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The official 9/11 conspiracy theory debunked

How Zionism works

Analysis of the "High Fivers"

An eye-opening compilation of news reports

Apart from the unprecedented total collapses of three steel-framed high-rises from "office fires", numerous reports of molten steel and molten metal including a "little river of steel, flowing", an orange-yellow flow of molten material from WTC2 indicative of an iron-rich melt and totally at odds with the "office fires" scenario, a steel beam that was "dripping from the molten steel" in February of 2002, a WDS analysis conducted in 2006 of previously molten metal from Ground Zero that determined it was predominantly iron, dozens of oral reports of explosions, low frequency audio of a blast three seconds before the WTC7 east penthouse began to descend, etc., there are multiple aspects of the 9/11 official conspiracy theory (or coincidence theory) that require a suspension of disbelief because of absurdities or improbable "coincidences". Here are some examples.

[Hint: to check out those "moving company" links and much more, open the index for the page in a new window or tab, click on each topic of interest, and use the back button on your browser to return to the index. Or see here below for a few more interesting facts about Urban Moving Systems.]

(Did the planners ever stop to consider the irony of dealing out death and destruction to human life and property using minerals from a sea that was named after its inability to support most aquatic life, when the same high salt concentration proved benign to human life, e.g. by supplying so much buoyancy that people can float without even getting their newspaper wet? Or is it that they regard other races as equivalent to "grasshoppers", a "beast walking on two legs", "crocodiles" or "drugged cockroaches", etc.)

The list goes on and on.

Similarly, we are expected to believe that it was just a "coincidence" that pork chop-loving, video gaming, sneakers/jeans-wearing, red Pontiac-driving, cocaine-snorting, money-worshipping, vodka-swilling, strip club-frequenting, gambling Mohamed Atta - the "devout Muslim" with such a hatred of Western culture that he was prepared to kill himself and thousands of others - steered a Boeing 767 to crash into the north face of WTC1 whilst banking at a 25° angle so that the impact zone covered five floors - the very same five contiguous floors (94-98) that not only had upgraded SFRM installed between 1996 and 1998, but also had SFRM that was found to have a high density compared to that of the other upgraded floors. This is a coincidence too far!


See here for the longer version of this page that explains how these measurements were taken and how the accelerants were applied.

(Official 9/11 coincidence theorists believe that the drinking, gambling, womanizing, drug-taking, pork chop-loving, video gaming, money-flashing "devout Muslim terrorists" - who gave every indication of being overpaid, overconfident Western intelligence operatives acting the role of "devout Muslim terrorists" - were in fact "devout Muslim terrorists", rather than overpaid, overconfident Western intelligence operatives. These official 9/11 coincidence theorists also think that Occam's Razor is a market competitor of Remington and Gillette.)

There is no credible evidence that Arabs were on the 9/11 planes. For example, of the four aircraft that were allegedly each boarded by four or five "Arab hijackers" with "box cutters" and, by some accounts, "mace", a "bomb", and even a "gun", there is no surveillance video to prove that any of these "Arabs" were at the departure airports Boston Logan, Washington Dulles and Newark International. The only video footage the authorities had of any of the alleged hijackers at any airport within days of 9/11 was at Portland International Jetport, Maine, and so a cock-and-bull story was fabricated in which two "hijackers" had inexplicably made a detour to Portland, almost missing their final flight. This also provided the opportunity for Atta's baggage to be 'found' with lots of incriminating 'evidence' after the connecting flight was delayed and the baggage supposedly missed Atta's final flight, as if a suicide pilot would choose to take their last will and testament with them on a plane that they were planning to crash into a skyscraper, rather than leave it some place where it would certainly be found (or alternatively destroy it, if they didn't want it to be found). A grainy "surveillance video" that lacks a time stamp, purportedly of "hijackers" at Dulles Airport, was not released until July 2004, and the images are not clear enough for a positive ID. Given that it took only 18 months to make the animation for all episodes of the highly acclaimed Walking With Dinosaurs documentary series, they should have done a much better job. But to be fair to the forgers, such 'evidence' is aimed at those with the attention span of a goldfish (or the brains of a stegosaurus).

An important role for the "art students" was to craft the "Arabs did 9/11" legend by stealing passports and finding Arabs to frame, for example by carefully observing the movements of Saudi Airlines flight engineers who'd been sent to Florida for pilot training because the airline was eliminating flight engineers from its three-member crews. The program had ended for some of the engineers shortly before 9/11, which is why they were leaving the Vero Beach, Florida area around that time. Problem was, it meant that many of the "dead hijackers" would turn up alive and indignant, most likely in Saudi Arabia, and those pushing the legend would have to resort to claiming it was just lots of cases of mistaken identity. A good exposition of the frame-up and the evolving list of hijackers' names can be found in Paul Zarembka's The Hidden History of 9-11.


