookers are frequently found trying to sell other preposterous conspiracy claims such as no-planes-hit-the-World-Trade-Center, WTC-was-nuked, space-beam-weapon-zapped-WTC, and Boston-bomb-amputees-faked-injuries. For example, Jim Fetzer is a no-planer and claims mini-nukes demolished the WTC. Disinformation brokers such as Fetzer, Sofia Smallstorm, James Tracy, Simon Shack, Max Konrardy, Morgan Reynolds, John Lear, Dave Shayler, John Friend and Judy Wood have skills such as writing, video production, flying and spying, and at least four of them qualified as professors (as did Cass Sunstein). One professor becoming senile and postulating crackpot hypotheses about space-based beam weapons, faked planes or faked deaths could be considered unlucky, two a coincidence, but three or four is a conspiracy.

Members of the general public who take a casual look at "conspiracy theories" will encounter the lunatic claims of these professors, and will conclude that if no-planers, mini-nukers and Sandy Hook / Boston bombings deniers are indicative of the truth movement's finest brains, then there is no need for further investigation and no need to doubt the government account of events such as 9/11.

Similarly, when dozens of people have skills in writing, video production, flying, spying, etc., demonstrating that they are not retards or lunatics, and these people are promoting ideas that are so at odds with the evidence that only retards or lunatics could possibly subscribe to them, then there is a contradiction that is resolved only by assuming that these people are liars who pretend to be crazy. There is not only no evidence that no planes hit the WTC, or that the Sandy Hook deaths were "faked"; there is also no credible motive for anyone to believe such ridiculous ideas. There are, however, powerful motives for them to lie: tribal loyalty, bribery, blackmail, bullying, and a misguided belief that they are being patriotic by serving as government assets who counter "conspiracy theorists" by infiltrating truth-seeking circles and acting as if they believe the most outrageous bovine excrement.

2) A professor who is an "expert" in "critical thinking" - as he's been telling everyone for decades - should surely comprehend that it's much easier for perpetrators of false-flag terror to crash a Boeing into a building (especially with Dov Zakheim and Daniel Lewin on the team) rather than have to fake it with phony videos or invisible, inaudible aircraft capable of projecting Fetzer's postulated "sophisticated hologram[s]" to fool hundreds or thousands of eyewitnesses into imagining they saw a plane or planes crashing into the WTC, and to fool billions who would later see the footage, and planting of assorted physical evidence without anyone seeing or hearing the fakers. This evidence includes a 255-pound piece of wreckage "later identified as a trailing edge flap support structure from a Boeing 767", with it needing to be wedged between an apartment building and a mosque, to be finally removed twelve years later in 2013 in a two-hour operation using a pulley system, a fuselage fragment on the roof of WTC5, landing gear at the corner of West and Rector Streets and also in an exterior panel knocked free from WTC1, aircraft parts embedded in the back of a car, and an American Airlines plane seat and life vest at the roof level of 130 Liberty Plaza (Deutsche Bank Building). And the fakers would need to create impact holes in the WTC facade matching the silhouette of a Boeing 767 by using cleverly placed shaped charges, guaranteed to detonate at the right instant. The probability of being able to blow out the correct shape is about zero.

Even if you try to imagine a "parallel world" in which Fetzer is telling the truth and the WTC planes were faked, the problem is that it requires a population that is so dumbed-down and a government that is so competent and technically proficient, that the government would be able to exploit and enslave the citizens as they pleased without having to go to all the trouble of faking planes and staging false-flag terror. Just round them up, give them some pills and put them in labor camps, they get all the water they need (as per the Guantanamo Bay prisoners), rations as long as they perform their work, and tell them it's perfectly normal and even desirable. The population would need to be so stupid as to fail to see or hear "hologram-projector" planes flying away, or fail to understand that it discredits the official story. And they would have to fail to see or hear government agents smashing aircraft debris into the back of cars or into walls or roofs, before the plane was supposed to have crashed. Or, again, fail to recognize that it is inconsistent with the government's version of events.

On the whole, governments - in our world, in this reality - are not supremely competent. Presidents can't always get away with relatively straightforward schemes, such as bugging their opponents. Or having sex with some woman who happens to be a co-religionist of the prime minister who arrived in Washington three days after news broke of the scandal, ostensibly for talks regarding the West Bank, but most likely trying to blackmail the president into taking part in a false-flag operation. Especially when the prime minister keeps in "close touch" with a friend and co-religionist who obtained a 99-year lease on a couple of towers and secured 12-layer, 22-company insurance coverage against terrorist attacks aggregating $3,546,809,904 "per occurrence", and including property damage and business interruption, six weeks before the buildings were destroyed in two "occurrences" of terrorist attacks. And especially when one of the target floors (94 of WTC1) has already had the "upgraded" fireproofing installed, it's due to be installed later that year on four more contiguous floors in the target zone, compatriots of the prime minister have already set up "moving companies" that operate in the states (NJ and NY) through which the fireproofing is to be transported, the prime minister has already "predicted" that "Islamist" terrorists would demolish the building, and "coincidentally" happens to be ex-Sayeret Matkal, an MIT alumnus, and lived in Denver and Jerusalem, the very same as one of the passengers on the plane that, three years later, was to fly into the building 102 minutes before it collapsed. A plane, incidentally, from which one of the so-called "hijackers" later turned up alive and well, and said his passport had been stolen in 1995 when his Denver apartment was burgled. (And just for good measure, the woman also happens to be a co-religionist of Cass Sunstein, Gordon Duff, the late Julius Springer, and other principal players in these intrigues.)

Mossad agents are relatively competent, and yet Sivan Kurzberg, Oded Ellner and Yaron Shmuel let themselves get so carried away with celebrating the first plane impact that they made a spectacle of themselves high-fiving, hugging each other, flicking a lighter, and appearing "visibly happy on nearly all" of the 76 photographs that they had taken and were subsequently developed by the FBI. They knew that their co-religionists' control of the media and ability to pull strings in Washington would be their get-out-of-jail-free card.

The no-planes nonsense has been thoroughly debunked many times by people with professional experience in video production, and it is clear that any proponent of no-planes is either a lunatic or a liar.

