The Khazars' Rise and Fall

He who would reverse the degeneracy of his tribe of phallic worshippers and shamanists will select a monotheistic religion for them.

He whose tribe needs a monotheistic religion, whilst avoiding subservience to the two major religions, will choose the third monotheistic religion.

He whose King ordered a religious conversion that allowed his tribe to retain their position as a Third Force can establish a niche as a middleman, to facilitate trade between the two largest religious groups.

He who is established as a middleman for trading between two major religious groups can get the gold in his hands.

He who has the gold in his hands can establish a niche in usury and revenue leasing (tax farming).

He who establishes a niche as usurers, tax farmers and middlemen for centuries in medieval times gets more gold, evolves elevated verbal and numerical skills, and a merciless desire to win at all costs.

He who lost his kingdom because of cowardice or inferior fighting skills must wander the globe, constantly infiltrating and subverting more and more countries.

He who has been expelled from a country for ritual murder of indigenous children or other crimes and has the gold can use it to buy his way back in.

He for whom evolution has selected elevated verbal and numerical skills, greed and a lust for power, and has deselected conscience and empathy for his opponents, will become adept at lying and deceiving.

He who has greed, amorality, a lust for power, a talent for lying and deceiving, and zero empathy for his opponents, will seek to enslave the masses.

He who would enslave the masses will plagiarize any Machiavellian scheme for world conquest - e.g. as set out by M. Joly (1864) including taking control of the press - and use it for his own political ends.

He who has the means, the motive and the opportunity to enslave the masses will buy up and take control of the press - and other mass media when available.

He who has the gold and controls the press enjoys great political power and can put in place puppet 'leaders' who will do his bidding in a Machiavellian system of fake "democracies".

He who has been thrown out of dozens of countries across the world after being recognized as a parasitical infiltrator and subversive by the host must make himself less conspicuous to avoid further expulsions.

He who would infiltrate, subvert and parasitize societies in an inconspicuous manner must pursue policies of mass migration - to fool the host into perceiving invaders as "normal".

He who has the gold and controls the press and needs to pursue policies of mass migration will instruct his puppets accordingly, and have his press cry "racist" at any opposition.

He who would infiltrate and subvert societies will pose as a native who advocates open borders and sacrifice - whilst making sure his tribe prioritize closed borders and self-interest.

He who would seek world government will gain further political power from having his own State.

He who requires his own State will need to engage in chicanery in order to gain the sympathy of the world.

He who controls political 'leaders', the press, TV and the movie industry, and has elevated verbal and numerical skills, will deceive the masses into believing false historical narratives designed to elicit him sympathy.

He whose false narrative involves a hoax about "six million" of his people having been murdered will need to make it believable by setting it in the context of a world war that killed many millions worldwide.

He whose first attempts to peddle a hoax about "six million" dead failed will need to start another world war with a greater toll, and to establish a burgeoning movie industry.

He who wants to gain 8,000 square miles of land in the Middle East will pretend to be descended from people who lived there 2,000 years ago, even though it is a lie.

He who requires a "systematic mass murder" narrative and has the opportunity of poison gas used to save lives by exterminating lice will claim "gas chambers" used to exterminate his own kind.

He who controls a totalitarian state can assist in peddling false narratives by excluding independent observers from the sites in question, dynamiting to cover up a lack of evidence, and building a "gas chamber" after the war.

He who would peddle a false narrative of "death camps" and has the assistance of a totalitarian state will end up fixing the narrative so that the "death camps" were all in territory conquered by the totalitarian state.

He who seeks world conquest will pursue divide and conquer.

He who would divide and conquer by setting his 'allies' against his enemies will regularly engage in false-flag terrorism, in which he frames his enemies for terror attacks perpetrated by his own people.

He who regularly perpetrates false-flag terror will gain a reputation as a "Ruthless and cunning" "wildcard" with "capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act."

He who has stolen 8,000 square miles of land on a false prospectus and wants his State to acquire nuclear arms will eliminate any major political leader who opposes the plan and replace him with a puppet.

He whose plan to sink an "ally's" ship goes wrong will claim it was an "accident" and have his puppet leader declare he doesn't "give a damn" if the ship sinks and every man drowns; he will not "embarrass our allies".

He who requires mass migration will have his puppet 'leader' - aided by opinion forming from "unfavourable" commentary by his press - throw out party members who oppose the policy.

He who wishes to ramp up the divide and conquer strategy and provoke a series of wars will stage a major false-flag terror attack - a "transforming event", a "new Pearl Harbor".

He who requires mass migration will have his puppets pursue wars and interventionist foreign policies designed to cause mayhem, destabilization and displacement of countless millions of people.

He who must prop up a false narrative about "gas chambers" despite overwhelming evidence against it must fine, jail, brutally beat up, and even murder those who tell the truth.

He who controls the press, radio, TV and the movie industry will find that the internet cannot be bought and controlled.

He who has lied and deceived with the aid of his press will find that truth has a way of coming out despite great efforts to contain it.

He who has engaged in treason, terrorism, mass murder, warmongering, deception and other major crimes will be "ausgerottet".

What you can do: Help to get the truth out. Circulate this and other material that our rulers would like to be kept under wraps. The quicker the truth gets out, the sooner our treasonous 'leaders' can be replaced by those who represent the people, not the plutocrats.

Further Reading

The Non-Destruction of the European Jews Demonstrates the physical and scientific impossibility of the Jews' hoax about "gas chambers" and "six million" murdered Jews, with German usage of hydrogen cyanide as an insecticide for exterminating billions of typhus lice in delousing chambers to save human lives serving as the inspiration for atrocity propaganda about homicidal "gas chambers" for exterminating millions of Jews.

Israel's 9/11 False-Flag Ten-year operation that was inspired by Israeli security officials noting in 1991 that the underground garage of the Zim American-Israeli Shipping Company at the WTC was vulnerable to a truck bomb, with Benjamin Netanyahu's BSc in architecture from MIT making him the ideal person to mastermind an operation to bring down the Twin Towers by effecting collapse of five contiguous floors.

The Protocols of Joly How Jews documented their plans for world conquest in The Protocols of Zion such as taking over the press, after plagiarizing the Machiavellian program from an 1864 book by Maurice Joly, with pirates' forgery of Alphonse Rothschild's "Lafite Rothschild" labels in 1890 the inspiration for the idea of making the plagiarism so obvious that they could cry "Forgery; anti-Semites did it!" in the event of discovery.

The Fable of the Wolves and the Sheep A tale of subversion and intrigue by interlopers; includes the three events immediately above, and many of the others above those.