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Confirming the Khazarian Hypothesis

Race and IQ

The Intelligence and Other Characteristics of Ashkenazi 'Jews' (Khazars)

Why the Ashkenazim Developed their Intellectual and Psychological Traits

The Problems with Philo-Judaic Hypotheses

The Patriotic Solution - Racial Repatriation

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Whenever someone criticises rich, powerful, Zionist Jews or exposes their crimes and deceptions, the inevitable charge of "anti-Semitism" will be hurled at the critic. In most cases, no counter-argument will be offered because none exists. The mud-slinging is all that the miscreants have in their arsenal. It's time to smash the myth about "anti-Semitism" once and for all, and at the same time we can develop an understanding of how the Jewish character came to be as it is today. Most Jews are not Semites.

Jewish propagandists will tell you that they are "Semites" and they originated from Palestine. In fact, it is the Palestinians who are of Palestinian extraction. A small minority of Jews have Semitic ancestry and can honestly claim some ancient ties to the lands on the shores of the Mediterranean. However, the vast majority of Jews have ethnic origins in the vicinity of the ancient kingdom of Khazaria, well to the east and north of Palestine. These Khazars did not convert to Judaism until around 740 CE. 'Jews' will tell you that they have some sort of right to Palestine because they used to live there 2,000 years ago and then wandered off. Firstly, ownership of land and property doesn't work like that. Just because someone's ancestors owned something many years ago, it doesn't mean that the descendant is entitled to it. But even if they did, it is only that tiny minority of Jews who have any sort of ancient ties to Palestine and have the right to call themselves Semites. As we shall see, in general, when Jews are being accused of some crime or chicanery, the culprits are the non-Semitic 'Jews'. Of particular interest is the fact that they have a much higher IQ than the genuinely Semitic Jews. But more of that in a moment.

Confirming the Khazarian Hypothesis

There were two opposing hypotheses about the origins of the Eastern European Jews: The Rhineland hypothesis, and the Khazarian hypothesis. Jewish liars and dreamers who want to pretend that "the Jews" came from Palestine will cite the Rhineland hypothesis. According to that, a small group of German Jews (who could be said to have originated from Palestine) migrated eastward, and somehow expanded rapidly to become the Eastern European Jews. The alternative Khazarian hypothesis holds that a Turkic clan settled in the Caucasus in the early centuries CE and converted to Judaism in the 8th century. Over the next 500 years, this Khazar group was reinforced by Mesopotamia and southern Europe, as well as some from Palestine. Then the Khazar kingdom of Khazaria was overrun and collapsed, and the Khazars were driven westwards to become the Eastern European Jews in the vicinity of modern-day Ukraine and Belarus.

The Rhineland hypothesis was demolished by Jewish Israeli-born molecular geneticist Eran Elhaik in his 2012 study that was published in a peer-reviewed journal. In the paper, The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses, Elhaik exposed the Rhineland hypothesis as pseudoscientific claptrap.

Elhaik showed how the Rhineland hypothesis is so improbable that it defies all common sense, and it flouts Occam's Razor. It requires that most Ashkenazi Jews emerged from a small group of only 50,000 German Jews in the Rhineland around 1400; they migrated eastward, and reproduced extraordinarily rapidly, to reach about 8 million strong by around 1900. That's a 160-fold spurt in Ashkenazi population over 500 years from 50,000 in 1400 to 8 million in 1900 despite disease, war, poverty, poor sanitation, etc., compared to European population which nearly managed a 6-fold gain from 50 million in 1450 to 291 million in 1900. (Or from 73.5 million in 1340 to 291 million in 1900; population was declining in the late Middle Ages, whether due to disease or poverty.) A 160-fold increase in 500 years corresponds to a doubling every 68 years. Compare with the world population, which took 304 years to double from 0.5 billion to 1 billion between 1500 to 1804, or 123 years for the next doubling to 2 billion by 1927. The Rhineland hypothesis not only requires that the Ashkenazim somehow outbred their non-Jewish neighbors by at least an order of magnitude; it requires that the Khazars mysteriously vanished.

As Elhaik eloquently notes: "Because such an unnatural growth rate, over half a millennium and affecting only Jews residing in Eastern Europe, is implausible—it is explained by a miracle (Atzmon et al. 2010; Ostrer 2012). Unfortunately, this divine intervention explanation poses a new kind of problem—it is not science."