Source: Paul Zarembka The Hidden History of 9-11

If Satam al-Suqami, Waleed al-Shehri and Wail al-Shehri had been on the flight manifests, the authorities would not have initially claimed Adnan Bukhari, Ameer Bukhari and Amer Kamfar as hijackers in their place. Adnan was found to be alive and living in Florida. Ameer died in a small plane crash on September 11, 2000 - exactly one year too early. On September 14, 2001, Kamfar was reported as being possibly alive and "armed with an AK-47", and then he turned out to be alive and innocent and living in Mecca: one of those flight engineer / pilots who'd been recalled from Vero Beach to Saudi Arabia. And given that Ameer Bukhari had been dead for a year and Adnan Bukhari was not a hijacker, the claim that their names were on paperwork relating to a rented 2001 silver-blue Nissan Altima found at Portland International Jetport, Maine, was a lie. The alternative is a story that makes no sense: that Atta rented a Mitsubishi sedan in his real name, then bizarrely abandoned the Mitsubishi at Boston's Logan Airport and inexplicably rented a Nissan using identities stolen from the Bukharis to travel to Portland with Alomari on a journey that meant they would risk missing their connecting flight with the consequent failure of their mission.

It is often claimed that Osama bin Laden admitted responsibility for 9/11. A well-built, dark-skinned, right-handed man, dubbed informally as "Fatty bin Laden", whose only resemblance to the pale, olive-skinned, 6' 4" to 6' 6", approximately 160 lbs, left-handed Osama bin Laden is that they both sported a beard and wore a turban, appeared in a video that was conveniently 'found' in Jalalabad, a city with a population estimated at roughly 250,000 as of 1999. The chubby, right-handed individual admitted responsibility for 9/11 after Osama bin Laden, who reportedly died December 2001, had already denied responsibility on at least two occasions: September 16 and 28 of 2001. Various tapes of "Osama" were faked in the ensuing years, often merely consisting of audio, and sometimes accompanied by a still image. The tapes were broadcast at times that would help the Bush admin, such as days prior to the 2004 presidential election. The Washington Post reported in May 2010 that former CIA officers admitted the agency created tapes in which their "darker-skinned employees" acted the roles of Osama and his cronies. A video broadcast in 2009, for example, was so blurred that hardly any information could be gleaned from it, although in 2009 the parts of "Osama's" beard that were black had been white in 2007 and vice versa. And "Osama's" eyebrows, nose and other features kept changing from one video to the next.

Navy SEALs who murdered the male members of an innocent Pakistani family in Abbottabad in May 2011, after the powers-that-be decided they could not keep pretending that a dead man was still alive by faking audio / still images / blurry video footage, would have been briefed with photographs of the Pakistani gentlemen supplied from agents associated with the Kakul Pakistan Military Academy which was a few minutes' drive from "Osama's hideout". Thus, they would have imagined that they were targeting "Osama bin Laden" and his "courier". The body of "Osama" was dumped ("burial at sea"). Twenty-two members of SEAL Team Six - the same team that carried out the slaughter of the Khan family in Abbottabad - were killed in a chopper crash in Afghanistan in August 2011 - thereby leaving any surviving SEALs involved in the killings in no doubt that they'd be putting their own lives on the line were they to actually debunk the "Osama killed in 2011" legend as opposed to merely revealing that Akbar Khan's guns were not loaded when he was shot in the head and then shot several times in the chest (which makes it patently obvious that the operation was to assassinate rather than capture an individual who would be passed off as "Osama"). And surviving female members of the family were obviously "encouraged" to play along with the official story - after another chopper 'accident' had conveniently provided a pretext for avoiding bringing any "Osama wives" back to the U.S. for interrogation on grounds that there was "no room". The evidence was thereby conveniently eliminated. Moreover, a New York Times article dated May 1, 2011, (just hours before the butchering of the Khan family) on how U.S. aid to Pakistan was in excess of $1 billion annually, provided a thinly veiled threat as to the consequences should the Pakistani authorities put up more than a token resistance to the U.S. version of events.

Those SEALs killed in the chopper crash probably included those given secret orders that "bin Laden" was not to be taken alive under any circumstances and it was essential to get rid of the body. Surviving members of the raid team would have attended the briefing in which a lawyer told them it was not an assassination mission, and would assume that the killing of unarmed men by their teammates was simply a mistake, even a "reasonable" mistake. After all, the authorities would have no problem wheeling out some retired major-general to offer his legal opinion on how shooting an unarmed man was "understandable", was not "unreasonable", and how it was also "reasonable" to shoot him again several times after he was already "crumpled on the floor in a pool of blood with a hole visible on the right side of his head and two women wailing over his body".

The Al Jazeera channel, which broadcast audios and videos purportedly of Osama bin Laden, was started in 1996 with a $150 million grant from Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifah Al-Thani, the Emir of Qatar. From October 2 through to October 5, 2001, the Emir visited the U.S. where he met with George W. Bush, Dick Cheney (an "old friend"), Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Myers. On October 20, Dick Cheney again met his friend the Emir of Qatar to discuss the "Osama" interviews. Osama bin Laden served the purpose of an "Emmanuel Goldstein". The term "Goldstein Effect" was coined by Cass Sunstein, a gentleman who advocates that "government should engage in cognitive infiltration of the groups that produce conspiracy theories" and "coincidentally" happens to be a co-religionist of a certain BSc architecture-qualified prime minister.

