The Bollyn - Hufschmid - Murdoch "Coincidence"


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The middlegame - Bollyn's post hoc ergo propter hoc gambit
Bollyn's efforts to sabotage 9/11 truth with disinformation
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Two suspected Zionist infiltrators come on to the anti-Zionist 9/11 truth scene within a year of 9/11, both collaborate for years after 9/11 - from 2002 to 2007 at least, and both are using a standard COINTELPRO tactic from the 1960s of smearing genuine activists as "agents". Both of them are proven liars who promote disinformation and are a liability to the truth movement. And it turns out that both of these Judas Goats are connected to billionaire Zionist media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

According to attorney Brian Glick, the FBI used four basic methods for their COINTELPRO of the 1960s: Infiltration by agents and informers, psychological warfare from the outside, harassment through the legal system, and extralegal force and violence. His book War At Home: Covert Action Against U.S. Activists and What We Can Do About It has the following description for infiltration (page 10):

1. Infiltration: Agents and informers did not merely spy on political activists. Their main purpose was to discredit and disrupt. Their very presence served to undermine trust and scare off potential supporters. The FBI and police exploited this fear to smear genuine activists as agents.

Glick points out how agents accuse genuine activists of the very deceptions that agents are themselves guilty of.

Covert Manipulation to Make A Legitimate Activist Appear to be an Agent: An actual agent will often point the finger at a genuine, non-collaborating and highly-valued group member, claiming that he or she is the infiltrator.

Eric Hufschmid:

Christopher Bollyn:

The probability of Eric Hufschmid's connection to Rupert Murdoch is less than the chance of winning the jackpot in relatively difficult lotteries such as Mega Millions in the US. The probability of Christopher Bollyn's connection to Rupert Murdoch is less than the chance of being struck by lightning (over a 20-year period). These associations pre-date 2002, which is when Hufschmid and Bollyn claim to have started their five years of collaboration. They are both proven liars, who perform as Zionist assets. And the fact that they behave precisely as would be expected of Zionist internet provocateurs, by employing COINTELPRO tactics and propagating carefully chosen disinformation, confirms that their relationship with the Murdoch family is no coincidence. When it walks like a Judas Goat and bleats like a Judas Goat, it generally is a Judas Goat. When two suspected Judas Goats not only act like Judas Goats but have an otherwise highly improbable association with Judas Goats, then they are Judas Goats.

An examination of who is involved in the 9/11 cover-up corroborates other evidence linking the perpetrators to the crime. Evidence such as a particular state already having a reputation of employing false-flag terror for political gain prior to 9/11. And a particular state having operatives who were caught and arrested after they parked their van and set up video cameras aimed at the Twin Towers in advance of the 9/11 attacks and celebrated with high fives and cries of joy and mockery prior to the second impact, and were found to have tie-ins to the 9/11 attacks in their van such as maps of the city with certain places highlighted. And a particular state being the source of text messages that were transmitted through an instant-messaging firm warning of an attack on the World Trade Center two hours before the World Trade Center was attacked and destroyed. And a particular state having prime ministers who were friends with the billionaire real estate developer who, in partnership with the billionaire friend of another of that state's prime ministers, took control of the World Trade Center lease six weeks before the WTC was destroyed in terror attacks, and insured the buildings against terror attacks for billions of dollars, with a clause stating that in the event of a terrorist attack, the partners could not only collect the insured value of the property, but would also be released from all of their obligations under the 99-year lease. And a particular state having an operative with access to technology capable of electronically hijacking planes by remote control, who also became Comptroller at the Pentagon months after it had become public knowledge that there were no receipts for $2.3 trillion of accounting "corrections" and months before its accounting section was hit in a terror attack, and who was amongst the signatories to a 2000 report that described the advantages of a "new Pearl Harbor". And a particular state having a prime minister who said immediately after 9/11 that it was "very good" for his country and repeated the admission in April 2008, who had advance knowledge of the London 7/7 bombings when he was in London on the morning of the attacks, who wrote in 1995 about "militant Islam" bringing down the World Trade Center twenty years after he earned a B.Sc. degree in architecture from MIT - where he used the surname Nitay, also having gained an M.Sc. degree in business management there in which his thesis was on the impact of computers in the newspaper industry and how they could enhance newspapers' political power, after he had already served in the elite commando unit Sayeret Matkal for five years and reached the rank of captain after fighting in the Yom Kippur war. And a particular state having a former head of their intelligence agency who immediately knew that the London train bombings were "simultaneous", when for two days the British authorities were under the illusion that the bombs had detonated over a period of 26 minutes from 08:51 to 09:17. And a particular state having a loyal operative who went on TV within hours of the 9/11 attacks to tell everyone that "it... certainly has the fingerprints of somebody like bin Laden", and that the World Trade Center collapsed because of "the velocity of the plane" and "intense heat probably weakened the structure as well", and the same day reportedly advised White House staff to begin taking Cipro, an effective antibiotic against anthrax, a week before terrorists launched an anthrax letters campaign targeting Democratic U.S. Senators and news media offices. Plus a question of cui bono. The list goes on and on.

So then we have the Murdoch shills Hufschmid and Bollyn doing their level best to sabotage the 9/11 truth movement, Rupert Murdoch being not only a long-time friend of twice-serving Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu, but also having been propelled to power with the financial backing of the Rothschilds of Europe, the Bronfmans of Canada and the Oppenheimers of South Africa. Israeli billionaire Eitan Wertheimer - now Israel's richest man, who was reading the infamous Popular Mechanics at the age of 4, and whose father helped to make weapons for Jewish terrorists before 1948 - meets with a bent cop who travels to Israel two weeks before 9/11 and then, after the cop claims a hijacker's passport was "found", provides him with a $250,000 "loan". And Steven C. Witkoff, a Jewish New York real estate developer who was named "Real Estate Man of the Year" by the Israel Cancer Research Fund, pays more than $236,000 towards the cop's rent. Don Radlauer, of the Interdisciplinary Center at Herzliya, Israel, publishes a report detailing the flight paths of the alleged four hijacked planes and suggesting that hijacking and steering the planes would be an "easy" task for the alleged hijackers, when real pilots know otherwise. And Eddie Guigui Shalev, an Israeli national who served in the Israeli Defense Forces in the paratroops regiment, claims that Hani Hanjour was a "good" pilot, contrary to all available evidence.

The mainstream media played a crucial role in the cover-up, going along with the hare-brained "nineteen Arabs with box cutters" conspiracy lunacy, and keeping quiet about evidence for thermite-based demolitions. As for the group that bought the media going back to their acquisition of The New York Times in 1896, it wasn't the Arabs, it wasn't the Jesuits, it wasn't the Nazis, and it wasn't the Masons. A further clue is provided by the fact that in March 1893, The Times wrote, "Owing to the leading position of the Jews in the money markets of Europe..."

Thus, evidence of who did the crime is corroborated by other evidence of who was involved in the cover-up and sabotage of efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice.


Eric Hufschmid, the supposed anti-Zionist truth teller and former 9/11 researcher in the internet-based alternative media, is the brother-in-law of James Murdoch, who started at News Corporation in 1996 when he took charge of its internet operations. James is the son and heir apparent of billionaire Zionist media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who was propelled to power with the financial backing of the Rothschilds of Europe, the Bronfmans of Canada and the Oppenheimers of South Africa as a conservative 'opposition' to the liberal media. Rupert Murdoch is a long-time friend of twice-serving Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu. Eric Hufschmid's half-sister Kathryn Murdoch née Hufschmid married James Murdoch in June 2000, after they had known each other for several years and had announced their engagement in the first week of June, 1999. Kathryn is a public relations executive (i.e. a spin doctor) who works for Zionist interests such as the Clinton Foundation's Clinton Climate Initiative that attempts to peddle so-called "global warming", rebranded as "climate change".

In the run-up to 9/11, as Rupert's son James directed News Corporation's internet operations, the Rothschilds and Rupert Murdoch would have been considering how to manage and counter the inevitable growth of the 9/11 truth movement - particularly on the internet - that would follow the Zionist Mafia's staging of the controlled demolitions of three Manhattan steel-framed high-rises as the casus belli for manipulating Israel's "allies" into sacrificing much blood, sweat and tears for the benefit of Israel, the Rothschilds and the global Zionist crime syndicate.

Thus, the situation of Rupert, James and Kathryn Murdoch having a relative who is supposed to be an "anti-Zionist truth teller" and former "9/11 researcher" in the internet-based alternative media is rather like the case of the late Carl Kenneth Pearlman, the well-known Jewish urologist who was on the board of directors of the ADL, who had a grandson named Adam Gadahn who is supposed to be an "al Qaeda terrorist". That's the same "al Qaeda" as the other "al Qaeda terrorists" mentioned here. However, Pearlman died at the age of 90 in October 1998, whereas Rupert, James and Kathryn Murdoch were still very much alive in 2010, years after Eric Hufschmid had quickly emerged as a leading figure in the nascent 9/11 truth movement with the aid of a book and video. This ten-minute audio clip from the September 8, 2010 Piper Report recounts how individuals who'd been associated with Eric Hufschmid believed his book to be the work of a committee, with Hufschmid the front man for the operation. Archives of the one-hour talk shows are available from Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN). People who had known Hufschmid, prior to 9/11 or shortly afterwards, believed that he did not have the skills on technical matters such as graphic design to produce his book and video alone.

When Hufschmid admitted his connection to the Murdoch family in August 2004, he surmised that he was "a pawn in somebody's psy-op game" in which they "wanted to terrorize Rupert and/or James Murdoch". And he suggested that Rupert Murdoch could have been "one of the more normal members" of the group who did 9/11, and "the more neurotic members" could have been "trying to hurt him". In other words, he was trying to portray the Murdochs, including Hufschmid's own brother-in-law James, as "victims", rather than Zionist deceivers and liars who were working to cover up the truth about the Zionist Mafia's staging of 9/11.

There are certainly very few people whose immediate family member - such as their half-sister - is part of the immediate Rupert Murdoch family, such as the wife of Rupert's son James. The baby boom following WWII peaked from about 1950 to 1960, and so it's fair to assume that a suspected Murdoch shill born around that time would typically have an above average number of siblings. In 1960 the total fertility rate in the US was 3.53 births per white woman - "if she experienced the current period age-specific fertility rates throughout her life". Let us be generous and assume the mother did so, ignore mortality rates, and add an allowance for remarriages and associated half-siblings. An estimate of five children per family, i.e. each of them having four siblings, would be an overestimate of the average even for baby boomers. Nevertheless, we shall use this estimate so as to underestimate the improbability of the Hufschmid - Murdoch connection. If we include two of Rupert Murdoch's wives (given that he remarried in 1999), and count the wives of James and Lachlan Murdoch, that makes four people with one (very close) degree of separation. If each of the four had four siblings, the "two" (close) degrees of separation group is merely 16 out of a global population (as of 2000) of about 6.07 billion. (The four wives could not be counted, since having them as bogus "anti-Zionists" would be all too obvious.) Hence, just as 9/11 was imminent, the probability of any random person being amongst this group of 16 is 1 in 379,375,000. This is less than the chance of winning the jackpot in relatively difficult lotteries such as Mega Millions in the US.

The Leskovec - Horvitz study to investigate "the oft-cited report that people are separated by six degrees of separation" involved a massive sample of Microsoft Messenger instant-messaging conversations from 2007. From the dataset of 30 billion conversations amongst 240 million people, it was found that the average path length among Messenger users was 6.6. One degree of separation is generally considered to include those whom the individual "knows", such as family members, work colleagues, ex-housemates, someone they have spoken to face-to-face, and of course brothers-in-law. Any type of acquaintance would count, even if just a "voice on the telephone". And it would be quite a stretch to argue that the separation between Eric Hufschmid the "anti-Zionist" and his half-sister Kathryn Murdoch, the Zionist public relations executive for the Clinton Climate Initiative, was somehow more than one degree, even if Eric asserts that they are no longer in contact. And, although he claims to be a top researcher, his story is that it took him four years to work out that his sister had married James Murdoch. In any case, as the number of degrees of separation is raised from one or two up to six or seven, the set of people increases exponentially and dramatically such that it is on the order of the entire human population. The difference is immense, and having a separation of only one or two is hugely significant. Even if the number of people who are counted as trusted relatives and close contacts of the Murdochs is raised considerably to 1,000 and if we include only the population of North America, Europe and Oceania (1.075 billion as of 2000), the odds are still more than a million to one against some random person being a member of the subset of 1,000.

Hufschmid's position is that his connection to the Murdoch family is merely a "coincidence", and there is really no connection at all. In addition to the fact that such a coincidence is so very improbable, his claim is belied by the fact that his efforts to smear genuine activists as agents are right out of the COINTELPRO playbook, and he is a liability to the anti-Zionist 9/11 truth movements in the very way that the Murdochs and the Rothschilds would require of their assets.

As early as 2005, Eric Hufschmid was attempting to smear Ernst Zundel and alleging that most truth seekers were either part of the 9/11 cover-up or were rival criminals. Over the years, Hufschmid extended his list of "Zionist agents" to include almost everyone in any movement that was critical of Zionist terrorism, crimes, deceptions, or wars for Israel (see the extensive list above). When critics pointed out how such allegations made him look like a paranoid nutcase, he amusingly responded by alleging that the critics were "Jews".



Ernst Zundel's 'reward' for telling the truth about Zionist lies and deception included the loss of his liberty for more than seven years from February 2003 to March 2010, a pipe bomb that exploded at the back of his house in September 1984, an arson attack that nearly destroyed his house, and a pipe bomb that was mailed to him two weeks later in May 1995. The pipe bomb contained metal shrapnel and nails, and when it was exploded by police it left a crater eighteen inches deep. Police said it would have killed whoever opened the package, and anyone within a radius of three hundred feet could have been killed or injured. Clearly, anyone who claims Zundel is working for the Zionists is either an ignoramus, an abysmal researcher, or a knave and a liar.

Hufschmid says that he doesn't want "stupid citizens supporting crime networks".


Source:, August 2006

The rest of us don't want Zionist agents posing as "truth tellers" and supporting the Zionist crime network whilst pretending to oppose it. Hufschmid carried on with his theme that he and one or two others were the only real investigators, and all the rest were "Zionist agents".


Source: Eric Hufschmid, March 2007

That brings to mind the joke about the man who called his wife on her cell phone as she was driving on the freeway. He said, "Hi honey, it's me. I just wanted to tell you to be careful. They said on the news there is a car driving the wrong way on the freeway." The wife said, "It's not just one car; it's hundreds of them!"

Eric Hufschmid was featured on John Stadtmiller's National Intel Report of July 14, 2006 (available from Stadtmiller's RBN). In hour 1, Stadtmiller reads out Hufschmid's accusations from a page on Hufschmid's website. The page includes a diagram drawn by Hufschmid in which Stadtmiller is in the center of a "criminal network". Hufschmid accuses Stadtmiller and the others in his diagram of being "liars".




At 21:30, as John Stadtmiller gets to the point where Hufschmid wrote: "The RBN radio network is very friendly with Schwarz, and the RBN network is promoting a lot of liars. Coincidence?", Stadtmiller declares that if Hufschmid "were standing here right now" he'd "have two black eyes", and that Hufschmid ought to be glad Stadtmiller couldn't "reach through the phone lines" to rip his lungs out of his chest. Shortly after, Stadtmiller gets to the point where Hufschmid wrote: "Has Stadtmiller been fooled by Schwarz? Or do they work together to deceive us?", and tells Hufschmid that "if you were standing right here I'd knock your goddamn head off". This two-minute clip demonstrates the results of Hufschmid's efforts to stir up trouble within the patriot movement. When Hufschmid is brought on and invited to state his case (listen to this eleven-minute clip), it is apparent how little evidence Hufschmid has for his accusations. Hufschmid's only valid point is that some people are focusing on the wrong target, e.g. "the Vatican". However, he tries to cast suspicion on anyone who merely makes some mistakes or disagrees with him on some issues such as the alleged Flight 77, or who associates with anyone who hasn't received Hufschmid's seal of approval. After eleven minutes, Stadtmiller has had enough and puts Hufschmid on hold.

On the August 25, 2006 Piper Report, Eric Hufschmid calls in (34:20 minutes). He has no defense to Mike Piper's refutations of his allegation that American Free Press "censored" Bollyn's articles, except to admit that his subscription to AFP had lapsed and to say (35:18 minutes) that he made a "mistake", a "misjudgment" or a "confusion". But he does not retract his claims about "Zionist infiltration" at AFP. Hufschmid doesn't come across at all well in this confrontation. A three-minute clip is available here. Or download the complete show to hear Hufschmid attempting to defend his other crazy accusations, such as AFP is "controlled" by Zionists because one of its writers once gave a favorable review for a book that included a chapter about dowsing, and Mark Glenn is a "white supremacist" because Hufschmid thinks he "behaves" like one. Hufschmid went on to blame AFP for his "mistake", by claiming that AFP had "delayed, censored, and edited Bollyn's articles", that this had "caused the confusion in the first place", and it was AFP's fault because they had "annoyed" him "so much" that he let his subscription run out.

According to Popular Mechanics, Hufschmid's book Painful Questions was being promoted in The New York Times in the fall of 2004, and that prompted the PM 9/11 'debunking' piece. Hufschmid confirms that the full-page ad in The Times was placed by Jimmy Walter, whose $3 million - or $5.5 million by December 2005 - campaign included television commercials and ads in other newspapers and magazines. The PM editor-in-chief Jim Meigs launched the magazine's preliminary investigation, looking into claims such as those made in Hufschmid's book.

Popular Mechanics Hufschmid


Eric Hufschmid and Jimmy Walter appeared on the Penn & Teller show Bullshit!, the "Conspiracy Theories" episode of May 9, 2005. Hufschmid and Walter proffered weak arguments against the official 9/11 story, and were mercilessly torn to shreds.

