August 18, 2017 update: The site is back on the normal web at

August 20, 2017 update: The site is again only available on the dark net as below, after the new provider succumbed to political pressure.

The vile, hate-filled, anti-White, anti-free speech Jews have once again exploited their economic and political power to shut down free debate. First the web domain host GoDaddy, and then Google, have withdrawn support for the mighty Daily Stormer's domain, following pressure from Jews such as Amy Siskind. And then Cloudflare made the decision to censor. Those who need to shut down their critics confirm that those critics are truthful.

Here's how to access the Daily Stormer via Tor.

Download the Tor browser, which works on Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, or GNU/Linux without needing to install any additional software. It has the benefit of preventing sites you visit from knowing your physical location, and allows you to visit blocked sites.

Then use the Tor browser to go to: http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/

If it doesn't work at first, try refreshing, and try clicking on the green onion in the top left corner and selecting "new identity".

For status updates, see AndrewAnglin on gab or weev on gab.

What actually happened at Charlottesville is that peaceful Alt-Righters had a permit to assemble, in order to advocate for the rights of White people and the right to free speech. The permit was illegally revoked by Wes Bellamy, the Black Vice-Mayor of Charlottesville, and was then reinstated with the help of the ACLU. The authorities then declared a state of emergency so that they could deny the Alt-Right the right to set out their point of view, and the police herded the pro-White protestors towards the antifa terrorists who were armed with baseball bats and throwing urine and excrement, setting off violence that could be used to justify the state of emergency.

See this video for footage and further details of how the police caused chaos.

Meanwhile, and we don't know the full details of this yet, James Alex Fields Jr. drove his Dodge Challenger into antifa members in a street, killing one and injuring others. Given that Fields' mother's name is Bloom, he may well be Jewish. If this was a premeditated act intended to kill, then it must be strongly condemned, and was an act of utter stupidity that only served to provide a propaganda advantage for the Jews. Not only that, but a propaganda advantage that gave the Jews the opportunity to shut down so-called "far right" websites.

What is clear is that there was an element of panic, and antifa members were attacking the car with baseball bats. Did Fields set out with an intent to kill? Or was he hoping to taunt or scare them, but panicked when armed antifa thugs began attacking his car? If someone is innocently driving along in a car and is then attacked by armed terrorists with baseball bats who are smashing in the windows, the driver must have a right to self-defense by driving away. And if any of the thugs are killed or injured in the melee, it should be seen as an occupational hazard for domestic terrorists, and a weeding out of useless eaters and oxygen thieves. However, at this stage it does not appear that Fields was entirely innocent, in which case he acted wrongly and rather stupidly, and must be condemned.

The Jew-media have painted a picture of 'innocent' counter-protestors against 'evil' "neo-Nazis" and "White supremacists". Donald Trump offers a much more balanced view, saying that there were some "very fine people on both sides". The fairest view would be to say that most of the Alt-Righters were very fine people, Fields is certainly an exception to that, the antifa had many violent thugs amongst their ranks, and a few well-meaning but misguided people were amongst the counter-protestors. What is undeniable is that the version of events asserted by the Jew-media is a total distortion of reality.


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