[Note: Elhaik points out that the term "Ashkenazi Jews" (or "Ashkenazim") - is misleading, since from the 11th century onwards the Hebrew word "Ashkenaz" in rabbinic literature was associated with northern Europe and Germany, centered on the Rhineland, and it thereby contributed to the false Rhineland hypothesis. Nevertheless, as in common parlance, we shall refer to these modern East European and Central European Jews as Ashkenazim, whilst recognizing however that they are almost synonymous with the Khazars.]

And here are excerpts from the Results section of the paper:

"European Jews are expected to cluster with native Middle Eastern or Caucasus populations according to the Rhineland or Khazarian hypotheses, respectively. The results of all PC analyses (fig. 3, supplementary figs. S2 and S3, Supplementary Material online) show that over 70% of European Jews and almost all Eastern European Jews cluster with Georgian, Armenian, and Azerbaijani Jews within the Caucasus rim (fig. 3 and supplementary fig. S3, Supplementary Material online). Approximately 15% of Central European Jews cluster with Druze and the rest cluster with Cypriots. All European Jews cluster distinctly from the Middle Eastern cluster. Strong evidence for the Khazarian hypothesis is the clustering of European Jews with the populations that reside on opposite ends of ancient Khazaria: Armenians, Georgians, and Azerbaijani Jews (fig. 1). Because Caucasus populations remained relatively isolated in the Caucasus region and because there are no records of Caucasus populations mass-migrating to Eastern and Central Europe prior to the fall of Khazaria (Balanovsky et al. 2011), these findings imply a shared origin for European Jews and Caucasus populations. [...] The geographical origins of European Jews varied for different reference populations (fig. 4 and supplementary fig. S5, Supplementary Material online), but all the results converged to Southern Khazaria along modern Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. Eastern European Jews clustered tightly compared with Central European Jews in all analyses. [...] Remarkably, the mean coordinates of Eastern European Jews are 560 km from Khazaria’s southern border (42.77 N, 42.56 E) near Samandar—the capital city of Khazaria from 720 to 750 CE (Polak 1951)."

But here's where it gets interesting. Let's suppose that you don't trust a study in the field of molecular genetics, or find it too complicated. Let's suppose you are seeking an easily understood model that accounts for the racial differences found in the world today. For example, a formula that can predict national IQ with an average error of only 3 or 4 points.

Race and IQ

In Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen's book IQ and the Wealth of Nations (2002), and in the accompanying online article Intelligence and the Wealth and Poverty of Nations, the authors provided information on national IQs for 185 countries. See under Method in that study for details of how the IQs were calculated from measured data for 60 countries, and estimated for remaining nations by averaging neighboring countries of known national IQ. Their Table 4 displays the complete list of IQ for 185 countries, with a column to show how the estimated IQs were derived. [There are measured national IQs for 81 nations in the 2002 book.]

Although some might question the idea of national IQs, Lynn states, "The correlations between educational attainment and IQ are shown in the bottom two rows of the table. Five of the six correlations are statistically significant and establish the validity of the measures of national IQ." And see Nyborg, H. A conversation with Richard Lynn. Personality and Individual Differences (2011) for a fascinating discussion on racial differences in intelligence. The hypothesis, which fits the facts and makes a great deal of sense, is that differences in IQ - from the lowest in Sub-Saharan Africa up to the highest for the North East Asians - are explained as deriving from when early humans migrated out of Africa. As the climate become colder, going on to increasingly severe winters for those who migrated to the north and east, the environment became more cognitively demanding, and so humans had to evolve higher IQs to survive.

Strong support for Lynn's (and Rushton's) observation was provided by the study Temperature, skin color, per capita income, and IQ: An international perspective - Templer and Arikawa (2006) [download .pdf]. The correlation of national mean IQ was found to be -0.92 for skin color (on a scale of 1 for very light and 8 for very dark), 0.64 for real GDP per capita, -0.76 for winter high temperature and -0.66 for winter low. Although temperature, not skin color, is the determinant of IQ, the reason for the stronger correlation with skin color is the fact that it reflects many generations of ancestry, natural selection and genetic evolution within some particular climate and environment. Skin color is particularly revealing of ancestry, whereas current location is not quite so informative.