A professor who qualified in history and philosophy of science would surely be aware that a "micro-nuke" or "mini-nuke" produces an EMP and radioactive fission products, and that it is not possible to incorporate devices into satellites that can fire "direct energy" beams with a power output in excess of the total power consumption of humankind. He would also be aware that when another professor makes a claim about beam weapons being used to demolish the WTC, yet doesn't even bother to do energy calculations and is easily refuted by a competent scientist, and was reportedly in a coma for six years, then her 'theories' are clearly not to be taken seriously. When Fetzer says that he supports Judy Wood's 'research' but doesn't necessarily endorse her 'theories', Fetzer reveals his deception just as surely as if he'd given her his full backing.

The best explanation for Fetzer's behavior is that he is a highly intelligent man who simply cannot believe that the government could be involved in massive conspiracies such as 9/11. So he remains a government loyalist, his confirmation bias, flawed epistemology and world-view leads him to imagine that all so-called "conspiracy theorists" are "goof-balls", and he believes he's being patriotic in helping the government counter the conspiracy theorists by promoting nonsensical claims about faked planes and faked deaths, effectively parodying the real patriots and truth-tellers. Since Fetzer thinks that conspiracy theorists are all a bunch of nuts, he isn't particularly concerned if his claims have not even a shred of credibility. He knows that he's helping to trash the image of those perceived by the wider audience as conspiracy theorists or "twoofers", and he thinks he's doing the right thing.

3) A January 2008 paper by Cass Sunstein provides an example of a recent "conspiracy theory" and contends that believers in such theories create "risks":

"...the belief [...] that the attacks of 9/11 were carried out [...] by Israel or the United States. Those who subscribe to conspiracy theories may create serious risks, including risks of violence..."

The "risks" are not to ordinary members of the public, as Sunstein would like people to believe, but to the true perpetrators of 9/11 and those involved in the cover-up, i.e., Sunstein and his pals, following an independent investigation, prosecutions, and fair trials.

According to Sunstein, the "best" way that "such theories might be undermined [...] consists of cognitive infiltration of extremist groups." Sunstein claims that "those who subscribe to such theories" do so because they have a "crippled epistemology".

Sunstein needs infiltrators who will mimic the silliest type of "conspiracy theorist" imaginable, by selectively accepting information only from the likes of John Lear, Morgan Reynolds, Judy Wood, Mike Powers / Hollingsworth and others who are part of the deception. A higher level infiltrator (e.g. Fetzer) will build his crippled epistemology using John Lear, Morgan Reynolds, etc., as its foundation, and will use the argument from authority fallacy against his critics, e.g., "Do you consider yourself as qualified as John Lear to address these issues?" Thus, these infiltrators will act the role of an individual whose epistemology is so "crippled" that they become parodies of genuine truth-tellers.

In Sunstein's discussion of whether government should choose to ignore or rebut a "conspiracy theory", he points out that the disadvantage for the government in rebutting a particular theory is that it may "legitimate" the theory, and a theory may gain rather than lose adherents when it is perceived as sufficiently plausible that the government needs to counter it. Sunstein recommends a strategy of "rebutting many conspiracy theories" because this yields a "synergistic gain" for the government from reducing "the legitimating effect of rebutting any one of them".

Since Sunstein can hardly fail to be aware that Israel did 9/11, he knows that his best strategy is to introduce many new conspiracy theories, each of them with various degrees of craziness, but they all need to be crazier than the government's own 9/11 conspiracy theory of nineteen hijackers with box cutters. Thus, Sunstein recommends a policy of countering multiple theories and "cognitive infiltration" of truth seekers, and the disinformation agents promote preposterous theories such as no-one-died-on-9/11, no-planes-hit-the-WTC, WTC-was-nuked, and no-one-died-at-Sandy-Hook. Other agents can knock down these straw men, and will attempt to counter those who tell the facts about 9/11.

Theories such as no-planes and no-one-died-at-Sandy-Hook are promoted so strongly that they appear more popular than evidence-based theories about Israel's central role in 9/11. Government benefits from the "synergistic gain" obtained from not legitimating a particular theory, specifically, Israel's orchestrating of 9/11. Third-parties (the mass audience) form the impression that "conspiracy theorists" are all a bunch of fruitcakes who think the 9/11 planes were holograms, the WTC was nuked, no children died at Sandy Hook, and "crisis actors" pretended to be bereaved family members.

4) Jim Fetzer has authored, co-authored, edited or co-edited several books concerned with epistemology and cognition. Moreover, a number of these books were published by Springer, the company founded by Julius Springer, who was a co-religionist of Cass Sunstein. These include:

Sunstein needed someone to manage "cognitive infiltration designed to break up the crippled epistemology of conspiracy-minded groups". Who better than a professor whose expertise is in epistemology and cognition? Moreover, Fetzer had already been flagged as operating a "campaign of disinformation" prior to 9/11/01, and "he told one researcher that he begins by deciding what is the truth, and then marshals evidence (selectively) to support that 'truth'."

A professor smart enough to understand epistemology, probability and the philosophical aspects of cognitive systems would not be foolish enough to imagine that a video (e.g., the infamous September Clues) that makes ridiculous, unsubstantiated claims is a more reliable source of knowledge than a plethora of evidence such as aircraft debris, eyewitnesses, photographs, video and news reports, especially when the video producer's father served as a controlled opposition Judas Goat to help counter allegations of collusion between government members and the Mafia, and whose brother's Formula One racing career was sponsored by Yeslam bin Laden. And he would know that a woman who was in a coma for six years and rambles on about space-based directed energy weapons is not a reliable source, when the energy required to vaporize (or "dustify") the steel in the Towers is hundreds of terajoules, and the "weapon" would need to sustain a power output over ten seconds in excess of the total power output of humankind.

He would not be foolish enough to take at face value an ex-pilot's claims about Flight 175's speed and impact being "physically impossible", especially when the claims have been proven wrong, and the ex-pilot used to fly missions for the CIA and other government agencies and discredits himself with claims about the Moon having a breathable atmosphere and "forests, meadows, lakes, rivers, people, [and] civilizations".

He would understand that cherry-picking of information sources, e.g., blindly believing garbage propaganda videos that are intended to deceive such as September Clues, and believing the claims of an 'ex'-CIA pilot and an 'ex'-Bush Admin member, whilst rejecting more reliable sources, will lead to crazy conclusions typical of an individual with a crippled epistemology, and that such an approach can be used to parody the wackiest type of conspiracy theorist imaginable. Thus, Professor James H. Fetzer is ideally qualified for a leading position on Sunstein's team of cognitive infiltrators.

5) Fetzer is not an honest debater. He has a system for controlling debates on his forum when it's not going well for him - he bans his opponent and closes the comments!

