Christopher Bollyn spins tall tales on the R.J. Hender show

Revised October 20, 2010

Latest: The Bollyn - Hufschmid - Murdoch "Coincidence".

Bollyn's claim of Mark Lane the "Zionist Jew" was demolished by a 1983 book.

To verify this, go to Google Books at and search for "Steven J Rosen" + "The Campaign To Discredit Israel". Select the book The Campaign To Discredit Israel, then search for "Mark Lane" using the function "Search in this book". Co-author Steven J. Rosen was a top AIPAC official for 23 years from about July 1982, and was indicted on charges of espionage along with Larry Franklin, August 2005. In an interesting twist, see here, further down this page, about how Bollyn married a woman from Israeli military intelligence in 1983, the same year that The Campaign To Discredit Israel was published (January 1, 1983). So, as the first edition was published, Bollyn was living with, and travelling across the American continent with, an Israeli military intelligence officer from Herzliya. (Listen to him talking about it here.) He and his second wife also happened to visit the Liberty Lobby office the year that Final Judgment was published.

As stated on his August 2005 indictment on espionage charges along with Larry Franklin and Keith Weissman, Steven J. Rosen was a "social scientist" at the Rand Corporation in Santa Monica, where he had been granted security clearance to CIA contracts, before being hired by AIPAC around July 1982. The Rand Corporation's address is 1776 Main Street, Santa Monica in California. Around 1981, Christopher Bollyn was based in California. He had two convictions for theft out of California, and an assault charge. It was confirmed by Christopher's brother Jay that Bosmat Merimsky, the Israeli military intelligence officer from Herzliya, wanted to marry an American so she could live in the US, in Los Angeles (and obtain US citizenship). A search by maiden name showed that Merimsky was associated with an address in Santa Monica, within three miles of the Rand Corporation, and within a mile of a Chabad Lubavitch synagogue.

Update: R.J. Hender show of Tuesday, November 3, 2009.

On the R.J. Hender show of Tuesday October 6, 2009, broadcast by Republic Broadcasting Network, Christopher Bollyn made some extraordinary allegations against American Free Press. Most of these claims, which were addressed in detail by Michael Collins Piper on his own RBN shows of October 6, 7 and 8, also appear in writing in a recent article of Bollyn's entitled Why Are We Unable To Resist? They include: "Zionist Jew" Mark Lane works for a "Jewish intelligence organization" and "owns" AFP, AFP is a "controlled opposition", a "flypaper operation", a "wolf in sheep's clothing, dressed as a lamb", a "traitor to the American patriot movement", and kept "tens of thousands of dollars" of the Bollyn legal defense fund, etc. A partial transcript of the R.J. Hender show is included below, so readers can see what Bollyn actually said. After examining Bollyn's allegations, we can consider any motives for lying by the various parties.

First of all, Mark Lane has consistently been anti-Zionist, not Zionist. This was mostly covered on the Piper show of October 6. As an attorney, Lane represented the PLO and Yasser Arafat, and also the anti-Zionist Neturei Karta (in English, translated as Jews United Against Zionism) element in Jerusalem, e.g., forcing Menachem Begin to release Rabbi Hirsch's son after he was captured by the IDF. Neturei Karta is categorized by the Anti Defamation League (ADL) as "extremist"; its members refuse to recognise the state of Israel and refuse to serve in its military. Some of them refuse to pay Israel's taxes. The diehard conspiracy theorist may speculate that the differences between Neturei Karta and Zionists are "faked", and Lane is "really" a Zionist agent posing as "anti-Zionist", so that Zionists can control the outcome of important legal battles. But Jews are not "all in it together". Many of fraudster Bernie Madoff's victims were also Jews. More recently, Nicholas "Beano" Levene, another Jewish con artist who tried to ape Madoff, ripped off other Jews to the tune of more than $100 million. Some of the money went on a villa in Herzliya decorated with fine art, on homes for his family members, and on a private box at Ascot racecourse. And take a look at the case of Mel Mermelstein versus the Institute for Historical Review (IHR).

The IHR was founded by Willis Carto in 1979, and was under his control until October 1993 when he was ousted in an internal coup. In 1981, self-described "Holocaust survivor" and southern California businessman Mel Mermelstein won a letter of apology and $90,000 in an out of court settlement from the IHR. This settlement followed a $17 million suit by Mermelstein against the IHR, after he had claimed the IHR's offer of a $50,000 reward to the first person to prove that Jews were "gassed" at Auschwitz. Unsurprisingly, the IHR would not accept testimony by a party witness as "proof".

Buoyed by his success, Mermelstein brought another suit for $11 million against four defendants: the Legion for the Survival of Freedom (a non-profit corporation through which IHR functioned); Liberty Lobby, a Washington, DC-based populist and nationalist lobby institution; Willis Carto, founder of both the IHR and Liberty Lobby; and a southern California law firm that had defended Liberty Lobby and filed a suit against Mermelstein. The attorney for Liberty Lobby was Mark Lane, described by Theodore J. O'Keefe (who was editor of the IHR's Journal of Historical Review) as an "anti-Zionist Jew" who "served as the defendants' lead attorney". The conspiracy theorist may retort that maybe O'Keefe was in on a decades-long plot to portray "secret Zionist" Mark Lane as anti-Zionist, paving the way for Lane to be exposed as a fake twenty years later by "genuine truth tellers" and "researchers" Christopher Bollyn and Eric Hufschmid.

At the trial, Mermelstein claimed to have given only as many lectures as "the fingers on my hands". However, O'Keefe had found a 1985 deposition in which Mermelstein said he'd given an average of twenty lectures a year on Auschwitz since 1967. In the courtroom, Lane used a pencil and pad to calculate 18 x 20 = 360, and asked Mermelstein if he hadn't just told the court that he had only given as many lectures as there are fingers on his hands. Amusingly, a vexed Mermelstein then blurted out, "I meant the fingers of my hands and feet!" (The reader may care to try Googling "Jewish mathematics" and "six million" sometime. However, not all Jews resort to lies and deception. Mark Lane is Jewish but disapproves of war and racism. Stephen Lachs, the trial judge in this case, is Jewish, but managed to remain impartial.)

After six days of proceedings that had demonstrated Mermelstein's unreliability as a witness, Mermelstein and his attorneys were left reeling. Mermelstein's lead attorney was Lawrence E. Heller, and Peter Bersin was a junior counsel. Lane was telling his clients that the case was effectively already won, and Heller responded by saying he was "sure" there would be more evidence. After Lane said, "We are less interested in predictions than evidence", Heller snarled, "Go $*!& yourself". This was repeated by Bersin, who went on to challenge Lane to "go outside and settle it now". Heller had boasted outside the courtroom of his proficiency in martial arts, and the young and athletic Bersin was well aware that the then 64-year-old Lane had undergone open heart surgery several years previously. On September 19, 1991, the seventh day of proceedings, Mermelstein's team finally threw in the towel after Lane told the court how an IHR supporter had heard Mermelstein muttering to his attorneys after they left the courtroom, "I don't want to try this case". Judge Stephen Lachs declared, "The case then, in its entirety, is dismissed".

