The "Dancing Israelis", dubbed the "High Fivers" by the FBI A summary of the proofs of Israel's central role in 9/11, provided by the actions of the "dancing Israelis".

Claim that Assad Gassed Beautiful Babies is Yet Another Case of 'Faulty' Intelligence 'Intelligence' for the allegation that Assad gassed babies is so patently false that no honest intel expert would have signed off on it.

Israel's 9/11 False-Flag All the proof anyone could ever need. Includes new timing of eyewitness sighting of the "Dancing Israelis" at the Doric Apartment block, cross-referenced with the announcement on 1010 WINS of the first plane crash, between 4 minutes 9 seconds and 4 minutes 22 seconds after that crash. The witness, who saw the Israelis atop their van high-fiving, hugging each other, horsing around and having fun as they took video and still photographs of the burning WTC, was listening to 1010 WINS, and did not hear anything about the WTC prior to receiving a phone call from her friend, who'd been alerted by a "strange noise" and looked out and saw smoke rising from the North Tower. Upon receiving the phone call, the witness looked out of her window, and according to the FBI, "It was at that time that T-1 had also observed the Israelis atop the white van". They have less than 5 minutes to learn of the event, decide to take time off work at Urban Moving to indulge their new hobby as "journalists" including borrowing their employer's van, grab their cameras, run out to the van, take a 4- to 5-minute drive in the rush hour, make a left turn, drive to the parking lot, and jump out and climb onto the roof with their cameras. As early as June, the Israelis had booked a flight for September 12 to flee to Israel, via Greece. There is much more too numerous to mention.

Mossad in Phony 'Beheading' Caper First James Foley and now Steven Sotloff. The videos show no actual beheading and no proof that the 'victims' were harmed in the making of the video; Sotloff just happens to be (or "was") a Jewish dual citizen "American-Israeli" who trained at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Israel.

Guangzhou high-rise survives eleven hours of raging inferno In the whacky imagination of true believers of the 9/11 official conspiracy theory, steel-framed high-rises are almost certain to collapse into their own footprints. Indeed, on 9/11, three out of three did just that. Unfortunately for the true believers, buildings fail to collapse when "Islamists" are not involved...

CRIMINAL ZIONISTS - GUILTY FOR TERRORISM AND MASS MURDER ON 9/11/01 For the most stubborn head in the sand types

Was Woolwich soldier killing "faked"? Evaluates arguments that the killing of Lee Rigby was a "hoax".

Zionist Anti-Truth Activist Caught Posing As No-Planer Nutjob Proof of how Zionist shills play both sides of the 9/11 debate - posing as no-planers and WTC-was-nuked nutjobs, whilst attacking 9/11 Truth elsewhere.

Why 9/11 researchers know the official story is false Information that not only proves beyond all doubt that OBL and KSM did not orchestrate 9/11, but identifies the principal perpetrators.

Millette study fails to refute crucial findings by Harrit et al The "debunkers" had better enjoy their one little success whilst they still can. Yes, the red/gray chips examined in the Active Thermitic Material study by Harrit et al are paint chips on rusty steel, and proved to be very much of a red herring. However, Harrit did find incontrovertible evidence of controlled demolitions, to add to a plethora of previous forensics that refutes the official conspiracy theory. Moreover, the evidence of a Zionist job is now so overwhelming that those who refuse to accept it may be dismissed as liars, fools or brainwashed fantasists who can't handle the truth.

Ground Zero fires could have heated the steel by up to 4 F Air flow through the Ground Zero pile is found to be more than three orders of magnitude short of that required to sustain smoldering combustion except for within voids, and sufficient to raise the temperature of the steel by 2.2 C in five months. The maximum sustainable heat release rate is equivalent to one burning cigarette every 32 square feet. Steel that was heated to cherry-red would have cooled within hours.

Daily Mail 'proves' fire brought down WTC7 Overwhelming evidence that Israel masterminded 9/11 is further corroborated by the identity of those engaged in the cover-up.

