Like Christopher Bollyn (in 2000, and 2006!!), Jonathan Elinoff of Core of Corruption claims to have received "death threats" for exposing information. And he says his phones are tapped and his emails are monitored. The Mossad might pay him; they certainly wouldn't want to kill him.

Videos produced by Elinoff's outlet Core of Corruption claim to have new information linking the Mossad to the controlled demolitions at the World Trade Center (WTC). These hoaxes regularly surface in 9/11 truth, like Richard Grove's "WTC gold heist" and the Hufschmid-Bollyn "Global Hawk at the Pentagon". Elinoff's deception is based on falsely linking the Israeli-Mossad fake "art students", who weren't at the WTC, with real artists who were there. Another trick consists of attempting to confuse Gelatin's dangerous, covert, probably illegal stunt, which lasted for minutes, with their legitimate, lawful residency for months under the World Views program. (Gelatin, a group of four Austrian artists, changed their name to Gelitin in 2005.) Like all disinformation agents and flypaper operations, Elinoff mixes truth with lies.

Elinoff made a video which includes reports of the Israeli vans found with explosives on 9/11, in an attempt to sell itself as authentic. Elinoff talks about the New York Times article on the reputed Gelatin stunt. The article dated Saturday, August 18, 2001, by Shaila K. Dewan, is entitled "Balcony Scene (Or Unseen) Atop the World; Episode at Trade Center Assumes Mythic Qualities".

It mentions Gelatin's book "The B-Thing", which runs to 62 pages in the hardcover editions. The stunt supposedly involved temporarily removing one of the WTC windows to create a "balcony", for 19 minutes, early on a Sunday morning in March 2000. A description of the book states June rather than March 2000.

That claims Gelatin smuggled the balcony materials in under their pullovers, the balcony could only support one person at a time, the putty around the windows was scratched off and the windows (only 18 inches wide) were pulled away with suction pads. It would have been March rather than June 2000, since the stunt is variously described as having taken place at dawn and at 6am, which coincide in March. And because Gelatin's "World Views" residency in WTC 1 was winter 1999-2000 rather than summer 2000, as shown here in the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's (LMCC) list of artists.

As the New York Times article correctly states, Gelatin shared free studio space on the 91st floor of the North Tower with fourteen other artists. They were Taleen Berberian, Bruce Bosnan, Patty Chang, Geoffrey Detrani, Martina Gecelli, Kelly Hashimoto, Emily Jacir, Susan Kelly, Diane Ludin, Tamara Mewis, Slink Moss, Prema Murthy, Marcos Rosales, and Kimberly Tomes.

This is not the first time someone has tried to cite Gelatin's residency at the WTC as 'evidence' for controlled demolition, in an attempt to damage the case for controlled demolition. Sherman H. Skolnick did so as early as October 2003.

Note that Skolnick, at the above link, is also trying to peddle the "no planes at the WTC" thesis, which is a bit of a clue as to his veracity. He writes about "hologram projection", and claims, "Yet, aviation and engineering experts seriously doubt that a huge airplane, wings and tail, could penetrate the buildings hitting heavy reinforced pillars and such." Yeah, right. Mossad "experts".

So the "Gelatin are suspicious" disinformation was being circulated six years before Jonathan Elinoff tried to muddy the waters with his additional twist. Elinoff claims that Hanan Serfaty is listed in the World Views program. Trouble is, he isn't. Serfaty was an Israeli Mossad fake "art student" who lived in Hollywood, Florida, as shown in the authoritative document known as the "DEA report".

But he was not on the World Views program.

The LMCC website has plenty to say about the World Views program.

But of the various names used by Serfaty, no Hanan(e) Serfaty / Sarfati / Sai appears on the site.

Gelatin is about the nearest name to Serfaty on the World Views program, and it was probably Gelatin that inspired Jonathan Elinoff to think of "Serfaty" as a means of concocting his recent hoax.

It's funny to see that, in promoting their lie about Serfaty, the Core of Corruption promoters also claim:

Hanan Serfaty was arrested by DEA agents in connection to the Israeli spy ring. What makes him stand out, is that he was listed as being an art student who was apart (sic) of the World Views program, which was in the World Trade Center on floors 90 and 91 in the Lower Manhatten (sic) Cultural Council. Although he is not listed by Gelitin as a member of “The B-Thing,” the listing of the identities of the other 14 students who were on floor 91 at the time was never released to the public, neither was the total list of those involved in the stunt which numbers at a minimum of 6.

The deceivers would have to pretend the identities were kept secret, hoping to confuse and preventing their claims from being immediately holed below the waterline. As shown above, the identities of the other 14 are public knowledge. Not only that, but as demonstrates, that information was already in the public domain in September 2007, if not much earlier.

(See Winter 1999-2000.)

These art students were about seven floors below Floor 98, the floor where the WTC 1 collapse initiated in the impact area. A clue as to how the thermite or other accelerant was installed lies in the fact that the impact area is correlated with the upgraded floors.

And how were these (non-Jewish, genuine) art students supposed to have demolished WTC 2 and WTC 7, and smuggled all their explosives past security? The "art student" demolition theory is crazier than the "Arabs did it" claims.