An interesting fact about Lawrence E. Heller is that he is a lawyer for a certain "self-help organization" that, as shown below, has funded Christopher Bollyn. The Church of Scientology, aptly described as a "school for psychopaths", was taken over by Jewish lawyers. Pseudo-revisionist and Scientologist Tom Marcellus and lawyer Andrew Evered Allen took control of the IHR in October 1993, after wrestling control from Willis Carto in an internal coup. Allen, a Californian millionaire and suspected deep-cover ADL field operative, was involved in CIA and Mossad intrigues in Afghanistan and Burma. Following the IHR coup, the ADL were able to present it as a split between "embattled bigots".

Mark Lane was associated with anti-Zionists, not Zionists. For example, Lane was associate editor of the newsletter Zionist Watch, later titled New American View. His co-editor in that was former CIA official Victor Marchetti. The Wikipedia entry on Marchetti describes him as a "prominent paleoconservative critic of the United States Intelligence Community and the Israel lobby in the United States".

"Well", the conspiracy theorist may respond, introducing several more speculative ad hoc postulates, "maybe Marchetti and Lane are both crypto-Zionists posing as anti-Zionist, and the Wikipedia writer is also in on the conspiracy, or was fooled by Marchetti and Lane. Whereas Christopher Bollyn, an outstanding investigative journalist and true patriot, was able to see through their deceptions". The conspiracy theorist not only imagines things for which there is no evidence and conveniently 'forgets' how Mark Lane helped to save the Willis Carto-controlled IHR from financial ruin, but also how Lane won in the case of Carto's Liberty Lobby versus former CIA operative and Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt. In 1981, Hunt won $650,000 in a libel suit against Liberty Lobby relating to a 1978 article published in The Spotlight that linked Hunt to the JFK assassination. In a second trial in 1985, Lane successfully defended Liberty Lobby, overturning the original libel award.

Lane, who was even described as a "Holocaust denier" by Zionist propagandist and androgynous weirdo Deborah Lipstadt, was also associated with the late Haviv Schieber, former mayor of Ber Sheeba, Israel. Schieber became a well-known anti-Zionist, converted to Christianity, and is listed on the Zundelsite's Victims of Zion page alongside others such as Fredrick Toben, Paul Rassinier, Dr. Robert Faurisson, Professor Arthur Butz, Francois Duprat, Fred Leuchter, David Irving, Walter Lüftl, John Demjanjuk, Germar Rudolf, Jürgen Rieger, David Cole, Jürgen Graf, Ingrid Rimland, etc. No sane person would consider these to be Zionists, but the disinformation duo of Hufschmid and Bollyn would probably claim that Dr. Faurisson is about the only one on that list who isn't a Zionist agent, tantamount to lunatics arguing that they are sane and everyone outside the asylum is mad. It was Haviv Schieber who introduced Mark Lane to Willis Carto.

During the Vietnam war, Lane counselled Jane Fonda on her views opposing the war. Lane told Piper that, in the late 1970s / early 1980s, he tried to get Jane Fonda to go public in joining in with his criticism of Israel, but she wouldn't go along with it. Bollyn also fails to mention that he wanted Mark Lane, his so-called "Zionist Jew", to represent him in his battle with the Hoffman Estates Police Department that he claimed was part of a massive conspiracy to get him by Zionist Jews. Lane had originally been preparing to represent Bollyn in that case, until he learned that Bollyn's close friend Eric Hufschmid was questioning Lane's integrity.

Second, Mark Lane didn't receive any "$5 million" as Bollyn claimed, to buy the assets of Liberty Lobby. Mike Piper states on his October 6 and 7 shows that Lane, as the company's lawyer, was paid about $90,000 a year for around ten to fifteen years plus some bonuses. There were never any back legal fees owed to Mark Lane. When Liberty Lobby filed for bankruptcy, Lane continued to receive his regular salary. After Liberty Lobby folded, Lane provided advice to the Liberty Lobby employees about setting up a new company, but said he could not serve as the attorney of American Free Press since it would be a conflict of interest. AFP would be an entirely new corporation, and he, Lane, was going to continue representing Willis Carto and Liberty Lobby. Mark Lane wrote several commentaries for AFP, but he was only in the AFP office on about five or six occasions - even less than Christopher Bollyn.

Liberty Lobby did not go bankrupt in 1993, and there is no evidence of Lane taking "over the assets" whether 1993, 2001 or any other time. In 2001, the operations of Liberty Lobby ended in Washington, DC. On August 2, 2002, all rights and assets of Liberty Lobby were assigned to the Legion for the Survival of Freedom, Inc. (LSF). So Bollyn's conspiracy theory requires that Mark Lane took over the assets of Liberty Lobby when in fact he didn't, that Lane was in some kind of plot with the new controllers of the LSF and the IHR, that they had agreed with Lane that they would pay "his" non-existent assets back, and they kept their part of the deal and handed back the assets that Lane never had. It's about as likely as the Moon being made of cheese.

The LSF was founded by a group of Texas patriots in 1952. It was on the verge of bankruptcy in 1966, when Willis Carto bought control of the corporation and its magazine the American Mercury. When Carto founded the IHR in 1979, it was established as a subsidiary of the LSF. By 1993, the IHR had about 12,000 subscribers, two large warehouses full of books, and an almost unbroken track record for publishing the Journal For Historical Review. There was an elderly couple serving on the board of the LSF who were not in the best of health, and were already having some financial problems. The IHR rebels began telling them that Willis Carto was "operating illegally", they could face tax problems, and might even end up in jail - unless they resigned from the board and allowed "good people" to take over. It was a pack of lies, but unfortunately it worked for the rebels.

Within a few years of Carto being ousted, the IHR was down to some 500 subscribers and only about ten magazines had been published. The IHR's new front man was Mark Weber, whose sister lived on a kibbutz in Israel. But that's another story, as is the fact that Jewish lawyers had been working for years to get their hands on millions of dollars that was supposed to have gone to Willis Carto and populist causes. Bizarrely, a certain "anti-Judaic" Western Australian once posted on the NOLAJBS forum that his sister worked on a kibbutz in Israel, but his pronouncements are no more reliable than those of Bollyn...

Third, Bollyn's claim that Lane took over the assets of Liberty Lobby in 1993 and now "owns" and "controls" American Free Press as a "flypaper operation" necessarily implies that Willis Carto and Michael Piper of AFP have been willingly serving as Zionist agents and government stooges for at least sixteen years. Carto and Piper have a long record of fighting Zionism and internationalism over many decades. Although Carto is regarded as "controversial", sometimes even "frightening", his setting up and management of pro-liberty, pro-nationalist, pro-truth organizations - e.g. the LSF, Liberty Lobby, the IHR, etc. -  that counter government and media deceptions leaves no doubt as to his sincerity and dedication to the causes he believes in. It is known that at a dinner party hosted by the Bronfmans, attendees were arguing whether or not they should "get rid of" Carto. The Simon Wiesenthal Center, in a 1994 "report", described Carto as "the most influential professional antisemite in the United States". According to the ADL, Carto has been "one of the most influential American anti-Semitic propagandists of the past 50 years". Piper has authored many hard-hitting books such as Final Judgment on the Mossad's role in the JFK assassination, wrote for The Spotlight and now writes for the American Free Press, has a weekday talk show The Piper Report and participates at international conferences. He has gained a reputation (amongst ignorant, propaganda-believing suckers) of having "hateful views" and "career long connections to abominable people" and "neo-Nazis".

