Barmy Blockheads Bicker as their Delusions Unravel

Revised June 2, 2016 (underestimated integrity of Donald Trump)

This amusing dissent among the kooks started after some wise comments by Naz Shah, the Labour MP for Bradford West, who clearly does not sign up to the crackpots' modern-day religion that holds that the Jews are as pure as the driven snow and all evil emanates from non-Jews. Let's take a look at the claims of the protagonists and see how they hold up against the facts.

Back in August 2014, months before Ms Shah was even elected in 2015, a perfectly sensible idea was circulating on Facebook - relocate Israeli Jews to America, where there is plenty of space for them, and you solve the problem of the ongoing extermination and oppression of the Palestinian people. This of course is after the Palestinians' land was illegally annexed in 1948, following the fabrication of a hoax about "six million" dead Jews in the 1890s (in part, at least, at the Second Zionist Congress in 1898 by Rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise and other racist conspirators) as a means of gaining the sympathy of the world in order to seize their own Zionist State as a springboard for their Machiavellian program of world conquest, following which they could extract even more sympathy by other deceptions, such as staging State-sponsored false-flag terror attacks - e.g., 9/11 and 7/7 - and blaming them on "Islamists". This is all easily proved by reference to mainstream sources such as The New York Times and the FBI, along with the laws of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, logic, etc., and rather than repeat all the proofs here, the interested reader might like to peruse this page at this site.

So Naz Shah suggested that the "only problem" with the relocation idea was that Israel would need to make amends by compensating the Palestinians for their losses, which is in complete contrast to how a career-conscious politician must jettison the truth and meekly bow down and grovel before the Jews, denouncing the slightest criticism of racist Jews as "racist", "anti-Semitic", the hallmark of a "neo-Nazi", and similar imbecilic, servile fawning and hand-wringing. And even though Shah apologised 'wholeheartedly' for her two-year-old posts, it was not enough to throw off the circling vultures, and she was suspended from the Labour party.

RelocateIsraelToUS photo RelocateIsraelToUS_zpsmf6dvn6u.png

Source: Facebook

It's doubly ironic that critics of Jewry's genocide and racist oppression of the Palestinian people are accused of being "racists" and "anti-Semites", since the Palestinians are Semites, and most Israeli Jews are Khazars, not Semites (as has been proven by modern molecular genetics). But liars never let facts get in the way of a good piece of propaganda!

Another eminently sensible suggestion is that Israeli Jews could be relocated to the autonomous region  that was allocated to them in Birobidzhan in southeast Russia. Either way, whether they relocate to Birobidzhan or a 51st State in the US, that would enable the Palestinians to regain their ancestral homeland and solve the problems of the Middle East. However, Zionist Jews are not content with a homeland for the Jewish people. They will settle for nothing less than the world, which is why they need a nuclear-armed State in the Middle East, along with a wealth of lobby groups, to provide them with the necessary political clout to carry out their diabolical plan to sleepwalk the Gentiles into a global tyranny, after plagiarising a program for world conquest from an 1864 book by Maurice Joly. The lobby groups include AIPAC, the American Jewish Committee, American Jewish Congress, American Zionist Movement, Anti-Defamation League, Bnai Zion Foundation, Jewish Council for Public Affairs, Jewish Federations of North America, World Zionist Executive USA, Zionist Organization of America, Jewish Agency for Israel (American Section), UJA-Federation of New York, World Jewish Congress, and Britain's Conservative Friends of Israel, Labour Friends of Israel, etc..

Thus, in August 2014, in a Facebook post, Naz Shah failed to grovel before the Jews and reject the relocation idea out of hand in the manner of a self-serving puppet politician. Fast forward nearly two years to April 2016, and a pro-Establishment, pro-Zionist, pro-Conservative blogger discovered Shah's post and exploited it as a means of attacking the Labour party. In the ensuing furore, half-truth was pitted against outright lies, and truth was sacrificed as usual. The most delectable argument was between the half-truths (or to be more precise, nearer 1% truth) of Ken Livingstone and the 100% lies of the obnoxious John Mann, who is the epitome of a lickspittle Zionist sycophant.