As mentioned above, Fetzer's "sophisticated hologram" scenario requires invisible, inaudible plane(s) to project the "hologram-plane". One problem for the fakers is the matter of getting the correct Doppler shift for the engine roar, so that observers would hear, and amateur videos would record, the appropriate sound for the location. For example, listen to the engine roar on this video at around 04:15, seconds before Flight 175 smashes into WTC2 at approximately 590 mph. The camera is located well to the south of the Tower, and so the pitch audibly decreases as the plane passes overhead, slightly to the left of the camera. The decrease in pitch is typical of a plane passing roughly overhead. However, for an observer to the north of WTC2, the Doppler effect would be much less. Although the angle of the plane's approach changes slightly since it's hundreds of feet overhead, it never goes from approaching to receding from the observer. See around 07:50 on the same video for an example of that.

One option for the fakers would be to plant several very large, invisible loudspeakers, with inbuilt invisible amplifiers and an array of invisible batteries (or invisible cable going off to a mains power source) at various locations on the streets of Manhattan, which is of course impossible. Alternatively, the "projector-planes" would have to incorporate extremely powerful, directional loudspeakers with excellent bass extension mounted on their exterior, whilst capable of silent and invisible flight as these hypothetical planes speed away after the "hologram-plane" has supposedly crashed. All of this assumes that sophisticated hologram technology capable of fooling thousands of people is available, and was available in 2001 - which it isn't, and wasn't.

Amusingly, when Fetzer was called on this by a poster at Veterans Today named Rollo, Fetzer continued to dodge the question. After getting the last word in with ad hominems on how Rollo was obviously a "goof-ball or an op" who was "posting rubbish" (simply because he disagreed with Fetzer's no-planes lunacy), Fetzer banned Rollo from responding and closed the comments on spurious grounds that Rollo did not "even know [Fetzer's] position"!

6) Eyvind Hytten, the father of September Clues disinformation broker Simon Shack/Hytten, was a government asset who served as a controlled opposition, in order to counter the work of anti-Mafia crusader Danilo Dolci, who accused prominent members of the government of colluding with the Mafia. Moreover, the Formula One racing career of Simon's brother Mario Hytten was sponsored by Yeslam bin Laden.

Simon Hytten and his sidekick Max Konrardy aka hoi.polloi make the most outrageous claims, such as no-one-died-on-9/11. Hytten and Konrardy's lies are too crazy even for the likes of Jim Fetzer. On the one hand, Fetzer aims to appear just sufficiently wacky with his support of no-planes and mini-nukes that he can be instantly flagged as a crank by non-conspiracy-minded members of society, whilst fooling a few gullible, simple-minded people whose saving grace is that they trust the "truth movement" more than the government. On the other hand, Fetzer does not want to appear so cuckoo that not even the shills will support him.

Thus, outsiders can become aware of the garbage 'theories' of Simon Hytten and Max Konrardy, and will reject 9/11 truth as full of paranoid lunatics who imagine that everything about 9/11 was fake. And a few in the truth movement are taken in by Fetzer and friends, thereby destroying cohesion within the group as energy is devoted to claim and counter-claim of shilling, rather than exposing the perpetrators.

7) The Sandy Hookers attempt to substantiate their material by citing dubious sources such as Mike "Powers" aka Mike Hollingsworth aka Entryman aka Scorpion commander aka Jsteele7707, the suspected federal informant who tried to have Charles Dyer / July4Patriot jailed on charges of attempting to blow up federal buildings, before they managed to get him jailed for 30 years for "child abuse". "Powers" is touted as a so-called "professional military investigator and ballistics expert" by Fetzer & Co in Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax, and is also cited by Alex Jones, who claims Israel could not have carried out 9/11.

8) It's already been established that Zionist operatives post on the internet under multiple aliases, sometimes attacking 9/11 truth, and at other times posting crazy conspiracy theories to make "conspiracy theorists" look nuts. For example, one particular YouTuber (who at the time of writing operates the channel Oliver Terrance) posed as a dumb 16YO kid who swooned over Alex Jones (whom he described as "a very good looking man"!) and swallowed every crazy conspiracy theory under the sun: no-planes, WTC-was-nuked, directed-energy-weapons-toppled-WTC, etc. But part of the time he would attack 9/11 truth; for example, he said ae911truth are "faggots", and he would get praised by the likes of ctcole77. One of his channels was UnitedChildrenOfZion, and he also revealed his true allegiance with statements such as "Zionism will save us, shalom."

This was all going on prior to Sandy Hook in 2012. Then, unsurprisingly, this Oliver Terrance character came out as a staunch supporter and promoter of Sandy Hook hoax / "crisis actor" theories.

9) John Lear, a promoter of no-planes, is an 'ex'-CIA asset in the same manner that Osama bin Laden was an 'ex'-CIA/Zionist asset. Lear, who has earned himself a reputation as "everyone's favorite crackpot", makes other kooky assertions, such as the Moon has "64%" of Earth's gravity, and an "atmosphere" in the craters that is dense enough to breathe in. People are well aware that "[John Lear] is a nut, which is why ATA Airlines fired him as a pilot several years ago". (Lear's story is that ATA fired him in 1989 for believing in flying saucers.) Thus, Lear further discredits himself in the eyes of "normal" people who are simply unaware of conspiracies and government crimes, and will induce that "truthers" are nuts.

But Fetzer cites this "nut" as an authority!!

The no-planer Dave Shayler, a transvestite who is obsessed with Kabbalah and declares himself to be the "Son of God", is an 'ex'-MI5 asset. This is another example of an 'ex'-Zionist asset who will lead ordinary people to imagine that "truthers" are lunatics and weirdoes.

The no-planer Morgan Reynolds is supposed to be an 'ex'-Bush Admin asset. What a "coincidence" that Lear, Shayler and Reynolds all peddle the no-planes spiel and are all supposed to be 'ex'-Zionist assets, who either retired or had some sort of falling out with their old paymasters!

10) In October 2012, Gordon Duff, of Jewish descent, actually admitted that 40% of his writing was "at least purposely partially false", and that about 30% of the material on Veterans Today is "patently false". Duff, billed as "one of the top global intelligence specialists", is the Chairman on the VT Editorial Board, and Jim Fetzer writes much of the "patently false" nonsense that may be found there.

Are they right, lunatics or liars?