 On July 4, 1984, the IHR and the office of Willis Carto's Noontide Press were firebombed out of existence by JDL operatives working in conjunction with known Mossad operatives out of Israel. Damage was estimated at $400,000. Zionist terrorist attacks against the IHR and revisionists were a rather frequent occurrence. Unable to win the argument because the truth was not on their side, Zionists found it necessary to resort to force.

Given their record, had Carto and Piper ever found they were working for a Zionist organization, they would have surely left and set up a new publishing outlet of their own. The delusional conspiracy theorist and Bollyn follower may propose that Carto and Piper were already "Zionist agents" and working with the JDL and the Mossad in 1984, and the firebombing was part of the plot to portray them as "anti-Zionists", so they could be exposed as frauds twenty-five years later by Hufschmid and Bollyn. The informed observer will dismiss Bollyn followers as fools, liars or agents. Unlike Carto, Piper and Lane, Bollyn has never written or published any books. But he did once edit a book for a Scientologist. 

Fourth, Bollyn claimed on the Hender show that he knows Michael Piper, Mark Lane, Willis Carto, and Chris Petherick, and "worked with them intimately for six-and-a-half years". No, he doesn't, and didn't. Piper states that Bollyn only put in about ten appearances at Washington over several years. Bollyn didn't get involved in the day-to-day operations at AFP, such as direct mail to promote AFP and RBN. And in fact, AFP wanted Bollyn to remain closer to Washington so he could do investigations in the US, but he would often be going off around the world, especially to Europe, for various projects of his that were independent of AFP. Bollyn was claiming expenses for a lot of mysterious travelling that frequently had not been assigned by AFP, and this is why his expenses were cut.

If Mark Lane went into the office once a year and Bollyn did so twice a year, assuming about 250 working days per year, the chances of Lane going in when Bollyn happened to be in is around 1 in 125 for each year. There would be 124 times as many "no-Bollyn days" as "Bollyn days".

And Bollyn's writing soon after he was fired in October 2006 totally contradicts his Hender show variation of "worked with them intimately". He wrote:

BOLLYN: I am sorry, but contrary to what AFP says, I am an outsider and cannot vouch for the integrity and credibility of each and every person working for AFP. As I have said above, there are very suspicious and dubious characters at the highest levels of the American Free Press, including Michael Piper, Scott Makufka, and Lisa Guliani.
How could I make a statement and generalize that AFP is not compromised when I don't know who these people really are or who they are loyal to?

Fifth, Bollyn claimed that he'd had his salary cut because he was "getting too close to the truth". In fact, others at AFP had their salary cut. Piper's salary was cut - twice. In fact, for a time, Piper thought he would be unable to afford to continue living in Washington. The cuts were due to economic realities of the marketplace, not part of some sinister "Zionist plot" to oust Bollyn. As an example of "getting too close to the truth", Bollyn cites his claims that Afghanistan was invaded because the Mossad wanted to control an oil pipeline. However, the pipeline theory was proposed as early as October 2001 by people such as John Pilger, and soon developed extensively, e.g. by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed. By postulating a "Mossad" angle without providing evidence to support the claim, Bollyn served as the perfect "anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist" straw man, lending even further ammunition to the opponents of truth. Intriguingly, others - e.g. in Western Australia, - had the very same modus operandi.

It would have been far better to have demonstrated a motive for the Afghanistan invasion for which there is an abundance of evidence: the CIA / Mossad had an incentive to reverse the Taliban's decimation of the Afghan opium trade. And it's not even necessary to propose that the intelligence agencies profit from illegal trafficking (although it would be surprising if rogue elements didn't!). Osama bin Laden suggested, on September 28, 2001, that the US secret agencies did not want narcotics trafficking to be curtailed (as the Taliban had done in 2001) since the agencies' importance and funding would be diminished, which provided one incentive for regime change. This fits perfectly well into a 9/11 perpetrators' timeline.

Sixth, Bollyn claimed that American Free Press had kept the money raised for the Bollyn legal defense fund. Some of the money was paid to Bollyn, but he didn't mention that. AFP suspect that the money he did receive was used not for legal bills, but to publish a children's book that he and his wife had been working on for a long time. However, there were remaining funds that were collected. AFP sent out a letter to every single contributor that they could document, explaining the circumstances as to why they were parting company with Bollyn, specifically the fact that he'd chosen to align himself with Eric Hufschmid who was waging a fear and smear campaign against AFP. The contributors were told that their money would be returned upon request, or, if they so chose, the money would be merged into the AFP general account. Some wrote back saying keep the money; others said return the money. There was one from a lady in Scotland without an address, but AFP got the address eventually and returned her money. One of the callers to Piper's show confirmed that he'd received a letter about his donation to the Bollyn legal defense fund.

Not only is there no truth to Bollyn's accusations, but evidence has mounted over the past three years indicating that Bollyn is himself a counter-intelligence plant, controlled opposition and flypaper operation. As will be shown, Bollyn can be linked to the British royal family, the Bush family, Rupert Murdoch, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Edmund de Rothschild, Jewish international bankers, Israeli military intelligence, etc. As to why Robert J. Hender would promote and support an intelligence operative, Hender's own association with a suspected Scientology front and involvement with a UFO hunters organization provide some insight into his less than objective approach.

Robert J. Hender has had Ann Blake Tracy as a guest on his show. Tracy's dubious "Ph.D." was granted from a diploma mill for "life experience", specifically for her book Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? which is riddled with punctuation and spelling errors and incomplete sentences. Ann Blake Tracy and her organization the International Coalition for Drug Awareness are suspected of being a front for a "self-help organization", a "Church" that was taken over by Jewish lawyers and, in its turn, became a front for Israel's Mossad. Bollyn himself gave away the fact that Tracy funded him for more than a year after he was fired by American Free Press, when he admitted that Tracy gave him a job "editing" her book. From the RBN archives of Hender's show:

MP3 Files: Hour 1, Hour 2
Playlist Files: PLS M3U

Interview with Ann Blake Tracy 1-800-280-0730 Prozac Panicea or Pandora... Prozac is LSC & Ritlin is Meth these Chemicle Companies are waging war upon American families - even Michael Jackson died because of Saratonan Syndrome. Even Mountain Dew is causing psychosis...

Robert J. Hender worked on K-Talk Radio (KTKK, 630 AM Radio) from around 1998 to 2001 or 2002. KTKK's address in South Jordan, UT, is only about three miles or six minutes' drive away from Ann Blake Tracy's home in West Jordan, UT.