In 2006, Jimmy Walter, formerly of Santa Barbara, CA (not far from Eric Hufschmid), went into self-destruct mode. Walter's site promoted absolute hogwash with a claim that the plane that hit WTC2 was "faked" with "blue screen technology". The preposterous "no planes at the WTC" inanity was concocted to discredit the truth movement as a bunch of looney tunes and fruit cakes. It would be no surprise to see a disinformation agent setting Popular Mechanics up with the Painful Questions straw men so as to provide PM with a pretext for bringing out an attack piece on 9/11 truth. Walter went into self-imposed "exile" in Austria after allegedly receiving "threats" linked to his 9/11 campaign. A "large rock" was reportedly smashed through his car window, but that was in early 2003 after he publicised the fact that Colin Powell lied to the UN about Iraq's "weapons". In August 2007 Jimmy Walter announced he'd "given up" with the 9/11 truth movement. However, there is scant evidence that he is anything other than a sincere anti-war / truth activist who hosted disinformation on his website through naiveté and bad advice after falling in with the wrong crowd, or after being threatened.

The situation with Walter going into exile may have inspired Eric Hufschmid to make his preposterous claim that Bollyn and his family were "missing in action" and had been "kidnapped" or "killed" by "the Jews". Hufschmid wrote:

Hufschmid frequently implies that Walter and Bollyn are in a similar situation, e.g., when he says:

After it was becoming increasingly obvious in 2006 and 2007 that both Hufschmid and Bollyn were Zionist assets, they resorted to damage control mode, which included putting some distance between themselves. Hufschmid came up with a solution that spared him from having to accuse Bollyn of being a "Zionist", even though Hufschmid was attacking many honest, valuable activists who clearly weren't Zionist shills. He alleged that Bollyn and his family had been "kidnapped" or even "killed", and proposed a whack-job conspiracy theory that any new material purporting to be from Bollyn was either from "criminal Jews" who were editing Bollyn's website, or from Bollyn after he'd been forced to write as the Jews dictated. If the rest of us were similarly paranoid or deranged as Hufschmid purports to be, and if it weren't for the real Eric Hufschmid's connection to the Murdoch family, we might well propose that Hufschmid had been kidnapped in 2005 and replaced with a Zionist impostor, with "criminal Jews editing his website".

Bollyn, in his turn, claimed he'd broken away from Hufschmid because Hufschmid was "spreading false news and baseless allegations". However, Bollyn's 'explanation' does not hold up, since as of August 21, 2007 when Bollyn chose to make his break with Hufschmid, the latter had already been spreading false news and baseless allegations for nearly two years. Hufschmid was attempting to smear Ernst Zundel and Germar Rudolf in October 2005, and was attacking Russell Pickering, Lisa Giuliani, Victor Thorn (Scott Makufka), Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Chris Petherick, Mark Glenn, John Stadtmiller, Karl Schwarz, Jim Marrs, David Ray Griffin, Anne Cronin, Mike Piper, Mark Farrell, Mark Glenn, John Kaminski, Kurt Nimmo, David Duke, John Tiffany, Mike Blair, Jim Tucker, Paul Craig Roberts, Mark Anderson, Mark Lane, Willis Carto, etc, by August 2006. On September 1, 2006, Hufschmid announced he was "even more convinced than ever" that Mark Glenn, Mark Farrell, David Duke and others were "Zionists". By March 2007, Hufschmid was casting aspersions on Dr. Steven Jones and Kevin Ryan, suggesting that they could be "working with the Zionists", and warning people to be "cautious" of them.



Hufschmid's "Bollyn family kidnapped or killed" claim, and allegations against so many good patriots and activists, are of course completely absurd. Hufschmid has no problem with peddling nonsense; for example, he promotes a conspiracy theory that "Paul McCartney was killed and replaced with an impostor".

Problems with Jimmy Walter became evident in 2006, and this also happened to be the year when Hufschmid and Bollyn confirmed themselves as Zionist assets. And in that year, 'ex'-MI5 David Shayler claimed the WTC was hit by "missiles surrounded by holograms made to look like planes". Just in case there was any remaining doubt, in 2007 Shayler declared himself to be the "Messiah" and claimed he could affect the weather and influence football results.

Warning: Children, those of a sensitive disposition, those who are eating a meal, or those who might be embarrassed if someone was to see their reading material, should scroll past the next few paragraphs, down to the part about Christopher Bollyn's meeting with the Murdoch family. Or just click here to get there.

Rupert Murdoch built his empire by exploiting sex and sleaze. Adelaide's The News was dominated by sex and scandal, with the same formula subsequently applied to the News of the World and The Sun of London, and then American newspapers from the 1970s. Eric Hufschmid's half-sister Kathryn worked as a public relations executive to promote print media outlets, such as Bob Guccione Jr.'s Gear magazine, a "lads' mag". Guccione Sr., of Sicilian extraction, published Penthouse magazine. In an interesting correlation between Zionist asset Rupert Murdoch and his internet agent provocateur, Eric Hufschmid used Murdoch-style tactics to promote himself. On November 13, 2000 - months after James Murdoch married Kathryn, and still well in advance of 9/11 - Hufschmid posted a Usenet message exhibiting a rather Jewish sense of humor: "If you don't mind pornographic photos, this one makes you wonder what other areas the Palm Beach voters have trouble with." In Hufschmid's Usenet message (for more, see here or here), he linked to a blog page that was subsequently archived at the Internet archives Wayback Machine, and it can be seen to include images of buttocks and an allusion to sodomy. The page also has a newer entry dated 2001 about "fart lamps". Given that the page's URL and the email address at the bottom of that page contains Hufschmid's initials of ebh, and the writing style is consistent with that of Hufschmid, it is clear enough that Hufschmid not only linked to the page, but actually created it.

Around July 2007, Eric Hufschmid created and distributed a CD-ROM featuring pornographic images. This was ostensibly to illustrate his contention that politicians and media personalities were mostly part of an "axis of perverts" who were going along with the official line on 9/11 because they were pedophiles, or homosexuals, or transsexuals, or had been on a sex trip to Thailand, etc. The rationally minded might well have employed Occam's Razor and assumed it was because they were simply more interested in their careers than in conducting independent research and announcing their findings that government and the media had lied. Hufschmid promoted his material by sending people this CD-ROM that included "extreme hard core porn". This was revealed by one of Hufschmid's associates, in a page that, unfortunately for the deceivers, has been archived. At the Wayback Machine archived page, the images show that Hufschmid’s CD-ROM contained folders of his 'work' including images on 9/11, video-audio of Hufschmid, old Hufschmid reports, and material on the so-called "Apollo hoax", Columbine, "global warming", "Sheeple Psychology", etc. Within the disk's "Internet pages" folder, it can be seen that there is a sub-directory "Axis of Perverts", and within that another sub-directory "MaxHardcore". In another bizarre twist, Eric Hufschmid was supposed to be debunking "global warming" in 2007, at the same time as his sister was employed by the Clinton Foundation's Clinton Climate Initiative to promote it.

According to Christopher Bollyn, Eric Hufschmid spends "a lot of time looking at some very strange photos on the Internet". As shown below, Bollyn doesn't always tell the truth, but he was right in that email on how Hufschmid was "spreading disinformation" about the Bollyn family with his "ridiculous story" about the Bollyns having been "kidnapped".

By 2010, Hufschmid was writing about his 'research' into "liquid farts".



The agent is propelled to stardom in the truth movement, then in the red giant phase is working to destroy cohesion within the movement by smearing genuine activists as agents, then as a white dwarf or degenerate dwarf behaves as an obvious liability and embarrassment to the movement.


Circa 1988, Christopher Bollyn met Rupert Murdoch and his family, when Bollyn was working as a ski guide and wine steward in Colorado. The Murdoch family wanted a guide to ski with them back down from the restaurant one afternoon. So Bollyn volunteered, and was able to talk business with Rupert Murdoch as he skied with them for half an hour.




Let us suppose the Murdoch family worked a 16-hour day, every day of the year, specifically at meeting individuals, half an hour per person. In one day they meet 32 people. In one year they meet 32 x 365.25 = 11,688 people. Over 20 years they meet 233,760 people.

The world population hit the 5 billion milestone in 1987, when the UN celebrated it on July 11. So if we take 5 billion (a slightly low estimate) as the population for some point around the middle of the 20 years, when Bollyn met the Murdochs circa 1988, the 233,760 represents 1 in 21,389 of the global population.

The chances of being struck by lightning are about 1 in 600,000 per year, which is 1 in 30,000 over 20 years. (About 80% survive.) So over 20 years, a person would have nearly as much chance of being struck by lightning as of meeting the Murdochs for half an hour, as did "independent journalist" Christopher Bollyn. Of course, the Murdochs don't really devote 16 hours each day to meeting 32 people on an individual basis for half an hour per person. Such meetings would occupy a mere fraction of their time. Hence, there is considerably more chance of being struck by lightning than of having a Bollyn-style meeting with the Murdoch family.

If these hypothetical 32 people whom the Murdochs meet daily are limited to those in North America, Europe and Oceania, then in 1990, the population was about 1.032 billion. So after dividing by 233,760, the chance of one of these getting to meet the Murdochs over 20 years is still only around 1 in 4,414. But the more this group is restricted to include people such as Bollyn - and Hufschmid, the more likely the person is to have the very qualifications that the Murdochs were seeking for their bogus "truth tellers" (Judas Goats), such as having a mother who was governess to a family that is friends with the Bush family and British royalty, or being the brother-in-law of James Murdoch.

Christopher Bollyn has written quite a bit about Rupert Murdoch, even when he's not writing about Eric Hufschmid and his Murdoch connection. And Bollyn's articles on Rupert Murdoch are amongst his most informative work. If Bollyn had told Hufschmid about his meeting with the Murdochs, and he was worried that Hufschmid would reveal that in retaliation for Bollyn's writing about Hufschmid's own Murdoch connection, that could account for Bollyn's decision to come clean about the Bollyn - Murdoch connection.

The middlegame - Bollyn's post hoc ergo propter hoc gambit

As with Eric Hufschmid, it was 2006 when it became evident that Christopher Bollyn was part of the operation to counter the 9/11 truth movement. In May of that year the Bollyn family stayed at Hufschmid's house - for about three weeks. In late June and July, within weeks of this period when Hufschmid had been working particularly closely with Bollyn, Hufschmid and Bollyn set up and promoted a hoax story in which tale spinner Sam Danner claimed to have seen an object resembling a Global Hawk hit the Pentagon. Hufschmid manipulated or coached Danner into saying what he wanted him to say, then promoted the story and passed it over to Bollyn, e.g. listen to the July 10 and 11, 2006 Piper Reports from RBN. Sam's son Matthew revealed that his father had made up the story, and he hadn't even been near the Pentagon on 9/11. Sam eventually admitted that his story was only "65% true" and had "some lying in it", and pleaded with Matthew to let him have his bit of "glory".

Danner Loose Change forum



Danner Admit Lying

Source: JREF forum

Source: Audio clip of Sam's phone messages to Matthew

After the story had been debunked by honest researchers such as Russell Pickering who had even emailed Bollyn with the information, and Matthew had posted that his father was at home on the morning of 9/11, Hufschmid and Bollyn tried to keep the hoax alive by promoting a claim that Danner's car had been run off the road and he'd been forced to pretend he was lying. But there was no evidence, such as damage to Danner's car. Rather than admit Danner had made up the "Global Hawk" story, Hufschmid continued to prevaricate by suggesting that Matthew had lied about Sam's tale-telling, that Matthew could have been blackmailed, that Matthew's voicemail recordings evidence of Sam admitting that he lied might have been faked, or Sam might have been lying when he said he lied.



Hufschmid was trying to divide the movement with absurd claims such as "American Free Press is Zionist controlled", "AFP is censoring Bollyn's articles", and "John Stadtmiller of Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) is part of a Zionist criminal network". Bollyn, as a guest on the Piper Report of August 24, 2006, (available from our local cache; some of these files are missing at RBN) was asked several times whether he denounced the lies of Eric Hufschmid, and each time Bollyn refused to answer. He refused to defend his employers, American Free Press, against Hufschmid's baseless allegations. But he did say that Hufschmid was an "excellent 9/11 researcher", and he directed people to Hufschmid's website. In October 2006, Bollyn was fired from AFP, whose management could no longer trust Bollyn to submit accurate stories after he had aligned himself with Eric Hufschmid and started attacking the credibility of AFP. There was no economic justification for AFP to pay Christopher Bollyn and then have to pay again for independent verification of his claims, when it made more business sense simply to employ reporters whom they could trust in the first place.

Over the first two weeks of August 2006, Sam Danner admitted several times that his story was a lie, e.g. in a Wing TV interview of August 10. Hot on the heels of the failure of Hufschmid and Bollyn's "Global Hawk" hoax, Bollyn called 911 to report a "suspicious" car on the evening of Tuesday August 15, 2006. When the police arrived, he became belligerent, said he was going to get his "reinforcements", and made to go into his home as if to get a weapon. Unsurprisingly, he was tackled to the ground, Tasered, and arrested. Within hours, Christopher Bollyn's account of events - a conspiracy to get him because of his work; a conspiracy involving the ADL, Homeland Security, alphabet soup agencies, the entire "ADL-trained" Hoffman Estates police force, Jewish prosecutors, etc - smelled bogus.

The "suspicious" car is the very sort of idea that would emanate from the mind of Eric "Murdoch" Hufschmid. According to Hufschmid, almost everything is "suspicious". (Listen to him here.) Hufschmid probably persuaded Bollyn to pull the stunt, telling him that being seen as a "victim" and a "target" of the Zionists would greatly enhance his standing with truth tellers after the collapse of the Hufschmid - Bollyn - Danner Global Hawk hoax. Hufschmid would have been well aware that it would make Bollyn look like a paranoid nutcase and laughing stock to believers of the official 9/11 story, who even went on to coin a new 'verb': to "bollyn". And Hufschmid knew that, as well as tarnishing the reputation of the truth movement, the stunt would also help to create the very divisions within 9/11 truth that he had been increasingly stirring up over the previous year.

One of the most damning problems with Bollyn's account of events is that it was Bollyn himself, by his own admission, who dialled 911 and called the police. They didn't turn up uninvited at his home.


Source: Christopher Bollyn, August 2006

When you call the police out to your home, that is why they turn up twenty minutes later, not because there is some grand conspiracy to get you. And if you become belligerent, yell that you are going to get reinforcements, and run into your home as if to get a weapon, that is why the police are likely to tackle, possibly Taser, and arrest you, not because of some Zionist conspiracy. This is simply common sense. In the original version posted by Bollyn at Rumor Mill News, he admitted that he "ran to his front door".


Source: Rumor Mill News, August16, 2006

Also in the original version, he admits that he rode his bike to the wine shop leaving his wife and kids at home. He rode a bike, and left his wife and kids behind, when he thought three "armor-clad thugs" driving a "suspicious" car were a threat? Hasn't he ever heard of enemies of the Mossad who are killed in questionable 'accidents'? Why was going to the wine shop so important that it couldn't be postponed until the threat had been countered?

Bollyn said, "I was thrown into a cell with no water. I asked for a drink of water and was told, 'Drink from the toilet'." The Hoffman Estates police cells have a combined toilet and sink with water fountain, as can be seen in the relevant photo here entitled "Adult Cell". In other words, they didn't serve Bollyn with a glass of water as he entered the cell, and when he asked for water he was told to drink from the fountain above the toilet. And since the police did not even know who he was until they looked on the internet after the incident, there is no reason why Bollyn should have received any special treatment - unless he was being particularly belligerent.



Those who carried out a dispassionate analysis of the case were very quick to see through the holes in the story Christopher Bollyn was attempting to sell of a major "conspiracy" linked to his writings...



Source: The Cassiopaea Forum did the jury, who took less than two hours to agree that Bollyn was guilty as charged on counts of misdemeanor aggravated assault and resisting arrest. In that version, Bollyn clearly states that he was "shocked" with the Taser before being handcuffed. In other accounts, he claims he was Tasered after he was handcuffed. As Lt. Russo explains below, because Bollyn was putting up such a struggle, they had to use the Taser in order to get the handcuffs on him. As he was being Tasered, they'd probably managed to get his left wrist 'cuffed but not his right, since he'd placed it underneath him in an attempt to thwart them. Thus, this was not a situation in which the Taser was used to assault an already handcuffed person, and Bollyn revised his story so as to "bring out the violins".

From Bollyn's "timeline", this much is probably true:

Barber asks, "Where is his right arm?"
"It's underneath of me," Bollyn says and tells Helje to get his brother Jay (from the house) and Dale, the neighbor.

Bollyn attempted to "prove" a conspiracy against him by providing a misleading account of the timeline. He asserts that the Taser time stamp of 20:00:36 is about four minutes off. However, consider the data points:

Something is obviously wrong there. The three-man tactical unit had to arrive on scene before Bollyn was Tasered. Bollyn's scenario bizarrely has the tactical unit calling for fire paramedics three minutes before they are due to arrive at his home as part of a conspiracy to attack him. Has there ever been a single example in human history where bent cops planned to attack someone, and helpfully called the paramedics to come to the aid of their victim in advance - thereby voluntarily providing evidence that would incriminate themselves and could be used to prove their victim's innocence in a court of law? If the cops were planning to beat someone up and frame them on bogus charges of resisting arrest, they would beat them up first and then call the paramedics - not that there is any evidence that Bollyn was targeted and framed in this case.


Source: Rumor Mill News

Rather than the Taser time being incorrect, Occam's Razor and common sense dictates that the tactical unit on scene time was logged a few minutes after they arrived. This interpretation has advantages such as:

 In Bollyn's article Establishing the Facts of the Police Assault on Christopher Bollyn (sic), he states that he saw the "suspicious vehicle" at "about 6:20 p.m.", and adds "About 30-35 minutes after I had seen this suspicious vehicle pass my house, these same men came onto my property".


Source: Christopher Bollyn, February 2007

Note: Bollyn made a mistake with the hour in his above write-up. He obviously meant 7:20 p.m. not 6:20 p.m. as confirmed in his subsequent March 17, 2007 article below. Adjusting for one hour, and taking his estimate of "about 30-35 minutes", that would place the on scene time at 7:50 to 7:55. That is more consistent with the logged Taser time of 20:00:36 and the tactical unit arriving prior to 20:00, rather than at 20:03:56. Evidently, when Bollyn wrote his February account of the timeline, he forgot to revise this part of his story as necessary to accommodate his creative interpretation of the data.