Elinoff, a proven liar, attacks genuine researchers such as Michael Piper, who concentrates on the facts:

Michael Collins Piper, a reporter for the American Free Press, seems to advocate Israeli Mossad as being the “All Seeing Eye” at the top of the pyramid. The research put fourth (sic) by Piper and many others, is extremely bias (sic) and focused on identifying Jewish names in all the conspiracy theories, and then building an argument from that, rather than presenting any evidence. It is weak, reckless and poor to suggest that there is a Jewish conspiracy based solely on the findings of Jewish names in different areas of power and then accusing them of crimes there is no evidence of.

In parts of that attack piece, Elinoff has simply copied and pasted the Wikipedia entry on Piper, without attributing the source. He even copies Wiki’s typos such as "In 2006, He spoke on 9/11 conspiracy theory…". Elinoff would not try to deify Piper!  Elinoff goes on to say that the Jews aren’t at the top of the NWO; it’s the Muslim Brotherhood, Skull and Bones, Jesuits and the Catholic Church, etc, and even suggests that Piper is an intelligence plant.

Elinoff's Core of Corruption website, registered on 27 November 2008, sells books, DVDs, stickers, music, cloths, etc. This is one clue: they cannot simply release their 'information' in writing with links to their sources, as it could then be debunked within a couple of minutes. The emphasis on videos indicates that the aim is to make it time-consuming to access their claims, and provides a pretext to sell merchandise in order to create a list of truth seekers, patriots and anti-Zionists. Anyone foolish or reckless enough to provide their personal details to this flypaper operation would be in graver danger than if it were merely the government that got their name and address. Elinoff has a Jewish father, and the customer lists are probably passed on to the Mossad.

Another clue lies in the fact that Jonathan Elinoff's "friend and fellow 9/11 researcher" is Jon Gold (another Jew).

This is the same Jon Gold who complained that 911blogger was concentrating too much on the WTC controlled demolition. Yet Gold is friends with Elinoff who is ostensibly trying to "expose" the Mossad's role in demolishing the WTC, whilst in fact doing his very best to sabotage the truth about controlled demolition and Mossad involvement. Even those who are not wise to the deception of the Meinertzhagen-like Christopher Bollyn recognize that Jon Gold is another who does his best not to expose the truth.

Core of Corruption has been a suspected fraud, too, for months. Core of Corruption promotes the gatekeeper-approved, half-baked LIHOP 9/11 scenario as opposed to MIHOP, and talks about "the (Arab) hijackers". Just for the sake of argument, let's suppose that Elinoff was telling the truth, and one of the Israeli "art students" had registered with the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. This would mean absolutely nothing!

Israelis, including Mossad operatives, set up their cameras and trained them on the Twin Towers prior to the first impact, and were laughing, joking, celebrating with high fives, etc, prior to the second impact when most still believed it had been a terrible accident. Zionist Jew Larry Silverstein, a close friend of Benjamin Netanyahu, Ariel Sharon, Ehud Barak and other Israeli leaders, acquired a 99-year lease on the World Trade Center's Twin Towers, Buildings Four and Five and approximately 400,000 square feet of retail space, and insured for billions of dollars against terror attacks a mere six weeks before terror attacks did in fact occur, and then employed (to press for the insurance claim) a 'structural engineer' who misleadingly asserted that steel loses half its strength at "400 degrees". It wasn't Saudis, Pakistanis, the Russians, the Vatican, or an Austrian death cult who provided two hours' advance warning of an attack on the World Trade Center via an instant messaging company; it was Israelis via a company with offices in Herzliya and New York. It wasn't Germans, Americans, Chinese or Japanese who were provided with advance warning of the London 7/7 bombings; it was Benjamin Netanyahu and the Mossad. It was Israelis who were evacuated in advance of the Amman, Jordan attacks of November 9, 2005, in which there were no Jewish casualties, most of the dead were Jordanian Sunni Muslims, two Israeli casualties were both Arabs, and five Palestinians died including Major-General Bashir Nafeh, the head of military intelligence in the West Bank.

And Elinoff lies in order to spin some whacky claim about "new information" linking the Mossad to the WTC.

Even if an Israeli had registered with the LMCC, that would not change the fact that the real artists in the WTC had nothing to do with 9/11 or the controlled demolitions of WTC 1, 2, and 7. Elinoff is having to play the role of a nutjob in proposing such preposterous speculation. But he is also having to lie about Serfaty. By his own admission, Elinoff has a Jewish father. If Muslims really had done 9/11, we would not see Jews making a spectacle of themselves: lying and pretending to be nuts or imbeciles by promoting patently fallacious straw man arguments. All they would need to do would be to provide the evidence that Muslims did 9/11, in order to debunk those who said otherwise. However, they cannot do that since truth is not on their side.

A poster at The Information Underground said that he got a message from Elinoff advising him on four ways that he could kill himself, and reveals that Elinoff was initiated into the Mason brotherhood on November 28, 2007. Core of Corruption is certainly an outlet to steer well clear of. Elinoff must be one of the most incompetent shills of the 21st century, although he may improve in another ten years or so when he matures.

Not all Jews are bad, but those such as Jonathan Elinoff and Jon Gold serve to show that having Jews in the 9/11 truth movement is rather like having Dracula head an investigation into a spate of thefts from blood banks.

Why 9/11 researchers know the official story is false 100% proof that Benjamin Netanyahu and the Mossad were behind 9/11