Table 2 in the Templer & Arikawa study is essential reading for anyone interested in this whole question of race. It can be seen that skin color is highly correlated with temperature, but there is a very highly negative correlation with IQ. For example, the dark-skinned people of Gambia, who are given the maximum rating of 8.00 on the skin color scale, have lived under the highest intensities of solar radiation. The mean winter high temperature is 31 (and that's Celsius!). But the national IQ is only 65 (59 is the minimum possible value, and denotes the bottom 1%.) Going towards the other extreme, Sweden has an IQ of 101, a mean winter high of -2 °C and skin color of 1.00. Of the 19 countries with skin color of 1.00 in Templer's Table 2, the average national IQ is 99.

Taiwan looks like an exception to the rule; it has a national IQ of 104, but mean winter high of 21 °C and skin color of 3.00. However, the Aboriginals of Taiwan have been dwarfed by invaders, and now amount to only 2.2% of the population. The Han settlers from China arrived in the 17th century, and so did the Dutch and Spanish, but the latter were routed and driven out by the Dutch. In contrast to Taiwan, the Chinese have mean winter highs of only 7 °C, and a national IQ of 100. The Netherlands has a mean winter high of 5 °C, a skin color of 1.00, and a national IQ of 102, which is not far short of the 104 of Taiwan.

Japan's mean winter high of 5 °C and mean summer high of 27 °C confers a skin color of 2.00, yet Japan's national IQ is 105, and South Korea's is 106 (mean winter high of 3 °C). Aside from the indigenous population having to survive colder winters, e.g., compared to Africa, another factor driving the very high IQ could be that Japan's location along the Pacific Ring of Fire has dealt additional cognitive challenges in the form of earthquakes and tsunami. For example, more than 140,000 people perished in the 1923 Great Kanto earthquake. In Europe, Italy has a mean winter high of 11 °C and a mean summer high of 29 °C. The skin color is 1.67, yet the national IQ is 102. Italy has a history of volcanoes, earthquakes and landslides.

It is often seen that the temperatures remain high, yet the IQ is up into the 80s or more, and the skin color is intermediate at 3 to 5. For example, Malaysia has winter highs of 29 °C, yet the national IQ is 92, and the skin color 4.67. This could be due to ancestors living in intemperate climes for a period as they migrated to their current location. It also appears that IQ generally rises with increasing distance from Africa. The pioneers would have had the challenge of adapting each new location so as to be suitable for human habitation, whereas the Africans merely needed to carry on living as they had always done. For them, the ability to sprint away from predators would have been more valuable than enhanced cognitive skills.

For a basic formula, use y = -4.9x + 104, where x is the skin color and y the national IQ. The average absolute value of all errors is 3.657, and the maximum error is 15.6 (when predicting an IQ of 74.6 for Equatorial Guinea's skin color of 6, compared to the national IQ of 59). And as mentioned above, adding about 5 for natural disasters could reduce the error a little more.

The Intelligence and Other Characteristics of Ashkenazi 'Jews' (Khazars)

So far, the model is quite good at accounting for many of the differences in intelligence. But there is an exception - the Ashkenazi Jews, who are the descendants of the Khazars. Cold winters can take the national IQ up to 100 or so, and a high frequency of natural disasters can raise it another 5 or 6 points. On the basis of climate, the Khazars would not be expected to be significantly above Russia, Belarus and Ukraine's national IQs of 96. Armenia, Georgia and Kazakhstan are rated at 93, and Azerbaijan 87. And the Khazars didn't have frequent earthquakes or volcanoes. Problem is, the Ashkenazim have very high IQs, averaging 110 according to Lynn, with Jews themselves claiming up to 117. This is backed up by Ashkenazi Jews' well-documented success in intellectually demanding professions, and in their ability to win well over 20% of Nobel prizes.

Some might try to deny Jewish intelligence as a factor, and postulate nepotism and Jewish tribal loyalty. But nepotism and support networks must exist in all races to some degree, even if it's more pronounced among Jews. It's too much of a stretch to suppose that it could explain all of Jews' pre-eminence. The more scientific analysis will accept the Jewish character as it is, and seek to account for Jews' unique characteristics from the known facts. So let's set out the relevant facts, followed by a hypothesis that best fits those facts, and then we'll consider some of the Judeophilic hypotheses and their inadequacies.