The "Dancing Israelis" FBI Report - Debunked Evidence of Israel's central role in 9/11.

How To Stage Osama Just bin Killed How the Emmanuel Goldstein character was killed off, nearly ten years after he actually died.

Lies, 9/11 Planners, And No-Planers How a great plot can be spoiled with nonsense such as "faked" planes.

Dancing Israelis: Further Evidence of Foreknowledge How the multiplicity of "coincidences" continues to mount up, reinforcing the already conclusive evidence that Israel was the principal perpetrator of 9/11.

The 9/11 Perpetrators Timeline Indicates how the conspiracy evolved and a number of individuals who should be taken in for questioning by a truly independent investigation with full subpoena power.

9/11 For Reality Deniers A plethora of information to refute the official conspiracy theory, including timelines showing how the conspiracies evolved, the cover up, disinformation tactics, and details of moving companies and crime syndicates.

It Wasn't Muslims With "loaded gun" (unexploded nano-thermites) forensics dealing a final nail in the coffin to the "Arab suicide hijackers" 9/11 myth - which followed on from mountains of smoking gun evidence (e.g. the molten elemental iron product of thermite reactions and evidence of very high temperatures - here are some clues as to the identity of the perpetrators.

WTC molten molybdenum cover-up More forensic evidence of controlled demolition. Also news of developments in the 9/11 truth movement.

Zionists, Psychopaths and 9/11 The Zionist connection to 9/11 is well documented and sticks out like a sore thumb, but this article seeks to reconcile the patently obvious Zionist complicity with relatively new theories of political ponerology that hold that an ever-strengthening network of psychopaths will gradually start to dominate, and eventually a small pathological minority takes control over a society of normal people.

WTC Demolition How the Towers were demolished. Calculates how much thermate-TH3 was pumped into the hollow cross-section of impact zone perimeter columns and basement core box columns. We derive a relation of t (weeks) = 7 * d^2 (meters) between the initial depth of an insulated molten pool of iron and steel at 2,500 C, and the time to solidify.

The End of Zionist Denial A few clues for those who fail to notice the "elephant in the room". The official 9/11 conspiracy theory must rely on faked videos, 'confessions' obtained after "waterboarding", planted passports and Korans, and a mainstream media and governments that are bought and paid for by the terrorists. The truth speaks for itself.

WTC Molten Steel - The 9/11 Smoking Gun Proof of controlled demolition - a novel approach to determining temperatures. The mean temperature in the WTC fires is found to be no more than 627 C, which is cooler than the melting point of aluminum.

Who Did 9/11? A compilation of the evidence; whodunit along with part of the above article on the molten steel.

NIST "FAQ" on the WTC collapse Our response to NIST's cover-up of the controlled demolition.

Summer 2006 Pentagon Video Confirms Bush Guilt Still no evidence of a Boeing 757.

The Greatest Hoax of the 21st Century 9/11: includes detailed analysis of the WTC fires.

Liquid Explosives Bomb Plot Hoax Bottles of baby milk and sports drinks - innocuous items or lethal weapons?

Mumbai Hit by 7/11 Atrocity A convenient distraction from Israel's attacks on Gaza and Lebanon. In addition, Israel had at least four motives for hitting India at that time, allowing Netanyahu to gain approval from Israeli moderates for another of his false-flag terror operations.

The King and Why Amman, Jordan November 9 2005 "9/11" terror attack.

A Warning For Australia October 2005 Bali bombings; "suicide bombers" cover-up debunked.

London 7/7 bombings Another false flag attack; Netanyahu found at the scene of the crime, and was one of the few with foreknowledge of the bombings. In a Jerusalem Post article dated 7/7/05, Halevy, head of the Mossad in 2001, gave away the fact that he knew the bombings were simultaneous - two days before the British authorities arrived at the same conclusion. Giuliani implicated in cover-up.

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