In an interview to BBC Radio London in defense of Ms Shah, Livingstone correctly argued that Hitler's policy was to relocate Jews out of Germany. Unfortunately, the former London Mayor and Labour MP got just about everything else wrong. Firstly, take the oft-touted claim that Hitler was a "Zionist". This confuses three interpretations of Zionism. Firstly, there is the covert Zionist program that was concocted around 1889/1890 when Alphonse de Rothschild became aware of a book called The Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu, and realised that its program of controlling public opinion by controlling the press would serve Jewish racial supremacists' global ambitions to fulfil an Isaianic fantasy about the fortunes of the "goyim" (the Gentiles) passing over to the Jews and the establishment of a world government in Jerusalem that would rule over both Jew and Gentile. The fanatics hope to bring about an era where "Israel is mighty" and they will be able to murder and rape Gentiles with impunity. However, Zionism had to be sold as an "innocent" ideology; they could hardly admit its true goal! For public consumption, the (overt) Zionist program is about establishing a homeland for the Jewish people - and note how, even in 2016, 68 years after the creation of the Zionist State of "Israel" in 1948, Zionism persists with the aforementioned groups such as the American Zionist Movement, Bnai Zion Foundation, World Zionist Executive USA, Zionist Organization of America, etc., along with all the political pressure that is brought to bear in destroying the careers of politicians who deviate from the Zionist line by as little as 1%.

The overt Zionist program may then be subdivided into setting up a Jewish homeland at some unspecified location versus setting it up specifically in Palestine ("Israel"). The policy of Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers Party was to relocate Germany's Jews out of Israel. This was after the international Jewish elite had betrayed Germany in 1916 by doing a deal with Britain, in which the Jewish bigots would use their considerable influence to have the US enter WWI on Britain's side against Germany in return for a promise by Britain to help the racists establish a Zionist State in Palestine. The latter promise became known as the "Balfour Declaration". And it was long after Jews had repeatedly complained of "annihilation", "persecution", "extermination", "massacre", and a holocaust" against them, and had claimed that "six million" Jews were either already dying or were going to be "completely exterminated", in the 1890s, the 1900s, the 1910s, and the 1920s (see here for a complete debunking of the atrocious "Holocaust" lie).

To be fair, Livingstone's critics lied when they accused him of claiming Hitler was a Zionist. Livingstone actually said that Hitler was supporting Zionism. The National Socialists and the Zionists shared a common goal in getting Jews out of Germany, but that's as far as it went. Even the overt form of Zionism would result in an extension of Zionist power. Hitler would not have supported that, but could have seen it as a price worth paying in order to help Jewish emigration.

Livingstone said that Hitler wanted to send the Jews to Israel in 1932, which is nonsense because "Israel" did not exist until 1948. He is probably referring to the Haavara Agreement of 1933, in which the German government cooperated with Zionists in facilitating the transfer of German Jews to Palestine.

Around 1940, the National Socialists were interested in a plan to send the Jews to Madagascar, and contacted Allied governments in an attempt at collaboration. The Allied governments refused to cooperate, and the plan was abandoned, leaving the German program to evacuate Jews to Eastern Europe. More importantly, Hitler never "went mad" as Livingstone claims, and never murdered "six million", five million, four million, three million, two million, or even one million Jews. The National Socialists' "Final Solution" to the Jewish question was always a Final Territorial Solution that involved emigration, not "extermination", of Jews.

So then John Mann, the appalling Labour MP and Zionist toady who heads a committee against so-called "anti-Semitism", denies 100% of history, which leads him to dispute the 1% that Livingstone got right about National Socialists collaborating with Zionists towards their common goal of relocating the Jews out of Germany. Those who deny National Socialist - Zionist collaboration are even more delusional than the bog-standard, knuckle-dragging, sloping-forehead fantasists who - even in the 21st century!!! - still subscribe to the robustly discredited religion of Holoco$tInanity.

The crackpot conspiracy theory of a 'Nazi' "plot" to "exterminate" "six million" Jews is particularly hilarious because it requires the postulation of a bizarre, "anti-Semitic" pantheism. Just for fun, let's ask ourselves how the "Holocaust" could have been possible.