Richard Lynn, in The Chosen People - A Study of Jewish Intelligence and Achievement, says, "The Jews of Palestine before the Christian era do not appear to have been exceptionally gifted. They did not produce the great cultural and intellectual achievements of the Greeks." And Lynn says [pp. 7-8] that there is no evidence that Jews were particularly gifted or outperforming Gentile Europeans before 1830. However, after 1830, Jews began to be overrepresented "in the fields of engineering, astronomy, physics, chemistry, medicine, mathematics, literature, painting and music. These were selected on a variety of criteria including the award of Nobel Prizes for Science and Literature and listing in reference works of those who had achieved eminence."

In the 20th century, based on Nobel Prize winners, Jews were overrepresented by a factor of at least 6 to one compared to the world population of European peoples including those in North America and Australasia. Lynn correctly surmises that intelligence is a crucial factor behind Jews' success. After having demonstrated that the high IQ of the Ashkenazim is necessary but not sufficient for their achievements, he proposes [p. 350] that two other factors, motivation and opportunity combine with IQ in the form: IQ x Motivation x Opportunity = Achievement.

In his Chapter 2, Lynn gives examples of four types of Jews: The Mizrahim, the Sephardim, the Ashkenazim and the Ethiopian Jews. There is also a small population of Indian Jews, some of whom are genetic, and some who have converted. From the negative correlation between skin color and intelligence described above, and the low IQs found amongst the African nations, it is no surprise that the Ethiopian Jews have the lowest intelligence from that group of four, with an average IQ in the upper 60s. At least, it is generally accepted that the Ethiopian "Jews" are of Ethiopian origin, and they converted to Judaism at some unknown time, centuries ago.

Let's take Lynn's figures for average IQ from his Table 20.1 on p. 316, which summarizes those four types of Jewish people. They are: Ashkenazim 110, Sephardim 98, Mizrahim 91, Ethiopian Jews 69. (Back in Chapter 2, p. 29, Lynn had 66 for the latter group, consistent with the -1 comparison he gives for Negroids at 67. Other discrepancies of 1 are doubtless due to rounding errors.) So the Sephardim IQ is at about the European average, and the Mizrahim are closer to the Middle Easterners of Jordan, Lebanon and Syria (87, 86, 87 respectively) than they are to Europe.

Other estimates of Ashkenazi IQ have been higher than Lynn's estimate. For example, reports a median IQ of 117, citing From Chance to Choice - Genetics and Justice, Buchanan et al (2000). And Cochran, Hardy and Harpending (2006), of whom we shall return to shortly, cite Backman (1972), Levinson (1959) and Romanoff (1976) in stating a score of "0.75 to 1.0 standard deviations above the general European average, corresponding to an IQ 112-115".

Lynn's 2011 publication preceded Elhaik's 2012 work, and Lynn [pp. 24-25] has unfortunately fallen for the propaganda known as the Rhineland hypothesis, which was debunked above, in which the Khazar tribe pass themselves off as "Semites" with ancient ties to Palestine. This, along with their "gas chambers" fable and hoax about "six million" dead Jews, of which the "six million" part was fabricated in the 1890s, if not earlier, was necessary for their land grab in seizing Palestine and turning it into a racist, apartheid, nuclear-armed, non-migrant-accepting Zionist state as a springboard towards their goal of world conquest. Even Jews admit that the earlier 'researchers' appear to have "cooked the genetic books" to get their politically motivated conclusion.

In Lynn's Chapter 6 for example, the Tables show how Jewish children outperformed Gentile children in tests that confirmed the higher Jewish IQ. So the theories about nepotism or tribal networking proposed by those who deny the high Jewish intelligence just don't fit the facts.

Why the Ashkenazim Developed their Intellectual and Psychological Traits

Particularly incisive is Lynn's comment [pp. 155-6] that "the European Jews have particularly strong verbal ability and somewhat less strong reasoning and numerical abilities, but their spatial ability is not nearly so good", and that "these abilities evolved because they found a niche in Europe as money-lenders and tax farmers, for which verbal, reasoning, and numerical abilities were required, and were excluded from the craft occupations for which spatial ability is required." Interestingly enough, this profile of pronounced verbal and mathematical skills, and not-so-good visual-spatial ability, is not observed in the case of the Mizrahim Jews in Israel [p. 320]. They did not have the same roles over the centuries.