Source: Christopher Bollyn, March 2007

In Bollyn's March version of the timeline, the incorrect time of 6:20 p.m. has been revised to 7:20 (19:20). The "about 30-35 minutes" has been conveniently forgotten, thereby avoiding the need for any incriminating five-minute adjustment.

Bollyn writes: "Helje's memory was correct. Chief Herdegen's answer was a lie." No. Chief Herdegen's memory was correct. Helje's questions were disingenuous.

During the incident, even Bollyn's little girl had recognized his belligerence when she warned him, "Dad, they will arrest you!" And Bollyn asks, "Why was the TASER used when I was already subdued and restrained?" Because, given that he wasn't handcuffed (both wrists) at that point, he would have been subdued and restrained for only as long as the police maintained their hold on him. And they weren't going to stay there all night.

Bollyn's claim that the police were "not at all willing to identify themselves" fell apart when his wife Helje testified in court that one of the officers had showed her his shiny badge.


Source: Chicago Tribune


Source: Daily Herald

Bollyn fled the US for Europe - before he was due to show up in court for sentencing.

The career history of the three officers involved demonstrates that their role was related to regular police patrolling such as traffic stops targeting drivers under the influence of drink, drug users or dealers, etc, rather than consistent with the claim that they were some sinister, Zionist-controlled federal hit squad. They were not FBI, they were not ADL, they were not Mossad, and they were not linked to Israel. Officer Tim Stoy had been given a DUI enforcement award for making 25 arrests, and Officers Michael Barber and Darin Felgenhauer had received "Honorable Mention" awards relating to DUI. They were tactical officers patrolling the area. Bollyn had tried to make a mountain out of a molehill, claiming that he believed they were federal agents targeting him.

One reason given for increased police patrols - suspected local drug activity - was later confirmed, further discrediting Bollyn's story.


Source: CBS Chicago


Source: Chicago Tribune

Eric Hufschmid, who alleges that those who disagree with him are "Crypto Jews" or "Deception Delivery Devices", attempted to refute that with a deceptive statement about how the suspected drug abuser who had escaped from the hospital had been recaptured hours before Bollyn's arrest. The police had the suspect in custody after he was arrested at the pharmacy on the Monday night, he was taken to hospital on the Tuesday morning (August 15) after complaining of being unwell, he fled the hospital, the police called off the search around 2 p.m. in the afternoon, the 911 call was received from Bollyn at the wine store at 19:43:34 that evening, and the drug suspect was "still on the run Wednesday morning", the next day. The suspect was not regarded as a threat, and if the police cannot catch him within a given time they are not going to carry on with the large scale search ad infinitum. It is just one reason for maintaining regular patrols. Hufschmid also asserts that the suspect was seen ten miles from Bollyn's home, yet that was nearly ten hours before Bollyn saw what he claimed was a "suspicious" car. Hufschmid implies that his own fact checking is superior, yet he cites Bollyn as his source for his "ten miles" claim. The true distance is less than five miles in a roundabout route by road. And the suspect took a short cut by running across the golf course. The suspect was running in a south-easterly direction towards Bollyn's home, and would clearly be capable of walking five or even ten miles in nearly ten hours.


In any case, it is the job of the police to maintain a presence and to prevent local crime, and a police car patrolling the street is hardly evidence of a conspiracy. If Bollyn had been attacked by a group of Jews, he would likely have been the first to question why there were no police about when he needed them.

Evidently, there was also a woman who used heroin, just down the street from Bollyn's home.


Source: Rumor Mill News

Of course the logs are not always entirely accurate, however much police chiefs and administrators might like to exaggerate the accuracy of logged times. However, although it is reasonable that they will sometimes be a few minutes late in logging events, it would be remarkable were the 911 staff to log events minutes before they happened - without having psychic powers of precognition.

The police media release was consistent with the known facts. And, unlike Bollyn, the police were consistent with their version of events.


Listen to this audio file [5:40] to hear Lt. Richard Russo being interviewed by Lisa Guliani of Wing TV. Russo says there were no FBI agents involved, and they were not carrying out any surveillance on Christopher Bollyn. Their tactical officers, a gang suppression unit, a semi-marked unit, were doing routine patrols in the area. They went by Bollyn's home, but did not even know who he was until after the incident. They received a 911 call from Christopher Bollyn stating that there was a "suspicious" vehicle in his neighborhood (of people) acting as police officers or FBI. Knowing (or assuming) that "there was a mistake made", Russo says the officers went to show their ID and explain that they were not FBI and were on a routine patrol. They showed him their badges which they wore around their necks. Bollyn become very belligerent, irate, threatening the officers with his body language as well as with his words. He indicated in so many words that he was going to run back into the house, and made the officers believe he might be going to get a weapon. Fearing for their safety, the officers tackled him to keep him from going into the house, because they did not know what was in that house. A struggle ensued as they tried to subdue him, and a Taser had to be used to get handcuffs on him. The gang suppression unit is three or four officers, semi-marked, driving through the area looking for any gang or drug activity. Russo agrees with Guliani's suggestion that there would not have been a situation if Bollyn had not created a situation. This version of events fits the facts; Bollyn's claims do not.

Bollyn's twenty-minute bicycle ride back home from the "wine shop" would have provided him with some time for the alcohol to take effect, which would serve as Dutch courage and as an anesthetic were he to be Tasered during the stunt. On the other hand, if he and Hufschmid felt that an inebriated Bollyn might foul things up and risk making the altercation look even more contrived, Bollyn could just spit it out into the street unseen by his family, and the alcohol on his breath would help to sell the concept of "Bollyn the belligerent, irate conspiracy nut" to the police.

Even Christopher Bollyn's own brother, Jay, did not believe his claim of a conspiracy against him linked to his writings. Neither did his legal counsel, his local elected officials, the staff at American Free Press, the police, or anyone with more than an ounce of common sense who wasn't blinkered by ideology and took the time to examine the facts.


Source: Christopher Bollyn, June 2007 / archived

In November 2010 Russian journalist Oleg Kashin had both his legs broken, his jaw fractured in two places, his skull damaged, his hands smashed, fingers broken and a finger cut off, after being ambushed in a Moscow underpass. That was for "trying to tell the truth". In 2008, Russian newspaper editor Mikhail Beketov was badly beaten and left for dead in the snow, following a failed attempt to kill him in 2007 when his car was blown up. He survived with brain damage, is unable to talk, and had to have a leg and three fingers amputated. To add insult to injury, he was subsequently convicted of "slander". Russian investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya was shot dead in 2006. And opponents of the Zionist Mafia whose crime was to tell the truth, such as Ernst Zundel (jailed for years following pipe bomb and arson attempts on his life), Robert Faurisson (hospitalized for weeks, jaw broken, teeth knocked out, etc, on multiple occasions), François Duprat (assassinated when car blown up), Frank Walus (nearly killed in acid attack) and Jürgen Rieger (car blown up, attacked and beaten) do not get away with merely being tackled and Tasered by police. And, unlike Christopher Bollyn, they did not instigate the confrontation in the first place, escalate it into a physical struggle, and then spam the internet with photos of themselves with their arm in a sling to milk it and plug it for all it was worth. If the Jewish crime syndicate had really wanted to silence Bollyn, they would have initiated an attack on him, and would not have treated him with kid gloves. He would not have been able to walk several miles to his home from the police station. But the Jewish Mafia would not have wanted to attack a disinformation agent who was promoting hoaxes such as "Danner saw a Global Hawk", along with other false stories as detailed below.

Frank Walus, for example, had to pay $60,000 to defend himself against bogus charges of being a "former Gestapo officer" and "mass murderer". The accusations came from the notorious liar Simon Wiesenthal, who was found to have forged fake "smoke" on a photo of Auschwitz. Walus (b. July 29, 1922) would have been between 17 and 21 years old as a "Gestapo officer" when allegedly committing atrocities over the period 1939 to 1943, and was only five feet four tall compared to witness claims that he was six feet. As a Pole, Walus would not have been allowed to join the Gestapo. Nine of Wiesenthal's witnesses claimed to have been born and lived in Poland, but had lied. After Walus was cleared, Wiesenthal had the brass neck to sue Walus for damaging his reputation! Bollyn, on the other hand, was ungrateful when American Free Press raised thousands of dollars for his own legal defense, and falsely claimed that AFP had "stolen" the money. It turned out that AFP had made every effort to contact the donors, had asked them if they wanted the money returned or allocated to AFP's general funds, and returned or kept the money as appropriate. AFP sent about $5,000 to Bollyn, and returned almost all the remaining $15,000, apart from one contribution from Scotland that they didn't have an address for, according to Mike Piper. (Refer to his January 9, 2007 show, from 34:45.) Piper says he was arguing that all the money should have been sent to Bollyn, but the rest of the AFP staff were so outraged at Bollyn's Hufschmid-influenced "bizarre behavior", that they made a decision to send the remaining money back. And in any case, a Jewish judge let Bollyn flee the country after he was convicted. His "legal defense fund" was used for business purposes, producing children's books.


Source: The Piper Report, talk show archives

Note: some of the 2006 Piper talk shows are archived at the Take Our World Back cache. See the top of the page at that link for a list of which files are available.

Bollyn claimed that the police had "broken" his elbow and he had an "occult fracture" that was probably caused when Michael Barber knelt on his elbow. This type of fracture does not show up in X-rays, and the medical report said that Bollyn had "Right elbow effusion, possible occult fracture". Even in cases of elbow effusion, the most likely possibility is that there is no occult fracture at all. The incidence of occult fracture, given traumatic effusion, is about 30% (Morewood, 1987).

Christopher Bollyn's calling the police was an essential part of the causal chain of events, without which they would have had no pretext for arriving at his home. The "conspirators" against Bollyn would not have been able to cause him to dial 911 unless they had "psychic" powers, or Bollyn was a brainwashed mind control victim. However, even in the unlikely event that Bollyn had been subjected to some of MKULTRA's techniques, such as:

...then the scenario of Bollyn being manipulated by Eric Hufschmid into calling 911 and then discrediting himself by behaving illogically is just as inconsistent with the "honest journalist attacked by ADL-trained police for getting too close to the truth" fable as is the much more likely alternative that Bollyn was fully cognizant of the scam, which was probably suggested to him by Eric Hufschmid. Bollyn was later found to have been "receiving money from overseas" and apparently had been "visited regularly by an individual or individuals bearing license plates that cannot be traced".

And the idea that the police were already going to Bollyn's home to attack him, and it was just a coincidence that Bollyn called them minutes before they arrived, is another coincidence too far. The Zionists' plan was to sow division within the truth movement between those who were able to see through the deception and the "true believers" who were so blinded by ideology that they could not see through these deceptions of someone who was supposed to be on their side. Those who planned the stunt were well aware that Bollyn's presentation of himself as an "anti-Zionist" and a "truth teller" would gain him the sympathies and the benefit of the doubt of all those in the truth movement who could not, or would not, take an impartial look at the facts. Throw a few ideas such as "corrupt police" and "the ADL"  into the mix, and it would be easier to sell to the less discerning "true believers" in the truth movement, who judged every case on ideological grounds rather than on merit.

Some in the truth movement, such as those at the Cassiopaea Forum, would dissect the case and arrive at the correct conclusion within hours or days. Others would take weeks or months before getting to grips with it. And some - the "true believers" - would maintain their delusions of "Christopher Bollyn, the honest, independent journalist" indefinitely, because they lacked the time, the inclination, the attention span or the ability to conduct an objective investigation. Similarly, the incident was aimed at increasing the division between these true believers and those outside the movement, who perceived Christopher Bollyn and by extension "twoofers" or "troofers" as anti-Semites and paranoid laughing stocks. Time and again, it may be seen that Bollyn's writings and operations were designed to attract him to "conspiracy theorists" by giving them what they wanted to read whilst at the same time discrediting the truth movement in the eyes of those who knew little about it.

Specifically, the Zionists were aware that some within the truth movement would go on to make the logical error of post hoc ergo propter hoc (after this therefore because of this) that confuses correlation with causation.

  1. Bollyn, an anti-Zionist journalist and researcher, digs into and exposes Zionist involvement in 9/11
  2. Bollyn got into trouble with the law
  3. Bollyn got into trouble because of his anti-Zionist activism

This was very much the same tactic that they used in 9/11, knowing that those who were unable or unwilling to research the matter would imagine:

  1. Planes hit Towers
  2. Towers collapsed
  3. Towers collapsed because of plane impacts and ensuing fires

However, although the logical error is the same in both cases and generates a false conclusion, both premises (1) and (2) are correct in the case of 9/11. In the case of Bollyn's arrest, the myth of premise (1) is required for the legendary conclusion (3).

Bollyn's efforts to sabotage 9/11 truth with disinformation

Part of Bollyn's job was to sabotage efforts to reveal the truth about the thermite-based controlled demolitions of WTC1, 2 and 7. Whereas Eric Hufschmid would accuse honest scientists and researchers such as Dr. Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan and Jim Hoffman of "working for the Jews", thereby quickly revealing himself as a Zionist asset and COINTELPRO operative, other disinformation agents would propose barmy hypotheses that were diametrically in opposition to the actual evidence or the laws of physics, such as claims that the WTC was demolished using non-existent "uranium tuned mass dampers", or nuclear bombs, or Star Wars beam weapons. Bollyn's sophistry was more subtle. He would make all the right noises and appear to be on target by writing about molten steel, thermite, explosives, Zionism, Israeli politicians, etc, to build up the legend of "Bollyn the great researcher and exposer of Zionism". But at the same time, he'd damage the controlled demolitions hypothesis by introducing 'errors' into his reports. It's rather like multiple choice questions that feature the correct answer, another that is superficially plausible but wrong nevertheless, and another that is utter nonsense. Bollyn's strategy was to take the middle option. And because most disinformation agents generally blame 9/11 on "Bush", or "the Jesuits", or "the Masons", or "the aliens", etc, the planners knew that some in the truth movement would give Bollyn and Hufschmid the benefit of the doubt because they said 9/11 was an Israeli or Zionist job. Some of these followers, too blinkered by the ideology to see through the sophistry, would fiercely defend their heroes - and would even accuse their debunkers of being "shills", "Jews", "liars", etc.

In 2002 Bollyn wrote an article that mentioned reports of molten steel, but was designed to discredit those reports by deliberately misquoting Mark Loizeaux regarding where the molten steel was found.


Source: Christopher Bollyn, American Free Press, August 2002



Amusingly, Bollyn correctly pointed out that paper and other regular office combustibles burning in air could not generate the required temperatures to melt steel, but then cited Eric Hufschmid as an 'expert' in support of that. This is James Murdoch's brother-in-law, the same Eric Blane Hufschmid who would later go on to write about his 'research' into "liquid farts". The Lie movement would define Bollyn citing Hufschmid as an example of "mutual disasterbation". Bollyn's quoted figure of 1520° F (825° C) as a "maximum" temperature was arbitrary, and Eric Hufschmid is hardly the ideal choice as an authority on matters of natural and physical law. Unless, that is, we are talking about laws of motion - but not the type of "motions" or "movements" that Isaac Newton had in mind...

Another piece of disinformation that Bollyn incorporated into his 2002 article was his claim about "huge", "unusual", "unexplained" seismic "spikes" at the start of the collapses.


Source: Christopher Bollyn, American Free Press, August 2002

After misquoting Mark Loizeaux, Bollyn went on to misrepresent experts such as Arthur Lerner-Lam, who told Bollyn that the data was "still being investigated". After all, it was less than a year after 9/11. Bollyn implied that the seismic data would remain "unexplainable" under the fire-induced collapse hypothesis, and hence was 'proof' of controlled demolitions. Bollyn misrepresented the data with his lie that "the seismic waves peaked before" the rubble "hit the ground". He gave the impression that on the seismograph covering a time span of 30 minutes, the 50-second period of relatively low amplitude disturbances following the collapses was the 10-seconds or more collapse time, and the up to 10-second period of waves twenty times the amplitude as rubble from the upper section hit the ground was a sinister 2-second spike at the start of the collapse. Naturally, when the curve is compressed horizontally because the x-axis (time) covers minutes rather than seconds, the higher amplitude oscillations appear as one large spike. The stage was set so that Popular Mechanics would have a very easy job in debunking this straw man,  

Bollyn's misinterpretation of the seismic data and his misquoting of Mark Loizeaux enabled him to promote the erroneous "bombs in the basement initiated collapse" theory, handing the anti-truth so-called "debunkers" another straw man. Given the potential benefit, and the actual benefit realised as of 2010, 9/11 was not a low budget operation that might have opted for conventional controlled demolition. Israel, by having its enemies vanquished at no cost to itself in blood or cash, benefited from the illegal, immoral wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to the tune of, at the very least, hundreds of thousands of dead Muslims, thousands of troops dead and tens of thousands injured, and a cost to the US alone of well over a trillion dollars when all is taken into account.The perpetrators had the technology to hijack electronically and steer the planes into the zones that had been rigged with thermite or a similar aluminum powder plus oxidant accelerant (under cover of fireproofing "upgrades"). There is a remarkable correlation between the impact floors of each Tower that supposedly failed due to "fires", and those floors that had received fireproofing "upgrades", particularly in the case of the North Tower (WTC1). In the trillion-dollar scam of 9/11, the deceptive high-rise demolitions were arranged so that the collapses would initiate at the impact zones, already laced with a nano-engineered accelerant, in order to propagate the illusion of impact and fire-induced collapses. It is possible that explosives were used in the basements, in which case they would have been detonated either within seconds of the aircraft impacts, or minutes prior to collapse, so they could be 'explained' as the result of kerosene falling down the elevator shafts or a consequence of the fires. But the evidence shows that destruction started at the impact zones, not the basements.