Returning to Dr. Fetzer's principles that we should "Consider the totality of the evidence", and "The hypothesis that confers the highest probability on the evidence is the preferable", let's ask which is the preferable hypothesis:

1) That the 9/11 planes were holograms and/or eyewitnesses were paid to lie, physical evidence was faked, video and images were faked, and so on, when it would have been far simpler to crash planes into buildings with Zakheim's Flight Termination Systems. And hundreds of crisis actors were hired for Sandy Hook, children were paid or threatened to pretend to be dead and not talk about it throughout adulthood, in order that the government has a stronger case against gun control and the construction industry gets a few million dollars worth of work, when it is far simpler to wait until some lone nut with a gun goes on the rampage and not have to pay off the construction industry. And Mike Piper, Keith Johnson and Mark Glenn are part of the conspiracy, paid to help cover up the government's subterfuge.

2) That four professors turn from brilliant academics into raving lunatics who are suffering from a "crippled epistemology" - including one who has co-authored and edited books and papers on epistemology, and another who specializes in media and communications. They not only subscribe to crackpot 'theories' about faked Boeings and faked deaths, but promote the ideas with an evangelical fervor. And others who can make videos, write, fly, spy, provide economics advice, etc., are also peddling garbage that is believable only by the certifiably insane or someone whose internet skills would amount to no more than replying, "Hello Mommy" in an e-mail.

3) That four professors along with dozens of others, all of them otherwise rational people whose confirmation bias precludes them from seriously considering evidence of government conspiracies such as Israel's central role in 9/11, agree to act the role of epistemologically-challenged conspiracy theorists, in order to help the government counter "extremist groups". The leader is selected because of his expertise in epistemology and cognitive systems. He understands how limiting his sources of information to a narrow range of crackpots such as John Lear will enable him to act the role of one of Cass Sunstein's hypothetical "conspiracy theorists" with a "crippled epistemology". Another is recruited because of his knowledge of media and communications.


It doesn't make sense that these esteemed professors should turn into lunatics and inexplicably develop a bizarre evangelical zeal to promote their crackpot theories, at the expense of making themselves look stupid, and even facing calls to resign in the case of James Tracy. It doesn't make sense that the government would hire hundreds of crisis actors, or that thousands of conspirators would fake videos and images, write CGI scripts, plant aircraft debris, pay eyewitnesses to lie, etc., when they could simply wait for some lone nut with a gun or crash planes into buildings. It does make sense that otherwise intelligent people, with an ideological blind spot that prevents them from accepting that it wasn't Osama bin Laden or Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who masterminded 9/11, would agree to help the government, probably for a fee, by cognitive infiltration of "extremist groups". The epistemologically-blinkered shills mistakenly perceive truth-tellers as "extremists" with a "crippled epistemology".

And of course, many activists know that Israel did 9/11, but are motivated by tribal loyalty to play the part of no-planes, micro-nukes, Sandy-Hook-hoax and Boston-bombings-hoax theorists.

It is not hundreds or thousands of "crisis actors" who faked deaths and faked plane crashes. It is Fetzer, Reynolds, Wood, Tracy, Hytten, Konrardy, Friend and their colleagues who are acting and faking. Fetzer & Co are government loyalists who don't subscribe to any conspiracy theories. Fetzer and his friends think that the Arabs did 9/11, Oswald was a lone assassin, and Israel's attack on the USS Liberty was an accident. And they think they're being patriotic by operating as Sunstein shills, disinformation agents, Judas Goats, and by lying, faking and acting as crazed conspiracy theorists. In reality, Fetzer & Co are traitors. However, in their blinkered world-view, Fetzer & Co imagine they're doing the right thing.

(In the case of some of these people, such as Dave Shayler and John Lear, the jury is still out. If they're not nuts, they're putting on an excellent act. And if they are nuts, how convenient! But for those such as Fetzer, the evidence is that they're too smart to believe the rubbish that they spout.)

When Dr. Fetzer meets up with his friends or old colleagues, he doesn't need to play the role of a crackpot whose cognitive powers are in decline, leading him to fall for preposterous hypotheses whilst developing an irresistible urge to broadcast his weird beliefs to the world. He simply tells them that his "applied philosophical research" includes his role in infiltrating "conspiracy theorists". After all, his friends and colleagues probably imagine that all "conspiracy theorists" are nuts who think the 9/11 planes and the Sandy Hook deaths were faked.

If we go back to Fetzer's pre-9/11 admission that "he begins by deciding what is the truth, and then marshals evidence (selectively) to support that 'truth'," this is exactly how their scheme works. First they decide on a 'truth' such as no-planes or Sandy-Hook-deaths-were-all-faked. Then the low-level shills - e.g., CIA, MI5, or Bush Admin assets (in the case of no-planes), or hasbara trolls in the case of 'nuts' who seize on glitches in Google's Sandy Hook date stamps - serve as the selective sources for the high-level shills such as Fetzer, who will build their epistemologically-crippled personae with their crackpot 'theories' on the foundations of these liars and propagandists.

When the media reports on James Tracy's crazy theories about Sandy Hook and the Boston bombings and he's facing calls for his resignation, he'll tell the administrators that he's acting a role for his conspiracy theories studies. Indeed, he needs to be as belligerent as possible, not even receiving a letter of reprimand until refusing for months to add a clear disclaimer at his blog to confirm that his views are not those of his university, and eventually relenting. (If they took no action against him, his legend would look even more suspect.) Given that Tracy is already on $64,650 per annum, there is no need for him to receive donations for his spare-time activities. Yet his website has a Donate button, most likely a flypaper trap that gathers the names and addresses of any patriots who are foolish enough to fall for it, for the attention of government agencies.

Sunstein's best strategy is to have a team of shills with wildly varying credibility, who start out relatively good and then go downhill. If they're all like Fetzer and post almost 100% bullshit, it's easy for genuine patriots and truth-seekers to identify them. This tarnishes the reputation of "conspiracy theorists" in the eyes of the mass audience (the third party), but doesn't achieve the shills' other aims of weakening morale and sowing mistrust and despondency in truth-seeking circles. When the Zionists put a lot more investment into establishing an initial credibility, truth-seekers are less able to distinguish the fakes from the real patriots, and the counter-intelligence operatives attain all of their objectives.

Sunstein would love truth-tellers to think that Fetzer, Shayler, Reynolds, Lear & Co are part of their group - genuine, honest patriots who just happen to be crazy, rather than actors posing as crazy, honest patriots by lying and peddling bizarre claims.