Cochran, Hardy and Harpending nailed it with their 2006 paper Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence. In their Introduction, they say that (in medieval Gentile society) the Ashkenazim mostly had "jobs" in which increased IQ strongly favored economic success, and the circumstances (of general poverty and a struggle to survive) meant that economic success led to reproductive success. Lynn [pp. 336-9] has an excellent summary of Cochran et al's hypothesis on what Lynn calls the "Genetics of the High Jewish IQ".

But let's be rather more forthright about it. King Bulan chose Judaism as the religion for the Khazars to convert to, because it enabled them to occupy a niche as intermediaries, exploiting the fact that Christians and Muslims found it increasingly hard to trade with each other directly. They also went into money-lending, exploiting the Christian and Islamist prohibition of usury. This niche was crucially important to the unique cerebral development that these Khazars would undergo over the next millennium. Both the genetic Jews and the Khazar converted Jews were parasitizing dozens of host societies over many centuries - and regularly getting expelled when the hosts got wise to their true character. Even before the Khazar conversion, the original Jews were being ousted for ritual murder or for having had Christ killed - although of course Jewish tales of a million or even four billion (400,000 myriads) Jews being killed should be seen as the fiction that they are. The Ashkenazim were in usury, banking, commerce, and generally ripping off their Gentile competitors. Their roles were more cognitively challenging than White roles such as agriculture. The traits that got selected for were their money-making skills and ruthlessness. Those who made more money would tend to survive and reproduce. On the other hand, traits such as compassion, conscience, and understanding that there are more important things than money, did not evolve. Such traits did not confer any survival advantage, and would even have been selected against.

And those roles in capitalism meant that their mathematical and verbal skills were particularly good, but their visual-spatial abilities were relatively low, e.g., compared to Whites working in agriculture. Moreover, these Jews were only interested in grabbing the gold; they didn't care about inventing or creating anything. So their verbal and mathematical abilities increased, but not their creative skills.

This is supported by Lynn's finding (as mentioned above) that there is no evidence of Jews being particularly gifted before about 1830. There is however the anecdotal evidence of Christ throwing the Jewish money changers and sheep and cattle traders out of the temple at Jerusalem, suggesting that as long as 2,000 years ago the Jews were occupying the same parasitical niche as many of them are to this day.

So evolution selected out this certain measure of intelligence in the Ashkenazim that is all about getting one over on their opponents, winning at casino capitalism, and worshipping gold and shekels, whilst lacking all moral values and any of the empathy that a normal person would feel. Today, we see these Dalek-like creatures - just like the false stereotype of the 'Nazis' - who are happy to draw hundreds of millions of pounds from an ailing company so they can live the high life on their yacht, whilst not giving a shekel about the losers when a black hole develops in the pension fund. Or if some of them are in the IDF, they'll happily shell a Gaza beach, blowing up a picnicking family, and then fabricate a cock-and-bull story about having stopped firing a few minutes earlier, or when that is debunked, about having targeted a few hundred feet away. The traits that have been selected for are part good, part bad, but the unbalanced lack of a conscience and lack of empathy together with exceptional verbal and mathematical abilities is a dangerous combination that could put the very survival of mankind in jeopardy. It is also clear that we need to move over to a system that rewards honesty rather than deception.

The primary reason for the higher Ashkenazi IQ (110 or more) compared to the Sephardim (98) and other Jews of a lower IQ is that the Khazars started out as a race with a higher IQ than the Arabs of the Middle East. They would have already been at around 96, consistent with Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. In contrast, the truly Semitic Jews of Arabic origin started from the 86 or 87 of Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. The Khazars have managed a gain of between 14 and 21, depending on whether we take the 110 or 117 Ashkenazi score or an intermediate value. The gain of the Sephardim is about 11, which is easily accounted for by the fact that in starting from a lower base, they were less likely to qualify for those higher IQ "white collar" jobs.

As Cochran et al say, those type of jobs needed an IQ of at least 100. In medieval times around 600 to 1,000 years ago, the Khazar converted 'Jews' would have had average IQs of at least 96, consistent with the Russia, Belarus and Ukraine climate. But they may have already gained a few points by then. They'd already been honing their white collar skills, since their position as Jews gave the Khazars the opportunity to trade with both Christians and Muslims. Amongst the not-so-smart Sephardim and Misrahim, fewer from those groups would have succeeded as capitalists, and so the lower the IQ foundation from which they were starting, the smaller number of IQ points that they would gain. And the Cochran paper says an increase of 0.8 IQ points per generation is quite feasible, with 500 years or 20 human generations sufficient to elevate the Khazars to 16 points above the European population.