Whenever someone mistakenly relayed Bollyn's claims about "basement explosions that detached the central support columns from the bedrock, and dropped the towers", and about molten steel "in the lowest basements (-7 level)", and about seismic evidence that was "quite clear" and showed that "massive (and unexplained) releases of energy" caused "2.1 and 2.3 magnitude earthquakes before any debris even hit the ground" and that a "massive seismic wave 'spike', which occurred at about 4-5 seconds into the 8-second collapse of the North Tower was many times larger than the waves that marked the moment of impact when the 'rubble' finally hit the ground", the shills could have a great time arguing that controlled demolitions "always" start from the ground, and since this was not the case for the Towers, it "proved" that the official story of impact and fire-induced collapses was correct. After Bollyn had sabotaged the evidence of molten steel, the shills would go on to argue that thermite is "never" used in controlled demolitions, which sidesteps the fact that it is used in deceptive demolitions that are supposed to resemble impact and fire-induced collapses. The shills would also claim thermite is not an explosive, or nano-thermite is not an incendiary, ignoring the fact that both could have been used, and the material and particle size of nano-thermite may be skilfully tailored to yield the required balance between incendiary and percussive blast effect in an attempt to limit reports of blast sounds and evidence of explosions.



Bollyn's material was written so as to have a great appeal to those who knew the WTC was brought down by controlled demolitions but were fairly new to 9/11 truth, or had not been following the debate to see the anti-controlled demolition arguments. Bollyn's writings would tell these patriots what they wanted to read, and they would perceive him as a hero. Thus, a sub-section of the truth movement would be employing the wrong evidence and arguments - and citing the wrong "journalist" - to make their case, and the shills would easily knock down these arguments. Bollyn's handlers were keenly aware that many who bought into the legend of Bollyn as a great "researcher" and "journalist" would not look into the technicalities or the accuracy of his claims, and that some of the more deluded, paranoid members of the fan club could even be persuaded that Bollyn's critics were "Jew-shills", Jews, or "agents of world Jewry".

By September and October 2006, after Bollyn's arrest stunt and the collapse of the "Global Hawk" hoax, it was becoming increasingly evident that he'd been installed as a straw man with the job of discrediting the evidence for controlled demolitions and 9/11 truth.







Bollyn took a quote from John W. Brown of Rolls-Royce out of context to derive an erroneous conclusion about the engine disk found outside the Pentagon.


Source: 9-11Research, Sifting Through Loose Change

Bollyn handed the "debunkers" another little gem when he posted a photo showing a column that he claimed was "substantial evidence" of "thermite".


Source: Rumor Mill News

Christopher Bollyn posted his little article at Rumor Mill News on April 21, 2006. It was on Rense two days later, whereupon it was quickly duplicated and reposted by supporters of the controlled demolition hypothesis. Bollyn's anonymous "experts" who told him the column was "not cut with a torch" were probably Eric Hufschmid and Jerry Myers. The steel had actually been cut during the clean-up. Once again, the claim was readily debunked, helping the deceivers and reality deniers to portray Bollyn as a "buffoon" - and by extension the truth movement as a bunch of buffoons.


Source: JREF forum

The April 2006 period was when Bollyn and Hufschmid were closely working together, just months before they promoted the Danner "Global Hawk" fake news story, and before Bollyn engineered his arrest stunt to complement Hufschmid's own efforts to divide and discredit the 9/11 truth movement. Hufschmid was soon to go into his endgame phase, and Bollyn was about to officially launch his middlegame. Thus, those who reposted Bollyn's column photo in April 2006 can be forgiven for reposting disinformation when Bollyn's stock as a journalist of repute was still relatively high with anti-Zionists.

The "debunkers" were keen to show how angled cuts had been made during the clean-up, so that the columns would fall in the required direction.




Compare with Bollyn's close-up, which he posted April 23, 2006.



Source: Rumor Mill News

Moreover, the source for the photographic evidence of angled cuts having been made during the clean-up is the very same source from which Bollyn had obtained his "substantial evidence" of "thermite" in the first place: Here Is New York's gallery of photographs. Bollyn took his column "cut with thermite" photo from this page, photo #5100, and at this page, photo #5102, is the image showing how these cuts were made during the clean-up. It is most unlikely that a so-called "researcher" who was scouring through that collection for evidence of thermite would fail to see the evidence debunking it. Thus, in this instance, there is probable cause for an intent to deceive, as opposed to a mistake. In any case, Bollyn's 'mistakes' are so numerous that it would defy the laws of probability for an honest researcher to be so error-prone.

Fortunately, despite the efforts of Christopher Bollyn and others to sabotage 9/11 truth, the evidence for various types of thermite continues to mount up. A video of experiments carried out with a thermate mixture demonstrated that it could be used to cut rapidly through vertical steel columns (see around 9:50) and produce effects such as a "Swiss cheese" appearance (10:40), as observed in steel from the World Trade Center.

Supporters of the official story were also cock-a-hoop after Bollyn misrepresented information that he was given about the relationship between then-Secretary of the Department for Homeland Security Michael Chertoff and Benjamin Chertoff, who was one of nine reporters excluding editors, photo editors, etc, involved in putting together the Popular Mechanics 9/11 "debunking" piece. Bollyn claimed Benjamin Chertoff's mother Judy told him that they were "cousins". Benjamin Chertoff gave a different account. He said he'd never met or communicated with Michael Chertoff, and neither had any members of his family that they were aware of. They might be distant relatives, a number of times removed. Bollyn had called his mother and asked if they were related, his mother replied that "they might be distant cousins". After all, apart from genealogists, how many people even know offhand how many third cousins once removed they have, let alone happen to be in regular contact with them?

The following video includes audio of phone calls to Benjamin Chertoff. When Chertoff says that he doesn't know if he and Michael Chertoff are related - just as any honest person would be likely to reply if they had the same surname as some famous person who might be their distant cousin - Bollyn describes it as "one way of lying". And although there is no evidence that Chertoff is lying, Alex Jones goes along with Bollyn's claim.

Source: Google Videos

Michael Chertoff wasn't sworn in as secretary of Homeland Security until February 15, 2005, which was more than a month after the Popular Mechanics piece, dated February 3, 2005, went to the printers. And Chertoff wasn't nominated by Bush for the position until January 11, 2005, which at most would allow a few days for the DHS nominee to lean on his "cousin" Benjamin, then for Benjamin to convince the other reporters to go along with Benjamin's "cousin's" position on 9/11, then write the article, do the photo-editing, etc. Around the time the Popular Mechanics piece was being written, Michael Chertoff was a federal Judge at the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is a very reasonable assumption that Chertoff, a Zionist Jew who had a hand in writing the Patriot Act, would have been keen to help cover up Israel's role in 9/11. But when the only evidence of a connection between Benjamin and Michael Chertoff is the word of a so-called "conspiracy theorist" with a reputation as a paranoid nutjob and a "Nazi scumbag" whose other information is not exactly reliable, this is simply preaching to the choir. It merely intensifies the divisions between supporters of 9/11 truth and the celebrity-worshipping, beer-swilling, knuckle-dragging reality deniers who imagine that nineteen gambling, womanizing, drinking, cocaine-snorting, "devout" Muslims had such a hatred of Western culture that they gladly chose to kill themselves and thousands of others so that Zionists had a pretext to invade and loot Muslim nations. And nearly half of them managed to turn up alive later - after the original list of "hijackers" had already been revised when it was found that some "suspects" were either still alive or had died in the wrong year. And they managed to effect the unprecedented total collapses of three steel-framed high-rises, after hitting two of them with planes, leaving evidence of active thermitic material, etc, etc.

Bollyn played on the ambiguity associated with the word "cousin", implying that Benjamin and Michael Chertoff were first cousins. But that would require that Benjamin Chertoff, e.g. if once removed, was a descendant of Michael Chertoff's grandparents. If so, there should be some evidence, but none has been forthcoming. There are plenty of Chertoffs. Benjamin Chertoff's paternal grandfather was Moishe Chertoff and his paternal grandmother was Rosie Spar. Michael Chertoff's paternal grandfather was Paul Chertoff and his paternal grandmother was Esther Barish. So Benjamin and Michael share the name Chertoff, but are descended from different branches of the Chertoff family, consistent with Benjamin Chertoff's position.

The Popular Mechanics article purported to debunk claims of 9/11 truth by attacking the weakest arguments against the official conspiracy theory. Rather than addressing any of the facts, Bollyn served as a bogus 'opposition' to the article with easily refuted allegations about the messenger.

Eric Hufschmid said: "He [Bollyn] was doing a lot of things that would annoy the Zionists, such as calling Michael Chertoff's relatives on the phone and asking if Benjamin Chertoff was a relative." However, far from "annoying" the Zionists, Bollyn performed as a valuable Zionist asset.

As for who really influenced Popular Mechanics and suggested an article "debunking" 9/11 truth, there is a better suspect than an up-and-coming secretary of Homeland Security who was a distant cousin of Benjamin Chertoff. An Israeli billionaire, who was reading Popular Mechanics at the age of 4, and who met with Bernard Kerik during Kerik's August 26-29, 2001 visit to Israel, and who provided Kerik with a $250,000 "loan" via intermediary Shimon Cohen, a Brooklyn marble and stone merchant, after Kerik claimed a hijacker's passport had been "discovered" after surviving the jet fuel fireball. Eitan Wertheimer would have carried some clout with the publishers.

There is also evidence that Eric Hufschmid's book Painful Questions served as straw man and inspiration for the Popular Mechanics article.

Bollyn doesn't limit his misrepresentations to telephone conversations. Even when the person's original words are printed in black and white, Bollyn will ferret out phrases and take them out of context, so that Bollyn's version of events has the person saying almost the exact opposite.

In the January 2002 editorial "$elling Out the Investigation" in Fire Engineering Magazine, Bill Manning described the official investigation conducted by the ASCE and supported by FEMA (before NIST took over) as a "half-baked farce". Manning wrote:

As things now stand and if they continue in such fashion, the investigation into the World Trade Center fire and collapse will amount to paper- and computer generated hypotheticals.
However, respected members of the fire protection engineering community are beginning to raise red flags, and a resonating theory has emerged: The structural damage from the planes and the explosive ignition of jet fuel in themselves were not enough to bring down the towers. Rather, theory has it, the subsequent contents fires attacking the questionably fireproofed lightweight trusses and load-bearing columns directly caused the collapses in an alarmingly short time. Of course, in light of there being no real evidence thus far produced, this could remain just unexplored theory.
The frequency of published and unpublished reports raising questions about the steel fireproofing and other fire protection elements in the buildings, as well as their design and construction, is on the rise. The builders and owners of the World Trade Center property, the Port Authority of New York-New Jersey, a governmental agency that operates in an accountability vacuum beyond the reach of local fire and building codes, has denied charges that the buildings' fire protection or construction components were substandard but has refused to cooperate with requests for documentation supporting its contentions.
Some citizens are taking to the streets to protest the investigation sellout. Sally Regenhard, for one, wants to know why and how the building fell as it did upon her unfortunate son Christian, an FDNY probationary firefighter. And so do we.
Clearly, there are burning questions that need answers. Based on the incident's magnitude alone, a full-throttle, fully resourced, forensic investigation is imperative. More important, from a moral standpoint, for the safety of present and future generations who live and work in tall buildings-and for firefighters, always first in and last out-the lessons about the buildings' design and behavior in this extraordinary event must be learned and applied in the real world.

The impacts and the jet fuel alone obviously weren’t sufficient, since the jet fuel would have burnt up within a few minutes and the Towers remained standing for 56 minutes (WTC2) and 102 minutes (WTC1). Manning rightly complains that the destruction of evidence and lack of a proper investigation (less than four months after the event) would mean that specific theories such as truss failure or column failure would remain mere theory in the absence of corroborating evidence. A "full-throttle, fully resourced, forensic investigation" was necessary in order that "the lessons about the buildings' design and behavior in this extraordinary event" could be "learned and applied in the real world" for "the safety of present and future generations who live and work in tall buildings-and for firefighters".

And at the foot of his editorial, Manning has inserted a link in which he urges firefighters to visit Fire Engineering Magazine's article "WTC 'Investigation'?: A Call to Action" which states "Yes, it was the terrorist pilots who slammed two jetliners into the Twin Towers. It was the ensuing fire, however, that brought the towers down. [...] Beware the truss! Frank Brannigan has been admonishing us for years about this topic. It has been reported that the World Trade Center floors were supported by lightweight steel trusses, some in excess of 50 feet long. Need we say more? Modern sprayed-on steel 'fireproofing' did not perform well at the World Trade Center. Haven't we always been leery about these materials?"

Just about anyone with a reading age of five or more - from the anti-truth "debunkers"; to those who know that 9/11 was not a Muslim job - understands that Bill Manning is not a supporter of the controlled demolitions hypothesis. From a fire safety point of view he was (rightly) very skeptical of the decision to get rid of so much of the steel so quickly, and he (wrongly) suspected that the WTC fireproofing or construction was in some way "substandard". Manning is clearly relaying the mainstream (Zionist) position that the contents fires brought down the Towers.

Bollyn wrote:

No evidence has been produced to support the theory that the burning jet fuel and secondary fires “attacking the questionably fireproofed lightweight trusses and load-bearing columns directly caused the collapses,” Manning wrote, adding that the collapses occurred “in an alarmingly short time.”
Because no “real evidence” has been produced, the theory that the twin towers collapsed due to fire “could remain just unexplored theory,” Manning said

Bollyn has conflated specific theories of truss failure or column failure, associated with questionable fireproofing, with the general theory of impact- and fire-induced collapse. He’s turned Manning from someone who believes the mainstream position into a skeptic of the mainstream position, who doubts that impacts and fires brought down the buildings.

Thus, written evidence exists showing how Bollyn takes other people's words out of context and twists the material to suit his own agenda of sabotage. Bollyn's distortion of Manning's position is entirely consistent with him failing to convey honestly what his sources have told him over the phone, whether it's Benjamin Chertoff’s mother Judy telling him about how Michael Chertoff might be a “distant” cousin, or Arthur Lerner-Lam on how the seismic data was still being investigated as of August 2002, or Mark Loizeaux on molten steel being found ten feet into the debris pile.

Bollyn's disinformation, such as about the molten steel and Benjamin Chertoff, unfortunately got mixed up with good information, such as genuine reports of molten steel. This is great for the Murdoch family and the 9/11 perpetrators, but damaging to the truth movement.

By October 2006, when he was fired from American Free Press for disloyalty, unreliability and lying after he had been directing people to Eric Hufschmid's website that made the absurd allegation of AFP being under Zionist control, Christopher Bollyn had already completed much of his task as an internet provocateur. His six-year stint at Liberty Lobby and its successor, AFP, and his articles that were mostly full of fluff and unsubstantiated claims, with disinformation mixed in and designed to damage the truth movement, but with him pressing all the right buttons about molten steel, thermite, controlled demolition, Zionists, Israel, etc, had gained him a legion of fans within the truth movement. Bollyn had helped to paint the truth movement as a bunch of neo-Nazis and paranoid nuts who believed the word of a proven liar over reputable, well referenced sources, and had successfully gained a reputation for himself amongst those ignorant of 9/11 truth as a "complete loon and master at interpreting the fact that anyone disagrees with him, for whatever reason, as evidence for the truth of his conspiracy theories". In his new phase as an internet-based "journalist without frontiers", Bollyn continued to wreak havoc by posting disinformation intended to damage the controlled demolitions hypothesis.

Evidence of the use of thermite included video footage of an orange-yellow flow of molten material from the South Tower in the minutes preceding collapse, indicative of an iron-rich melt and totally at odds with the "office fires" scenario. The shills attempted to refute this with the preposterous claim that the material was molten aluminum, even though molten aluminum would have a silvery appearance. NIST knew that the claim of pure molten aluminum was impossible, and proposed that there could have been burning debris mixed in with the molten aluminum to give the orange-yellow color. NIST and others conducted experiments in an attempt to recreate the effect, but were unable to. This is where Christopher Bollyn came to the rescue of the shills.

Before Bollyn was brought to work for The Spotlight in rather strange circumstances by a self-described Khazar in 2000, which is just about the right time to plant a bogus 'journalist' whose job is to counter 9/11 truth on the internet, he used to work for IBM Global Network Services, which was based at an 11-story high-rise office block in Schaumburg. The building at 231 N. Martingale Road had a battery room, described as "impressive as hell" by a contractor who used to work there. Bollyn's experiences at the IBM Global Network building served as inspiration for his disinformation piece that incorporated two themes that are an important part of 9/11 truth, but spun them so as to damage the truth movement. A similar technique was employed by a Masonic Jew whose deception was based on falsely linking the Israeli-Mossad fake "art students", who weren't at the WTC, with real artists who were there. Bollyn exploited thermite and remote control of aircraft to make his work appeal to his fans, but deceptively suggested that the WTC planes were steered into computer rooms by "homing devices" that had been planted there, and postulated a ludicrous conspiracy theory about batteries that had thermite hidden within them.




Source: Christopher Bollyn, January 2007

The "thermite batteries" thesis is absurd. In order to demolish the buildings, the thermite would need to be in thermal contact with the steel. Or, if nano-thermite with the required balance between incendiary and percussive blast effect, would have to be within range of the targeted steel supporting structure. Bollyn's "batteries" of thermite were supposed to be Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for computer equipment, yet if these "batteries" were fake, that should have quickly become evident to those whose job was to maintain them. Unless, that is, they were all in on the plot, like the entire Hoffman Estates police force, American Free Press, Republic Broadcasting Network, and just about anyone else who disagreed with Christopher Bollyn.

The "thermite-filled batteries in the computer room" disinformation was designed to sabotage controlled demolition hypotheses, by encouraging "debunkers" to claim that the yellow-orange flow from WTC2 was lead. No matter that the color was totally inconsistent with the fire-induced collapse propaganda, some people would fall for it. So Bollyn misquotes Mark Loizeaux, and 'accidentally' casts doubt upon the validity of the multiple reports of molten steel. Then, after 'accidently' plumping for the incorrect "basement bombs blew the Towers off their footings" theory and 'accidentally' misinterpreting the seismic data, he helps to devalue other powerful evidence of thermite by 'accidently' promoting molten lead as another alternative to aluminum or iron, and portraying "troofers" as uneducated bigots with no knowledge of structures, demolitions, explosives, physics, etc.