It is clear that anyone who has access to the information yet continues to believe the official government story (myth) on 9/11 would be best advised to consult a doctor - preferably, one who specializes in problems of the mind!

See the Appendix for some of the relevant news articles.

The genesis of the WTC demolitions dates back to 1991, when agents of the world's most powerful global crime syndicate - whose principals have the leaders of the incumbent and opposition parties in the so-called Western "democracies" in their pockets - inspected the WTC garage and noted its vulnerability to a truck bomb. The February 1993 WTC bombing, which killed six and injured 1,042 in the resulting fires after a plan to substitute harmless powder for the explosives was called off by an FBI supervisor after having other ideas about how their $500 a week informant Emad A. Salem was to be used, served to provide the pretext for the fireproofing "upgrades" over the next few years. But they needed a willing, conniving US administration, and in January 1998 Clinton refused to give in to their blackmail over Monica Lewinsky. Those involved were from the same crime syndicate that planned to hit the WTC, as demonstrated by the fact that a certain BSc architecture-qualified prime minister who was a friend of the WTC7 developer traveled to Washington to negotiate with Clinton, "coincidentally" a mere three days after news broke of the Lewinsky scandal.

In March 2000 it was revealed that $2.3 trillion of accounting corrections that lacked receipts had been required to balance the Pentagon's financial ledgers. This provided the opportunity for bringing the new Bush admin into 9/11, albeit in a relatively minor role. The Pentagon attack was to kill "only" a hundred or two, as opposed to thousands in the WTC, although in both cases many more would be killed and maimed in the ensuing wars. Rabbi Dov Zakheim, who was CEO at SPC International and co-signatory to a position paper that called for a "new Pearl Harbor", was nominated by George W. Bush in February 2001 to serve as Comptroller at the Pentagon and as Under Secretary of Defense, and was sworn in on May 3, 2001. Thomas E. White, who had been on "JINSA" trips to Israel and as former CEO at Enron would therefore know a thing or two about accounting fraud, was nominated by Bush as Secretary of the Army on May 1, 2001, and sworn in thirty days later.

In the morning of 9/11, Thomas E. White, Paul Wolfowitz, Randy "Duke" Cunningham and others were at a breakfast meeting with Donald Rumsfeld, in which the latter predicted that some kind of "shocking" world event would occur in the near future. The meeting was about to break up as the first plane slammed into the North Tower. As the alleged Flight 77 was ten miles out from the Pentagon, a young man asked Vice President Cheney, "Do the orders still stand?" Cheney turned and whipped his neck around and replied, "Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?" Since there were no shoot down orders in effect at 9:37:45 - the time of the Pentagon strike - or earlier, and since there was no attempt to shoot down the object that struck the Pentagon, it follows that "the orders" were stand down rather than shoot down. In the afternoon of 9/11/01 Donald Rumsfeld said, "My interest is to hit Saddam Hussein", and ordered his aides to plan for striking Iraq.

Afghanistan was the first target in the crime syndicate's grotesquely misnamed "war on terror" (in reality "war and terror for profit and power") because the Taliban had banned opium poppy cultivation in the summer of 2000 throughout the 95% of Afghanistan that it controlled, severely hitting the profits of Western intelligence agencies and organized crime. In 2001 cultivation was down by 90% and production by 94% compared to 2000. Opium production rocketed after regime change; by 2007, the potential production was almost twice the previous high of 1999. Similarly, the original opium wars of the mid-19th century were also about the misuse of military force to enable satanic, avaricious psychopaths to continue profiting from the opium trade. Plundering $billions of Iraqi oil riches could be delayed for a year or two, until the public had been softened up with a new pack of lies about "WMD" such as "mobile germ warfare labs".

With the Bush admin heavily complicit in the Pentagon attack, they were forced to cover for the Mishpucka's WTC attacks, with the Mishpucka in their turn exploiting their control of the mainstream media to promote the official conspiracy yarn about cocaine-snorting, strip club-frequenting, pork chop-loving "devout Muslims" with "box cutters" who "got lucky", etc. The Pentagon Comptroller, who served as the Mishpucka's chief inside man in the piggy-backed Bush admin 9/11 sub-plot, would not have given the Bush conspirators advance information on anything they did not need to know, such as the plan to attack and demolish the WTC. Flight 93 was shot down before it could hit WTC7 because it was 41 minutes late due to airport congestion, and the confusion caused by the war games and exercises - effectively a military "stand down" - could not be maintained indefinitely. Rather than admit that, a Jessica Lynch-style "Let's roll" story about passenger heroics was concocted.