In general, the various shills or disinformation agents will initially present themselves as relatively sane, genuine "truth-tellers", before deteriorating into lunatics. Sunstein's strategy goes rather like this: Each shill is assigned a Starting Stupidity Number (SSN), with 10/10 being maximum on the stupidity scale. Over the months or years, the shill will progress along the stupidity scale, in effect, regressing or degenerating. At any given time, there are plenty of "sleepers", ready to degenerate when the time is right.

For example, Jim Fetzer started at 8/10, based on how he would "accidentally" plump for the craziest WTC demolition scenarios such as nukes or space beam weapons, when other, far more reasonable scenarios were being advanced. People with limited common sense and an aversion to science might have been fooled into thinking that maybe the government had developed a new, special type of small nuclear device, capable of reliable, timely, controlled detonation whilst leaving no radioactive signature. Fetzer progressed to 9/10 as he became a keen no-planer, posting drivel about a Boeing 767 being rather like a "flying empty beer can". He would cite those such as 'ex'-CIA asset John Lear as an "expert" who would back his claim that a Boeing 767 flying at approximately 590 mph whilst 1,000 feet above sea level was "physically impossible". Lear, as a well-known crackpot who not only supports no-planes but believes the moon to be inhabitable with a breathable atmosphere in the craters, clearly had an SSN of 10/10.

Simon Hytten/Shack and Max Konrardy/hoi.polloi would have been assigned an SSN of 9/10, based on their peddling of no-planes propaganda. They later progressed to a stupidity factor of 10/10 with their "vicsims" imbecility, which claims that all 9/11 victims were faked.

Sofia Smallstorm began with a very low SSN on the basis of her 9/11 Mysteries video, which was reasonably good, but is now 9/10 or thereabouts after showing her true colors with a deceptive Sandy Hooker propaganda video and fully aligning with Fetzer and the rest of the disinformation gang. Eric Hufschmid's SSN was also quite low; he started out with a book and video shortly after 9/11. His stupidity rating soon rocketed to 10/10 after he claimed people such as Ernst Zundel and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were secretly working for the Zionists. As Hufschmid became an increasing irrelevance, he posted naked rear-view pictures of himself on his website. We can only hope that Smallstorm doesn't follow Hufschmid's example!

John Friend was installed as the token "white supremacist", whose criticisms of organized Jewry would initially win him the confidence of some patriots and qualify him for a fairly low SSN. After aligning himself with Fetzer and becoming a no-planer and Sandy Hook denier, Friend advanced to 9/10 on the stupidity scale. The ADL was readily able to denounce him as an "anti-Semite" with "extreme views", and he serves as a brilliant example for whenever they want to portray Judaism's critics as racist lunatics. As early as August 2012, Friend purportedly received a threatening e-mail from the JDL. Since Friend is not stupid enough to believe in no-planes, he must be working for Cass Sunstein, the JDL, ADL or a similar organization. Most likely the JDL, since they could then 'threaten' him in order to help establish his legend, or "cred building", as a wise commentator said.

It is quite rare for a shill to be assigned an SSN of 10/10, but it does happen. According to Dimitri Khalezov, each Tower was demolished by a 150 kiloton thermonuclear bomb that had been placed 50 meters (164 feet) below the foundations when the Towers were built. Khalezov claimed the government (i.e., the Nixon Admin) was in on the plan, kept it a secret (i.e., successfully prevented Washington Post or New York Times reporters from uncovering the scheme), yet Soviet agents such as Khalezov became aware of it. And Khalezov stated that, although the planes that crashed into the Towers were really fake planes, New York officials believed them to be real. And because the plane that hit the Pentagon was really a cruise missile, and because officials had determined that it had an unexploded nuclear warhead, the New York officials feared that the "planes" that crashed into the Towers were also carrying unexploded nuclear warheads. And in order to save New York City from possible atmospheric nuclear explosions, the City officials decided to detonate the 150 kt thermonuclear devices that were buried beneath the Towers. Khalezov didn't explain why WTC7 was pulled. See here for more on Khalezov's particular brand of idiocy.

At any given time, a shill may "expose" other shills who are higher on the stupidity scale. So Fetzer exposes Hytten/Shack and his cronies, whose "vicsims" baloney made them a clear 10/10. Once a shill reaches 10/10, they can do just about anything. Hytten has called Fetzer a shill.

In the same way that government derives a synergistic gain from "rebutting many conspiracy theories", sincere truth-seekers can avoid legitimizing one or two of the most obvious disinformation brokers by rebutting many of them. However, it is now time for these shills to be sidelined, ignored, and recognized for what they are: government stooges, traitors and liars, for whom there can be no place in any truth or patriot movement.

Operation Halbig

Update (Feb. 21, 2014): For new information on Wolfgang Halbig (of Jewish origin) and his pre-Sandy Hook trolling and attempt to solicit money, click here.

Wolfgang Halbig, in his interview with Dave Gahary, suggests that Sandy Hook was a conspiracy because when the police arrived, "they" parked a quarter of a mile from the front door of the school.

In fact, according to the information in the Connecticut State's Attorney's Final Report, the first police officer arrived at Crestwood "Road" (actually Crestwood Drive) behind and to the south of the school at 9:39:00, three minutes and 21 seconds after the first 911 emergency call was received by the Police Department. It's a little over 100 feet from the south end, and about 600 feet from the front entrance, which is still less than an eighth of a mile.

Sandy Hook Elementary School Map

Source: Google Maps

Halbig deceptively keeps waffling on with misleading comments such as "Why would you park a quarter of a mile...?" yet studiously avoids telling us that the next two police officers arrived a mere 13 seconds later - parking on the driveway near the ball field, barely more than a hundred yards from the front entrance. And the police deliberately decided to cover both approaches.

In any case, if a police car was approaching from the south, it's normally a two-minute drive taking the long route from the junction of Washington Avenue / Crestwood Drive around to the front entrance, whereas on foot from Crestwood Drive, an officer would only need to do 6.82 mph in order to cover the 600 feet in a minute. Thus, even at high speed, there is little or no time advantage from taking the long route.

The Connecticut Police Chiefs Association (CPCA) Final Report states that the shift sergeant who was at the police station was among the first responders. Whilst en route, he sent some units to the front and some to the rear, as corroborated by radio recordings. "Local officers had knowledge that Crestwood Drive passes within yards of the rear of the school."

The report provides an explanation as to why the police did not park very close to the front door: "In analyzing the response, it is important to know the accepted practice for officers responding to such a call. Officers arriving at the school must do so in a manner that allows them quick access to the facility, but must also be cognizant of their tactical positioning. Therefore, it is expected that first arriving officers would park a reasonable distance from the building in order to afford themselves the best view of the building and surrounding space. This allows officers to begin assessing the status and location of the threat. Officers are trained to prepare for more than one threat or aggressor."