Hender's location is also in the Salt Lake City area. He has used K-Talk's South Jordan address, but as of November 2001 also used a P.O. Box in Riverton, which is about six miles south of Ann Blake Tracy in West Jordan, UT. Hender said in November 2001:

"I have been doing radio for 17 years, and I've been a talk-show host at K-Talk for 3 years..."

On his October 6, 2009 show, Hender said that he'd been off the radio for several years. And there is a gap of about seven years in his radio career, during which he got involved in the subject of UFOs and aliens.

In March 2002, Hender stated that "last fall" (i.e., around the time of 9/11) he decided to look into the issue of UFOs and aliens.

On the page at the above link, which is operated by Hender's friend "Alien Dave" who is Dave Rosenfeld, the Director of the Utah UFO Hunters (UUFOH), Hender says he was told that UFOs are flown by beings from "the lost 10-tribes". He says it was "the dark side" that perpetrated the 9/11 attacks on the WTC, claims to have seen "lights" that moved in the sky including one that followed him, and to have met with people who have supposedly been abducted by "aliens".

But here's an interesting "coincidence" regarding a date. Robert Hender set up a website to promote himself and sell merchandise, for which the domain was created on September 12, 2001. The site featured the works of people like Carl Sanders (who was also promoted by Greg Szymanski), Bill Koerner, and Leonard Horowitz.

Rosenfeld created his domain on May 22, 2001. Hender promoted another site,, created on February 13, 2002.

There is no proof of malicious intent by R.J. Hender, who may not have known that Michael Piper and other RBN hosts worked at AFP. Most of the time, Bollyn was talking about Mark Lane and AFP rather than Piper. Piper said on his show that he had received a very nice, apologetic email from Hender. Listeners will be interested to see what happens when Bollyn is featured again on the R.J. Hender show, on the first Tuesday in November.

It became increasingly clear that there were serious doubts concerning Bollyn's veracity following an incident in August 2006, in which Bollyn called the police out to his home, became belligerent when they arrived (as evidence, his little girl warned, "Daddy, they might arrest you!") and made to go into his home yelling he was going to get his reinforcements. Bollyn claimed he was "surprised" when the police turned up at his home (after he had phoned 911 at the wine store to call the police out to his home!!!), and he was "surprised" when he got himself tackled, Tasered and arrested. Bollyn writes:

"I had finished all of my calls and watched the first part of the Lou Dobb's news program on CNN and was on my way to the store, when I stepped out on the stoop and saw this threatening dark car full of obvious agents of some sort. I immediately warned my wife and kids and rode the bike to the store. Something is not right, I said to myself, and I stopped at the local wine shop and asked to use the phone. I called 911 and told them that a strange car with armed men is driving around my neighborhood for no apparent reason. I was told that a police car would meet me at my house in 20 minutes. I was just in my house a few minutes when the very same suspicious car stopped in front of my house and three armor-clad men stood on my driveway. I had just been calling the police department and put down the phone. I was more than a little surprised to see these armor-clad thugs on my driveway. My wife and 8-year old daughter were already there and I asked these men who they were and why they were harassing my street."

Note that Bollyn had already posted an article about Tasers (to a website that features subjects such as "sylphs" and "aliens") on April 9, 2006, four months prior to his calling 911 at the local "wine shop" (liquor store) on August 15, 2006 to get the police out to his home, then getting belligerent and telling them he was going inside to "get his reinforcements" in order to get himself Tasered and arrested so he could promote himself as a "martyr" to the true believers and, at the same time, the ADL could readily debunk him as a nutty, paranoid "conspiracy theorist". Similarly, some bills of the Patriot Act were registered in advance of 9/11.

Bollyn went on to allege there had been a conspiracy to "get" him involving the ADL, the Department of Homeland Security, the entire Hoffman Estates police force, the ambulance service, the fire service, the "entire Hoffman Estates village apparatus" (see transcript from the Hender show below), Jewish prosecutors, Jewish judges, various people connected with American Free Press, etc. Had there really been a grand conspiracy to "get" Bollyn as alleged, they would have needed to have perfected mind control in order to induce Bollyn to call 911 to call the police and provide the pretext they needed to arrive at his home. If Bollyn really felt threatened, he would not have abandoned his wife and children at home to what he described as "armor-clad thugs", and would not have cycled several miles to the wine store making himself vulnerable to potential assailants cruising the very same streets in a "suspicious" car who might elect to stage an "accident". If there really were a conspiracy to get Bollyn, he would have been found "suicided" or have met with a strange death.

Christopher Bollyn ingratiates himself with the more credulous anti-Zionist truth-seekers by spinning conspiracy theories and telling them what they want to hear, whilst making sure his exposés contain enough 'errors', half-truths, exaggerations, unsubstantiated claims and unadulterated fabrications that they may be readily debunked, serving to devalue truth and tarnish genuine truth tellers as "anti-Semites", "tinfoil hatters" and "twoofers". He then brings out the violins and pleads poverty, thereby soliciting donations as part of his flypaper operation to grab suckers' names and addresses. See here, here and here for facts and analysis regarding Bollyn.

Examples of Bollyn disinformation include his misquoting of Mark Loizeaux regarding where the molten steel was found, his misquoting of Arthur Lerner-Lam as to alleged "seismic spikes", the Sam Danner "Global Hawk" report (which Russell Pickering identified as highly suspect right from day one), the "thermite disguised as batteries" red herring which any demolitionist worth their salt would recognise as nonsense, a satirical article from The Onion submitted as Bollyn's "original work", a suspect article that Bollyn tried to get into the Barnes Review, an article claiming William Rodriguez was a "Zionist agent" who "covered up for Israel" that Bollyn tried to get into American Free Press, an article about the "Flight 93 was not shot down but landed at Cleveland" false lead, the easily debunked unsubstantiated claim that Benjamin Chertoff is a cousin of Michael Chertoff, etc. The "thermite-filled batteries in the computer room" disinformation was designed to sabotage controlled demolition hypotheses, by encouraging "debunkers" to claim that the yellow-orange flow from WTC2 - powerful evidence of a thermite reaction yielding an iron-rich melt - was lead. No matter that the color was totally inconsistent with the fire-induced collapse propaganda, some people would fall for it. And Bollyn's misquoting of Loizeaux was intended to cast doubt upon the validity of the multiple reports of molten steel. Bollyn even claims that a photo of the jet fuel deflagration is "evidence of thermate".

It is the easiest thing in the world to say the Mossad did this, the Mossad did that, tons of molten steel was found in the basement of the World Trade Center, thermite was concealed inside batteries, etc. But when allegations and speculations are stated without evidence, they hinder the cause of truth and justice. Christopher Bollyn's 'work' has gained an unenviable reputation for dubious reliability, and thereby serves to help supporters of the official 9/11 account.