Bollyn propagated the idea that video footage showed Flight 175 had a "missile pod", and fired a missile just before crashing into the South Tower. Such straw man claims were concocted by disinformation agents in order that they could be knocked down, e.g. by Popular Mechanics.



Some of Bollyn's more brazen lies included "Mark Lane works for the CIA", "the Liberty Lobby" (publisher of The Spotlight and forerunner of American Free Press) "is actually owned and controlled by a Zionist Jew named Mark Lane", and Michael Piper has been "attacking" Bollyn "since December 2001". Thus, in addition to his 'work' at sabotaging 9/11 truth by damaging evidence for controlled demolitions and promoting straw man conspiracy theories that could easily be refuted, he was helping Eric Hufschmid's COINTELPRO operation designed to sow mistrust and division by smearing genuine activists as agents.



The claim about Mark Lane being a "Zionist" and "CIA" agent, as with the Sam Danner "Global Hawk" hoax, was jointly promoted by partners-in-deception Eric Hufschmid and Christopher Bollyn. The short article Mark Lane - A Zionist Lawyer in control of patriot groups, dated 4 January 2007, states Bollyn as the author, yet those familiar with the writing of both Bollyn and Hufschmid will see that the piece was obviously penned by Hufschmid. One of Hufschmid and Bollyn's bits of 'evidence' for the allegation is that Mark Lane was once on a plane with Jane Fonda in 1970. During the Vietnam war, Lane counselled Jane Fonda on her views opposing the war. Later, in the late 1970s / early 1980s, he tried to get Jane Fonda to go public in joining in with his criticism of Israel, but she wouldn't go along with it. Fonda is neither Jewish, nor Zionist. Hufschmid and Bollyn also cite the fact that Mark Lane was in Army Intelligence during WWII. Lane was born February 24, 1927, and WWII ended in 1945 when Lane was only 18, the minimum age for an intelligence officer. By 1949, he was in his second year at law school. Thus, in Bollyn's scenario, this "Zionist's" career in intelligence would have been precocious, initially rather brief, yet ultimately spanning 65 years.

Mark Lane already had a reputation as an anti-Zionist Jew as early as 1982. He was described as such in the AIPAC publication The Campaign To Discredit Israel, by Amy Kaufman Goott and Steven J. Rosen, published January 1, 1983.


To verify this, go to Google Books at and search for "Steven J Rosen" + "The Campaign To Discredit Israel". Select the book The Campaign To Discredit Israel, then search for "Mark Lane" using the search function "From inside the book".

Listen to this three-minute clip from the October 29, 2010 Piper Report, to hear Ralph Forbes speaking on whether or not Mark Lane is a "Zionist" who is "in control" of American Free Press. Ralph Forbes, who describes himself as a "pro-white activist", was a lieutenant in the American Nazi Party and campaign manager for David Duke in his 1988 run for the Presidency on the Populist ticket. Piper says that the black activist Dick Gregory has been raising questions about 9/11, and will be going on hunger strike until the truth comes out (Gregory announced that on September 10, 2010). And Gregory was closely associated with Martin Luther King, and through that became a very close friend of Mark Lane, a long time attorney of Liberty Lobby. Gregory and Lane wrote a book about the assassination of Dr. King, and Lane was Gregory's running mate in some states when he ran for the Presidency on the Freedom and Peace Party ticket in 1968. Piper says that he doesn't think Dick Gregory, an outspoken critic of the CIA, or the late Jim Garrison, another big critic of the CIA, would have been friends with Mark Lane if they'd thought Lane was a "CIA agent". Ralph Forbes says that Mark Lane is "absolutely not in control" of American Free Press (in contrast to Bollyn's claims), and Lane is "very anti-Zionist".

Bollyn's article entitled Why Are We Unable To Resist? - featuring his extraordinary allegations against American Free Press - was posted at the end of September 2009. On the R.J. Hender show of Tuesday October 6, 2009, broadcast by Republic Broadcasting Network, Bollyn repeated these baseless claims, such as "Zionist Jew" Mark Lane works for a "Jewish intelligence organization" and "owns" AFP, AFP is a "controlled opposition", a "flypaper operation", a "wolf in sheep's clothing, dressed as a lamb", a "traitor to the American patriot movement", and kept "tens of thousands of dollars" of the Bollyn legal defense fund, etc. See here for a partial transcript of Bollyn on the Hender show, and further analysis. The allegations were addressed in detail by Michael Collins Piper on his own RBN shows of October 6, 7 and 8.

The October 6 show dealt with much of the evidence that Mark Lane has consistently been anti-Zionist, not Zionist, and he associates with anti-Zionists, not Zionists. For example, Lane was associate editor of the newsletter Zionist Watch, later titled New American View. His co-editor in that was former CIA official Victor Marchetti. The Wikipedia entry on Marchetti describes him as a "prominent paleoconservative critic of the United States Intelligence Community and the Israel lobby in the United States".

As an attorney, Lane represented the PLO and Yasser Arafat, and also the anti-Zionist Neturei Karta (in English, translated as Jews United Against Zionism) element in Jerusalem, e.g., forcing Menachem Begin to release Rabbi Hirsch's son after he was captured by the IDF. Neturei Karta is categorized by the Anti Defamation League (ADL) as "extremist"; its members refuse to recognise the state of Israel and refuse to serve in its military. Some of them refuse to pay Israel's taxes.

Mark Lane, who was even described as a "Holocaust denier" by Zionist propagandist and androgynous weirdo Deborah Lipstadt, was also associated with the late Haviv Schieber, former mayor of Ber Sheeba, Israel. Schieber became a well-known anti-Zionist, converted to Christianity, and is listed on the Zundelsite's Victims of Zion page alongside others such as Dr. Fredrick Töben, Paul Rassinier, Dr. Robert Faurisson, Professor Arthur Butz, François Duprat, Fred Leuchter, David Irving, Walter Lüftl, John Demjanjuk, Germar Rudolf, Jürgen Rieger, David Cole, Jürgen Graf, Ingrid Rimland, etc. Apart from the certifiable Eric Hufschmid, no one would consider these to be part of a "Zionist criminal network". It was Haviv Schieber who introduced Mark Lane to Willis Carto, the founder of Liberty Lobby and described as "arguably the most influential American figure on the Far Right in the post-World War II era".

In the weird, twisted 'reality' that Bollyn is attempting to peddle, Piper, Forbes, Duke, Lane, King, Gregory, Garrison, Marchetti, Hirsch, Schieber, Carto, etc, are all either "CIA / Zionist agents" or dupes of agents, with the "agents" being part of a plot dating back to WWII. Thus, 65 years later, after the coming of the Great Bollyn who was not even born when Lane was in Army Intelligence, the conspirators could have Lane running American Free Press as a controlled opposition and "flypaper operation"  to provide the government and the Jews with names and addresses of patriots. They could have people such as Carto and Piper pretending to be opponents of Jewish control of America, whilst secretly working as the agents of the CIA or International Jewry. And Mark Lane’s description of Menachem Begin as a "former terrorist" and of Israel as a "terrorist state" whose "occupation" of Palestine was "illegal" was all part of his 65-year deception. In this parallel universe, Steven Rosen and Amy Kaufman Goott would also be in on the conspiracy, and were pretending to be so fooled by Lane’s pretense of being anti-Zionist that they even described him as an "anti-Zionist Jew" in their 1983 book.

Those who have bought into the Hufschmidesque cult of Bollyn, when faced with phenomena such as Mark Lane having represented Rabbi Moshe Hirsch’s son in a successful bid to secure his freedom from the Israeli authorities, might argue that Rabbi Hirsch, who died on May 2, 2010, was merely pretending to be anti-Zionist for decades. His leadership of the anti-Zionist Neturei Karta group, they would say, was all part of the deception, the mid-1990s acid attack on him in which he lost an eye was faked, his glass eye was a bogus fake, and the New York Times went along with the conspiracy by describing him as an "Israel opponent". Or perhaps they would simply ignore any unpalatable facts about their hero, preferring to "live the dream".

"Holocaust" promoter Mel Mermelstein brought a suit for $11 million against four defendants: the Legion for the Survival of Freedom (a non-profit corporation through which IHR functioned); Liberty Lobby, a Washington, DC-based populist and nationalist lobby institution; Willis Carto, founder of both the IHR and Liberty Lobby; and a southern California law firm that had defended Liberty Lobby and filed a suit against Mermelstein. Mark Lane was the attorney for Liberty Lobby. At the trial, Mermelstein claimed to have given only as many lectures as "the fingers on my hands". However, Ted O'Keefe, editor of the IHR's Journal of Historical Review, had found a 1985 deposition in which Mermelstein said he'd given an average of twenty lectures a year on Auschwitz since 1967. In the courtroom, Lane used a pencil and pad to calculate 18 x 20 = 360, and asked Mermelstein if he hadn't just told the court that he had only given as many lectures as there are fingers on his hands. Amusingly, a vexed Mermelstein then blurted out, "I meant the fingers of my hands and feet!" Lane successfully had the case dismissed.

Lane also won in the case of Willis Carto's Liberty Lobby versus former CIA operative and Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt. In 1981, Hunt won $650,000 in a libel suit against Liberty Lobby relating to a 1978 article published in The Spotlight that linked Hunt to the JFK assassination. In a second trial in 1985, Lane successfully defended Liberty Lobby, overturning the original libel award.

In the R.J. Hender show of October 6, 2009, Bollyn said about Mark Lane, American Free Press and Liberty Lobby:

And I learned, you know, over the period of six years, that American Free Press is actually owned by Mark Lane. He's, the Jewish lawyer who owns the assets. He took over the assets of American Free Press in 1993 when the Liberty Lobby went bankrupt. And he used to work, after the war, he was in OSS, he was in Army Intelligence in Germany, which became the CIA. And, uh, this is how it all happened, you see. [...] I worked at that newspaper for six-and-a-half years. I personally know the people I'm talking about. I know Michael Piper. I know Mark Lane. I know Willis Carto. I know Chris Petherick. I know these people. I worked with them intimately for six-and-a-half years. I, you know, I was told from the very beginning, when I joined American Free Press by the guy that brought me on the company, we're walking down Independence Avenue, he points out a house that used ... where, where Mark Lane used to have an office or live, right by our office, he said Liberty Lobby has given Mark Lane five million dollars in legal fees because, you know, this is the thing - he owns the paper, he took over the paper, he controls the paper...

Bollyn's source for these allegations - "the guy that brought [him] on the company" - is the self-described Khazar Jerry Myers, a known storyteller. Bollyn is supposed to be bright enough to understand that Israel and the Jewish Mafia or Mishpucka were behind 9/11, and yet at the same time he purports to be dumb enough to fall for Myers' deceptions. (See the section The Bollyn intrigues for more on how Bollyn was brought to The Spotlight in 2000 by Myers, as 9/11 was imminent.) Mike Piper states on his October 6 and 7 shows that Lane, as the company's lawyer, was paid about $90,000 a year for around ten to fifteen years plus some bonuses. He never received any "$5 million". There were never any back legal fees owed to Mark Lane. When Liberty Lobby filed for bankruptcy, Lane continued to receive his regular salary. After Liberty Lobby folded, Lane provided advice to the Liberty Lobby employees about setting up a new company, but said he could not serve as the attorney of American Free Press since it would be a conflict of interest. AFP would be an entirely new corporation, and he, Lane, was going to continue representing Willis Carto and Liberty Lobby. Mark Lane wrote several commentaries for AFP, but he was only in the AFP office on about five or six occasions - even less than Christopher Bollyn.

Liberty Lobby did not go bankrupt in 1993, and there is no evidence of Lane taking "over the assets" whether 1993, 2001 or any other time. In 2001, the operations of Liberty Lobby ended in Washington, DC. On August 2, 2002, all rights and assets of Liberty Lobby were assigned to the Legion for the Survival of Freedom, Inc. (LSF). So Bollyn's conspiracy theory requires that Mark Lane took over the assets of Liberty Lobby when in fact he didn't, that Lane was in some kind of plot with the new controllers of the LSF and the IHR, that they had agreed with Lane that they would pay "his" non-existent assets back, and they kept their part of the deal and handed back the assets that Lane never had. It's about as likely as the Moon being made of cheese.

The LSF was founded by a group of Texas patriots in 1952. It was on the verge of bankruptcy in 1966, when Willis Carto bought control of the corporation and its magazine the American Mercury. When Carto founded the IHR in 1979, it was established as a subsidiary of the LSF. By 1993, the IHR had about 12,000 subscribers, two large warehouses full of books, and an almost unbroken track record for publishing the Journal For Historical Review. There was an elderly couple serving on the board of the LSF who were not in the best of health, and were already having some financial problems. The IHR rebels began telling them that Willis Carto was "operating illegally", they could face tax problems, and might even end up in jail - unless they resigned from the board and allowed "good people" to take over. It was a pack of lies, but unfortunately it worked for the rebels.

Within a few years of Carto being ousted, the IHR was down to some 500 subscribers and only about ten magazines had been published. The IHR's new front man was Mark Weber, whose sister lived on a kibbutz in Israel. As for a "flypaper operation", there is a strong possibility that the post-Carto IHR is a Mossad front and KGB-style "trust" that functions to collect names and monitor the activities of members of the revisionist movement. If so, there would ironically be an element of truth to Bollyn's claims, in that former assets of Willis Carto were being run as a means of providing the government and Zionist organizations with information about patriots. But the people falsely accused by Bollyn - such as Willis Carto, Mike Piper, and Mark Lane - were not any part of that.

Bollyn's claim that Lane took over the assets of Liberty Lobby in 1993 and now "owns" and "controls" American Free Press as a "flypaper operation", apart from being false, necessarily implies that Willis Carto and Mike Piper of AFP have been willingly serving as Zionist agents and government stooges for at least seventeen years. Carto and Piper have a long record of fighting Zionism and internationalism over many decades. Although Carto is regarded as "controversial", sometimes even "frightening", his setting up and management of pro-liberty, pro-nationalist, pro-truth organizations - e.g. the LSF, Liberty Lobby, the IHR, etc. -  that counter government and media deceptions leaves no doubt as to his sincerity and dedication to the causes he believes in. It is known that at a dinner party hosted by the Bronfmans, those present were arguing for and against getting rid of Carto. The Simon Wiesenthal Center, in a 1994 "report", described Carto as "the most influential professional antisemite in the United States". According to the ADL, Carto has been "one of the most influential American anti-Semitic propagandists of the past 50 years". Piper has authored many hard-hitting books such as Final Judgment on the Mossad's role in the JFK assassination, wrote for The Spotlight and now writes for the American Free Press, has a weekday talk show The Piper Report and participates at international conferences. He has gained a reputation - amongst those who have been suckered by Zionist political correctness propaganda - of having "hateful views" and "career long connections to abominable people" and "neo-Nazis".

On July 4, 1984, the IHR and the office of Willis Carto's Noontide Press were firebombed out of existence by JDL operatives working in conjunction with known Mossad operatives out of Israel. Damage was estimated at $400,000. Jewish terrorist attacks against the IHR and revisionists were a rather frequent occurrence. Unable to win the argument because the truth was not on their side, Jewish hoaxers found it necessary to resort to force.

Given their record, had Carto and Piper ever found they were working for a Zionist organization, they would have surely left and set up a new publishing outlet of their own. The delusional conspiracy theorist and Bollyn follower may propose that Carto and Piper were already "Zionist agents" and working with the JDL and the Mossad in 1984, and the firebombing was part of the plot to portray them as "anti-Zionists", so they could be exposed as frauds more than twenty years later by Hufschmid and Bollyn. The informed observer will dismiss Bollyn followers as ignorant fools, liars or agents. Unlike Carto, Piper and Lane, Bollyn has never written or published any books. But he did once edit a book for a suspected Scientologist.

Bollyn claimed on the Hender show that he knows Michael Piper, Mark Lane, Willis Carto, and Chris Petherick, and "worked with them intimately for six-and-a-half years". No, he doesn't, and didn't. Piper states that Bollyn only put in about ten appearances at Washington over several years. (Mark Lane was in the office on about five or six occasions.) Bollyn didn't get involved in the day-to-day operations at American Free Press, such as direct mail to promote AFP and RBN. AFP wanted Bollyn to remain closer to Washington so he could do investigations in the US, but he was frequently going off around the world - especially to Europe - for various projects of his. He was claiming expenses for a lot of mysterious travelling, ostensibly as part of his "journalistic" work. However, much of the time, these projects had not been assigned by AFP. Eventually, AFP decided they had to cut back on his expenses, after they found he was mostly just getting his articles from the internet and using the expenses to fund other activities.

If Mark Lane went into the office once a year and Bollyn did so twice a year, assuming about 250 working days per year, then Bollyn is in the office on one out of every 125 working days. There would be 124 times as many "no-Bollyn days" as "Bollyn days". Thus, given Lane's average of one day per year in the office, the chance of Bollyn happening to be in on the same day as Lane is around 1 in 125. Even over a six-year period, it would be more likely than not that they never met, and even if they did, Bollyn's claim to have worked with Lane "intimately" couldn't be further from the truth.

And Bollyn's writing soon after he was fired in October 2006 totally contradicts his account on the Hender show of "worked with them intimately". He wrote:

BOLLYN: I am sorry, but contrary to what AFP says, I am an outsider and cannot vouch for the integrity and credibility of each and every person working for AFP. As I have said above, there are very suspicious and dubious characters at the highest levels of the American Free Press, including Michael Piper, Scott Makufka, and Lisa Guliani.
How could I make a statement and generalize that AFP is not compromised when I don't know who these people really are or who they are loyal to?