Halbig says [5:45], "And they're parking on Crest View, Crest something Drive." If we overlook his errors of more than +100% in his distance calculations, you'd think that Halbig would at least be able to get the name of the road right, after supposedly "researching" Sandy Hook for more than a year.


Source: CPCA Newtown Final Report

Halbig suggests that another reason it's a conspiracy is that the paramedics took too long to go in. As shown above, police were searching the building and quickly triaging any victims they found. The EMS had not been cleared to approach the building at this time (since the possibility of additional shooters had not been ruled out), and an officer scooped up a critically injured child and sprinted towards the EMS staging area. 

And the Connecticut Final Report says that at 9:39:34, a Newtown officer encountered an "unknown male running along the east side of SHES with something in his hand", and there were a number of factors that gave the police valid reasons to suspect that there may have been more than one shooter. The initial unknown male "turned out to be a parent with a cell telephone in his hand". At 9:40:03, the last gunshot was heard, believed to be the final suicide shot of Lanza in classroom 10.

Anyone still curious about Sandy Hook, who hasn't really looked into it much, should read those reports and see if there is anything that proves an "elaborate hoax", or if the response was reasonable given the circumstances.

It's all very well for Halbig, with the benefit of hindsight, to speculate that the responders should have done some things differently. There is nothing to suggest that the police or paramedics made mistakes, based upon the information available to them at the time. But even if mistakes were made, that is not evidence of a conspiracy, and would do nothing to override the overwhelming evidence that Sandy Hook was a real massacre, not a hoax or a drill. And it's rather telling that no other expert in school safety has come up with Halbig's objections and gone public over the last fourteen months. The only people who have are liars and cranks who claim the 9/11 planes were holograms and the Boston bombings were faked with smoke bombs and amputee actors.

Halbig says he started contacting the Newtown public schools, probably "two months after the incident". He claims "the pieces don't fit", and asks why the FBI would "classify" the Sandy Hook report. The answer is that shortly after the incident it was already known that there was a flock of conspiracy loons all over the internet who, given half a chance, would post images of the dead children on their blogs and YouTube videos, harass the parents, and accuse them of being liars who were part of a massive conspiracy. So it's not surprising that the authorities redacted some images, in order to spare the grieving relatives from the nutbars' antics. Halbig claims the FBI has never "classified" such a report before, but prior to Sandy Hook, there has never been a troop of internet trolls trying to "prove" the relatives are liars and actors. It doesn't prove Sandy Hook was a hoax.

Halbig complains his phone calls are not returned, implying that it's evidence of a conspiracy. What does he expect - that hard-pressed officials would continue to humor some conspiracy crank and crackpot who bombards them for months on end with demands for evidence to prove Sandy Hook wasn't a hoax? What if they kept receiving demands for evidence that would prove the earth isn't flat? Isn't there some point at which they would lose patience?

According to Halbig, Sandy Hook was a "script" that was in the planning for two to two-and-a-half years. Halbig claims that all sorts of things don't fit, but presents not one shred of credible evidence - nothing more than the misguided opinions of a paranoid conspiracy theorist. Halbig claims he does not believe that any children died at SH, revealing himself as a liar or a fool. The only way that anyone could possibly be duped into thinking Halbig is raising some valid questions is if they hadn't yet read the reports and were very generous in giving him the benefit of the doubt. More than two dozen did die at Sandy Hook Elementary, and the only killer was Adam Lanza.

In any case, all you really need to know is that Wolfgang Halbig chose to go to American Free Press (AFP) rather than a mainstream publication that would have given him more credibility with the general public. His Facebook page shows that he has a strong interest in the mainstream media: FOX 35 news anchors Sonni Abatta, Bob Frier, Amy Kaufeldt and others, The Washington Post, Newsweek, Time magazine, and Larry King. He also links to George W. Bush's Facebook page.

AFP has been variously (and most unfairly) described as a "known hate site, filled with anti-semitic and racist ideology", a "conspiracy-oriented anti-Semitic newspaper", a paper that "promotes anti-Semitic conspiracy theories", and a "right-wing extremist publication". There are two possible explanations for Halbig's choice.

Of course, the Sandy Hookers will claim Halbig couldn't go to the mainstream media because they're all in on the "conspiracy". Let's look at the proceeds from a hypothetical Sandy Hook "hoax". $49 million was allocated for demolition and reconstruction. Since such projects generally go over budget, it's unlikely that there would be money left over to bribe newspaper bosses and hire "crisis actors", etc. As of December 2013, there was some $12 million remaining to be distributed, and much of that is to be allocated to "long-term needs such as providing mental health resources, scholarships for affected students and funding for when Newtown comes to an agreement on a physical memorial to the victims". Some money went to an animal sanctuary, a local Boy Scout troop, and to the gun-control lobby. The conspirators would also need to pay off hundreds of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, schoolmates, colleagues and friends to keep quiet for the rest of their lives, with the children having to play dead, not go to the Super Bowl, and so on. "Lanza's" classmates would have to be bribed to pretend he existed, and those who didn't say anything would need to be bribed, threatened, or killed to stop them from contradicting the others' statements.

The conspirators either had to pay for Andrew Wheeler's website's domain in April 2003 and hire people to post on internet forums around 2009 as part of a plot to fake his existence, or they had to hire a "crisis actor" to pretend to be him, hope that the real Andrew Wheeler didn't find out, and pay an assassin to stand by in Hawaii with instructions to shoot Wheeler if he was about to talk. Or, if they got lucky, recruit Wheeler, somehow persuading him to suspend his beloved island lifestyle for a new role as a "crisis actor". Then the conspirators would have to pay off dozens or hundreds of other "crisis actors", the Police Department, forensic scientists, the coroner, and anyone at Homeland Security, BATF, the Connecticut Intelligence Center (CTIC) and other agencies who had any doubts about the scheme. Let's suppose (being very generous to the Sandy Hookers) that after siphoning off money to bribe all these people, the fraudsters still have $1 million remaining.

And then they must pay off The Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The London Times, CNN, NBC, CBS, the BBC and countless thousands of other national and local newspapers and radio / TV stations worldwide, each of whom would love to have the scoop about any "hoax" at Sandy Hook. As of 2010, it is reckoned there were 14,853 newspaper titles worldwide.