Seven years later, another fantasy about "thermal expansion" causing the collapse of WTC7 was foisted on the sheeple. The explicit testimony of Barry Jennings, an eyewitness who told of how he was trapped in the building by early explosions prior to the collapse of either Tower, directly contradicts the official theory as touted by NIST that flaming debris from the collapse of the Twin Towers had smashed its way into WTC7 and ignited fires on multiple floors - even though a "hijacker's passport" was "soaked in jet fuel" and still did not burn - and then those multiple fires led to "thermal expansion" of fireproofed steel, which in turn brought about the total collapse of the 47-story building that was never hit by a plane, twenty minutes after the BBC had already reported its collapse in what was claimed to be an "honest mistake", and an hour after CNN had already reported that WTC7 had "collapsed" or was "collapsing". Sadly, in yet another strange "coincidence", Mr. Jennings died on August 19, 2008, just two days before NIST released the draft version of its WTC7 report which, as with its other reports, selectively ignored the empirical evidence and the laws of physics and compartment fires. In another bizarre "coincidence", Dutch controlled demolitions expert Danny Jowenko died on July 16, 2011 in a car crash, just three days after Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute at the US Army War College, had cited Mr. Jowenko's expert testimony that WTC7's collapse was a "controlled demolition" by "a team of experts" who had "blown away columns", three-and-a-half minutes into an interview for Press TV with Susan Modaress.

The orchestrators of state-sponsored terror have been forced to recruit disinformation agents to propagate nonsense about "holographic planes", about the WTC being demolished by space-based beam "energy weapons" capable of sustaining several times the total global power output for ten seconds at a time, and to have their assets set up so-called "9/11 debunking" websites to confuse newcomers with specious arguments and attacks on straw men. One intelligence asset even peddles an absurd hoax about the WTC being demolished with nuclear bombs that leave no physical trace and were built into the basements during construction with the full approval of the Nixon admin, who successfully managed to prevent Washington Post reporters from uncovering the scheme. When challenged, shills claim that the basement nukes were able to make the building collapses initiate at the impact zones by the use of "shaped charges". They have a similar 'explanation' for the Boeing 767-shaped impact holes in the Towers - it was done with cleverly placed (and timed) "charges"!

(One of Israel's advocate groups even admits that the one fact alone that an ex-Sayeret Matkal guy was on Flight 11 is "quite a coincidence", although their confirmation bias blinds them to all of the myriad of other 'coincidences' and absurdities of the government conspiracy theory that prove it is a pack of lies. They claim they "don't understand", want to learn more, and want facts. There are enough verifiable facts in this section for any honest, unbiased investigator to understand the truth about 9/11. Were they to defend the honest majority amongst their co-religionists rather than the hypocritical, terrorist, criminal elite and a paranoid, brainwashed minority who've been tricked into aiding and abetting the political intriguers and warmongers, they would help to prevent conflict and best serve the interests of decent people from all races and religions. It's time to stop bigoted nonsense such as "my race is better than your race". Those who don't understand, who continually refuse to learn from those who do understand, will never understand.)

When the official conspiracy theory of "the Arabs did 9/11 with the aid of box cutters and an extraordinary run of luck" is assumed to be true, there is a host of absurdities, improbabilities and bizarre coincidences, along with contradictory physical, auditory and visual evidence. When the official conspiracy theory is consigned to the garbage bin and replaced with the correct hypothesis, the internal inconsistencies evaporate, the lengthy series of improbabilities and coincidences is transformed into a set of expected links within the causal chain of events, and the forensic and recorded evidence becomes consistent with what actually happened on 9/11/01. There is only one place for the official conspiracy theory: the garbage bin!

How Zionism works

The Zionist program to "create world government" and turn the planet into a giant prison can only work so long as ordinary, well-meaning folk are blinded from the reality of what is happening and conditioned into going along with it. Ordinary people do not "hate" Jews. Even those of us who strongly criticize Israel and Zionism do not hate or even dislike Jews in general. But decades of disinformation and propaganda from outlets such as the ADL of B'nai B'rith, which was founded in 1913 to protect murderers, rapists and other criminals by screaming about "anti-Semites", have caused people to become sadly misinformed.

Prior to the beginning of the First Aliyah around 1881-82 when the first Zionist settlers purchased land from absentee Arab owners, dispossessing the peasants who had cultivated it, there was little conflict between the Jewish minority and the Arab population in Palestine. After the 1947-1948 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine and the 1948 Arab–Israeli War which resulted in around 750,000 Palestinians fleeing or being expelled from their homes, with the Zionists then blaming the Arab victims for resisting their dispossession, Israeli Jews are subjected to random acts of terror because the Zionist regime refuses to compensate for Arab losses and to accept Palestinian demands for a viable, independent state. So today, even Zionist Jews regard Israel as a "country that experiences terror daily". However, Jewish people of good conscience recognize that Zionism is wrong.