Bollyn claimed that he'd had his salary cut because he was "getting too close to the truth". But others at AFP also had their salary cut. Piper's salary was cut - twice. In fact, for a time, Piper thought he would be unable to afford to continue living in Washington. The cuts were due to economic realities of the marketplace, not part of some sinister "Zionist plot" to oust Bollyn. Over six years from 2000 to 2006, Bollyn claimed almost $60,000 expenses from AFP / Liberty Lobby, in addition to being paid $266,000 - a total of well over $300,000 as revealed by Mike Piper on his show of April 6, 2007 [4:26].

As an example of "getting too close to the truth", Bollyn cites his claims that Afghanistan was invaded because the Mossad wanted to control an oil pipeline. However, the pipeline theory was proposed as early as October 2001 by people such as John Pilger, and soon developed extensively, e.g. by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed. By postulating a "Mossad" angle without providing evidence to support the claim, Bollyn served as the perfect "anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist" straw man, lending even further ammunition to the opponents of truth. Intriguingly, others linked to Eric Hufschmid - e.g. in Western Australia, - had the very same modus operandi.

The claim that Michael Piper has been "attacking" Bollyn "since December 2001" and trying to stop him from speaking out, is easily shown to be a lie by taking a look at the historical record. At the Piper Report talk show archives for 2006, it may be seen that throughout most of that year, Piper and Bollyn were on friendly terms with each other. Piper had Bollyn as a guest on his show several times, and even allowed Bollyn to stand in for him on at least thirteen occasions in June when Piper went on a trip to Malaysia. Bollyn's guests included Eric Hufschmid, Helje Kaskel, and "Dr." Ann Blake Tracy (twice).




Source: Piper Report archives, June 2006

Ann Blake Tracy's dubious doctorate was granted from a diploma mill in recognition for her "life experience" in writing her book Prozac: Panacea or Pandora?, which is riddled with punctuation and spelling errors and incomplete sentences. Tracy's group, the International Coalition for Drug Awareness, is suspected of being a front for the Church of Scientology, although Tracy denies that. The "Church" was taken over by a group of Jewish lawyers, and became a front for Israel's Mossad. After Bollyn was fired by American Free Press in October 2006, he was given the job of "editing" Tracy's book about Prozac, leading to suspicions that Bollyn was being financed by Scientology, and hence the Mossad. Bollyn claims that he was never paid for his editing work on Tracy's book. However, Bollyn is rather economical with the truth, and he actually cites "editing jobs" as one of his sources of income that he had to rely on after being fired from AFP. So if he was never paid for editing Tracy's Prozac book, what other "editing jobs" did he do?

Lawrence E. Heller is one of the lawyers for the Church of Scientology that has been described as a "school for psychopaths". Heller was the lead attorney for "Holocaust survivor" Mel Mermelstein when he unsuccessfully brought a suit for $11 million against four defendants including Liberty Lobby and Willis Carto, with Mark Lane - Bollyn's so-called "Zionist" and "CIA" operative - being the lead attorney for Liberty Lobby as mentioned above. Pseudo-revisionist and Scientologist Tom Marcellus and lawyer Andrew Evered Allen took control of the IHR in October 1993, after wrestling control from Willis Carto in an internal coup. Allen, a Californian millionaire and suspected deep-cover ADL field operative, was involved in CIA and Mossad intrigues in Afghanistan and Burma. Following the IHR coup, the ADL were able to present it as a split between "embattled bigots".

Christopher Bollyn claims that Daryl Bradford Smith, who works to expose criminal Zionism, has a "string of narcotics violations", and is an "agent" (presumably of the Jews or the CIA, and another to add to the long list of those whom Bollyn alleges are part of a global conspiracy against him).



In reality, Smith was arrested in 1990 together with a group of friends, and charged with being in possession of a needle and syringe. The drugs charges against Smith were later dropped, when it was determined that the "guilty" person was another member of the group. The allegation against Smith is a deliberate lie by Bollyn, in an attempt to deflect suspicion from himself over to Smith, similar to the way Bollyn's long-time partner and collaborator Eric Hufschmid teamed up with Daryl Bradford Smith, in order to boost Hufschmid's reputation at the expense of Smith's. Those two began working together when all evidence indicated that Hufschmid was a sincere truth teller, before he started trying to smear Ernst Zundel and alleging that most truth seekers were either part of the 9/11 cover-up or were rival criminals in October 2005. By 2006, it was becoming clear to outside observers that Hufschmid was a fake "anti-Zionist" who was working to destroy cohesion with the truth movement by smearing genuine activists as agents. Hufschmid's list of alleged shills included a mix of agents and honest people. However, Daryl Bradford Smith strongly believed in values such as loyalty to one's partners and fellow activists, and carried on believing that his webmaster and fellow "anti-Zionist" Eric Hufschmid was genuine until 2007, when Hufschmid had stabbed Smith in the back too many times. Consequently, in the 2006 - 2007 period, there were arguments for and against Smith's website The French Connection, which was heavily influenced by the treacherous Hufschmid, and carried Bollyn's material. So both sides in that debate were partly right and partly wrong.

No sane person could seriously believe the lunacy about the "Zionist" Mark Lane who works for the "CIA" / a "Jewish intelligence organization" and "controls" and "owns" American Free Press, or about how Michael Piper has been "attacking" Bollyn and trying to stop him from speaking since December 2001. Given that Christopher Bollyn is a proven liar, the rest of his pronouncements are rendered highly suspect, and this is confirmed by his disinformation and attempts to sabotage 9/11 truth as described above. Here are a few more examples of Bollyn's disinformation:

Top investigators of the Columbia space shuttle disaster are analyzing a startling photograph -- snapped by an amateur astronomer from a San Francisco hillside -- that appears to show a purplish electrical bolt striking the craft as it streaked across the California sky.

Source: Rumor Mill News

Bollyn copied and pasted (with attribution) the entire article by Sabin Russell from the San Francisco Chronicle. An hour later, he posted a speculative piece asking if "Soviet space weapons" had brought down the Columbia space shuttle.

Did Soviet Space Weapons Bring Down Columbia? *PIC*

Posted By: ChristopherBollyn
Date: Wednesday, 5-Feb-2003 05:18:07

In Response To: Was Columbia Hit by Death Ray? (ChristopherBollyn)

The Russians have the technology to take Columbia down with space-based laser. Did something like this happen?

By Christopher Bollyn
American Free Press

Beginning in the 1960s, the Soviet Union conducted a substantial research program to develop a defense against ballistic missiles. The Soviets built, and Russia continues to maintain, the world's only operational anti-ballistic missile system. Additional programs focused on the development of other ground- and space-based weapons using laser, particle beam, and kinetic energy technology.

Soviet research into ground- and space-based laser weapons systems began in the 1960s. The Soviets actually built several ground-based lasers in the 1980s, which reportedly could destroy or interfere with satellites and aircraft. The space-based laser system envisioned in this 1987 work was designed to destroy or incapacitate satellites and intercontinental ballistic missiles, but it was never built.

Columbia passed over Southern California on its ill-fated return voyage last weekend. For AF Space and Missile Center in Los Angeles see:

It would have passed directly over the USAF Space and Missiles Systems Center (SMC) with its Space-Based Laser Project Office.

It would have also passed over Vandenberg AFB, home of Air Force Space Command. The two facilities are well positioned to have observed exactly what happened to Columbia when it first experienced serious difficulties on re-entry.

In short, the center of the US space weapon's program is southern California, precisely where Columbia was apparently hit by some form of direct energy beam weapon, according to the San Francisco Chronicle story.

These facilities should be engaged in an open investigation as to what occurred when a purple ray was seen directed at the returning shuttle.

Source: Rumor Mill News

As may be seen, Bollyn begins with a claim that "the Russians" already had the capability to take down Columbia with "space-based laser". He then copied and pasted a couple of paragraphs from another source that were supposed to support his claim. Problem is, Bollyn's source states that the "space-based" weapons were never built or deployed. The ABMs are silo-based and the lasers are also ground-based. (It may be seen that this is also the source of the 39kB JPEG image that Bollyn posted at the foot of his article.) Thus, Bollyn misrepresents his source as he cannot bear to let the facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory. Bollyn then goes on to imply, with no evidence other than a purple streak on a photo together with his claim that Columbia passed "over Southern California" and "directly over the USAF Space and Missiles Systems Center (SMC)", that "some form of direct energy beam weapon" developed by the "US space weapon's (sic) program" was responsible for the disaster.

For one thing, Columbia crossed the California coast by the Russian River west of Sacramento (see 8:53:26 in this timeline), which is Northern, not Southern, California. (Bollyn used to live in California, so should not be confusing Northern with Southern.) The USAF Space and Missiles Systems Center is located at Los Angeles Air Force Base in El Segundo, Calif., approximately one to three miles (in a straight line) southeast of Los Angeles International Airport. Sacramento is nearly 400 miles northwest of Los Angeles AFB in El Segundo. Columbia's course then took it over the airspace of Nevada and Utah before Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, so even St. George in the southwest corner of Utah is about 400 miles northeast of El Segundo. Two eyewitnesses in St. George who were videotaping Columbia saw pieces "falling off" as it passed overhead. Columbia's altitude for this section of its descent is between 42 and 44 miles, so Bollyn's hypothetical "direct energy beam weapon" would require an elevation angle of around six degrees, and the beam would have an altitude of six hundred to seventeen hundred feet as it crossed the airspace of Los Angeles International Airport.

Vandenberg AFB is also in Southern California, in Santa Barbara County (as is Eric Hufschmid's house).

The Chronicle story did not indicate any form of "direct energy beam weapon", and even suggested camera shake over a few seconds as the explanation for the purple streak. So this is another example of Bollyn misrepresenting his source. And Bollyn started with the suggestion that "the Russians" did it, then went over to the US military as the villain when he decided that would be easier to sell, but he forgot to revise his title accordingly. It's a good yarn for conspiracy theorists - "the government did the Columbia disaster", but it does not exactly help the reputation of a serious newspaper such as American Free Press to be associated with this sort of unbridled speculation.

Christopher Bollyn's Columbia piece is a good example of how he was working to gain popularity with fringe conspiracy theorists by giving them what they wanted to read, whilst simultaneously discrediting his employers and legitimate researchers. And he would reinforce Eric Hufschmid's operation to sow discord and mistrust within the truth movement, since Bollyn's activities would split the movement. On the one hand, there would be those who think "Columbia was an inside job" or "chemtrails are a conspiracy to poison people deliberately". Then there would be those who demand evidence for their beliefs, whilst also recognizing that 9/11 was a false-flag operation, that Israel's attack on the USS Liberty was no "accident", that the so-called "Holocaust" was a hoax that had already been unsuccessfully attempted in 1919 after one of its main promoters, Rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise, had spoken in June 1900 about "six million living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism", etc.

In any case, the image itself actually refutes any claim that a ground-based weapon was responsible for the Columbia disaster, since the streak approaches from above the plasma trail. NASA agrees with the view that the streak in the photo was caused by camera shake. Others suspect high-altitude lightning. And the lunatic fringe say the aliens did it.

Columbia Purple Streak


Bollyn promoted the hoax story that Flight 93 had "landed at Cleveland", despite all the evidence that it was shot down near Shanksville.

Bollyn propagated a claim that the Iowa caucus results of 2004 were tallied by an "Israeli defense firm". This was easily debunked, and anti-Zionists were discredited by association with a straw-clutching conspiracy theory. The "Israeli connection" was, at most, extremely flimsy, and the 'evidence' fell far short of that required to conclude that the Israelis were "controlling" the Iowa count.

Bollyn claims that a photo of the Flight 175 jet fuel deflagration is "evidence of thermate". Scientists, whatever their position on controlled demolitions, would not agree with him.

Bollyn said:

You may recall hearing about a streaking missile seen flying past the WTC towers, headed for 7-WTC, precisely as the second plane hit the south tower. Six WTC has a huge unexplained crater at its center and 7-WTC burned and collapsed late in the afternoon on 9-11, for no apparent reason. Steel beams in 7-WTC appear to have “evaporated” or vaporized.


Good information (partly evaporated steel beams) is deliberately mixed with speculation about a "missile". He tries to cover himself by admitting it could be a hoax.

While viewers’ attention was focused on the crash and subsequent fireball, few noticed the missile streaking toward 6 and 7 WTC at the edge of the screen.


It's now "the missile", as opposed to a possible hoax.

An amateur video of the second plane hitting the south tower, shown on Danish TV2’s “22 Fokus” on Sept. 19, shows a laser beam-like spot moving across the west facade of the tower immediately before the plane crashes into it. The spot, which some experts believe is evidence of a laser guidance system being used, moves from left to right before the plane strikes the tower slightly lower and to the right of the dot.


Another hoax à la the "pod people".

Dave von Kleist's video "911: In Plane Site" presents video evidence from four different cameras that recorded the plane striking the South Tower on Sept. 11, 2001.

All four videos, when slowed down and examined frame by frame, clearly show that the plane said to be United Air Lines Flight 175 carried what appears to be a missile pod on its underside between the wings.

Immediately before the plane entered the building the missile pod appears to fire a missile that creates a flash. This flash precedes the impact of the plane's nose with the surface of the South Tower.

The video shows that a similar flash occurred when what is said to be American Airlines Flight 11 struck the North Tower at about 8:46 a.m.


Bollyn also claims in his "thermite batteries" articles of early 2007 that the WTC planes fired missiles. He reveals himself as similar to the "pod people" who promote straw man conspiracy theories based upon easily refuted video 'evidence'.

On holiday in southern Estonia, I have noticed daily "chemtrail" spraying over this non-NATO land.


Like "global warming", "chemtrails" has been consistently debunked, e.g. here, here, and here. The Zionists would love to equate 9/11 skeptics with chemtrails believers.


Cheney’s mention of Iraq possessing 10 percent of the world’s oil reserves revealed the true motivation of the money interests behind the Bush policy of “regime change” in Iraq. The implication of Cheney’s speeches is that war should be waged so that the U.S. and Britain could gain control of the oil reserves of Iraq.

Source: Christopher Bollyn, September 2002

The "war for oil" hoax was also peddled by the likes of Mike Ruppert. The war in Iraq was not for oil, but for Israel.

As to why Christopher Bollyn has managed to attract followers who eagerly post his articles over the blogosphere, his writing is aimed at a particular group and designed to give them what they want to read. Bollyn's targets have a conspiratorial mindset, but they choose what to believe based upon their political or ideological prejudices rather than the evidence. If some theory about a conspiracy satisfies their personal prejudices, yet the evidence shows the theory to be wrong, they will accept the theory regardless. And when the evidence dictates that the reality is not consistent with their preconceived notions of how they would like it or expect it to be, they will refuse to accept the reality.

For example, Bollyn's claims includes "Columbia shuttle disaster was an inside job", "Benjamin Chertoff is Michael Chertoff's cousin", "photo of WTC2 plane impact proves use of thermite", "Mark Lane is a Zionist who owns and controls American Free Press", "Bill Manning doubts fires brought down WTC", "a missile hit WTC6 or WTC7", "Israeli defense firm tallied the Iowa caucus", "seismic spikes prove explosive demolitions", etc. Bollyn's material is "sexed up" so as to appeal to his target group. And since the deceivers such as Bollyn merely need present some snippets of weak 'evidence' rather than verify the accuracy of their reports, this has - for the Zionists - the useful consequence that sufficient disinformation goes into the mix, serving as straw men in helping the anti-truth "debunkers" discredit the truth movement. Conversely, a regular, honest outlet such as American Free Press is subject to the constraints of reality, and must tell it as it is. The disinformation artist and the honest outlet each target a particular readership, and the overlap is only partial. The deceivers and disruptors also benefit from the fact that the movement is comprised of some who believe that a truth movement's primary concern should be about truth, and others who think the movement is only about what is anti-Zionist or anti-Judaic or anti-government or anti-police. Thus, the agent provocateur sets each faction against the other, resulting in a divided movement.

The Bollyn intrigues

Around 1981, Christopher Bollyn was based in California. He had two convictions for theft out of California, and an assault charge. In 1983, Bollyn married Bosmat Merimsky, a Jewish Israeli who worked in military intelligence at Herzliya, Israel. It was confirmed by Christopher's brother Jay that Bosmat wanted to marry an American so she could live in the US, in Los Angeles (and obtain US citizenship). A search by maiden name showed that Merimsky was associated with an address in Santa Monica, within three miles of the Rand Corporation, and within a mile of a Chabad Lubavitch synagogue. The marriage lasted two years and Bollyn, in an interview with David Duke, described it as a "marriage of convenience". For a three-minute audio clip of Christopher Bollyn talking about his first wife Bosmat, click here. And in this one-and-a-half-minute clip from the April 6, 2010, R.J. Hender show, Bollyn says that she was a "secretary". Yes, and the men are described as "diplomats" or "military attachés". They first met when she was only 16 or 17 (in the late 1970s, when Bollyn was working as a lifeguard on a kibbutz). Bollyn says that even before she went into the military, the Mossad came to the kibbutz where he lived in the Jordan Valley to run background checks on her to find out about Bollyn, her American boyfriend. In this one-and-a-half-minute clip, Bollyn says that when Bosmat came to America and started to associate with other Israelis, he saw that their business practices were "borderline legal", fraudulent operations that were sometimes legal, sometimes even illegal. So he said (to himself) "I can't be involved with people like that", and this is his reason for the divorce.

As stated on his August 2005 indictment on espionage charges along with Larry Franklin and Keith Weissman, co-author of The Campaign To Discredit Israel Steven J. Rosen was a "social scientist" at the Rand Corporation in Santa Monica, where he had been granted security clearance to CIA contracts, before being hired by AIPAC around July 1982. Thus, Israel had an agent - or agents - at Rand, at least until mid-1982. From 1982 to 1983, it is therefore feasible that other agents of Israel either already had access to classified material there or were attempting to gain access. The Rand Corporation's address is 1776 Main Street, Santa Monica in California.

Thus, in 1983, when Israel likely had agents at the Rand Corporation or was seeking to replace Rosen, Bollyn helped an Israeli spy to obtain US citizenship and to gain access to live within a few miles of the Rand Corporation.