The Problems with Philo-Judaic Hypotheses

Philo-Judaic hypotheses are faced with the problem of how to explain the difference of 12 or more between Ashkenazi converted 'Jews' and the Semitic Jews, when the Judeophile asserts that they are the same race. By their accounts, all started from around 86 or 87, although Lynn uses a starting figure of 84, which he calculates as the average Arab IQ. Based on an original Middle Eastern value of 87, the Ashkenazim gained 23 points, the Sephardim 11, and the Mizrahim 4 points.

Lynn suggests what he terms the "Persecution Hypothesis" [p.330] as the factor responsible. Lynn says [pp. 268-9] that the difference in 12 points between Ashkenazim and Sephardim can be attributed to the Sephardim in the Balkans having been generally free from persecution over the course of five centuries when they were in the Ottoman Empire. And the Mizrahim Jews were better treated by the Muslims in Turkey, the Near East and North Africa, and likewise, the Ethiopian Jews were not persecuted in Africa. Lynn claims that pogroms against the Ashkenazim would have had the effect of selectively eliminating the less intelligent specimens.

However, when the Sephardic Jews were in Spain and Portugal, they were ordered by the Inquisition to choose between expulsion and conversion to Christianity, on pain of death. And earlier, from the fifth to the eighth centuries, Jews claim that the Sephardim in Spain were "mercilessly persecuted" by the Visigoths. This must have selected for those Sephardim with higher intelligence.

Unsurprisingly, there is also a "Discrimination Hypothesis"; those labels couldn't get much more Philo-Judaic than that! This "Discrimination Hypothesis" is as proposed by Cochran et al as described above, the excellent theory that the Ashkenazim had occupations in which high IQ led to economic success, which in medieval times translated into reproductive success.

Lynn says that this so-called "discrimination" began in the 13th century (according to Roth, 1946, p. 103). However, Cochran et al say that the "majority of the Ashkenazim seem to have been moneylenders by AD 1100", citing Ben-Sasson (1976) and Arkin (1975). It wasn't "discrimination"; it was what the Khazars chose themselves. King Bulan had chosen Judaism as the religion for the Khazars to convert to, because it enabled them to enter the niche as traders, usurers and tax farmers. This niche - not a result of "discrimination", but chosen by the "Chosen People" themselves - was crucially important to the unique cerebral development that these people would undergo over the next millennium.

Like most Jew-friendly hypotheses, the "persecution" hypothesis has a problem with chronology and causality. The Ashkenazim needed a high IQ in order to get into their "white collar" niche. This is explained by the 96 IQs of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, whereas the Mediterranean Semites were only 86-87. And it's because the Khazars were taking these high IQ positions and parasitizing the natives that they eventually began to face "persecution" and "discrimination". They didn't face it for no reason at all, and then suddenly gain intelligence. Jews weren't disliked for no reason at all. The reason there is eventually a backlash against the Jews is that the host nation doesn't like alien interlopers who come in to take advantage of their hospitality, and then repay them by siphoning off the nation's wealth for themselves whilst failing to contribute anything other than intangibles of dubious value. Historically, another cause of the expulsions was Jewish ritual sacrifice and crucifixion of Christian children. The theft and ritual killing come first as the Jew poses as one of the natives who is merely different by way of religion, followed by the backlash, as evidenced by the expulsions of Jews from more than 100 locations, after the natives became aware of the true nature of the Jew. Get thrown out of a bar once or twice, and you could argue that it was not your fault; it was just bad luck. But when the same thing happens dozens of times, that line of reasoning no longer has any credibility.