Source: Jews for Justice in the Middle East

Of course, the crooked Israeli leadership will never change course voluntarily. Zionists need peace like they need a hole in the head. Today, Jews, Christians, Muslims, atheists and anyone else live together peacefully in the Diaspora. The Zionist Mafia (the Mishpucka) are not concerned with the welfare of Jews in general; they are only interested in their pursuit of power and profit. Yitzhak (Izaak) Greenbaum said, "One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland". The lying, swindling leeches who appropriated the land after concocting a massive hoax and peddling it unsuccessfully for decades until they finally managed to brainwash people in the wake of a world war that had killed tens of millions, selected the region on the basis of a report on its mineral riches by US Navy Commander William Francis Lynch, who carried out a geological survey in 1848, which was 100 years before the particular country was created on a false prospectus. Today, these murderous psychopaths, empowered by their nuclear-armed sovereign state, their appointing of "leaders" in the so-called "Western democracies", and their control of the mainstream media, exploit the U.S. as an engine to drive them to their goal of world domination - homo sapiens neanderthalensis' final solution in their long-running war against the host homo sapiens sapiens.

The Zionist Mafia benefits from encouraging Jewish paranoia, since they can then offer themselves as the "solution" - as "protectors" of Jews. In Israel, the Zionist regime guarantees terror attacks against Jews with its anti-peace policies. Elsewhere, the Zionists have to try to perpetuate the myth that everyone hates Jews, in case people notice that Jews are less safe in Israel and start to suspect that Zionism might be the problem. So the Zionists have sayanim fake phony "hate crimes" against themselves, such as vandalising their own cars or graves, or poisoning their dogs and defacing their houses with swastikas, or cutting their clothes and drawing swastikas on their stomachs. "Come to Israel, where we can protect you from those nasty anti-Semites!"

So-called political "leaders" (puppets and puppets' poodles, e.g. "Yo, Blair") are much too afraid to lift a finger against this international crime syndicate of racial supremacists bent on world domination - it's the choice between profiting handsomely or career suicide or worse. However, the crime syndicate are well aware that these "leaders" - the crime syndicate's protégés - can be thrown out by popular uprising, which is why they desperately need to keep a lid on the truth. The frequency of false-flag operations has decreased since 2006, as millions of people have learned via the internet that 9/11 was an "inside job" - or an "inside/outside job". Truth seekers who pass on information such as this about 9/11 are helping to dissuade the crooks from staging future false-flags, as an increasing number of people learn about the deception.

Anyone still trying to figure out who did 9/11, eleven years on, should ask themselves:

Hint: It was the same man!

Analysis of the "High Fivers"

(For links to Parts 1 to 5 of the FBI's report from which the following information is sourced, along with transcripts of much of the report and further information, refer to this page.)

The Israelis reveal their guilt by their own words on multiple occasions. They were caught in several lies, such as Yaron Shmuel's assertion that they were "on the West Side Highway" in New York City at the time of the "incident" (see page 4 of the police report). The FBI's review of EZ-Pass records showed that the Urban Moving Systems van used by the Israelis to travel from Brooklyn, NY (location of their residences) to Weehawken, NJ on the morning of September 11, 2001 passed through the Brooklyn, NY entrance to the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel at 7:48 a.m.. That was approximately 58 minutes before the alleged Flight 11 slammed into the North Tower.

In another lie (Section 5 page 45), Sivan Kurzberg claimed they were "caught in heavy traffic" and did not arrive at the parking lot of the apartment complex until 10:00 a.m. or later, which is more than an hour after they were seen there. In his version of events, the three Israelis seen celebrating at the parking lot went up onto the roof of Urban Moving Systems after browsing internet news sites. Oded Ellner also lied with a claim that they stopped to get gas after the first plane crash on their way to the parking lot, which again renders the Israeli timeline even more impossible. The FBI found they had bought gas at about 2:14 p.m. and there is evidence that Ellner may have stopped at the gas station prior to the first impact.

[Blank=eleven characters=Oded Ellner] advised interviewing agents that after having arrived at his workplace, Urban Moving Systems, located at 3 West 18th Street, Weehawken, NJ, around 8:00 am on September 11, 2001, he received a telephone call informing him that the first explosion had occurred. (Note: The first explosion actually occurred at approximately 8:46:30 that morning.) [Blank=six characters=Ellner] and his roommates (NFI) got into a company van and departed the workplace for a Gulf gasoline service station. Then, [blank, seven characters, e.g. Ellner,] in the company of his friends, traveled to another location in order to take photographs of the WTC.
[Blank=fourteen characters=Sivan Kurzberg] also stated that he arrived at work (Urban Moving Systems) around 8:00 am. Later, after [blank, six characters, most likely Ellner who claimed to have received a phone call, or could be Shmuel] told [blank=eight characters=Kurzberg] about the explosion at WTC, [blank=eight characters=Kurzberg] looked on the internet and went to the roof of the building to observe the WTC and take photographs. Then, [blank=eight characters=Kurzberg] and friends (NFI) left the office and were caught in heavy traffic. Sometime between 10:00 am and Noon, and while attempting to return to their office, [blank=eight characters=Kurzberg] and his friends (NFI) stopped at a parking lot (adjacent to an apartment building) to take more photographs.