From 2002 to 2007, Bollyn worked closely with Eric Hufschmid, the self-styled "anti-Zionist" who just happens to be the half-brother of a $9 billion Zionist media empire heiress. Hufschmid attempts to destroy cohesion in the anti-Zionist movement by posting absurd claims such as "99% of the 9/11 truth seekers" are part of a "criminal network", and sowing suspicion by accusing Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel, Fredrick Toben, Mark Glenn, Mark Farrell, David Irving, David Duke, Mike Piper, Jack Blood, Mike Berger, Phil Berg, Victor Thorn aka Scott Makufka, Jim Hoffman, Wayne Madsen, Kurt Nimmo, Webster Tarpley, Frank Whalen, Willis Carto, Christopher Petherick, John Stadtmiller, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Andrew Hitchcock, William Rodriguez, Mike Rivero, Ellen Mariani, Rebecca Cerese, Frank Weltner, Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, Ingrid Rimland, Chris Jon Bjerknes, Hesham Tillawi, Rick Adams, Edgar Steele, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Jim Marrs, Fred Burks, Lisa Pease, Jenna Orkin, Marsha McClelland, William Lewis, Ted Pike, Carlos Porter, Peter Kawaja, Peter Shank, Leuren Moret, Daryl Bradford Smith, David Ray Griffin, Bob Bowman, Mark Fuhrman, Gerald Posner, Vincent Bugliosi, Ron Paul, Suzette Bates, Cindy Sheehan, Gerhard Frey, Rosie O’Donnell, Sofia Smallstorm, John Kaminski, Alex Floum, Ry Dawson, Charlie Sheen, Arthur Silber, Justin Raimondo, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, etc, of working for Zionists. As early as October 2005, Hufschmid was attempting to smear Ernst Zundel and alleging that most truth seekers were either part of the 9/11 cover up or were rival criminals.

A month or two prior to the Bollyn arrest incident, Hufschmid and Bollyn were involved in promoting the infamous hoax in which Sam Danner claimed to have seen an object resembling a Global Hawk hit the Pentagon. Russell Pickering, a genuine truth seeker and expert on events at the Pentagon on 9/11, identified the Hufschmid-Bollyn 'report' as highly suspect right from day one. Danner subsequently admitted that his story was only "65% true" and had "some lying in it", and pleaded that he should be allowed to have his "bit of glory".

In August 2007, Bollyn ostensibly severed ties with Eric Hufschmid, accusing him of "spreading false news" and making "baseless allegations against others" - which, of course, is exactly what Hufschmid was, and is, doing. Bollyn gave the pretext that Hufschmid was advocating violence. Yet Bollyn himself had a previous conviction for assault - and theft - even prior to his August 2006 brush with the law! Moreover, Bollyn's regurgitating of Hufschmid's phony claims such as "Mark Lane is a Zionist" showed that the Bollyn - Hufschmid "split" was a sham, and Bollyn had no scruples over using Hufschmid's disinformation when it suited him. There is an article with Bollyn's name on it, purporting to "prove" that Mark Lane is a "Zionist agent". However, anyone familiar with Hufschmid's writing will realise that Hufschmid is the author. Phrases such as "suspicious people", suspicious events", and "suspicious behavior" is about as Hufschmidesque as can be. Hufschmid clearly hoped to cash in on Bollyn's former reputation as a truth teller.

In 1983, Bollyn married an Israeli spy who worked in Israeli military intelligence at Herzliya, Israel. The spy needed to marry an American in order to gain access to the US. Bollyn openly admitted in an interview with David Duke that the marriage, which lasted two years, was a "marriage of convenience". For a three-minute audio clip of Christopher Bollyn talking about his first wife Bosmat, click here. The Israeli is now associated with a Jewish financial factoring company owned by Eyal Levy who specializes in "financing and restructuring unconventional transactions worldwide and has been working for over 25 years with government contracts and agencies, including financing government contracts, credit analysis and sales to the U.S. armed forces, NASA, the FBI and the CIA." Levy's company, Platinum Funding Group, is financed by JPMorgan Chase and N M Rothschild & Sons.

Note that on March 3, 2000, it was reported that the Pentagon's finances were "in disarray", and that in 1999 the Defense Department's accountants had to make almost $7 trillion in "adjustments" to try to reconcile bookkeeping discrepancies. They could not show receipts for $2.3 trillion of those corrections or transactions. There were hundreds of computer systems running various military accounts, but these were not integrated, and the financial records were not up to accounting standards or capable of even facing an audit. It follows that the Pentagon would be vulnerable to a combination of accounting fraud and a "terror attack" - e.g. involving remote-controlled planes and / or missiles - that destroyed the relevant computers and documents, also killing dozens of accountants, bookkeepers and budget analysts. A percentage of $2.3 trillion is still an inordinate amount of cash, and if a proportion went missing, the Pentagon Comptroller would be able to say, "We tried our best, but sadly, due to the terror attacks, we will never know exactly how much money is missing - or where it went".

Then, on May 4, 2001, sure enough, Rabbi Dov Zakheim was sworn in as Pentagon Comptroller and Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Defense. Zakheim was CEO of SPC International - a world leader in aircraft remote control technology incorporating a "Flight Termination System" capable of simultaneously taking over a number of in-flight aircraft and issuing commands via a "Command Transmitter System". On May 31, Thomas E. White - who went on JINSA trips to Israel and who as former CEO at Enron is linked to the massive accounting fraud there - was sworn in as Secretary of the Army, thirty days after being nominated by George W. Bush. It's no surprise that a disinformation agent and his similarly bogus "anti-Zionist" pal  would cover for Zakheim and White - and the WTC demolition team - by posting a bunch of codswallop about planes being steered into "computer rooms" at the WTC that were fitted with "homing devices" and thermite disguised as batteries.

Christopher Bollyn and his wife Helje Kaskel had been tailing Michael Piper since shortly after the first publication of Piper's book Final Judgment, early in 1994. For July 11, 1994, there were just two visitors to the Liberty Lobby office who had inscribed their names onto the relevant book covering that date, with the previous and following names falling on June 13 and July 18 respectively. The first name on July 11, 1994, was Christopher Bollyn, 220 Kingman Lane, Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60194, and directly beneath it on the next line was Helje Kaskel, Estonia (they married the next year). However, when Bollyn came to work for The Spotlight and subsequently AFP, he never once mentioned that he'd previously set foot inside the building.

In April of 1997, the Bollyn couple were tailing Piper in Cancun, Mexico. Piper was in a cigar store, looking into a cigar case, and he heard a squeaky American voice say, "Hey, cigars". It sounded like "Hey, seegars". Piper turned around and saw a striking couple - a tall, handsome guy with his fabulously beautiful woman, looking like American tourists. They were not speaking to Piper, but hovering nearby. Then, in May of 2000, when Piper met the Bollyns in Chicago and Christopher mentioned that he smoked cigars, Piper suddenly recalled the "Hey, seegars" encounter of three years ago, and realised that the two of them were the same couple that he'd seen previously in Mexico.

Bollyn was brought to The Spotlight under bizarre circumstances. When Bollyn and his wife Helje Kaskel first met Michael Piper "officially" in May of 2000, this followed Bollyn's use of a weak cover story in which he had encountered opposition from Jewish interests when trying to place Piper's book Final Judgment in his local library at Schaumburg, Illinois.