More recently, anti-Khazarism is a response to the Israelis' genocide and discrimination against the Palestinians, to the rapidly crumbling "gas chambers" hoax, and to Benjamin Netanyahu's ten-year operation to bring down the World Trade Center and blame it on the Muslims as a pretext for endless wars and conflict between Muslims and the Western "democracies". Netanyahu (original family name Mileikowsky) is Ashkenazi, of Khazar origin. (The Khazars make sure that all Israeli prime ministers are from their own stock.) His paternal grandfather, a Rabbi and Zionist activist, was born in Kreva, Belarus, which was then Lithuania, and his paternal grandmother's birthplace was within Lithuania or the Russian Empire. His maternal grandmother was born in Lithuania. Similarly, Ilya Ehrenburg, the Soviet Jew who announced in December 1944 - the year before WWII ended!!! - that "six million" Jews had been murdered, was born in Kiev to a middle-class Jewish family; his father did not bother with Jewish rituals. Only a race with IQs well ahead of their competitors could fabricate alternative historical narratives for political purposes, and trick the rest of mankind into falling for them, even if those false narratives became so fragile that the liars would find it necessary to jail octogenarian grandmothers who challenged them, and to bolster the legend by jailing innocent nonagenarians merely for serving their country by guarding a work camp in wartime.

And another unique feature of the Jew is that they had no homeland of their own for centuries. They treated the whole world as their homeland, and it was always apparent that their first loyalty was to their own tribe, rather than to the particular nation that had welcomed them in. This, unfortunately, has continued even after they seized Palestine for themselves on a false prospectus. Jonathan Pollard is just one example. So much for the claim of Zionism being about establishing a Jewish homeland. That was overt Zionism. Covert Zionism was always about world conquest, realising the Isaianic prophecy about "a government in Israel that will be the center of all world government, both for Jews and gentiles", and bringing about the Jewish dream of a time when "Israel is mighty" and Gentiles can be killed or raped with impunity.

So, the Rhineland hypothesis of "Semitic" Ashkenazi Jews has to deny modern molecular genetics. It needs to propose an unexplained, miraculous baby boom at a time when the neighboring population did not experience even remotely comparable population growth, and to suppose that the Khazars mysteriously vanished for no reason at all. It must propose that Jewish migrants who were no more intelligent than the indigenous population were "discriminated" against for no reason at all - "discriminated" against in a bizarre manner by giving them the plush jobs that provided an opportunity to get rich whilst the natives took the "dirty" jobs for themselves, and that this "discrimination" endowed the Ashkenazim with large gains in intelligence. It must assume that these Jewish migrants were "persecuted" for no reason at all, and that this "persecution" provided them with more significant IQ gains. It must assert that the Sephardim were "persecuted" and "discriminated against" to a lesser degree, and the Mizrahim to an even lesser degree, all for no reason at all. It must pretend not to have heard of Jewish allegations of "persecution" and "discrimination" being meted out to the Sephardim from the Visigoths or the Inquisition. It needs to deny reality itself.

The Patriotic Solution - Racial Repatriation

We have deviated too far from the natural order, in which there is a place in the world for every race, and that place is where they should be.

Under this natural order, most 'Jews' (the Khazars) would be located in the vicinity of Eastern Europe or the Caucasus. They could have part of southwest Russia, part of Georgia, part of Armenia, part of Azerbaijan, part of Belarus, or part of Ukraine. The land would be purchased using Jewish bankers' money. A tiny minority of Jews would share Palestine peacefully with their fellow Semites, the Palestinians (as was the case before the advent of the Zionist project). For example, if the Semitic Jews were allocated the Gaza Strip and the Palestinians were given modern-day "Israel", the Palestinians could hardly complain. Maybe the Semitic Jews could be given more. The point is that the land should be distributed according to the true number of Jews who have ancient ties to it, as opposed to the inflated number that includes the non-Semitic 'Jews'. The British would have Britain. The Japanese would have Japan. The Chinese would have China. And traitorous politicians would be arrested and put on trial.

With this program, each race can be allowed to thrive and prosper by maintaining its unique customs and traditions as it sees fit, free from unwanted interference, and cultural diversity can be safeguarded across the globe. Some races will take longer to develop, but they always have the option of asking for assistance - to as much or as little a degree as they prefer. The Africans should find more satisfaction at the top of the biological hierarchy in Africa, rather than living as the underdog in White societies. The displacement of so many people from their natural habit to live amongst others is as unnatural as if polar bears were captured and released in Ethiopia, or lions were taken to the Falkland Islands to live with the penguins. Ironically, the insanity of mass migration and local "diversity" within a nation has the effect of diminishing and destroying cultural diversity, until all that remains are the Khazar predators at the top and their prey at the bottom.