Of particular interest is the decision of Sivan Kurzberg, Oded Ellner and Yaron Shmuel to travel to the parking lot in the apartment complex, prior to the second plane impact, even if we make no assumptions as to whether or not it was before the first crash. Ellner inadvertently reveals too much in his admission to the FBI that "only one side of one tower is visible from the roof of Urban Moving", whereas the parking lot provided a view of "the entire length of both towers". Here is another version of events provided by Ellner, as shown on pages 85 to 86 of the Section 5 of the FBI report:

Shortly after the first explosion, [blank=six characters=Ellner, given that he is the subject of this interrogation and other accounts have Ellner receiving the tip-off call] received a telephone call on his cell phone [blank] from a friend of his, identified only as [blank=six characters] (LNU). [Blank=six characters] told [blank=six characters=Ellner] of the explosion at the World Trade Center. [Blank=six characters=Ellner] and [blank=six characters=Shmuel] accessed the internet through two of the office computers and began reading about the events on CNN.com and YNIT.com, an Israeli newspaper. [That would be YNET, not YNIT, and it's YNET.co.il. The English version YNETNEWS.com was first captured by the Wayback Machine on December 5, 2004, announcing that it was shortly to go online.]
A few minutes later, [blank=twenty-eight characters, e.g. Ellner, Sivan, Paul Kurzberg] and [blank=six characters, e.g. Shmuel] all went outside to look at the World Trade Center as it is visible from Urban Moving Systems. [Paul Kurzberg claims to have gone up on Urban Moving's roof at this point, and Ellner has retracted the part about stopping for gas on their way from Urban Moving to the Doric apartment block.] [Blank=twelve characters=Yaron Shmuel] and [blank=fourteen characters=Sivan Kurzberg] suggested that they take a picture of the event for history. [Blank, twenty-two characters=Ellner, Sivan Kurzberg] and [blank=six characters=Shmuel] climbed into the company van and drove to a parking lot fronting the Hudson River, which gave them a view of the entire length of both towers. [Blank=six characters=Ellner] is not sure if [blank=twelve characters, possibly Omer Marmari, who evidently wasn't there] was in the van with them. [Blank=six characters=Ellner] is unsure of the exact location of this lot [probably true, given that the site was chosen by Sivan Kurzberg] but advised that it only took five minutes to get there. [Blank, blank=fourteen characters, e.g. Ellner, Shmuel] and [blank=fourteen characters, e.g. Sivan Kurzberg] all climbed onto the roof of the van to get a better view of what was going on. [Blank=six characters=Ellner] admitted that they all took still photographs of the World Trade Center with [blank's=sixteen characters, e.g. Sivan Kurzberg's] 35 MM camera, but denied that he took any video or saw anyone with a video camera. No one mounted the camera on a tripod or any other mounting device. [Blank=six characters=Ellner] has no explanation of reports that they were observed videotaping the event.

After spending a few minutes at the lot, they drove back to Urban Moving Systems, where they went up on the roof of the building and took more still photographs but no videotape. [Blank, five characters if FBI's standard double-spacing between sentences, e.g. Sivan] stated that only one side of one tower is visible from the roof of Urban Moving. At this point, [blank=six characters=Ellner] apologized for appearing happy in the photographs. [Blank=six characters=Ellner, who said on Israeli TV "we are coming from a country that experiences terror daily"] stated that Israel has been dealing with incidents like this for years. He believes that the United States will take steps to stop terrorism in the world.

After coming down from the roof, [blank=six characters=Ellner] went back inside Urban Moving and again got on the internet, accessing CNN.com and YNIT.com.
After Urban Moving closed for the day, [several blanked names, up to twenty-four characters, e.g. Ellner, Shmuel, Marmari,] [blank=five characters, e.g. Sivan] and [blank=thirteen characters, e.g. Paul Kurzberg] tried to find a way to get back to New York City. On the way, they stopped at White Glove Movers. [This stop was probably when Marmari claimed he was awoken, in which someone put skis and a red bag in the back of the van. The video camera may have been handed over to sayanim at this point, although it was probably unloaded earlier.] [Blank=six characters=Ellner] does not know the exact location of White Glove but advised that it was about a ten minute drive from Urban Moving Systems. [Blank=six characters=Ellner] waited outside while [blank=twelve characters=Yaron Shmuel, since Omer Marmari was trying to sleep in the back] went inside and spoke with [blank] (LNU). [Blank=six characters=Ellner] indicated that many of [blank=twenty-four characters, e.g. Urban Moving's employees] work at White Glove. It was after leaving White Glove and looking for a crossing into New York, that they were stopped by the Police and arrested.
It was at this point that [blank=six characters=Ellner] admitted that he had additional information. [Blank=six characters=Ellner] stated that on the way to the parking lot, [blank=twelve characters; thus, confirmed as Yaron Shmuel and eliminating the alternative possibility of Shmuel talking about Oded Ellner; Omer Marmari is already ruled out in that twelve-character slot since he did not go to the parking lot] remarked "I am glad I brought my camera today."