Jerry Myers, a self-described Khazar, had been working at Liberty Lobby long ago, going back to the 1960s. He had a reputation as a troublemaker, a tale spinner, and was regarded as a bit strange, but sincere and largely harmless. Myers was fired from Liberty Lobby, but no one could remember just what it was he was fired for. He popped back in the late 1990s, saying he'd like to be a volunteer. So Willis Carto agreed. In the summer of 2000, Myers went to a vote fraud conference in Indiana, and ostensibly met Bollyn there. Myers returned to Washington and started telling everyone that, "Bollyn! Bollyn is coming to work for Liberty Lobby!" Myers said that Willis Carto had sent him to the conference to "hire Bollyn". But Piper knew that Carto hadn't done that.

Incidentally, whilst at the conference, Myers had introduced himself to Jim Condit as a Khazar. Condit was thinking, "What is Liberty Lobby doing with a Khazar on their staff?" The same could be said of Bollyn, with the important distinction being that he not only uncritically swallowed everything Myers told him, but acted as Myers' puppet - even to the extent of giving up his job at IBM Global Network Services just as Zionists were in need of a few controlled "journalists" for their imminent false-flag terror attacks.

Bollyn arrived at Washington for an interview, and it seemed to Piper that Bollyn was a bit confused by the situation and didn't know what was going on. Carto asked Piper, "What's the story with this guy Bollyn?" Piper explained that "Jerry's crazy over him", and Bollyn was the guy who had got involved in the Schaumburg library controversy. Carto asked, "Does he want a job here?" So Carto had an interview with Bollyn and hired him.

Soon after that, in November of 2000, Christopher Bollyn claimed to have received a death threat from a Russian gentleman in relation to Bollyn's writing about the new electronic voting machines and vote fraud. On October 13, 2006, six days after he was fired from American Free Press, Bollyn claimed to have received a death threat from an "insider of American Free Press and long-time friend of Willis A. Carto". He says he was told that if he revealed what he really knew about American Free Press, he would be killed. There is no evidence that Bollyn ever received any death threats from anyone, and he is still alive and well to this day.

Christopher Bollyn's family is related to Sir Thomas Boleyn, the father of Anne Boleyn who was Queen of England as the second wife of King Henry VIII. Anne Boleyn was also the mother of Queen Elizabeth I who ruled England along with a varying proportion of Ireland for more than 44 years. The Tudor family tree on Henry VIII's side stops with Elizabeth I, but Queen Elizabeth II is descended from Henry VIII's sister Margaret Tudor.

Christopher Bollyn's mother Charlotte, b. 6-Feb-1919, was governess for the Farish family and took care of the young William Stamps Farish III, b. 17-Mar-1939, Houston, TX, who was US ambassador to the UK as of 9/11/2001. The Farish family's fortune derived from Humble Oil, which was gradually absorbed by Standard Oil and eventually renamed as Exxon. John D. Rockefeller was Founder and Chairman of Standard Oil. Humble Oil was co-founded by Farish III's grandfather William Stamps Farish II, the grandnephew of Jefferson Davis.

William S. Farish III is:

The ranks of the Pilgrims are filled with members of the Episcopal Church, at which Chris Bollyn was an altar boy and earned the God and Country award. IBM and the Watson family are heavily represented in the Pilgrims Society. Bollyn worked for IBM Global Network Services until 2000 when, as a consequence of a bizarre intervention by a Khazar as described above, he took a job at The Spotlight. He also admitted to living with a Swedish Countess. Pilgrims members connected to Illinois include George Wildman Ball, David Waddell Barr, William Averell Harriman (linked to George Herbert Walker and his son-in-law Prescott Bush), Lillian Craig Harris (an instructor in English and journalism at Wheaton [Illinois] College, 1966-68, also visited Beirut, Cairo, etc), Robert Louis Payton, James Robert Peterson, Sturgis Lee Riddle, Robert Armstrong Robinson, etc.

In Piper's talk show The Piper Report of March 8, 2007, available here, he has some interesting things to say about a little investigation conducted by a patriot who is a top private investigator, who was despatched by AFP to look into their former employee. In this 5-minute extract, Piper says that the investigation found Bollyn was "receiving money from overseas" and "apparently has been visited regularly by an individual or individuals bearing license plates that cannot be traced". In his preliminary memo, the investigator said that it was "risky to investigate Christopher Bollyn" as "I have discovered the distinct possibility of involvement by intelligence people of a higher order". He found that "the target (Bollyn) is spending more money than he is capable of earning". In this longer clip, Piper also reveals that AFP were advised from a very reliable source that Bollyn was a "tax scofflaw" who did not file Federal income tax returns. So, although Bollyn claimed to be a "target" of the power elite, he was actually being protected at the highest level. Piper suggests that Bollyn's job, rather than reporting on 9/11, was to report to his handlers on the 9/11 movement, by posing as a "journalist" so that he could infiltrate truth-seeking circles.

Bollyn's being protected "at the highest level" is entirely consistent with Bollyn having contacts "at the highest level". Evidence of potential links to people at the highest level is corroborated by evidence of actual links to people at the highest level. And this is doubly corroborated by Bollyn's actions as agent provocateur, disinformation agent and straw man. Given all the evidence against him, his constant soliciting for "donations" is also likely to be a flypaper operation to compile names and addresses for the intelligence services and the government. His website is probably used to capture IP addresses, including when members of his support team paste his articles to internet forums, deliberately including images that are pulled from Bollyn's website.

Any truth seeker would understand the absurdity of the notion that Osama bin Laden worked for the CIA until 9/11 and suddenly turned against them, or how the bin Laden family are business partners of the Bush family yet Osama was supposedly a "black sheep" of the family who turned against them, or Adam Pearlman supposedly rebelled against his Jewish family and ADL paternal grandfather and became an anti-Zionist pro-terrorist member of the alleged "al-Qaeda". We must then ask ourselves whether the idea of Chris Bollyn, the establishment figure with connections in high places, rebelling and becoming a whistleblower who exposes the crimes of the plutocrats, is any more credible than that of Adam Pearlman as an 'ex'-Jewish "al Qaeda" member, or Osama bin Laden as an 'ex'-CIA asset and "black sheep" of the bin Ladens. Or the notion of Eric Hufschmid, protégé of Rupert Murdoch, rebelling and exposing the crimes of Murdoch and his Zionist cronies. Or the scenario of no-planer Morgan Reynolds as a whistleblower and 'ex'-Bush admin member.

German attorney Dr. Friedrich Grimm, in one of his books, describes an accidental meeting shortly after the end of WWII with a person who, during the course of the conversation, revealed himself as an agent of an Allied propaganda agency. Dr. Grimm remarked that it was time to stop the propaganda and permit peaceful co-existence between the world's people based on the truth. The Allied secret agent responded with, "No, atrocity propaganda is how we won the total war. [...] And we are only getting started! We will intensify it, until the last spark of sympathy for the Germans has been eradicated and the German people themselves will be so confused that they will no longer know who they are and what they are doing."