Just to be even more generous to the Sandy Hookers, let's forget TV and radio, and say that 4,853 or almost one in three of the newspapers are "conspiracy-oriented", which is a ridiculously generous assumption. If there are 10,000 mainstream newspapers to bribe to keep quiet, so that it's worth their while to miss out on the Sandy Hook "hoax" story, that leaves $100 per newspaper before we count transaction costs, telephone costs, etc. And how much would a newspaper be willing to pay for such a scoop - $10,000? $100,000? $1 million? Whilst they accept less than $100 to give up their chance to make big money? Then there is the risk that some party involved in the negotiations with ten thousand newspapers would talk, or anyone tapping any one of the tens of thousands of telephone calls, or any of the "crisis actors", relatives, colleagues, classmates, police, forensic scientists, the coroner, the uncle in Hawaii, the assassin in Hawaii ready to shoot the uncle, etc.

And this supposes that all the proceeds are used to pay off the tens of thousands of conspirators. Thus, the "hoaxers" do not stand to make any profit from the scheme, and, moreover, must also borrow or put up their own money, years before even a cent came rolling in. The Sandy Hook "hoaxers" would have to be terribly incompetent buffoons with no understanding of business or investment, who are prepared to lose money (after interest charges and inflation) in return for the certainty of getting caught and going to jail for fraud, since there would always be some media outlets who would demand more than $100 for their silence.

The reality is that no mainstream newspaper would give any column-inches to a fringe conspiracy theorist with no evidence. Halbig wanted to restrict circulation to spare himself embarrassment. And by going to a "conspiracy-oriented" newspaper, the wider audience of non-conspiracy-minded folk will see that he's just playing games with the "conspiracy nuts". This is the very way they would play it if he was recruited to work for Sunstein to pose as a nutjob "conspiracy researcher". So Wolfgang "Walter Mitty" Halbig does all he can to antagonize the cops for months on end, starting from February 2013, effectively accusing them of not doing their job properly. Then, after ten months, they eventually go round to his house "in plain clothes [...] right before Christmas [...] about 10:00 a.m." for a "15, 20 minutes" meeting to tell him that they won't stand for it any more, and they'll file harassment charges if he keeps wasting police time.

Thus, if we accept his tale of the police going to his home, that doesn't prove there was a massive Sandy Hook global conspiracy, with Russia Today, The Guardian, Die Welt, etc., all in on it and having to be bribed from a conspiracy that makes a loss and just about guarantees the perps will go to jail.

The fact that the Sunstein team had to get Halbig to broadcast his opinions - and thereby advance him to 9/10 on the stupidity scale - in order to prop up their flagging conspiracy theory, after Michael Collins Piper's False Flags exposed their deceptions, shows how desperate they have become.

A public schools security expert would be an ideal person for Sunstein to recruit for acting the role of a dumb "conspiraloon" who could concoct some imagined reasons for supposing the Sandy Hook events didn't "fit", and whose childish crippled epistemology and inability to think through the ramifications of his conclusion, would lead him to imagine that more than two dozen deaths were faked at Sandy Hook.

In short, the Sunstein brigade's Operation Halbig smacks of desperation, and shows that they are losing their battle to oppose truth-seekers by cognitive infiltration.

Update: It turns out that Wolfgang Halbig is not only Jewish, but was already an activist working to advance Jewish political interests as early as September 2012, months before Sandy Hook. He hates Obama, and was angry that someone did not kill Hitler, which he claims would have saved 6 million of "our" people.

In his Feb 19, 2014 broadcast at BlogTalkRadio, Halbig says [17:57] his father was in a "Nazi prison camp" for four years in Poland. This is corroborated by a post by Halbig of "a year ago", with the URL indicating September 2012, in which Halbig claims Obama "hates the Jews".

wolfgang halbig
• a year ago


Today I am as angry as anyone can get. What is it going to take for the uneducated Americans to get educated and start thinking about how they have responsibilities and not just rights that they throw in our faces everyday.

My father for four years I learned was in a NAZI PRISON in POSEN, POLAND.

Thank God that the Americans found him.

The letters I have now found in GERMANY makes me sick to my stomach as to what Hitler did to the Jewish Race. To this day I cannot believe that someone did not kill him which would have saved 6 million of our people there not just a jewish race they are people just like you and me."

So that was from around September 2012. Then, three months later, the Sandy Hook mass killings occur, and Jewish political activists such as Halbig realise that they can exploit the event for a propaganda advantage.

Thus, Halbig is not simply some ordinary person who happened to work in school safety and thought there was something amiss about Sandy Hook. He is a Jewish political activist, working to advance Jewish public relations - the very sort of person needed for Sunstein's team of shills who trash truth-tellers by promoting loony conspiracy theories.

On October 10, 2012, Wolfgang W. Halbig posted, and copied and pasted multiple times, that he'd been "gathering information about and evidence against Barack Hussein Obama, I have encountered hundreds of coincidences that strike me as amazing. None of those coincidences, by themselves, may mean much. But taken as a whole it is almost impossible to believe they were all the result of chance." And then proceeds with a massive, lengthy series of events, such as how "In late 1999 Obama purportedly engaged in homosexual activities and cocaine-snorting in the back of a limousine with a man named Larry Sinclair...".

One purpose of posting this would have been so that Cass Sunstein and his minions could observe how people would react to the insertion of various conspiracy theories, and who, if any, would pass it on. As they clearly did with the Sandy Hook conspiracy theories.

And in October 2012, Wolfgang Halbig was posing as a nutty conspiracy theorist, and provoking some interesting reactions. An excerpt included:

Wolfgang Halbig

Around 1979 Obama started college at Occidental in California . He is very open about his two years at Occidental, he tried all kinds of drugs and was wasting his time but, even though he had a brilliant mind, did not apply himself to his studies.


Now, we have Obama running for President. Valerie Jarrett was Michele Obama's boss. She is now Obama's chief advisor and he does not make any major decisions without talking to her first. Where was Jarrett born? Ready for this? Shiraz, Iran! Am I going nuts or is there a pattern here?


Sunstein and his pals would have been interested to find out whether people did in fact consider Halbig's 'theory' to be "nuts", or if folk would perceive some sort of "pattern" in his claims. The replies indicated a unanimous verdict: Halbig was considered to be nuts. "The paranoia and racism run deep in this one", "Sir you sound like a conspiracy theorist!! You have too much time on your hands.", "Wow....real KKK marerial. [sic] Reminds me of the John Birchers back in the 60's. True Tea Party material."