Racism, when expressed as opposition to miscegenation, infiltration and / or subversion of a host society that will inevitably result in the destruction of the national ethnic majority, is not only normal, but laudable. The unacceptable face of racism is the singling out, tormenting and persecution of individuals - e.g., beating them up, painting swastikas on their walls, vandalizing their cars, calling them names to their face, etc. - purely on the basis of their race or religion. However, as part of the process of returning the world to its natural state of the various races dwelling in their very own lands rather than mixing with other people as part of the Khazar plot to neutralize all Gentile opposition and turn them into placid, willing serfs to be farmed like cattle, invaders will need to be subject to certain restrictions such as being excluded from government, banking, and the mass media. The acceptable face of racism - of doing whatever is necessary to preserve the Gentile races as proud, independent groups enjoying their liberty and maintaining their culture and traditions - can be classed as defensive racism. The unacceptable face is offensive racism.

Another massive misnomer is when Khazars accuse their critics of being "right-wing" "extremists". Firstly, the "right-wingers" are those who want to persist with the current oppressive system that favors 0.2% of the global population at the expense of the remaining 99.8%, rather than going over to a more equitable solution. Secondly, there is nothing "extreme" about wanting to save your own race, civilization and culture from extinction, after a racist elite pull off a swindle to net themselves a Zionist State, refuse to allow Gentile migrants into that State by closing the border and even building a wall, and infiltrate Gentile governments and mass media until having such control that they can impose policies of open borders and mass migration, along with interventionist foreign policies designed to stir up trouble and provoke a flood of refugees, with terrorists among them. Whites are not going to put up with becoming a minority in their own countries, seeing their race replaced and sidelined by millions of invaders and the ensuing miscegenation, only to be followed by extinction after the invaders drive them out into the countryside and then hunt them for "sport".

The extremists are the hypocrites who make a point of closing their own borders to migrants whilst insisting that everyone else takes them in. The extremists are those who spend ten years orchestrating a conspiracy to murder 3,000 people and frame an innocent third party for the crime as a pretext for a series of wars, with the result that within another few years, that third party does indeed become a terrorist threat. The extremists are those who spend fifty years trying to peddle a hoax about "six million" victims, and - after they can finally pull it off because it's in the context of two world wars, tens of millions of actual dead, a burgeoning movie industry that can be used to plug the lie, delousing chambers that can be morphed into "gas chambers", and a totalitarian regime that can refuse independent observers entry to alleged "death camps" until the Hoaxers have had enough time to construct a "gas chamber" after the war and to blow up parts of the camps to cover up the lack of evidence - extort massive "reparations" from the falsely accused losing side in the biggest blood libel of all time. The extremists are the interlopers who, decades after having seized their own state, are still busy subverting countries to further their political ends.

One thing is certain. There must be a final territorial solution. Jews cannot be trusted, and cannot be allowed to remain within the national borders of countries such as the US, Canada, Britain, France, Germany and Australia. Jews have had ample opportunity to denounce their crooked leaders, yet almost all of them are still Zionists. Jewish power within White countries must be extirpated!

Further Reading

The Non-Destruction of the European Jews Demonstrates the physical and scientific impossibility of the Jews' hoax about "gas chambers" and "six million" murdered Jews, with German usage of hydrogen cyanide as an insecticide for exterminating billions of typhus lice in delousing chambers to save human lives serving as the inspiration for atrocity propaganda about homicidal "gas chambers" for exterminating millions of Jews.

Israel's 9/11 False-Flag Ten-year operation that was inspired by Israeli security officials noting in 1991 that the underground garage of the Zim American-Israeli Shipping Company at the WTC was vulnerable to a truck bomb, with Benjamin Netanyahu's BSc in architecture from MIT making him the ideal person to mastermind an operation to bring down the Twin Towers by effecting collapse of five contiguous floors.

The Protocols of Joly How Jews documented their plans for world conquest in The Protocols of Zion such as taking over the press, after plagiarizing the Machiavellian program from an 1864 book by Maurice Joly, with pirates' forgery of Alphonse Rothschild's "Lafite Rothschild" labels in 1890 the inspiration for the idea of making the plagiarism so obvious that they could cry "Forgery; anti-Semites did it!" in the event of discovery.

The Fable of the Wolves and the Sheep A tale of subversion and intrigue by interlopers.