Christopher Bollyn's proven lies and disinformation have destroyed any last vestiges of credibility that he might have had, and have made his supporters look, at best, foolish in the extreme. In order to salvage something of his former reputation he would need to retract his allegations against Mark Lane, Willis Carto, Michael Piper, AFP, etc, offer apologies, and start weeding out the "errors" in his work. He could go further, and transform from traitor to hero, by coming clean and telling all he knows, e.g. who Jerry Myers is connected to, whether he, Myers or Myers' contacts had foreknowledge of 9/11, whether the Hoffman Estates arrest stunt was his idea or Hufschmid's, etc. Of course, it'll never happen.

In the end, there is no great mystique to distinguishing between the truth tellers and the fakes. If it walks like an anti-Zionist, talks like an anti-Zionist, and behaves like an anti-Zionist, then it is an anti-Zionist. If it walks like an intelligence operative, talks like a liar, and behaves like a Zionist shill, then it is a lying, cointelpro Zionist shill. And consider the quality and quantity of evidence provided to support allegations. If X argues that Y is a "Jew" and a "shill" because CNN once flashed up Y's website URL on television as an example of sites pointing to Israeli involvement in 9/11, or because a manipulated image of Y's head makes it appear as if Y has a "short skull" because the aspect ratio has been increased by 22%, then that reveals more about X than Y.

It is a sorry state of affairs when those fighting communist propaganda dressed as "fact", Criminal Zionism, Jewish supremacism, treasonous warmongers and governments' unrelenting assault on civil liberties are described as "bigots", "deniers" and "right-wing extremists". The real extremists install Judas goats such as Christopher Bollyn to serve as controlled "opposition" straw men and flypaper informants, thereby maintaining their perversion of society's moral compass and serving to confuse some well-meaning patriots.

R.J. Hender show of October 6, 2009

At 47 minutes into the first hour, Daniel from Canada calls in to Hender's October 6 show, asking about Osama bin Laden and Adam Pearlman. He points out the absurdity of the Zionist propaganda claims that 'ex'-CIA asset Osama would suddenly turn against the CIA, and would suddenly become a "black sheep" of the bin Laden family who are business partners with George W. Bush, and that Adam Pearlman would supposedly rebel against his Jewish family and ADL paternal grandfather to become involved with the fictitious and allegedly anti-Zionist terrorist organization "al Qaeda". Daniel goes on to say how it's ridiculous to think that Rupert Murdoch protégé Eric Hufschmid would turn against his half-sister's billionaire father-in-law.

At around 50:30, the caller asks Bollyn whether he still maintains that Piper was involved with ADL and Homeland Security in a conspiracy (to "get" Bollyn), going into the break. Bollyn says he dealt with this question in his recent article that turned out to be popular: "Why Are We Unable To Resist?". 

In this, Bollyn says: the Liberty Lobby is actually owned and controlled by a Zionist Jew named Mark Lane. The paper is a controlled opposition outlet that acts like flypaper to create a list of active patriots -- for the Jewish intelligence organization Lane works for.

One inconsistency is that in his article, Bollyn says he "later" (after being fired from AFP) learned that the newspaper was owned by Mark Lane, and he learned this from L. T. Patterson. Yet on R. J. Hender, Bollyn says he "was told from the very beginning" (in 2000) "when I joined American Free Press" (actually The Spotlight) "by the guy" (Khazar Jerry Myers) "that brought me on the company [...] he said [...] Mark Lane [...] owns the paper, he took over the paper, he controls the paper." As in the quote above, Bollyn says in his article that Mark Lane works for a "Jewish intelligence organization", and includes a photo of Lane with Jane Fonda in an airplane as part of the 'evidence' against him.

Towards the end of the first hour on R. J. Hender, Bollyn says that Chris Petherick told him he was a Satanist. Bollyn uses several versions of this tale. Sometimes he says that another person told him Petherick was a Satanist. R.J. asks Chris and the Canadian caller to hang on during the break.

At the start of the second hour, Bollyn says he had been "working on these kinds of issues that I write about, since early Nineties, but I've been an investigator and a student of the Middle East since mid-Seventies, so I have a lot, you know, they were interested in what I knew about Zionism and Israel, and, they were kind of impressed with my knowledge and so they gave me a job, this Willis Carto, and Michael Piper, the people at American Free Press. And from the very beginning, at The Spotlight, what it used to be called then, I heard all these stories, I mean, Jesus, the stories that I heard were really, you know, pretty frightful, but I just wanted to write for the paper as I did, to get the information out. And I learned, you know, over the period of six years, that American Free Press is actually owned by Mark Lane. He's, the Jewish lawyer who owns the assets. He took over the assets of American Free Press in 1993 when the Liberty Lobby went bankrupt. And he used to work, after the war, he was in OSS, he was in Army Intelligence in Germany, which became the CIA. And, uh, this is how it all happened, you see."

"And, and, you know, many of these patriotic magazines or so-called patriotic magazines are actually run as controlled opposition outlets that also perform a role as a list. They create a list of subscribers and orders and donors, and that way, the government knows exactly who are the active patriots in the country. Who are the 'anti-Semites', who are the people opposed to the, you know, the Federal Reserve system. Etc, etc. So there's a sinister thing going on here as well."

Daniel: "Okay. Can I ask one...?"

Bollyn: "And I learnt this because, after I was, you know, when I was arrested and beaten up and Tasered on my front lawn, they broke my arm, police did and what not, the um, this was in August 2006, then Willis Carto and American Free Press said, 'Oh, we'll start a legal defense fund for you'. And they did, and they raised tens of thousands of dollars, which they kept. And then they fired me, in October of 2006. And, you know, these people that work for that paper, some of them are probably good. But, the paper, I have absolutely no respect for it, because it's a traitor to the American patriot movement. It's a wolf in sheep's clothing, dressed as a lamb. [...?] in Germany too, it's very dangerous."

Daniel replies, saying that he's checked out Bollyn's allegation about Mark Lane controlling AFP, and Mark Lane has almost nothing to do now with AFP.

Bollyn: "I worked at that newspaper for six-and-a-half years. I personally know the people I'm talking about. I know Michael Piper. I know Mark Lane. I know Willis Carto. I know Chris Petherick. I know these people. I worked with them intimately for six-and-a-half years. I, you know, I was told from the very beginning, when I joined American Free Press by the guy that brought me on the company, we're walking down Independence Avenue, he points out a house that used ... where, where Mark Lane used to have an office or live, right by our office, he said Liberty Lobby has given Mark Lane five million dollars in legal fees because, you know, this is the thing - he owns the paper, he took over the paper, he controls the paper..."

Daniel: "This is not true."

Bollyn: "Of course, Mark Lane is now in his mid-Eighties. Willis Carto is in his mid-Eighties. But who owns the assets of Liberty Lobby, that's what I'm asking about."

Daniel: "When you say such big lies as this, this is the technique of the big lie."