Let's suspend all credulity for the moment, put ourselves in the mindset of the HoloBelievers, and try to see how it could have been true. How could the Germans have got down to a mere 1.6 kg of coke per corpse for cremations at Auschwitz-Birkenau during 1942 to 1944 as more than a million people were allegedly "exterminated", when in 1941 the Topf double-muffle oven at Gusen consumed coke at a rate of 30.6 kg per corpse for continuous cremations and 47.9 kg per corpse when run every other day (over 260 days)? How could the hydrogen cyanide gas fail to react with the brickwork in the homicidal "gas chambers" when Jews were being exterminated, yet merrily form the stable cyanide compound Iron Blue, even permeating through the walls to the exterior side, whenever lice were being exterminated in the delousing chambers? How could the Einsatzgruppen - all 2,955 of them including the clerks, have been capable of exterminating three million Jews (which Believers require in order to maintain the headline "six million" claim after the Auschwitz allegation was revised downwards by almost three million and the claimed total for the "death camps" can only muster some three million), identifying and selecting them from a hostile population of tens of millions, and then eliminating the evidence by cremating all three million in massive open-air barbecues (somehow having to gather enough fuel, and carrying out all such operations in enemy territory, in a war zone!), unseen, under the noses of Soviet reconnaissance aircraft crew? And if the Germans had such superb fighting skills that each could kill 1,000 men, then why did they lose the War? How could the topsoil at Treblinka return to its undisturbed state after 870,000 Jews were buried and exhumed, following an order issued in February or March of 1943 by a panicking Himmler, desperate to cover up the evidence of exterminations, months before the same Heinrich Himmler would not only talk openly about exterminating the Jews in an October 4, 1943 speech at Posen but even choose to record it - albeit strangely enough, in the primitive early 20th-century shellac disk format, as opposed to tape, a technology that was already in mass production in Germany?

There is an explanation. Not only all of the Gentiles, but also the 'Nazi' cremation ovens, the coke, the gas chambers, the topsoil, the laws of logic, and even the humble photon, are all part of a vast, intergalactic, supernatural conspiracy to get the Jews, which has been running for thousands of years. In this "anti-Semitic" (we must forget the fact that the Khazars are of Caspian, not Mediterranean, origin) pantheism, the cremation ovens collude with the infra-red photons and the coke, suspending the laws of thermodynamics and thermochemistry, such that the coke can yield more energy than should be released according to the heat of formation of the carbon dioxide product, and the photons bizarrely choose to converge on the corpses rather than travel in a random manner and heat the exhaust gases instead. Thus, the ovens have enabled the 'evil' "Nazis" to despatch more than a million Jews, not to mention all the other "undesirables", whilst the Auschwitz-Birkenau coke delivery records show only 1,037 tons between February 1942 and October 1943, which at a generous extrapolation of 2,000 tons including 1944 and an even more generous 20 kg per corpse suffices for a maximum 100,000 corpses, just as if the claim of over a million (or four million!!!!) was a lie, and there were no exterminations. The gas chambers have enough sentience, sapience - and ingrained "anti-Semitism"! - that they can detect the spirits of dead Jews, and so choose to participate in the colossal cover-up by forming Iron Blue only when lice are being exterminated, to make it appear as if there were no exterminations. The "racist" topsoil can sense when Jews have been exterminated and buried, and reforms itself as required for the cover-up, to make it look like there were no exterminations. And the photons have a high enough IQ to recognize when the Einsatzgruppen are carrying out mass cremations, so that these "anti-Semitic" photons can play their part in the cover-up by adjusting their energies as required, and skyward-traveling photons of orange wavelength depicting flame and a mix of photons representing smoke can camouflage the 'evils' of "Nazism" by transmitting the appearance of green and brown forests to observers in aircraft, just as if there were no exterminations. Strangely enough, although this enormous plot to get the Jews has been operative for thousands of years, not only are they not as extinct as the dodo, but there are still millions of them thriving throughout the world!

We have to forget that there is a far more economical interpretation.

There were no exterminations of Jews during World War Two.

The dwindling band of cultists who still imagine that the Arabs did 9/11 are just as entertaining. For example, there is the claim that "thousands and thousands" of Muslims were seen in Jersey City, NJ, celebrating the 9/11 attacks. (Note: Donald Trump could have been genuinely mistaken when he made that statement; time will tell as to whether he puts America first or turns out as another puppet of World Jewry.) The tiny amount of truth in that claim derives from the fact that three men were indeed seen in New Jersey (atop a van in the parking lot of the Doric apartment block at 100 Manhattan Avenue, Union City, to be precise) within five minutes of the first plane crash into the North Tower, celebrating by hugging each other, high-fiving, "horsing around", taking "selfies" with the burning Tower in the background, and flicking a lighter for fun like they were at a rock concert. Their jovial state of mind and total lack of any shock was confirmed after they were arrested that afternoon and the FBI developed the photographs that they'd taken. The Israelis were "visibly happy on nearly all" of those 76 photos (according to the FBI's report). "Nearly all" of 76 is quite a lot of images!

