The Fable of the Wolves and the Sheep

Long ago in ancient times
When beasts could speak and write,
A bizarre fate the sheep befell;
Their tale is quite a fright.

In green pastures dwelt all these sheep
- A thousand or some more -
Their ideal life was undisturbed
By any whoop or roar.

One sad day their King was gone,
Beheaded at one stroke;
A crummy one was "Protector",
A true 'pig in a poke'.

The new leader was on the take
From controversial brutes;
He claimed to be a "gentleman",
But was just in cahoots.

This "Protector" let his friends in,
The sheep's fate was now sealed;
For their new task was set in stone -
A brave new world to build.

The newcomers were wolves in fact,
But they would pose as "sheep";
Ape and fawn and flatter the flock,
Then their trust they would reap.

"What will you do", the fair sheep asked,
"To earn your daily needs?"
"We'll buy and sell and write and teach,"
They said, "And other deeds."

And so the wolves began to teach
The na´ve little lambs,
They bought and sold with trickery
And nasty little scams.

Wolves staged great shows and theater,
They put on quite a treat.
Within a short time those wolves owned
The Sheepville Daily Bleat.

The wolves soon cribbed an evil scheme
From Maurice Joly's tract.
A Machiavellian plan,
So sheep were truly thwacked.

Wolves wrote out their crooked plan;
"Protocols of Zion".
Taking over the press was part
Of this colossal con.

One of the wealthy wolves in France,
Baron Alphonse by name;
Pirates forged his wines' labels,
So Alphonse played a game.

The copying of Joly's work
Was made so obvious;
Perchance the Protocols was found,
Wolves could cry, "It wasn't us!"

To gain the confidence of sheep,
Presidents, wolves did bribe.
Sheep thought 'leaders' were for them,
But their laws did not jibe.

Wolf bankers paid Lenin and Trotsky,
A revolution to start.
Millions of non-wolves would this
Mortal coil depart.

Wolves had quickly looted Bearland,
They made a tidy sum.
Soon they claimed "six million" wolves
Would leave for kingdom come.

One time out in old Dogland,
Wolves tried making dogs their prey;
A very wise brave honest dog
Told wolves, "Be on your way!"

When on Sheepville those wolves converged
The Daily Bleat declared:
"We need to help our fellow beasts;
For a horrendous fate they've shared."

Twenty years prior, Daily Bleat
Wrote of wolves predicting:
"Six million" wolves massacred;
Such a terrible thing!

Wolves had long spun great tales of woe;
Four billion, they claimed,
Wolves liquidated at Bethar;
"Anti-Wolfists", they blamed.

So Sheepville Daily Bleat declared:
"Dogs wrought atrocities!
A million wolves they have slain,
The world they would seize."

All the young sheep were full of zeal,
"Yes, to help the wolves we choose -
For after all they're our friends here;
They give us all the news."

"We'll take in those poor refugees,
And go to make dogs quake.
Outnumbered are they on all sides,
Should be a piece of cake."

Now when the dogs had lost the fight,
Wolves starved and robbed their foe.
Dogs were tortured to 'confess' to
"Gassing" wolves in gusto.

The "war crimes" court convicted dogs
On lately made-up rules.
The wolves laid waste to Dogland and
 "De-Dog-ified" the schools.

Wolves formed a club of animals -
"United Beasts" bemuse.
The other members of this thing
Failed to perceive the ruse.

The lupine plan soon was revealed,
Wolves declared Hogville their home:
"It belonged to us long ago -
Before we left to roam."

"Six million of us were killed",
Whined they, "by demon dogs."
The sad tale was enough to make
All vote against the hogs.

And sheep and cats and other beasts
Found hogs on them turned sour.
After they helped wolves kick out pigs
They only got a glower.

Sheepville was really quite a mess
With wolves so powerful.
Young sheep did drugs and buggery;
They thought it was "normal".

"Transgenderism", "gay marriage",
And "circumcision" became
Not perversions, but "natural"
And bereft of all shame.

All who cried "degeneracy"
Were labelled "obsolete".
For beasts must be non-judgmental,
Decreed the Daily Bleat.

Wolves were caught bombing sheep's assets
And blaming it on hogs.
Yet decades after "Lavon", the
'Devils' were still the dogs.

Nine years on, a sheep president
Was sadly shot and killed.
For he'd had the nerve to question
Nukes that Hogville would build.

Four years on, Liberty got hit.
To quote the wolves' puppet:
"I don't give a damn" if it sinks
And every sheep snuffs it.

The wolves let in the sloths and pigs
To mix and marry with sheep.
"Far-right", "haters" and "extremists"
Were those who weren't asleep.

In the year two thousand and one,
Wolves brought down three Towers.
They wanted some more wars and
To grab some new powers.

Some wolves from occupied Hogville,
Also known as Pigswell,
Were seen high-fiving and grinning
As they filmed the burning hell.

They were arrested hours later,
Caught with tickets to flee
For Pigswell - dated the next day,
They would be full of glee.

The New Pork Police Commissioner
To Pigswell made a trip
Two weeks before the Towers fell;
He got a great big tip.

Half a million he was paid
From three wolves after claiming,
"No explosives in the" wolf van,
And that hogs did the sting.

A Pigswell premier's good friend
Six weeks before the attacks,
Insured for billions against
Multiple terror whacks.

This wolf friend of Nutting-Yahoo
Had even more fortune;
A "dermatologist's appointment"
Saved this lucky tycoon.

The wolf premier was Captain
In Sayeret Matkal,
So was a so-called "passenger"
In the craft that went AWOL.

Wolf premier Nutting-Yahoo,
Son of a terror fan;
Was in London with foreknowledge
When bombs struck from his clan.

Now the guv'ment could spy on sheep
In the name of "liberty".
Wolves stole more pigs' and camels' lands
For their own fraternity.

Twas such a mess with lands laid waste
That millions got displaced.
"We've got to take these refugees!"
Cried the Daily Bleat, "Post-haste."

Things turned so much worse, with terror
And division anew.
It was wolves' divide and conquer,
As wise old sheep well knew.

Occupied Hogville had closed borders
And they built a high wall.
But wolves turned others' lands into
A melting pot for all.

To 'explain' the double standards
And the bare-faced cheek,
Wolves said they deserved it, since their
Suffering was unique.

When sheep challenged wolves' massive lies,
Like the "six million" tale;
Pro-wolf judges would happily
order a spell in jail.

Not to believe in wolves' tall tales
Was 'proof' of "bigotry".
These "thought crime" laws pointed to who
Truly ran the country.

Delousing rooms had a thousand times
More cyanide on walls
Than "gas chambers"; wolves would concoct
Some feeble load of balls.

Hoaxers ran a pseudo-'study'
That fixed its conclusion.
By not looking for Iron Blue,
They kept their delusion.

Auschwitz coke deliveries were
One or two thousand ton;
Burning each takes twenty kilograms -
A million were not done.

They claimed eight hundred thousand wolves
Were buried and exhumed;
Of colluding, magic soil
They had to have presumed.

No "extermination" orders found;
Wolves' paranoid folklore
Needed telepathic hogs or
Experts in semaphore.

Subversion got so intense that
Some sheep moved to the north.
A land of ice and geysers where
Wolves seldom came forth.

Pundits were impressed by Iceland's
Economic success.
It let its banks go under and
Became "miraculous".

After creatures had lived in peace,
Who do you think arrived?
You guessed it; the wolves came knocking
With sob stories contrived.

The Fable of the Wolves and the Sheep is based on The Fable of the Ducks and the Hens by George Lincoln Rockwell, which is on video narrated by Edgar J. Steele.

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