The "Dancing Israelis", dubbed the "High Fivers" by the FBI

Sivan Kurzberg, Oded Ellner and Yaron Shmuel (the "High Fivers") were observed at the parking lot of the Doric apartment block, 100 Manhattan Avenue, Union City, New Jersey ("Doric"), on the morning of Tuesday September 11, 2001. Their actions serve inter alia as proof positive that 9/11 was a Zionist false-flag operation, conceived and masterminded by high-ranking officials of the State of Israel.

The following information is sourced from the FBI report KURZBERG, SIVAN ET AL and is corroborated by press reports and a police report. For full details, refer to the links at the bottom of this page.

The first plane crashed into the North Tower at 8:46:30 a.m. on 9/11/01, give or take a few seconds. On the local AM news radio station 1010 WINS, the program was interrupted at 08:50:39, and the announcement "a plane has crashed into the World Trade Center" was completed by 08:50:52, 4 minutes 22 seconds after the impact. An eyewitness with binoculars in her apartment at Doric observed the High Fivers kneeling atop their Urban Moving Systems van in the parking lot, taking photos and video of the burning Tower. They were hugging each other and smiling; all were of jovial appearance, and "appeared to 'high five' one another". The 76 photos that they took were developed by the FBI, who reported "[T]he Israelis are visibly happy on nearly all" of the photos.

A friend and neighbor of the eyewitness heard a strange noise (almost certainly the Flight 11 approach and/or impact), went to her window to investigate, and upon looking at the WTC, "noticed a small cloud of smoke rising from one of the towers". After noticing the smoke, she "immediately telephoned her friend" (the eyewitness) to tell her "there was smoke rising from the WTC and to look out her window."

The eyewitness was "listening to 1010" WINS, the local "AM news radio station", and "did not hear any information regarding the WTC" by the time her friend telephoned her. The witness grabbed her binoculars, looked through her rear window, and "opened the balcony door and walked onto the balcony. As she looked in the direction of the WTC, she observed three (3) males kneeling on the roof of a white van in the rear parking lot of her apartment complex."

Thus, the time taken for the friend to hear the impact, to see the WTC smoke and to telephone the witness, corroborates the witness's statement that the telephone call occurred prior to the 08:50:39 to 08:50:52 breaking news on 1010 WINS, confirming that the High Fivers were seen within 5 minutes of the first impact. Further corroboration is provided by a second eyewitness who was painting a baseboard in a Doric apartment, who reported seeing the three young men taking video and still photographs "[l]ess than 5 minutes after the 1st plane hit the North tower".

Ergo the High Fivers, Jewish Israeli nationals, were observed at the Doric parking lot atop the white van with their cameras and celebrating, less than five minutes after the first plane crash.

When interrogated by the FBI, each gave a different - but physically impossible - story of how they came to be at Doric. In the least unreasonable version, they are at their Urban Moving Systems office at 3 West 18th Street, Weehawken, they somehow learn about the event, they make a collective decision to grab their cameras (which they conveniently had with them!) and take time off work, run out to get in their employer's van, make the 4- or 5-minute drive (at the best of times, and this was ~08:52 a.m. on a Tuesday) to Doric, park up and climb onto the roof of the van with their cameras, all within 5 minutes, before news of the event broke on the local news radio station and the witness had time to walk out onto her balcony. Yet this is still not reasonably possible.

Under questioning, Ellner admitted that they chose to go to Doric because it "gave them a view of the entire length of both towers". Yet that decision was taken before the South Tower was hit. The top of the North Tower was visible from parts of West 18th St., and easily visible from the roof of Urban Moving Systems in Weehawken.

Moreover, when the Israelis were arrested on the afternoon of 9/11/01, they were found to be in possession of flight tickets dated September 12, 2001 to leave for Israel via Athens, Greece - which they'd booked when they entered the US in June 2001.

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