As of three years after the event, there is little point in dragging up old associations and break ups when the evidence indicates that Daryl Bradford Smith is not a Zionist shill, but is someone who believed in old-fashioned values such as loyalty. Thus, the material originally on this page has mostly been deleted.  ("Darylgate" was chosen rather than "Ericgate", merely because Darylgate was marginally more similar to Watergate. And the Icergate Tapes would have sounded ridiculous!)

Files of Daryl's explanatory statements remain for those who are curious.

Comments by Daryl Bradford Smith on his October 28, 2007, part two, file

1st snippet---Min 23:32 - Min 24:38

DBS: And you know, uh, I, I have become, I've fallen victim to uh, to deception and and, and horrible slander and the rest of it at the hands of people who may in fact be operatives. I don't know what the motivations of these two individuals are. But I, I must say, Mohammed, you know my goal here is to just soldier on with this stuff and and essentially, put what these these two, uh, geez I don't know what to call them but, put behind me my relationship with them because what is, what is coming out over time here is that, uh, I was, I was, uh, badly abused by both of them. And, uh, in fact you know to have somebody place your wife's picture on the Internet and your your photographs of your home, uh and and start doing very horrible things to somebody with the betrayal and saying you're you're working with somebody, but then taping all of the conversations you're having with them and... It, it stinks like a, like a, like a Zionist plot to me.

[Rafiq talks in the middle of these two snippets.]

2nd snippet---Min 26:10 - Min 27:31

DBS:, my larger issue is that, of course, how could I have been uh, so badly duped. And I told you earlier, when, um, this particular individual was spreading rumors that I was dying in a few months. And that he said that, 'he's gonna be dead in a, in a month or two, so you don't, you can deal with me about these things', is what Eric actually told somebody. And when I was told this by, by the person, he said it to, I flipped out and said that I wanted him off my website. Now, this was back, in uh, in the about eight months ago now. More than that. It was like Jan, Feb of last year. And, uh, it, but in, he just completely made a lie out of it. And he made a lie out of my, my PayPal things and then I find out from PayPal, that he's the guy behind getting my PayPal shut down. And this makes you wonder what is, what kind of... He's an operative. I have to, I have to say that I've been taken to, down the primrose path here. And I trusted somebody that has turned out to be a bad guy. And I was warned. I was warned by a lot of people that he was bad. And I just couldn't see the forest through the trees. Now you know in hindsight. It, it's becoming clearer to me, because I've stepped away from this man's influence for a long enough period and not accepted his version of things. Now, that was the problem I had. I was trusting.

Comments by Daryl Bradford Smith on his December 8, 2007 file

1st snippet---Min 5:10 - Min 7:02

Now, my detractors have been savaging me for a very long time, and the association I had before waking up to what the person was actually doing, was destroying my credibility out on the internet. He was intentionally causing me to be seen in a bad light. And as a result, rather than people feeling drawn to our information - or my information - they were repelled by it because of the controversies that were being spawned by this person, over and over again. And it was interesting when I looked back at when those controversies were really spun out by this person. They came, almost identically in periods where we were doing well, where we were starting to grow. And of course, I see it as intentional sabotage, and now I'm very clear that that's exactly what this person's role was. And he did it with a great deal of facts and truth to be sold from his side, using my credibility and my sincerity to do it, and then he'd go out and trash people. And many of the people he would trash may or may not have been bad guys. It, what's not important. What was important here is the effect it had on getting these truths that we needed to circulate out into the wider audience. And it was a successful strategy on his part for a very long time. It's no longer working. And people have actually written me saying that, how sad they are to find out that this is what his role really was. But that's behind us. And what we've got now is, is only opportunities. But we still have a large mountain to climb here with regaining some of the credibility lost as a result of the Hufschmid Debacle, if you will. And that credibility is going to be difficult to regain in the minds of some. You know, it's hard when you lose that kind of following to regain it. People automatically put you in a category and then you're, know you're permanent there. They don't give you a second chance.

2nd snippet---Min 43:25 - Min 44:27

Eric Hufschmid used a lot of truth to dupe people. Take a look at what he did. It wasn't the fact that he wasn't telling the truth; it's what he did with the truth in my name that proves he's not on the up and up. He destroyed our ability to grow. He destroyed the cohesion and our story to fight this. And we were the only people out there for a very long time. There are more out there now. There are a whole lot of people out there doing it. But the truth is, is that he took his opportunity to destroy our credibility and keep our listeners low. And that was by design. And I, you know, three months of going, looking at it now, three months in arrears, I am, I am absolutely, 100% sure, that that was his game. Yeah. And it worked. And we're still feeling the effects of it. You know, we're getting seven to ten thousand people here on the French Connection every day coming to the files and the downloads. That's what we were getting five, six, eight months ago. And more and more people are looking for facts. And we're not getting them because of what this lying criminal has done. And he should be marginalised as I asked everyone to do at the onset of our parting.

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