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The following is an excellent example of how Zionists resort to name-calling, make half-hearted attempts to deal with some of the issues, and then bottle out and resume the ad hominem attacks when they realise they've been beaten and haven't a leg to stand on. It is rather ironic that most of the Zionist 'argument' rests on claims of an anti-Zionist "conspiracy" to control the press and the UN and to destroy the Jews. The writer posted as "Poseidon" to a certain pro-Zionist blog, regarding corroborating reports of Israel's usage of white phosphorus and cluster bombs in its summer 2006 invasion and bombing of Lebanon. Incidentally, the blog was selected as one of those targeted by a propaganda campaign by Israel known as "Give Israel Your United Support" (GIYUS), which involves Israel's shills, groupies, useful fools and full-time paid hacks actively searching for the dwindling band of pro-Israel outlets on the internet that still allow propagation of absurdities and falsehoods.

The salient point is that the pro-Israel school claim that anti-Zionists are "anti-Semites" or "neo-Nazis", etc, implying that anti-Israel or anti-Zionist views derive from a pre-existing racist bias. Whilst there are undoubtedly some racists who hate all Jews for relatively irrational reasons, the banned post (shown below in bold type) explained how a rationalist world-view - to say nothing of compassionate -  should automatically lead one to the conclusion that it is not right to support Israel. Enjoy...

Revised 20 September, 2006

Poseidon said...
The Israelis have now admitted to carpeting Lebanon with over 1.2 million cluster bombs, and using phosphorus shells. This isn't the wild rantings of some rabid "anti-Semite"; it's been reported in Haaretz.

So much for the theories that Israel is a peaceful nation that merely acts in self-defence, and targets "terrorists" and buildings "suspected of being used to store weapons". The Zionist Mafia must be smarting as its control of the press withers.

2:24 AM

The Bonobo
The Bonobo said...
Just look at those grinning little monkeys. F@cking Dhimmiwits.

Mind you, someone's got to man the machine guns; the majority of those primitive Pallies are yet to evolve beyond the stone-throwing stage.

The ISM 'About' page is littered with the phrase 'NON-VIOLENT resistance'. So what happens when they decide to get angry on your ass? RPGs all round?

Stop the ISM? Just wipe out the f@ckwits. It's what those primitives will (hopefully) do when they've outlived their usefulness.

3:29 AM

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...
Well Poseidon, welcome back, havent (sic) seen your Nazi rants here for a while. And I read the report. The 'evidence' contained therein boils down to a reporter from Israel's most rabidly anti-Zionist Leftie newspaper claiming that Israel has fired millions of cluster bombs and phosphorus shells into Lebanon on the word of an unnamed IDF commander whose name we arent (sic) even given.

'A former SS Officer who I'm not going to name or identify in any way claims that Poseidon is a Nazi muppet who has taken it up the ass from 1.2 million other Nazi muppets. Poseidon denies this.'

See? I can do it too.

That really is out the other side of feeble.

8:49 AM

Poseidon said...
The trouble with the "1.2 million Nazi muppets" story is that not only do I deny it and the source is anonymous, but there is no corroborating credible evidence reported in the mainstream media from named spokespersons.

CNN / Associated Press reports that Dalya Farran, spokeswoman for the UN, said that there were about 285 cluster bomb locations across south Lebanon, and they were finding new locations at the rate of 30 per day. This report was dated August 26. Another source puts the number of sites at 359 by August 28. By September 9, the number of cluster bomb locations was up to 498 according to Counterpunch, so in fact the increase was only about 15 per day by then. Evidently, Israel used 60% of the cluster bombs in the three days before the ceasefire in a brazen attempt to get as much ethnic cleansing and maiming in while the going was good.

With the Haaretz report claiming 1.2 million cluster bomblets and 1,800 cluster bombs, 498 bombs corresponds to 332,000 bomblets at sites discovered by September 9.

It is unlikely that there was only one bomb per site and all cluster bomb sites were found and logged by September 9, so I would say the 1.2 million estimate is probably the correct order of magnitude. There is little room for the Zionist denier to argue over the figures. Even 332,000 bomblets is rather excessive for taking out a few so-called "terrorists", who only formed Hezbollah after Israel's 1982 invasion of Lebanon.

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports that - far from denying the use of white phosphorus bombs - Israel is actively defending its right to use them. The military uses some feeble excuse about the bombs being supposed to start fires rather than burn people. There are numerous reports of phosphorus usage on Lebanon, and they are not all part of an anti-Semitic conspiracy.

6:26 PM

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...
So your sources are:

The UN - which hates Israel and is well knows for its unbiased attitudes, lol.

Electronic Intifada - website of organisations which exist to destroy the Jews.

Counterpunch - well, what can we say about Counterpunch...

The JTA article is much more credible, and it is correct to say that neither cluster bombs or white phosphorus are illegal, and indeed I am perfectly willing to believe that Israel has used one or both of those in Lebanon, but there's just one problem with this whole idea of indiscriminate 'ethnic cleansing'.

Where are all the dead people?

Even the MSM can only scrape together the figure of 1100 dead, and even if we go with the ridiculous fiction that they are all civilians, thats (sic) still pretty amazing for a campaign supposedly including all these dastardly weapons in mass quantities, indiscriminate carpet bombing of civilians, refugee convoys being strafed constantly, oh my...

See thats (sic) where it all falls down old boy. Israel knows how to shoot straight, and it knows how to fight a proper shooting war should it need to. 1100 dead in this 'genocidal' campaign? If Israel was behaving in the manner you suggest it is, the figure would be a hundred times that.

10:14 PM


Poseidon said...