As may be seen on the map, the Urban Moving Systems office at 3 W. 18th Street was north and slightly west of the WTC.


Source: Google Maps


Source: FEMA 403 Chapter 1 [as of August 2012, taken down from FEMA's website]

The north side of the North Tower, which was hit by the alleged Flight 11 at approximately 8:46:30 a.m. on 9/11, faces somewhat east of north. Given that Urban Moving Systems was north and slightly west of the WTC site, the South Tower would have been obscured by the North Tower, but the north and west faces of the North Tower would have been visible from the roof of UMS. The following photo is probably taken from slightly east of north of the North Tower; its north and west faces are visible, and the South Tower is in the background to the left.



Thus, a vantage point such as the roof of Urban Moving Systems, if we imagine the perspective from a little to the west, would have been ideal for viewing the north and west faces of the North Tower and suitable for "documenting" the plane crash into the north face of the North Tower. However, it would have been a lousy choice for anyone intending to "document" the approach and impact of an aircraft into the south face of the South Tower.

So our "innocent" Israelis, engaged in "honest toil" as "movers" on a "working holiday" in a foreign country, learn that an aircraft has crashed into the World Trade Center. As Christopher Ketcham pointed out, during the 17 minutes prior to the second impact, innocent bystanders would have believed the incident was merely a terrible accident.

Here are a few questions:

And then there is the physical impossibility of all of the various versions of events provided by the Israelis, so that any attempt to find them innocent ironically requires that all of their statements regarding their movements between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. on 9/11/01 are assumed to be lies, and the real version of events was something like this:

Oded Ellner, Yaron Shmuel and Sivan Kurzberg are driving along Manhattan Avenue, Union City in the Urban Moving Systems van, having left their workplace minutes previously for a delivery / collection, when one of them receives a telephone call informing them of a plane crash into the World Trade Center from a friend who saw it happen. [This would require evidence of an incoming cell phone call at about 8:47 to 8:48, evidence which doesn't exist. It would also require that they hadn't given so many alternative accounts of events.] One of them notices the Doric apartment block coming up on their left, and remarks that it would be a good place to see the event. They drive into the apartment block, around to the rear parking lot, park facing the WTC, get out and climb on top of the van with their cameras, which by a lucky coincidence they just happen to have with them, just before a couple of witnesses look out of their windows and see the Israelis kneeling atop the van.

The evidence on Section 3 page 67 (FBI report) shows that the lady who telephoned the main eyewitness to inform her of the disaster was actually prompted to look out of the window by the sound of the impact or explosion as the first plane slammed into the North Tower at approximately 8:46:30 a.m. Thus, assuming it took her two minutes to scan the area before observing the smoking WTC, she then "immediately" went to telephone her friend. Assuming that took a minute, and it took her friend another minute to grab her binoculars, look out the window, and see the van parked with the celebrating Israelis kneeling on its roof, this occurred at approximately 8:50 to 8:51.

This estimate of a four-minute delay for the eyewitness is likely to be on the high side. The eyewitness testified that she was listening to 1010 WINS, the local AM news radio station, before receiving her telephone call and going to look out of her window, and she did not hear any news about the WTC. James Faherty broke the news on WINS, and this is how he describes it:

James Faherty, Anchor, WINS-AM, New York
I was seated behind the studio microphone, listening to a prerecorded report on some lawsuit du jour, when a 1010 WINS assignment editor’s voice, in extremely urgent tones, came over my earpiece: “A plane has crashed into the World Trade Center! Breaking news now! Go to Joan Fleischer, live on the phone!” I interrupted the taped segment that was airing, and announced the bulletin. Fleischer, a 1010 WINS account executive, lived just blocks away from the World Trade Center, and was standing on the roof of her building, cell phone in hand.



This is corroborated by another report:

From her rooftop on North Moore Street, Fleischer was very close to the Towers. She noticed a plane flying much lower than she had ever seen in the NYC skies, and knew what was going to happen. Instead of calling the police or fire department, she called the WINS newsroom and spoke to Mason.
“As I said, ‘There’s going to be a plane crash,’ the plane tilted to the left and slammed into the building,” says Fleischer, who now works for WINS’ sister station, WCBS 880. “As I said, ‘crash,’ it hit.”
Mason did the logical thing: He called Fleischer back from a line that could be patched into the studio on the air. In Fleischer, WINS had someone from the station, albeit not a reporter, with a bird’s eye view of the carnage as it was unfolding. Had it been just a regular caller, the station would not have gone with such a live report.