But those men who were arrested after their van was stopped on the afternoon of 9/11/01 (that's the three who were seen celebrating, along with the van driver's brother and another associate) were not Muslims; they were Israeli Jews! They were caught with evidence "linking" them to the attacks such as maps with "certain places highlighted" and international airline tickets with immediate travel dates to Europe. And bomb-sniffing dogs reacted as if they had detected explosives in the Israelis' van, although subsequent tests did not confirm explosives (we shall explain the reason for that in a moment). These Israelis had entered the US in June 2001, which is when they booked their international airline tickets to leave the US on September 12, 2001, the day after Israel's planned false-flag terror operation to kick-start a "war on terror" that would provide the Zionist Mafia with its desired regime change, destabilisation and carnage at the few remaining countries that were not already under the control of Zionist bankers, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc., along with the ensuing problems of refugees flocking to Europe and the creation of a new "enemy" ("ISIS") after "al Qaeda" aka al CIAda had lost most of its reputation as scary terrorists.

HighFiversImmediateTickets photo HighFiversImmediateTickets_zpsnwdgcncp.png

Source: FBI report, KURZBERG, SIVAN ET AL, Section 1, p. 101

To cut a long story short, the job of these Israeli "moving companies" (such as Urban Moving Systems) that had been operating in New Jersey and New York in the US since the mid-1990s was to switch the replacement fireproofing for "upgrades" on selected floors at the World Trade Center with a lethal version (with embedded accelerants and flammable material) that was being shipped across from Israel by the Zim American-Israeli Shipping Company (which moved out of its offices at the WTC exactly one week in advance of 9/11). The operation was masterminded by Benjamin Netanyahu (who was in London on the morning of the 7/7 attacks and had foreknowledge of the bombings); Netanyahu's BSc in architecture from MIT, along with his access to blueprints of the Towers from his close friend Larry Silverstein, who built the original WTC7 in 1987, or from Lewis M. Eisenberg, a member of the Planning Board of UJA/United Jewish Federation and the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey who was to oversee the privatization of the WTC in 2001, allowed Netanyahu to calculate that it would need the taking out of five contiguous floors (see here, or NIST's Appendix D, Interim Report on Preliminary Stability Analysis, D.4.1) in a Tower before the lack of bracing would raise the slenderness ratio of enough core columns above the critical slenderness ratio, leading to Euler buckling of the core columns, followed by bowing and collapse of perimeter columns, and global collapse of the tower. The purpose of the February 1993 truck bombing of the WTC - which was allowed to go ahead after an FBI supervisor called off a plan to substitute a harmless powder for the explosives - was to provide a pretext for the fireproofing "upgrades" that the conspirators needed to carry out, such that smashing a plane into the building would bring about the televised spectacle of a collapsing skyscraper - a "new Pearl Harbor" or a "transforming event" that would "divide our past and future into a before and after" - that could be used to sell the idea of a "war on terror". There would be a series of wars that could be presented as attempting to curb terrorism, when Zionists knew only too well that the wars would create a serious terrorism problem where little or no problem had existed.


Source: See here for details.

As can be seen, there is an exact correlation between the five contiguous floors (94-98) of the impact zone of AA Flight 11 and the five contiguous floors (94-98) of the North Tower (WTC1) that had "upgraded" 'fireproofing' fitted in 1996 and 1998 with higher densities, cohesion and sprayed thickness compared to the genuine upgraded fireproofing (Spray-applied Fire-Resistive Material). The Israelis had been careful not to use substances that could be identified as explosives. However, the role of the "moving companies" (Mossad fronts) largely consisted of transporting fake 'fireproofing' around New Jersey and New York, and intercepting and disposing of the official Cafco Blaze-Shield II fireproofing for the upgrades that was sent from Isolatek in Stanhope, NJ and supposed to arrive at the WTC in Manhattan. The accelerants most likely involved a propellant that can be stored for years without degradation such as potassium perchlorate and powdered aluminum (which has more than twice the calorific value of thermite whilst yielding the same extremely high temperatures) together with a plastic such as polyethylene (polythene) to provide a high energy density. Just as the atomised jet fuel served to ignite the office furnishings, the propellant served to ignite the plastic in the 'fireproofing'. However, in the case of the latter, a propellant combustion velocity of 0.25 to 0.31 inches per second will take up to 48 minutes to burn along 60 feet of trusses, and after including the time to propagate along SFRM at steel/steel interfaces, such as a main truss to a transverse truss, or from one L angle shape of a truss bottom chord across the SFRM on a diagonal web rod to the parallel angle shape, or from a bottom chord to a top chord along a web rod's SFRM, plus time for heating of the steel, the total collapse time would be in the order of 102 minutes as was observed for WTC1, or a shorter time for WTC2.