Bollyn: "Listen again. Listen. Daniel. In the mid-Nineties, you can check this record, Mark Lane sued L.T. Patterson of Criminal Politics in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mr. Patterson has a monthly paper." [Break]

R.J. Hender says he agrees with Bollyn about organizations that look patriotic, but have people taking their lists.

Bollyn: "Right. Well, you know, I understand the caller's question, you know, but this whole concept of controlled opposition and flypaper operations is, um, sophisticated, and most Americans probably don't really understand it. You know, it's an old trick, it's a Freemason trick, a Masonic trick, it's, Skull & Bones does it as well, if people read about Skull & Bones like [in] Anthony Sutton's book, [note, Sutton says that the Bush family and other Skull & Bones members financed Hitler] it's when you control both sides in an argument, when you are the thesis and the antithesis..." Bollyn gives some examples, such as Kerry vs. Bush in the 2004 election, and the Israelis creating terrorism and having a war against it.

Bollyn claims that the Afghanistan invasion and occupation was to let the Mossad build a pipeline, and suggests his "exposure" of this is why the police "came down on" ['attacked'] him and AFP cut his salary and fired him. In other words, Bollyn keeps quiet about the easily proven facts of how Afghanistan's opium production fell almost to zero under the Taliban in 2001, and rocketed after the regime change. Instead, he peddles the pipeline thesis, which for example Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed wrote about back in 2002. And Bollyn makes it even easier to attack as an "anti-Semitic conspiracy theory" by including the Mossad angle, which also guarantees to draw in some anti-Zionist support for his efforts, whilst heightening differences between skeptics and those who uncritically believe someone who appears to be on their side.

Bollyn: [16;24] "Yeah, about seven weeks [after his arrest] later I was fired. But in that period of time, they [AFP] had raised a great deal of money through the newspaper for the Bollyn legal defense fund, which they kept. They kept the money! And so I was left with no money, no lawyer, a broken arm, and Taser shock. And, you know, then I fought the charges for a year, um, a very nice supporter in Utah helped me get a lawyer. But my lawyer, you know, he's part of the county courthouse as well I mean, he can't go up against a Zionist judge and the whole routine..."

"I found that the police had conspired on the way to my house to do injury to me..." Bollyn says there was an ambulance and a fire truck in his street before the police arrived. "The entire Hoffman Estates village apparatus lied."

Bollyn later says: [34:31] "I just wanted to say one thing. You know, one caller called in, and he was not happy about my view of American Free Press. It's like, about the media, you know, I read the New York Times, I have the Times on the Floor, I read International Herald Tribune, I read Financial Times. Whatever floats your boat. If you, if American Free Press is the magazine you like, and the newspaper you want to subscribe to, by all means do it. I wrote for that newspaper for six years, I, some of my best articles are printed in that magazine, and they paid me to write and to research 911. Bless them." But he advises people to be skeptical.

The next caller, Craig in Canada says Bollyn's voice sounds very sincere. Then Bollyn's friend James Phillips of Chicago calls in, and another caller is "Hungarian George". Bollyn says that when the first Gulf war began under the first George Bush, he started an anti-war movement, in the summer and early fall of 1990. In his article, he says he was organizing pro-Palestinian students at the University of California at Santa Cruz who were opposed to the war effort.

R.J. Hender show of November 3, 2009

This is the first Tuesday of November, again featuring Christopher Bollyn as guest on the two-hour talk show. Robert Hender says at the outset, mindful of the ensuing controversy the last time he had Bollyn on, that he's taking callers but is "not going to deal in anything politic between him (Bollyn) and people he used to work with (AFP)"; they're going to keep to "the subject at hand".
Bollyn says that he's just been in Berlin, and the children did Trick-or-Treating. So he is known as a "Holocaust denier" but is allowed safe passage in Germany? He said he went to the Middle East in 1975 - Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt, a lot of time in Palestine and Israel, a lot of time in Syria and Jordan. He came back to the US in the late 1970s. So he could have been in Israel around January 1976 at the time of the restructuring of the Episcopalian Church in Jerusalem.
Bollyn claims [24:50, first hour] that the "scare tactic" was developed by Hitler; the Germans "invented the tactic". But he then contradicts himself by saying that it has been "used by tyrants throughout history".
"Daniel from Canada" calls in [34:00]. He asks about Bollyn's (written) claim that the Reichstag fire was an "inside job" of the Nazis, when that was actually just communist propaganda. Bollyn says he knows people who have written a lot about it, and "the thinking is that the Reichstag fire was actually an inside job done by the Nazis and then blamed on" a Dutch communist. Bollyn says, "It's more likely that it was an inside job." Daniel asks whether the Nazis were "controlled by the Zionists". Bollyn replies that Hitler was supported by the Bush family, etc.
Daniel says he doesn't seem to have noticed much about Dov Zakheim in any of Bollyn's writings. Bollyn says that if you search for his name and Dov Zakheim, it will show that he has written about him. Bollyn says Zakheim's main role was as Pentagon Comptroller (rather than providing a means for electronically hijacking in-flight aircraft), and Zakheim "would have been able to direct money towards projects and towards expenditures that were off the books".
Daniel asks about the fire on Valentine's Day of 2003, which occurred the day before a big worldwide demonstration against the (Iraq) war, the biggest protest in history. A fire in a high-rise of IBM. (This is the fire in the 11-story former IBM Global Network Services building, which was also known as "the IBM Building", at 231 N. Martingale Road, Schaumburg.) Bollyn says he worked for IBM Global Network Services. However, that is the building where the fire occurred. He says it was shortly after that unit of IBM was sold to AT & T that he decided to leave the company and went to work for The Spotlight. "I didn't know about that fire, right?" says Bollyn [41:13], sounding rather like someone who has just been caught in a drugs bust: "I didn't know about that substance, right?" And he is rather anxious to create a false dichotomy between IBM and IBM Global Network Services, in an attempt to distance himself from this fire in a high-rise building, the very day before the February 15, 2003 unprecedented global protests over the imminent invasion of Iraq when a false-flag would have been particularly useful to the warmongers, had they been able to frame some Arabs and blame it on Saddam Hussein, and provided that the fire had developed as required.

Listen to this 28-second clip of Bollyn's response to the question about the fire, or this very short clip of Bollyn's rapid protestation "I didn't know about that fire, right?". Subscribe to RBN for a nominal fee for unlimited access to their archives.

Daniel mentions the other fire in Chicago, seven days previously, two days after Colin Powell's blatantly dishonest address to the UN about Iraq's "WMDs". Bollyn suggests sending him an email about it - via feedback at This would be a tactic of an operative running a "flypaper operation" to provide the government and / or intelligence agencies with a list of dissidents.

Later, Bollyn says he's got someone in New York interested in publishing 5,000 copies of his "Solving 9/11" book, and he has some leads about who made the super-thermite that was put in the WTC building. He says the head of the Mossad talked about destroying the WTC in 1979.

Bollyn in Schaumburg Failed False-Flag Fiasco?

The Bollyn Timeline


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