Audio of the WINS live report is available from the above link. The clip is nearly eight minutes in duration, and there is no mention of the second impact by the end of the clip. Since the second impact occurred at approximately 9:03, that would set an absolute latest time of 8:55 for WINS to have broken the news of the first impact. However, how long does it take a news radio station to go live on important breaking news when they have a trusted witness at the scene and have to call her back from another line and inform the anchorman? Probably about as long as it takes for someone to hear a plane crash, look out the window, scan the area, see the smoking WTC, call a friend and tell her the WTC is on fire and to look out of the window. Or about as long as it takes for a painter in an apartment block to see or hear a plane crash, and to walk to his colleague in an adjacent apartment and tell him to look out of a window, "less than 5 minutes" after the first impact. From Section 5, page 25:

[Blank] and his [blank] are [blank] for Doric Towers. On the morning of 9/11/01 [blank] was painting in Apartment [blank] Less than 5 minutes after the 1st plane hit the North tower of the World Trade Center [blank] comes to Apartment [blank] and informs [blank] of the disaster. [Blank] stands up from painting the baseboard, looks out of the window, and notices 3 young men taking video and still photographs from atop the roof of the parking garage adjoining Doric Towers. He also see [sic] a white utility van next to the men and a brown van further behind. There were no other people in the parking lot at that time. He believes this occurred between 9:00am and 9:10am. [Blank] exits apartment [blank] and goes to his apartment at [blank] which takes approximately 5 minutes. He looks out of the window and sees both towers on fire. After 6 to 7 minutes he goes to another window in his apartment and sees that the men and both the white and brown van gone.

So, in the scenario of the Israelis just happening to drive past the apartment block just after the first impact, it's just feasible that they might have received a telephone call, driven into the apartment block, around to the rear parking lot, got out with their cameras, and climbed atop the van, in time for the witnesses to observe them. That still wouldn't explain why the Israelis regarded a plane crash to be such an amusing, joyous event. It's also highly credible that an apartment block resident would, after learning the WTC was on fire, "immediately" telephone her friend and neighbor whom she knew would be able to get a good view from her apartment. It's not so likely that an Israeli, after quickly learning of a plane crash, say, because he just happened to be at the scene at the time, would be motivated to "immediately" call an Israeli friend who worked as a "mover", when the mover could by definition be almost anywhere and quite probably at a location that did not provide a view of the WTC. And local residents would be expected to take a greater interest in a plane crashing into a local building just across the river, compared to someone who was on a "working holiday" in a foreign land and had no ties to the area. However, it didn't happen like that. The Israelis claim to have been at their 3 West 18th Street, Weehawken workplace when receiving the news of the first plane crash. Almost certainly, they were already atop the van at the Doric apartment block's rear parking lot with their cameras, in time to videotape the initial impact, but they perceived various alibis of being anywhere but Doric at the time of the "incident" as less incriminating.

Assuming Ellner's friend is inexplicably remarkably quick in telephoning him with the news; it took a minute for one Israeli to read about the first plane crash on CNN.com as another Israeli read about it on the Israeli news site YNET.co.il; a minute for the three of them to make the collective decision that a plane crash was worth "documenting" for "history" and to gather up their cameras and run out to the van; four minutes for the journey in the rush hour as they select their vantage point on the fly (and Sivan Kurzberg said they were "caught in heavy traffic", so Google Maps' minimum time of four minutes is probably optimistic given the time of around 08:50 a.m.); and a minute to drive into the apartment complex and around to the rear parking lot, park facing the WTC, get out and climb on top the van with their cameras; then the news would have to have been posted at the CNN and Israeli news websites seven minutes before the 1010 WINS local news radio station announced it on air. So both websites have it up as early as 8:48, even seconds before CNN TV footage cuts into an advert with breaking news, and WINS is as late as 8:55, the latest possible time given that the second impact hadn't occurred at almost eight minutes into the WINS live commentary on the first impact. It's a preposterous scenario. WINS even had one of their account executives on scene who was already speaking on her cell phone to the WINS newsroom as the first plane crashed. Moreover, even in the least improbable of the many conflicting versions of events claimed by the Israelis, they spend a "few minutes", not one minute, reading about the event on the internet before going outside. Thus, even the least improbable Israeli version of events requires a suspension of the laws of causality and General Relativity. But that is at least consistent with the government conspiracy theory's requirement for a suspension of the laws of thermodynamics, thermochemistry, probability, etc.

If you encounter anyone spouting the tired old canard about "anti-Semitism", refer them to this page. And show them the reports in the Appendix. If they continue to insist that "the Arabs" did 9/11, then they will have demonstrated one of four things:

  1. They are retarded.
  2. They are accomplices to terrorism and mass murder who are trying to cover up the crime of the century.
  3. They have a psychological weakness that prevents them from facing up to the truth, so they prefer to inhabit their own little fantasy world.
  4. They believe that The New York Times, The New York Observer, the Daily News (New York), CNN, Silverstein Properties, The Washington Times, the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, The Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, Arutz Sheva, Ynetnews.com, Jweekly.com, Netanyahu.org, The Times (London, original), The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, The Seattle Times, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Mercury (Pottstown, PA), The Miami Herald, The Chicago Sun-Times, Fox News, Asia Times Online, System Planning Corporation, the Mineta Transportation Institute / Norman Mineta, the Eisenhower Research Project, the Belfer Center, the United Nations, the DoD, the FBI, etc., are "neo-Nazi" outlets that are part of a global conspiracy to smear Jews by spreading "anti-Semitic" "urban myths".




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