In an interesting twist, just as the first edition of The Campaign To Discredit Israel was published (January 1, 1983), which described Mark Lane as an "anti-Zionist Jew", Bollyn was living and travelling across the American continent with the Israeli military intelligence officer from Herzliya whom he was to marry later that year. More than 25 years later, Bollyn was to allege that Mark Lane was a "Zionist Jew".

Bollyn's first Israeli wife is now associated with a Jewish financial factoring company owned by Eyal Levy who specializes in "financing and restructuring unconventional transactions worldwide and has been working for over 25 years with government contracts and agencies, including financing government contracts, credit analysis and sales to the U.S. armed forces, NASA, the FBI and the CIA." Levy's company, Platinum Funding Group, is financed by JPMorgan Chase and N M Rothschild & Sons. Platinum Funding Group was established in 1992, and has been headquartered at the Bush Tower, Manhattan, since 2002. When Bosmat Merimsky, her partner Jacob "Cobi" Babchuk and Eyal Levy went on a recent trip to Asia, Levy did a pretty good impression of a howling wolf baring his teeth. And Merimsky and Babchuk recently went on vacation to Caesarea, the only town in Israel that is managed by a business, the Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Caesarea Development Corporation that has donated over 100 million shekels in recent years to organizations such as the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. Two of Caesarea's notable residents are Eitan Wertheimer and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Christopher Bollyn married his second wife Helje Kaskel, a former actress and nude model, in 1995. In the 1990s, Bollyn and Kaskel were evidently working as an intelligence team, tracking nationalist and anti-Zionist writer Michael Collins Piper. This dates at least back to July 1994, which was shortly after the first publication of Piper's book Final Judgment early in 1994. Documented evidence surfaced in 2009 when Anne Cronin, who had worked at Liberty Lobby going back to 1964 before the launch of The Spotlight, came across some interesting information when flipping through old guest books. For July 11, 1994, there were just two visitors to the Liberty Lobby office in Washington, DC, who had inscribed their names onto the relevant book covering that date, with the previous and following names falling on June 13 and July 18 respectively. The first name on July 11, 1994, was Christopher Bollyn, 220 Kingman Lane, Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60194. And directly beneath it on the next line was Helje Kaskel, Estonia. However, when Bollyn came to work for The Spotlight and subsequently American Free Press, he never once mentioned that he'd previously set foot inside the building.

Bollyn revealed in 2004 that his job at IBM Global Network Services was in the "Remote Access" department.

An insecure network is any network that can be reached from outside.
When our voting machines in Cook County can be communicated with by anyone who knows the internet protocol address (IP) for any machine in the network, it is an insecure network. (I used to work in the Remote Access department of IBM's Global Network Services. At the time it was America's best and most secure internet provider.)

Source: Rumor Mill News

Charles C. Palmer, Director of IBM's Institute for Advanced Security and a member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee, worked with IBM Global Services to start their so-called "ethical hacking practice". A Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) candidate merely has to sign an agreement prior to their training, pledging not to use their skills for illegal or malicious attacks.

IBM Global Services also employed "ethical hackers" in another capacity, to prove to IBM's clients that they needed to tighten up their security to prevent unscrupulous characters from copying or stealing documents and getting into the computer server room. Rather than remotely accessing computers, the hackers would gain physical access to office buildings by talking their way past security and posing as one of the staff or as a legitimate visitor, e.g. a technician. The bogus "co-worker" or "technician" would employ props such as a hard hat, boiler suit or clipboard, but an ability to act the part was an important qualification. An "ethical hacker" named Paul, who carried out this work for the UK arm of IBM Global Services prior to 9/11, described how he'd developed a knack for role playing, and often worked with a partner to make the ruse seem authentic.

So we have Christopher Bollyn and a partner visiting the Liberty Lobby office in 1994, Bollyn's father Elbert happening to be an accomplished actor in his spare time who was president of the Hoffman Estates Theatre Guild and frequently starred in their productions, Bollyn's meeting with the Murdochs around 1988, Bollyn's work in IBM Global Network Services' "remote access" department and his interest in election fraud and the possibility of hacking voting machines, IBM Global Services "ethical hackers" who would gain remote access to computers or bluff their way into office premises (in the 1990s), the fact that Zionists such as the Murdochs would have liked to steal data such as mailing lists from a populist, pro-nationalist, anti-Zionist organization such as Liberty Lobby with a so-called "anti-Semitic" world-view, the fact that Bollyn would have had no reason not to mention his 1994 trip to Liberty Lobby after he came to work for them in 2000 if the 1994 trip had been entirely innocent, the Murdoch media empire's phone hacking scandal that is suspected to date back at least to 2001 given that the FBI is taking seriously claims that the phones of 9/11 victims were hacked, and the Murdoch publications' bribing of police in order to obtain information for their scoops. Bollyn and Kaskel would not have bothered to sign in with fake names in 1994, since they would not have known then that Bollyn would be working for Liberty Lobby six years later. The pattern continues...

In April of 1997, the Bollyn couple were tailing Mike Piper in Cancun, Mexico. Piper was in a cigar store, looking into a cigar case, and he heard a squeaky American voice say, "Hey, cigars". It sounded like "Hey, seegars". Piper turned around and saw a striking couple - a tall, handsome guy with his fabulously beautiful woman, looking like American tourists. They were not speaking to Piper, but hovering nearby. Then, in May of 2000, when Piper met the Bollyns in Chicago and Christopher mentioned that he smoked cigars, Piper suddenly recalled the "Hey, seegars" encounter of three years ago, and realised that the two of them were the same couple that he'd seen previously in Mexico.

About six months prior to Piper's first official contact with Bollyn (by email) early in 2000, he had been contacted by a Swedish gentleman who'd expressed an interest in doing a documentary on Final Judgment. He told Piper a story about one of his experiences in the Middle East in the company of another individual. As Piper visited the Bollyns at their Chicago home in May 2000, Christopher Bollyn told the same story as recounted by the Swedish gentleman. It was about the same incident on the Israeli border, and yet neither Bollyn nor the Swedish gentleman said that they knew each other. The recognition that the Bollyns were the "Hey, seegars" couple, the shared experience by two gentlemen who omitted to mention that they knew each other, and a bizarre incident in which Helje showed Piper her nude modelling photos as husband Christopher looked on, led Piper to ask himself whether he was caught up in some intelligence operation involving the Bollyn couple. This was nine years before the discovery of documented evidence of the Bollyns' 1994 visit to Liberty Lobby.

By an interesting 'coincidence', Bollyn and Kaskel were in New York City on 9/11, a year after self-described Khazar Jerry Myers had got Bollyn his new job as a "journalist".

Ever since April 2005, Hufschmid has been running a page entitled Bollyn's Secret Agents on his website. The page features a photo of Helje Kaskel toting a gun and posing like an 007-style secret agent.


Around November 2006, Christopher Bollyn circulated an email under his alias of "Sam Brand" with this photo as an attachment, in which he asked his critic Scott Makufka (aka Victor Thorn) if he was "homosexual", and followed up with the statement "I am not gay. My wife is in the photo." And Bollyn is supposed to be a 9/11 researcher, not an eight-year-old boy! Bollyn's use of "Sam Brand" derives from the fact that his maternal grandfather was Samuel Brand.

Given that Christopher Bollyn and Eric Hufschmid were collaborating at least from 2002 to 2007, Christopher and Helje were tailing Mike Piper back in the 1990s, and Hufschmid chose the title Bollyn's Secret Agents for his page carrying the photo of Helje, it is clear that the deceptive duo - and quite probably the treacherous trio including Helje Kaskel - can be seen to have fancied themselves as a threesome of "secret agents".

The Bollyn-Kaskel couple were already operating in the U.S. before Helje Kaskel's first husband, Urmas Alender, vocalist from the Estonian progressive rock group Ruja, was killed in the MS Estonia ferry disaster when the ship sank in the Baltic Sea en route between Tallinn and Stockholm, killing 852 people. Rock star Alender died September 28, 1994, more than two months after his wife Helje, with her future husband Christopher Bollyn of Hoffman Estates, visited the Liberty Lobby office in Washington, DC on July 11.

According to the official report, the locks on the bow door "failed from the strain of the waves". The Swedish government had hired divers from Rockwater, a subsidiary of Halliburton, which was run in the late 1990s by Dick Cheney. An unofficial investigation recovered pieces of metal from near the bow door, and had them examined at laboratories in the US and Germany. Tests showed evidence of an explosion, with "changes to the metal similar to those seen by high-detonation velocity". This could account for the loud bang that was heard on the night of the disaster. Furthermore, stolen Russian military equipment is understood to have been smuggled on the Estonia on September 14 and 20, 1994, and is suspected of having been aboard on the fateful night of the sinking on September 28. In some accounts, MI6 smuggled the equipment on behalf of the CIA; others cite the KSI - Swedish military intelligence - as behind the smuggling. One theory says that the Russian-Estonian (or the Jewish) Mafia placed a limpet mine on the hull, warning the shipping company that they should pay protection money. Another theory is that the Russian government found out about the theft and smuggling of their equipment, and their agents placed a mine to damage the ship and force it back to port, stopping the shipment and sending a warning to Western intelligence agencies. In each case, the damage was more than expected, and the ship sank.

Bollyn was brought to The Spotlight under bizarre circumstances in the year prior to 9/11. In January 2000, Bollyn got involved in a dispute at his local library when they initially refused his request to stock Michael Piper's Final Judgment. He claimed to have heard about Piper's book on the internet. The controversy provided him with a pretext to leave his job at IBM Global Network Services, meet Piper and get involved with The Spotlight, forerunner to American Free Press, both being critics of Israel and Zionism. Bollyn and his wife Helje first met Michael Piper "officially" months later, in May of 2000.

Jerry Myers, a self-described Khazar, had been working at Liberty Lobby long ago, going back to the 1960s. He had a reputation as a troublemaker, a tale spinner, and was regarded as a bit strange, but sincere and largely harmless. Myers was fired from Liberty Lobby, but no one could remember just what it was he was fired for. He popped back in the late 1990s, saying he'd like to be a volunteer. So Willis Carto agreed. In the summer of 2000, Myers went to a vote fraud conference in Indiana, and ostensibly met Bollyn there. Myers returned to Washington and started telling everyone that, "Bollyn! Bollyn is coming to work for Liberty Lobby!" Myers said that Willis Carto had sent him to the conference to "hire Bollyn". But Piper knew that Carto hadn't done that.

Incidentally, whilst at the conference, Myers had introduced himself to Jim Condit as a Khazar. Condit was thinking, "What is Liberty Lobby doing with a Khazar on their staff?" The same could be said of Bollyn's choice of a Khazar as his associate, with the important distinction being that he not only uncritically swallowed everything Myers told him, but acted as Myers' puppet - even to the extent of giving up his job at IBM Global Network Services just as Zionists were in need of a few controlled "journalists" for their imminent false-flag terror attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Bollyn arrived at Washington for an interview, and it seemed to Piper that Bollyn was a bit confused by the situation and didn't know what was going on. Carto asked Piper, "What's the story with this guy Bollyn?" Piper explained that "Jerry's crazy over him", and Bollyn was the guy who had got involved in the Schaumburg library controversy. Carto asked, "Does he want a job here?" So Carto had an interview with Bollyn and hired him.

Hence, events in 2000 explain Bollyn's interest in Mike Piper and Liberty Lobby dating back to 1994, which was three years after Israeli security officials inspected the garage of Zim American Israeli Shipping in the World Trade Center, and concluded that the WTC garage was vulnerable to a car bomb. 1994 was also a year after the WTC garage was hit by a car bomb killing six and injuring more than a thousand in the resulting fires after a plan to substitute harmless powder for the explosives was called off by an FBI supervisor, and a year before Benjamin Netanyahu wrote about "militant Islam" bringing down the World Trade Center. Netanyahu claims that was a prediction by his father Benzion in the early 1990s, and he claims his father also predicted the "Holocaust" in 1937.

Before evidence had surfaced of Christopher Bollyn and Helje Kaskel's 1994 visit to Liberty Lobby in Washington, DC, more than two months before the death of Helje's then husband Urmas Alender, Mike Piper hinted on his September 30, 2008 show why he believes Christopher Bollyn to be "part of a long-standing intelligence operation". Click here to listen to the 2:09 minutes clip.

I hope some of you had a chance to tune in to the broadcast that I did with Daryl Bradford Smith over at iamthewitness dot com. That broadcast of course was done on Saturday and was up on the website last time I looked. Incidentally, you know, before, it wasn't on the broadcast itself, but when Daryl and I had a chance to chat off the air, I told Daryl some things that I had never talked about on the air. Well, I should say I talked about it on the air but didn't name any names. Actually talked about it on this show one time without mentioning any names.

But needless to say I told Daryl that in fact I was referring to Christopher Bollyn, the famous Christopher Bollyn. And Daryl and I were comparing some notes on Bollyn, and we pretty much reached very similar conclusions about Bollyn and his, his background so to speak. But be that as it may, sometime on the air I will tell the stories in detail. Two or three rather eye-opening stories which indicate to me that Christopher Bollyn had targeted me personally a long, long time before he ever popped up in the American Free Press radar screen. That his whole approach to cosy up to me through advocating, publicly advocating for my book Final Judgment was part of a long-standing intelligence operation and since, since all of those events that have gone down, and looking at some of Bollyn's connections and some of his activities, I can understand now, you know, it's funny when you're in the midst of something you don't quite understand it or recognize all the details at work, but when you can step back and look at the big picture you understand it. Well, enough said about that reprehensible character Bollyn.

Bollyn had targeted Piper, in order that Bollyn could get himself established as an "anti-Zionist / 9/11 journalist", later going on to stab Piper in the back. Thus, Bollyn would establish his own little cult of internet truth seekers, at the same time introducing straw man disinformation designed to damage the truth movement's reputation as perceived by outsiders. This is similar to Hufschmid's tactic of clinging to Daryl Bradford Smith for a while in order to boost Hufschmid's reputation at the expense of Smith's. The difference in the case of Hufschmid is that he was set up as one of the early leaders in the 9/11 truth movement by being provided with a book and video that were produced by a committee. The association with Smith enabled Hufschmid to extend his shelf life for an extra two or three years. One task of both Bollyn and Hufschmid was to split the movement, so as to provoke clashes between those who could see through their deceptions and those who had swallowed them hook, line, and sinker.

In November of 2000, within months of his starting to write for The Spotlight, Bollyn claimed to have received a death threat from a Russian gentleman, Alex Kantarovich of the Illinois-based Vikont Corporation, in relation to Bollyn's writing about the new electronic voting machines and vote fraud. And on October 13, 2006, six days after he was fired from American Free Press, Bollyn claimed to have received a death threat from an "insider of American Free Press and long-time friend of Willis A. Carto". He says he was told that if he revealed what he really knew about American Free Press, he would be killed. There is no evidence that Bollyn ever received any death threats from anyone, and he is still alive and well to this day.

Another person who claims to have been "threatened" is the millionaire Jimmy Walter, a promoter of the "WTC planes were faked" disinformation. In May - June 2005, Walter, Hufschmid and Bollyn were on a speaking tour in Europe to promote 9/11 truth, funded by Walter. The London meeting was addressed by another bogus truth teller, David "son of God" Shayler.

Bollyn claims to have met Helje in Oslo. In an interesting little coincidence, Helje Kaskel was born and educated in Estonia, and Rupert Murdoch's then wife (from 1967-1999) Anna Torv, now Anna Maria Torv Murdoch Mann, is also of Estonian descent. Anna Murdoch Mann was actually born in Scotland in a village near Glasgow. Her mother Sylvia Braida was Scottish, but her merchant seaman engineer father Jacob Torv was from Estonia. Also from the Estonian Torv family is the Australian actress Anna Torv (b. 1978), whose father Hans Torv is of Estonian descent. The actress was born in Stirling, Scotland, and Anna Murdoch Mann is her paternal aunt. James and Lachlan Murdoch are the children of Anna Murdoch Mann, making them one-quarter Estonian through their grandfather Jacob. The Estonian female population in 1960, assuming Christopher Bollyn's most likely long-term partner would be a little younger than him, was 682,000. The world population was a little over 3 billion. (The previous link may need a page refresh in order for the chart to display.) Thus, assuming 1.5 billion for the world female population in 1960, Estonian females represented about 1 in 2,200 of the total. Of course, the Murdochs would have many contacts other than Estonian. But given that Bollyn met the Murdochs in 1988 and met Helje Kaskel around 1994 (or possibly earlier), there is a strong possibility that one of the Murdoch family introduced Helje Kaskel to Christopher Bollyn.

Christopher Bollyn's family is related to Sir Thomas Boleyn, the father of Anne Boleyn who was Queen of England as the second wife of King Henry VIII. Anne Boleyn was also the mother of Queen Elizabeth I who ruled England along with a varying proportion of Ireland for more than 44 years. The Tudor family tree on Henry VIII's side stops with Elizabeth I, but Queen Elizabeth II is descended from Henry VIII's sister Margaret Tudor.

Christopher Bollyn's mother Charlotte, b. 6-Feb-1919, was governess for the Farish family and took care of the young William Stamps Farish III, b. 17-Mar-1939, Houston, TX, who was US ambassador to the UK as of 9/11/2001. The Farish family's fortune derived from Humble Oil, which was gradually absorbed by Standard Oil and eventually renamed as Exxon. John D. Rockefeller was Founder and Chairman of Standard Oil. Humble Oil was co-founded by Farish III's grandfather William Stamps Farish II, the grandnephew of Jefferson Davis.

William S. Farish III is:

The ranks of the Pilgrims are filled with members of the Episcopal Church, at which Chris Bollyn was an altar boy and earned the God and Country award. IBM and the Watson family are heavily represented in the Pilgrims Society. Bollyn worked for IBM Global Network Services until 2000 when, as a consequence of a bizarre intervention by a Khazar as described above, he took a job at The Spotlight. He also admitted to living with a Swedish Countess. Pilgrims members connected to Illinois include George Wildman Ball, David Waddell Barr, William Averell Harriman (linked to George Herbert Walker and his son-in-law Prescott Bush), Lillian Craig Harris (an instructor in English and journalism at Wheaton [Illinois] College, 1966-68, also visited Beirut, Cairo, etc), Robert Louis Payton, James Robert Peterson, Sturgis Lee Riddle, Robert Armstrong Robinson, etc.