Halbig likes posting about the "uneducated" social class, and also posts about "the blacks" and "Mexicans". For example:

[...] How can so many people be that stupid and not see the big picture.

I picked fruit at age 12 all through High School to help my mother and I liked it because I got paid for my work.

The Mexicans are taking the blacks jobs because the blacks see those jobs as demeaning to their status in America. [..]

On March 23, 2012, Halbig was trolling, telling someone: "Your an idiot..........get a life.. How wrong can anyone be. You need mental health counseling if that is how you feel".

A couple of people responded: "Wolfgang W Halbig A. He's wrong only on his last(and maybe his first) point(s.) But how about pointing out how he is wrong instead of just throwing insults like a 9year old!? Aren't you too old to be behaving this way? Losing your marbles???" And: "Wolfgang W Halbig You're the idiot...this "racist cracker" not white people, felt the need to "rid" the world of another (what he called) "coon" because he's such coward that he goes after unarmed, young innocent black men".

On July 24, 2012, Halbig was attempting to solicit money from gullible folk, by exploiting a post about a genuine donations campaign:

Please donate and investigate what we can do in saving children from committing suicide. I need $100,000 thousand dollars [sic] and probably pay it back once the company is up and running. wolfgang

More recently, he hopes to part Sandy Hookers from their money. On his interview by Dave Gahary, Halbig says [21:36] "Well, I think the next thing I'm gonna do is, right now I'm gonna try to raise a lot of money, some funds. I think there are a lot of people out there who really, really believe in learning the truth. You know, they call them conspiracy nuts; they call them all kind of names... [...] But here's my point: What I'm trying to do is raise a lot of money."

Indeed, Halbig hopes to make "a lot of money" from "a lot" of people whom he also regards as "conspiracy nuts". You can be sure that anyone gullible enough to fall for the scam will have their names and addresses passed on to Sunstein and agencies such as FEMA, Homeland Security, the ADL or the SPLC, thereby allowing Halbig to profit several times over from each person. Unfortunately, by the time truth-seekers "learn the truth" about Halbig and his scam, he'll have scarpered with their money, and their personal details will have been harvested.

Halbig doesn't doubt in the slightest that twenty children were killed at Sandy Hook. His supposed "research" and asking "questions" is nothing more than a masquerade, a means to a business and political end.

So, Halbig is an internet troll who inserts various conspiracy theories so that the Sunstein team can monitor the reaction. And his post "OBAM HATES THE JEWS" reveals what Halbig, hero of the Sandy Hookers, truly thinks about Sandy Hookers - they are simply "uneducated Americans", to whom he feeds his bait about faked deaths and faked shootings, in the hope that some of them will be "uneducated" enough to swallow it. In which case, they will have served their purpose, allowing themselves to swell his bank balance and be cited as examples of wacky conspiracy loons, with the result that those who present evidence of real conspiracies - such as the undeniable proof of Israel's central role in 9/11 - are also tarred with the same brush. In the meantime, Sunstein and Zionist leaders are high-fiving and grinning as they celebrate the success of their counter-intelligence program against truth-seekers, who would otherwise present a much more serious threat against the perpetrators of false-flag terror.

Latest: It turns out that Wolfgang Halbig set up his company, Children's Safety Institute, at the end of October 2012, and then trawled the internet for dead people who'd worked in education, so he could use them as fake references who would endorse his company.

Halbig's company Children's Safety Institute is a proven fraud. On his CSI Qualifications page, he has six references (although it says five).

HalbigReferences photo HalbigReferences_zpsfbd22061.png

This is the link to the page on Halbig's website. However, soon after posting this information, the site conveniently went down, which is why the screenshot is displayed above. As of March 10, 2014, the page can be obtained from Google's cache. If the site is still down by the time the page is cleared from Google, the page is available here from our local cache.

The references include Mrs. Michele Tegland at Harlem Public Schools, Chicago IL. Problem is, she died on October 14, 2011.

"MICHELE TEGLAND, 46 ROSCOE - Michele Tegland, 46, of Roscoe died at 12:08 a.m. Friday, Oct. 14, 2011, at home, surrounded by friends and family. [...] She began her education career at Lathrop Elementary School in Rockford, before joining the Harlem School District, where she served as a teacher, technology coordinator and principal (Loves Park Elementary School)."

Another of his references is Gloria Lunsford, of Raleigh, NC.

"Gloria M Lunsford was born on December 20, 1948 and died on May 05, 2009 at the age of 60. Gloria last resided in Raleigh, North Carolina in Wake County."

Halbig's website domain was not created until October 29, 2012, more than a year after both of them were dead. Interestingly enough, that was about six weeks prior to Sandy Hook, reminiscent of how Larry Silverstein secured 12-layer, 22-company insurance coverage against terrorist attacks aggregating $3,546,809,904 "per occurrence", six weeks before both WTC Towers were hit in terrorist attacks.

Registry Domain ID:
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2013-10-31T00:00:00Z
Creation Date: 2012-10-29T00:00:00Z

Check out Halbig's site at the Wayback Machine, and you find it's only been saved once - on August 18, 2013, which is consistent with a website that wasn't live until late in 2012.*/

Clearly, after setting up his website, Halbig trawled the internet to search for dead people, so he could use them as fake references who would vouch for his company from beyond the grave.

Another of his references, Robert Logan, the Asheville, NC School Superintendent, was embroiled in a scandal in December 2011. The State auditor was recommending disciplinary action against Logan because the employment of the Associate Commissioner had been intentionally misrepresented in order to increase his retirement benefits.

Another of his references, Ray Lamb, is a 70-year-old retiree who is listed as a School Psychologist in proceedings from a conference as long ago as March 1974.

When you look up the phone number of Halbig's Children's Safety Institute, the owner's name comes up as Wolfgang Halbig, rather than his company.

Halbig's company claims to have a "company headquarters [that] is located in Winter Springs, Florida".

The address is 5703 Red Bug Lake Road, Suite 103, Winter Springs, FL. Notice the suite number. 5703 Red Bug Lake Road in Winter Springs is a “Mail Boxes Etc” mail drop address, also used by a company that sells health products, a company that does electrical and HVAC repairs, one that services PCs, etc. Halbig's testimonials do not provide the person's surname, so cannot be independently verified.

And this is a man who wants Sandy Hookers to send him their hard-earned money, in the hope that Halbig will put it to good use in uncovering a conspiracy at Sandy Hook. This is like sending Dracula money to investigate a spate of thefts from blood banks!