As for the Israeli "art students" who were in the US from January 2000 to September 2001 (and often living just down the road from the alleged "hijackers", e.g., in Hollywood, Florida, which has a substantial Jewish community), their purpose was to identify Muslims who could be framed for Israel's imminent false-flag terror operation. For further information, see this page.

Believers in the tinfoil conspiracy theory about nineteen Arab hijackers pulling off 9/11 must believe a "very bad pilot" who "could not fly at all", was too "incompetent to fly alone", "could not handle basic air maneuvers", was refused permission to solo a single-engine Cessna, failed his driving test, could not remember his PIN, and had a greenish film on his teeth because he was too timid to ask for a toothbrush, would be capable of piloting a Boeing 757 like an ace fighter pilot: performing a 330-degree descending right turn just before flying the final mile at 530 mph whilst controlling the pitch with such precision that the accuracy was better than 3 arc minutes from a mile out, to have the engines clear the Pentagon lawn by a couple of feet. They must believe that the pork chop-loving, video gaming, sneakers/jeans-wearing, red Pontiac-driving, cocaine-snorting, money-worshipping, vodka-swilling, strip club-frequenting, gambling "devout" "Muslim" Mohamed Atta had such a hatred of Western culture that he was prepared to kill himself and thousands of others. They must believe that three steel-framed high-rises that were designed to survive a 600 mph impact from a jetliner loaded with fuel would all completely collapse from office fires on the very same day, when only two of the buildings were hit by a plane, and fire-induced collapse of such a building had never happened before and has never happened since. But some people believe the strangest things...

And as to the purpose of the current in-fighting within the Labour party, it was most likely motivated in the first place by party political considerations rather than part of a grand conspiracy. However, Zionists will love to exploit it as a means for replacing Jeremy Corbyn with a leader in the mould of Tony Blair (or the Conservatives' David Cameron) who can be guaranteed to serve their Zionist masters 100%. Blair was installed by his "tennis partner" Lord (Michael) Levy (aka "Lord Cashpoint"), and Cameron (who is part Jewish) also has a Jewish "tennis partner" - Lord (Andrew) Feldman. Conservative prime minister John Major had been "bonking" the Jewess Edwina Currie from 1984 to 1988 before becoming P.M. in 1990, was ashamed and afraid that the affair might be made public, and consequently was merely putty in Zionists' hands.

Sometimes a president will not succumb to Jews' blackmail, especially when they're supposed to agree to a false-flag terror attack that involves the demolition of tall buildings with the loss of thousands of lives. Bill Clinton's affair with the Jewess Monica Lewinsky was revealed in the Drudge Report on Saturday, January 17, 1998. On Tuesday, January 20, 1998, Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Washington to meet with Clinton, ostensibly to discuss "troop withdrawals" on the West Bank. John F. Kennedy was not only no Zionist puppet; he opposed Israel's plans for nuclear weapons, which made him a lethal enemy in the warped mindset of fanatical Zionist Khazar 'Jews'. Following JFK's assassination, the next US president was such an obsequious, oily Zionist tool that, following an unprovoked, sustained attack by Israeli unmarked planes and torpedo boats on the USS Liberty in international waters, when planes were launched from US aircraft carriers to go to the aid of the Liberty, Johnson ordered them to turn back, and declared, "I don't give a damn if every man drowns and the ship sinks. I don't want to embarrass our allies."

You can be certain that whenever some Zionist puppet is up for election, the Zionist press will enthuse over their supposed intelligence, compassion, understanding of ordinary working people, ability to grasp details, etc.. The moment they are elected, rather than serve the interests of the people who elected them, they will inevitably do the exact opposite and slavishly adhere to the requirements of their Jewish mentors.