Christopher Bollyn's sister Karin married a Jew, Michael Epstein, and is raising their daughter Ivy Charlotte in the Jewish faith. Ivy Charlotte's maternal grandparents were the late Charlotte and Elbert Bollyn, the parents of Karin and Christopher Bollyn. Further evidence of the association between the Bollyn and Epstein families is demonstrated by the fact that "Epstein, Karin Bollyn", "Bollyn, Christopher Lee" and others are named as grantees on an oil and gas lease. Michael and Karin Epstein are closely involved with the synagogue Temple Solel of Paradise Valley, Arizona, the mission of which includes "fostering a love of Israel". In May 2001, Karin Epstein was installed as one of the synagogue's trustees.

So, rather like Eric Hufschmid supposedly being an opponent of NWO deceptions such as "global warming" just as his sister Kathryn is doing her level best to promote that for the Clinton Climate Initiative, we also have the spectacle of Christopher Bollyn the 'opponent' of Israel and brother of Karin whose work includes "fostering a love of Israel".

In June 2010 Temple Solel's newsletter has the wedding anniversary of Michael and Karin Epstein shown as 27 years under "June anniversaries". The June 2009 newsletter has it shown as 26 years under "May anniversaries". They therefore married in 1983, which was the same year that Christopher Bollyn married the Israeli military intelligence officer Bosmat Merimsky in Puerto Rico.

The Bollyn family's liking for Judaism and Israel would at least partly stem from the Beth Tikvah Temple, which was set up in 1957 and soon became a powerful force in Hoffman Estates under the leadership of Rabbi Hillel Gamoran. Beth Tikvah's website states:

For over 50 years, Beth Tikvah has been welcoming individuals and families to our vibrant Reform Jewish community in Hoffman Estates, IL, located in the heart of the northwest suburbs of Chicago.
Beth Tikvah Congregation is dedicated to the Jewish ideals of Avodah (Worship), Talmud Torah (Lifelong Learning), and Tikkun Olam (Social Action), all within the context of building a better world.

Bollyn's mother Charlotte's local activities included taking charge of the "Blue Wrens" / Bluebird Group within the Camp Fire Girls, and she was active in the Holy Innocents Episcopal women's group. Rabbi Gamoran hosted some of the Camp Fire Girls events at Beth Tikvah Temple, provided the invocation at the Scouts dinners, and ran an "interfaith music program" that brought together Beth Tikvah and other congregations such as the Holy Innocents Episcopal Church.

On November 14, 1959, Charlotte Bollyn was photographed at the Holy Innocents Episcopal women's group bazaar. In January 1964, Charlotte invited two guests to the Camp Fire Girls father and daughter box supper that was hosted at Beth Tikvah Temple on the 15th of that month. Chicago's Daily Herald of March 19, 1964 reported on an event of Sunday the 15th of March.

An "interfaith music program" was sponsored by the Hoffman - Schaumburg Human Relations Committee. Greetings were extended by Rabbi Hillel Gamoran of Beth Tikvah Temple, the Committee's projects chairman. The purpose of the gathering was explained further by the Rev. Raymond Dalton of Holy Innocents Episcopal Church...

On February 19, 1966, Rabbi Gamoran gave the invocation at the annual Blue and Gold potluck dinner of Cub Scout Pack 193, which was attended by 37 Cub Scouts and their families at Fairview School, Hoffman Estates. Years later, at the age of 15, Christopher Bollyn was an Eagle Scout.

Christopher Bollyn, formerly of Hoffman Estates near Schaumburg, used to work for IBM Global Network Services before he was brought to write for The Spotlight. On February 14, 2003, a fire started in a heating or HVAC unit at the top of a high-rise office block, at 231 North Martingale Road, Schaumburg, IL, the home of IBM Global Network Services (or IBM Global Services). Many of the workers at this 11-story building, which served as a data center, were receiving calls about the fire by their colleagues at 8:45am. Although there were no casualties, the report states that at 9 a.m. "a black cloud of smoke billowed across the sky", and IBM employee Ruby Williams saw flames shooting from the rooftop. A contractor who used to work there described the scene as "one hell of a ball of smoke". This was the very day before unprecedented worldwide protests against the imminent invasion of Iraq, including a record 3 million protesters in Rome.

The International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) 2003 event convened at Chicago's McCormick Place, from January 27-29, 2003. Engineers who attend this event come from dozens of countries worldwide. In 2003, more than 58,000 HVAC&R professionals from 117 countries attended, including exhibitors from more than 33 countries. In 2006 for example, the AHR Expo also convened at the same venue, and one attendee was Gilad Lev-Shamur, a facility engineer from Haifa, Israel. The building automation system (B.A.S.) for 231 N. Martingale Road was maintained by Johnson Controls, which in 2006 hosted George W. Bush at their headquarters where he delivered a major speech on energy.

If Israel or the Bush Administration had been planning to frame Muslims in a false-flag terror attack on a high-rise office building, it would have been useful to have their agent as the lead "journalist" for the unofficial investigation who could say, "I know that building - I used to work there!" A "journalist" who conveniently happened to have been in New York City on 9/11, a "journalist" whose mother worked as governess taking care of a child who later became friends with the Bush family and Queen Elizabeth II and attained "a host of exotic contacts overlapping the intelligence and financial worlds", a "journalist" who met Rupert Murdoch's family for half an hour in 1988, a "journalist" who was collaborating with James Murdoch's brother-in-law in the year following 9/11, a "journalist" who married an Israeli intelligence officer in order that she could gain access to the US, a "journalist" who was tracking Mike Piper for six years before being planted by a Khazar friend in the year preceding 9/11 at the patriots' newspaper that Piper wrote for, a "journalist" who was later found to be "receiving money from overseas" and "spending more money" than he was "capable of earning", etc. Given that the frequency of fire in any particular office building ranges from about once every twelve years to once every six hundred years, it is interesting that a fire should have occurred on that particular day in a building that was linked to this particular "journalist".

As for a possible patsy for the frame-up, Bret Darren Lee, an American-born Muslim whose Muslim name is Umar ben-Livan, was arrested in St. Louis, Missouri, early Sunday, February 9, 2003. He was questioned about his "anti-war activities", and asked whether he planned any attacks against the US government. He was awakened by loud knocking on his door about 5am on that Sunday, and several police officers barged in with weapons drawn. He was handcuffed and taken to a squad car. Police spent 45 minutes searching his apartment and removed documents which were later returned. About noon Sunday, FBI agents returned to Lee's apartment and questioned his wife for 30 minutes, asking whether Lee was a "terrorist", what he thought about the Taliban, etc. FBI agents and a police "investigator" asked Lee similar questions for a half-hour, and also asked him about his friend Tim Kaminski, who is also an American-born Muslim. Lee was released late Sunday on $4,500 bail after being arrested on a fugitive warrant, supposedly for a probation violation but which was evidently a pretext for the arrest and interrogation. Lee, who calls himself Umar Lee for simplicity and now writes a blog under that name, converted to Islam around 1992. St. Louis is about 300 miles from Chicago. In 2007, for example, Umar Lee visited Illinois to attend the annual Muslim American Society - Islamic Circle of North America (MAS-ICNA) convention at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont.

When Bollyn was asked about the fire, he said, "I didn't know about that fire, right?" Listen to this 28-second clip to hear it in context. For more about this possible failed false-flag, see here.

On January 23, 2007, Christopher Bollyn was interviewed by Deborah Feyerick at the Schaumburg Township District Library for CNN's Paula Zahn Now. The relevant show was aired a week later, when its goal of presenting Zionist-aware 9/11 researchers as "anti-Semites" was confirmed. After Bollyn denied being an anti-Semite, this paved the way for CNN to have Deborah Lauter of the ADL say, "That's a very common technique among anti-Semites. They will twist things. I'm not an anti-Semite. I just believe XYZ." And Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center said, "I think the conspiracy theories in general really do work a bit like a game of telephone. They are told and retold and tend to get more and more far out in the telling." Bollyn's agreeing to be interviewed provided CNN with material that it required for its deception, whilst failing to obtain any quid pro quo for the truth movement such as widespread exposure of evidence for Israel's central role in 9/11.

 Listen to this two-and-a-half-minute clip extracted from the unedited interview, in which Bollyn is asked who was behind 9/11. He replies, "I wish I knew who did it". Over the next couple of minutes, despite being given every opportunity and encouragement such as the questions "Who had the most to gain?" and "Who had the resources to pull it off?", he steadfastly refuses to mention Israel, but he talks about a "new Pearl Harbor" and about "state-sponsored intelligence agencies" and "state players". He mentions "our government" and Bush and Cheney, but fails to volunteer anything about Larry Silverstein, Frank Lowy, Benjamin Netanyahu, Rabbi Dov Zakheim, the "dancing Israelis" and other Jewish players until later in the interview, after he is questioned specifically about his writings on Zionist and Israeli involvement.

In Piper's talk show The Piper Report of March 8, 2007, available here, he has some interesting things to say about an investigation conducted by a patriot who is a top private investigator, who was despatched by AFP to look into their former employee. In this 5-minute extract, Piper says that the investigation found Bollyn was "receiving money from overseas" and "apparently has been visited regularly by an individual or individuals bearing license plates that cannot be traced". In his preliminary memo, the investigator said that it was "risky to investigate Christopher Bollyn" as "I have discovered the distinct possibility of involvement by intelligence people of a higher order". He found that "the target (Bollyn) is spending more money than he is capable of earning". In this longer clip, Piper also reveals that AFP were advised from a very reliable source that Bollyn was a "tax scofflaw" who did not file Federal income tax returns. So, although Bollyn claimed to be a target of the power elite, he was actually being protected at the highest level. Piper suggests that Bollyn's job, rather than reporting on 9/11, was to report to his handlers on the 9/11 movement, by posing as a "journalist" so that he could infiltrate truth-seeking circles.

Bollyn has a tendency to visit Switzerland, leading to suspicions that part of his job is to serve as a courier for clients of Swiss banks. This could explain the source of his "money from overseas" - before he fled the US after his conviction on misdemeanor charges. For example, Bollyn set off from the 17-18 November 2005 Axis For Peace conference in Brussels (attendees of which included David "son of God" Shayler, Thierry Meyssan and Phil Berg) to visit Daryl Bradford Smith in central France on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2005. Smith's home is believed to be west rather than east of central France, although the location has not been publicised. However, Bollyn traveled via Geneva, offering some feeble 'explanation' about having a $30 pass for travel on German trains. His story didn't hold water, since he still had to drive west across the mountains. The more direct route would have been to drive southwest to Paris (only 315 km or 196 miles from Brussels), and then continue sou'-sou'-west to the destination, a trip of about 698 km (434 miles) in all. Brussels to Geneva is 793 km by the shortest route via Luxembourg and France - or longer via Germany, and then Bollyn had to drive west for more than 500 km.

Bollyn was in Switzerland on Sunday, January 19, 2003, just before he posted about "chemtrails over Switzerland", describing himself as an "American journalist based in Europe". Bollyn says that his ancestors came to America from Switzerland, and so it is an important part of his family history. Sure enough, the Brand family were Swiss, and records show that most of them were christened. And John Bartholoman Patt Sr. was born in Switzerland in 1842. Eric Hufschmid, Bollyn's fellow Murdoch shill and agent saboteur, is also of Swiss descent through his father Edward. The first Rothschild world bank, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), was established in Basle in the famously "neutral" Switzerland in 1930. Basle was the venue for six of the first seven Zionist Congresses from around the turn of the century. Along with William S. Farish III and members of the Watson (IBM) family, Rothschild agent Charles G. Dawes, the founder of BIS, was a Pilgrims Society member.

Listen to this twelve-minute clip from the Piper Report of April 19, 2010, about how a Christopher Bollyn look-alike happened to be at an American Free Press conference in 2006, around the time that Bollyn began his break with AFP. Piper was at the conference, but Bollyn did not attend. A gentleman at the Washington conference came up to Piper and said that he'd spoken to Bollyn. Piper says that in cases where the intelligence agencies use look-alikes, both of them generally know that they're intelligence operatives, but they are unaware of their look-alikes. Later, the look-alike approached Piper and started speaking to him. It was a remarkable resemblance, and those who didn't personally know Christopher Bollyn would have thought it was the same person. He had the same skin tone, the same hair / hairstyle, the same mannerisms, and the same voice. When Piper remarked to the look-alike that he looked like Bollyn, the look-alike chuckled and indicated that he didn't really know who Bollyn was.

Bollyn's protection "at the highest level" is entirely consistent with Bollyn having contacts "at the highest level". Evidence of potential links to people at the highest level is corroborated by evidence of actual links to people at the highest level. And this is doubly corroborated by Bollyn's actions as agent provocateur, disinformation agent and straw man. Given all the evidence against him, his constant soliciting for "donations" is also likely to be a flypaper operation to compile names and addresses for the intelligence services and the government.

Any truth seeker would understand the absurdity of the notion that Osama bin Laden worked for the CIA until 9/11 and suddenly turned against them, or how the bin Laden family are business partners of the Bush family yet Osama was supposedly a "black sheep" of the family who turned against them, or Adam Pearlman supposedly rebelled against his Jewish family and ADL paternal grandfather and became an anti-Zionist pro-terrorist member of the alleged "al-Qaeda". We must then ask ourselves whether the idea of Christopher Bollyn, the establishment figure with connections in high places, rebelling and becoming a whistleblower who exposes the crimes of the plutocrats, is any more credible than that of Adam Pearlman as an 'ex'-Jewish "al Qaeda" member, or Osama bin Laden as an 'ex'-CIA asset and "black sheep" of the bin Laden family. Or the notion of Eric Hufschmid, close relative and likely protégé of Rupert Murdoch, rebelling and exposing the crimes of Murdoch and his Zionist cronies. Or the scenario of no-planer Morgan Reynolds as a whistleblower and 'ex'-Bush admin member. Or the possibility of John Lear as an 'ex'-CIA operative who was trying to help the truth movement by telling about "no planes" at the WTC, "aliens" on Mars, and about how the Moon has a nuclear "fission reactor", "64%" of Earth's gravity, and an "atmosphere" in the craters that is dense enough to breathe in, etc.


Firstly, there was the Hufschmid - Murdoch connection that wasn't really supposed to be a connection, merely a "coincidence". Now we have the Bollyn - Murdoch "coincidence", another connection that is supposed to be no connection. Corroborating evidence that both of these "coincidences" are connections rather than coincidence is provided by a third "coincidence", or set of "coincidences". The two people involved in these Murdoch connections that are supposed to be non-connections "happened" to collaborate for at least 5 years shortly after 9/11 from 2002 to 2007, both have performed as effective assets of the Murdochs by proving to be liabilities to the 9/11 truth movement, and both are using a standard COINTELPRO tactic from the 1960s of smearing genuine activists as "agents".

Alternatively, two suspected Zionist infiltrators collaborate for years after 9/11, both use a standard COINTELPRO tactic from the 1960s of smearing genuine activists as "agents", and both are a liability and an embarrassment to the 9/11 truth movement. The first, as the brother-in-law of James Murdoch, has a very close connection to Rupert Murdoch's family. The likelihood of such a connection being merely coincidental is comparable to the chance of winning the lottery. So we check the second suspect to see if there is a Murdoch connection, and sure enough, there is indeed a connection to the Murdoch family. Moreover, the probability of this connection being a mere "coincidence" is slimmer than the chances of being struck by lightning.

Ironically, Hufschmid advocates (.mp3) that we should look at "strange coincidences". Those who have examined the facts and yet continue to believe in the integrity of Hufschmid or Bollyn need to have an unwavering, irrational faith in coincidence theory, and in the veracity of proven liars, saboteurs and provocateurs.

Fans of the Columbo TV series will recall the 1978 episode Make Me A Perfect Murder, in which Columbo re-hides the gun that the murderess hid in an elevator's ceiling, causing her to retrieve it.

ColumboGunElevator  ColumboGunElevatorRetrieve

Source: YouTube

There is plenty of evidence indicating who did 9/11. And this evidence is corroborated by other evidence of who is involved in the cover-up and sabotage of efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice, which itself is corroborated by looking at who claimed Hani Hanjour was a "good" pilot, and who suggested that hijacking and steering the planes would be an "easy" task for the alleged hijackers. Look at who is behind Rupert Murdoch, and you'll find who did 9/11. It's not the Muslims, it's not the Jesuits, it's not the Nazis, it's not Skull and Bones, it's not the oil barons, and it's not (solely) the Bush admin, although elements of the latter were involved. 9/11 was a Mishpucka job.


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Bollyn, "war was for oil" disinfo

Bollyn, working with second wife Helje before Helje's first husband was killed

Danner, Sam, "Global Hawk" hoax (promoted by Bollyn and Hufschmid)

Glick, Brian, COINTELPRO methods

Hufschmid, "AFP censored Bollyn" disinfo

Hufschmid, Bollyn is "killed", "kidnapped" or "MIA" disinfo

Hufschmid, book and video evidently the work of a committee

Hufschmid, book prompted Popular Mechanics 'debunking' piece

Hufschmid, "Ernst Zundel and 99% of truth seekers are Zionist agents" disinfo

Hufschmid, Murdoch connection

Hufschmid, "Paul McCartney was killed and replaced" disinfo

Hufschmid, Penn & Teller Bullshit!

Hufschmid, porn CD-ROM

Hufschmid, sex and sleaze

Hufschmid, "we (my group) are the only real researchers"

Lane, Mark, legal successes against Zionist interests

Murdoch, Rupert / James / Kathryn

Shayler, David, "missiles surrounded by holograms made to look like planes" disinfo

Walter, Jimmy, "no planes" disinfo

Revised July 17, 2011 (added: info about Bollyn's "remote access" or hacking skills)