Wikipedia's latest figures for the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict places Israeli civilian deaths at 44, compared to 119 military dead. In comparison, even the IDF is claiming only "500+" Hezbollah dead. Hezbollah itself admits to only 74 dead. Even the IDF figures correspond to a strike rate of no better than about 50% for targeting the so-called "terrorists", whereas the Lebanese fighters have killed many more Israeli soldiers than civilians. So it is Israel that is not shooting straight.

The figures for the injured are relatively low for Lebanese and high for Israelis, suggesting that Hezbollah's rockets are fairly crude devices that propel shrapnel resulting in mostly minor injuries, compared to Israel's use of US-supplied hi-tech weapons of dubious legality designed to inflict as much damage as possible. Moreover, Israel has dumped a deadly legacy of depleted uranium onto Lebanon, which will surely result in cancers and deformities as happened in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Any independent observer would surely have to rule in favour of Israel's victims. A scientific, rationalist-based epistemology inevitably leads to the conclusion that the official stories on 9/11 and the "Holocaust" are both massive lies. Molten steel, evidence of a thermite reaction, was found in the WTC ruins, and filmed pouring out of the south tower minutes before its collapse. Larry Silverstein, who took over the WTC lease 7 weeks before the 9/11 attacks and made sure its $3 to 7 billion insurance policies covered acts of terrorism, had close ties to Binyamin Netanyahu, Ariel Sharon, Ehud Barak, and Yitzhak Rabin. Five Mossad agents were arrested after they were seen filming, dancing and celebrating the WTC collapses.

With the monthly coke deliveries to Auschwitz at only 49 tonnes per month, three years' coke supplies totalled some 1,764 tonnes. Even taking the revised death toll of only 1 million, 1.764 kg of coke per body is about half of what it takes merely to vaporize all the water in a corpse, without the initial requirement of bringing about de-naturisation of proteins. As for Treblinka, 870,000 exhumed and cremated in the space of four months would require some 200 kg of wood per body in the open air. With a typical tree providing about one tonne of wood, some 174,000 trees would have been required, 1426 per day or 89 per hour to be felled, chopped and transported for a 16-hour day with no breaks. Even with 100 loggers, each would have only 67 minutes to fell, chop and transport the wood and return to start on the next tree. There is no evidence of soil disturbance, or of human or wood ashes.

Zionists have developed a blind spot and continue to support Israel in spite of all the evidence that it was set up on a false prospectus in order to enable numerous wars for profit to be launched on a false prospectus. And some anti-Zionists are prone to this psychology too: a guy named Eric Hufschmid who is linked to Rupert Murdoch has been running a COINTELPRO operation in which he poses as an "anti-Zionist 9/11 truth-seeker" and is actually working for the Zionists. Yet some anti-Zionists have been fooled by him and his sidekick Daryl Setter / "Bradford Smith". Hufschmid and Setter have developed something of a cult following, with truth-seekers blindly supporting them on ideological grounds.

So, the purpose of the final three paragraphs was to show how the conclusion that one should not support Israel derives from fundamental axioms. Starting with the axiom "the laws of physics and chemistry are invariant on the Earth's surface over the last hundred years", we can infer two principal conclusions about the history of the last hundred years:

Any uncertainty in these conclusions is vanishingly small and may be safely discounted. When the nationality of the new WTC leaseholder and insurance beneficiary is taken into account, along with the nationalities of those overseeing the negotiations for transfer from the Port Authority, the spies caught filming and celebrating the WTC attacks, the Odigo advance warnings, the Rabbi who was Comptroller of the Pentagon when $2+ trillion went missing and who was CEO of a company that made remote-control transceivers for aircraft, the shipping company that inexplicably broke its lease to move out of the WTC  a week before the attacks and then moved back to New York months later, cui bono, etc, the principal perpetrators of 9/11 may be identified with a certainty to satisfy any criminal court. Other conclusions have various degrees of certainty. The probability that Israel is innocent of the London 7/7 bombings, for example, is at least ten thousand to one against. As to events such as the Lockerbie bombing, the uncertainty is much greater. The Mossad is a prime suspect, but the CIA were involved too.

Zionists appear to take a circular or almost tautological approach, starting with the axiom "Israel is innocent", or "Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East" or similar, then concluding that they should support Israel. And it is fair to say that many anti-Zionists have not bothered to consider which axioms their stance derives from. A mystical or religion-based epistemology leads to either result depending on the religion: one could be a Zionist or anti-Zionist. But the Zionist claim is that all who oppose Israel do so because they are "anti-Semites" or Nazis", which is patent nonsense. A rationalist approach, properly followed through, will inexorably lead to the conclusion that Zionism is a programme for a crooked, fascist, racist world order involving the emasculation and eventual disappearance of the nation-state and the transfer of wealth from the masses to an oligarch elite who gorge themselves as others pay the blood price.

At this point in the exchanges, the Zionists realised that discretion was the better part of valour. The above 5-paragraph post was not allowed, along with another subsequent submission in response to another poster. Of course, any blog owner has a perfect right to moderate comments on his or her own site. But if they decide they are going to ban certain posts, they should realise that their actions speak volumes...

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

I have not allowed your last comment because rather than sticking to the topic at hand you have gone off on your usual Holocaust-denying tangent, which nonsense I am not interested in propogating. (sic)

12:14 PM

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...
Dear Poseidon and the other Nazi wanker (if it isnt (sic) Poseidon) trying to comment spam this site,

I'm not interested in what you have to say, feel free to keep wasting your time posting but be aware nobody but you will ever see any of the comments except yourself once you've cleaned the sperm off your monitor after getting off a particularly good one about how Jews are even ugly to look at as well.

Love and kisses from DSD

2:34 PM

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