We could go on listing scores of absurdities and anomalies, but this will
merely demonstrate the falsity of the BLIARS version rather than prove who
did 9/11 and how they did it.  The fact that it is impossible for eight or
nine men to die in a kamikaze mission and subsequently turn up alive and
well necessitates that the BLIARS theory be replaced by an incompetence
theory.  Such a theory, retaining the "Muslim terrorists" kernel of the
official 9/11 story, resolves many of BLIARS' problems including all those
discussed in this section.  The bungling authorities believe that Muslims
hijacked the four planes, but they didn't see it coming, don't have any
evidence, and fabricated claims of "evidence finds" such as passports,
baggage, rental cars, flight manuals, cell phone calls, etc, specifically to
cover up their own incompetence.  They did manage to shoot down Flight 93 in
order to stop it hitting the fourth target, but the "let's roll" passengers'
revolt story was concocted for political expediency.

Subsequently, whenever we refer to the BLIARS theory, we will be referring
to the revised BLIARS Incompetence theory.  This will be our Theory F, which
we shall weigh against Theory T - Operation Snowball - the true events of
9/11.  And despite the incompetence revision, we find that BLIARS' gravest
problems persist.  For example, on the Earth's surface over the past hundred
years, the laws of physics, chemistry, biology, logic and mathematics are
invariant.  Our laws of physics may not hold in regions of space-time well
inside the event horizon of a black hole, but diurnal localised variations
in natural law do not occur in September, 2001 Manhattan, or even in 1943-4
Poland.  Fortunately, the remaining problems with BLIARS allow us to infer
the true version of events, and we shall consider these problems in the next

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